NBA / Mar 4, 2010 / 5:52 pm

Today’s Best NBA Twitter Posts

We spend a ton of time on Twitter every day. We have to, it’s the fastest way to get breaking NBA news and information and to connect with our readers, basketball fans and other basketball outlets.

Along the way though, we find ourselves laughing every single day at the tweets from NBA players, bloggers and fans. We decided that every afternoon we’re going to put the best tweets we see that day in one place for our readers who either aren’t on Twitter or don’t have the time to sit and follow tons of feeds all day long like we do.

Check out today’s best tweets below:

@J_Flynn: At the barbershop wit @GotGomes. My waves be having ppl sea sick! I truly apology if you became ill after 1 of my cuts lol

@nate_robinson: My teammates call me domiNate Robinson, that name is hot #wordaapp

@ticktock6: Of course Finley is signing with the Celtics. They should rename themselves the Boston Five Years Agos.

@BQRMagic: Celtics sign Michael Finley. No word on if the Magic have reached out to Brent Barry to counter.

@CV31 Watching Dr Phil, whats up with girls fighting on girls, then I seen that girl punched on espn, stop the fighting ladies

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  • rocco with the steal from The Baseline on this one

    i think hoopshype gives you every nba player tweet in one pop-up

    way to not miss the boat

  • outcoolin

    laker fans follow @kevinding. sits behind the lakers bench tweeting about misc shit the players do

  • quest???

    the tick tock wasnt really that funny, but since she is a girl and likes basketball i guess u guys give her a free pass.

  • quest???

    yea…i just saw her pic, she really isnt that good looking either.

  • R2

    CDR’s and Agent Zero’s twitter accounts are sorely missed

  • vegasallday


    you’re either a boston fan, butthurt that you don’t have the wit to get featured on dime (or anything besides your mom’s fridge), or is it just that time of the month?

  • MeMe

    Why even say that for no reason? You sound like a frustrated woman-hater. She looks fine.

    I like this new feature, Dime.

  • ticktock6

    I just saw your picture, and your face looks like a hairy ass.

    WTF. Seriously.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    @ticktock hahah that was my fave

  • Ric Hardwood

    i’m a Celtics fan and I gotta admit that was a good burn…

  • quest???

    lmao u saw my pic? lol nice…i wonder how

  • quest???

    and no i aint a woman just wasnt that funny..i actually hate boston and i have high standards relating to the beauty of women, unlike some…and shes ok i guess a 4 on a scale of 1 to 10

  • Sweet English

    Quest, you truly are a faggot. What the fuck are you talking about what ticktock looks like? First off, She’s an analyst GENIUS and, secondly, is far hotter than anyone you have ever tried to pay to have sex with.

    And in one single twitter she just summed up the entire Celtics franchise and made me cry a little.

  • Sweet English

    Are you 6 years old? Gay jokes?

    I’ll kick your fuckin’ teeth in and post ‘em to your mom. Fucking gay jokes.

  • johnny

    Sarah TickTock is beautiful. Too bad she’s got a man and too bad she tweets her whole effing life. I looked for the Celtics joke and it was BURIED under stuff about her cat and boyfriend and observational non-humor. But, that Smeltics joke was good. Rock on, pretty chick!

    I hope Charlie was watching Dr. Phil in between some defensive workouts. We need you, Charlie. Stop getting your cankles broke! At least up your trade value.

    Flynn made me laugh.

  • quest???

    first of all i dnt know why dime erased my post cuz ive seen worst one @ sweetenglish lmfao hahaahaha all of a sudden ur an ethug?? get the fuck out of here haahaahhahaha if u ever see me in person tell that yo my face and we will see hahaha other than that please refrain from threatening ppl over the internet behind a computer lol.

  • quest???

    as for dime, yall must be riding that dick too deleting my post, ive seen way worse. but whatever keep riding