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Tyreke Evans Is In A Class Of His Own (Even Better Than LeBron)

Tyreke Evans (photo. Nicky Woo)

You didn’t have to watch more than a couple games this year to know that Tyreke Evans is a man amongst boys. The 20-year-old rookie, who’s averaging an astounding 20.3 points, 5.2 rebounds and 5.6 assists per game for the Kings, has been even better than advertised. But one thing that I doubt many people expected was how physically dominant the 6-6 guard would be – especially in the lane – during his first season. Believe it or not, Tyreke gets to the rim (and converts) more than any other player in the League.

The guys over at Sactown Royalty wrote a great article with the stats to back it up:

According to Hoopdata, Tyreke averages 8.3 attempts at the rim, about .7 more than the player in 2nd place, Zach Randolph. He’s also 1st in the league in makes at the rim at 5.0 a game (tied with LeBron). More attempts and makes than every single big man in the league.

And what’s even more unique about Tyreke is how much his scores at the rim are unassisted, unlike big men and explosive players like LeBron who throw down alley oops on a regular basis. Tyreke is only assisted on 24.7% of his makes around the rim, while LeBron is at about 48.1%. The only other player in the top 40 of Attempts at the rim with less % of his makes that are assisted is Russell Westbrook at 21.2% (Attempts 5.7 FG at the rim a game). The other guards in the top 40? Wade (7.2 attempts, 33.4% assisted), Ellis (6.7 attempts, 36.4% assisted), Stephen Jackson (6.1 attempts, 55.4% assisted), Stuckey (5.9 attempts, 29.8% assisted), Rose (5.6 attempts, 35.1% assisted), Rondo (5.4 attempts, 33.3% assisted), and Tony Parker (5.2 attempts, 27.7% assisted).

The more you think about, the more impressive it is. Other than Westbrook, there is no one creating their own shot and converting more than Evans. That ability is remarkable. This makes me think back to when we ranked the NBA’s 30 Best Go-To Players. While Kevin Martin was all the way down at No. 24, the keys to the kingdom are officially in Tyreke’s hand. And apparently, he’s driving the hottest and most efficient car around.

Also, be sure to check out this video from Kings TV which was a halftime feature the other day on Tyreke’s ability to take it strong to the rim.

How good do you think Tyreke Evans will become?

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  • Rafa23

    great player, but have fun losing 50 games for the next few years…

  • life-p

    I didn’t know he was raw like that!

  • collaboro

    Ya nice find dime..good stuff

  • control

    He’s an amazing player, been saying that since before he was drafted. Looks awkward as fuck sometimes though, but that is how he gets it done…fakes everyone including himself out.

    Anybody notice Rondo douchebaggin it up in those highlights? Gets burned so he tries to bump him with hip and knock his knees out. What a fucking douche bag.

  • yoda

    hmm he looks nice. but it seems he’s left dribble is kinda weak. this is just from watching this clip, haven’t see him in some games, unfortunately

  • Chaos

    one hole in drive to the lane….he goes to his right almost all the time. a good defender would force him to his left toward help D since he seems to not be comfortable. he always gets his man to rock left so he can fgo right. i am surprised no one has picked up on that. the dude doesnt even layup with his left when he goes to his left. he isnt the king of the lay up cuz he only goes one way. the good thing about him is like lebron, kobe and d-wade is that he is so strong and bi he knos how to use his body to create separation and even get bigger guards off him…but the kid needs to go left.

  • WinDelRoj

    Kid needs to go left? he needs to go somewhere outta Sac Town

  • shiptar

    ‘reke is great. I would pick him no.2 behind Griffin.

  • RC

    Scary thought is that this dude is a 20 year old rookie! Once he gets more work in the gym he’s gonna be more explosive going to the rim. Plus he’s already got a pretty good jumpshot to go with it, that would just get better. Sacramento is lucky to have this guy.

  • http://www.facebook.com/loganlight loganlight

    The young man certainly has a bright future in the L. But from what I can remember, the Kings drafted him because they knew his size was going to cause matchup problems for other PGs. So at least we can say that the Kings PLANNED for him to be like this, maybe not this quickly, but still.

    The Kings are sitting at 23-44, but there is no telling what that would have looked like without Tyreke’s aggressive play.


  • Diggity Dave

    I haven’t watched him too much, but reminds me of early D-Wade. Could be just as good, if not better, assuming he keeps working at it.

  • iborofane

    kid can’t shoot so hes better than lebron…?

  • Brown

    You hear so much talk about how important it is to have a quick first step. The one thing I noticed about this video is his last step. It’s so controlled the way he uses it to step around/past his defender. That’s where he gets the most separation.

    Gotta work on that left hand though.

  • LakeShow84

    Funny cuz he reminds me of Bron in a couple of ways.. namely the whole man amongst boys aura..

  • LakeShow84

    Oh and hes a tripdoub monster lol

    Kid is always 1 rebound/assist shy of tripledouble just like Lebron..

  • bukey

    @#5 & #6,
    you guys need to watch games and not just highlights. he’s comfortable going left and finishing left. if he couldn’t go left, don’t you think that would be in the scouting reports ? in fact, he baits people by driving right a lot then he euro steps to the left when you think he’s going right again.

  • http://www.twitter.com/all_worlds David Brandon

    ya man…we rockin w/ the best rook this year. i’ve liked his game for a minute and when we got him, we finally made a pick that was an impact pick. he KINDA reminds of dwade in some ways. someone said bron earlier, but i’m not sure if i’m sold on that one just yet. even tho reke is always a few boards/assists shy of triple doubles. i knew they’d grab him at 4 just based on the needs of other teams in front of us on the board and based on what we needed. after watchin beno’s ass fail at the one last year and no real big man, we needed either a 1 or a 4. so i’m glad we’re rockin w/ the ROY and he’s doin as well as he has been. ppl here in sac have always said if we’re at LEAST competitive an try, then we’ll come out. an seein kevin’s attitude on the court so many times the last couple yrs, who’d wanna be there if he didnt wanna be?? lol so yeah, we’re at least headed in the right direction.

  • KoolaidkiD

    I’m from Sac and get to watch this Phenom play nightly. He goes left every game. And he plays great D. Nobody watches Sac games so they have no clue. But don’t worry, people will be watching the Kings again. And last year, the Kings only won 17 games. With Tyreke leading the way as a Rookie, they’ve already surpassed that number, and will still win more as the season goes on. And Reke’s last 4 games, he’s averaging 20ppg, 10rebs & 8.5 assists. If his low post, lay-up game were so weak cause he can’t go left, and he plays in arguably the toughest conference in the League, then how come NOBODY can stop him. Everybody knows he’s going to the rim, but they can’t do anything about it. He’s the man that will make the “lay-up” cool again. He’s only 20 years old too. That means he’s only going to get bigger, stronger & faster. And he’s already been working on his outside shot, and has said publicly that in the offseason, that’s his main focus, so guarantee next year, he will literally be unstoppable. This kid was born to play basketball.

  • Basketball Guru

    Tyreke Evans will be MVP in this league soon. Very soon.


    it’s funny because i watched this dude play in high school…and his game hasnt changed…he’s doin the exact same things…u just can’t keep him out the lane…his game doesnt seem very athletic but it is…its so weird haa

  • Bruce2103

    Reke is a monster. He can go right or left and will dunk on u if aggitated. He has no flaws, only needs league experience to take over top 5 player in 4yrs… O YEAH HE FROM CHESTER PA…. WE DO THIS DOWN HERE…

  • Ben

    Everyone always want to take a shot at Sactown. Tyreke isn’t goin anywhere. Players who have actually played for the Kings for a significant amount of time are heartbroke when they are traded minus the last few years when the team was bad. A lot of them either kept their houses here or came back & retired here. Ron Artest a NY kid desperately wanted an extension from the Kings & was mad when he didn’t get one. We have one of the best GM’s & owners in the league. They will build a great team around this kid. Mark my words.

  • FaStRmAn

    Kings fans are lovin the Tyreke Evans! We don’t have a lot going for the Kings but Evans is a bright spot on an otherwise dim team. Hopefully, the Kings can build around this kid and make a competitive team that can win some playoff games. Evans is the real deal. Sure, his jumper isn’t quite there yet, but he has hired all the right people for this offseason and he will be doing nothing but shooting those jumpers and getting comfortable finishing with either hand. He’s thick like a fullback and very nimble on his feet. You would think someone as solid as he is would be less nifty driving the lane, but somehow he is lightening quick for as big as he is. His arms are freakishly long ! He has a 7’+ wingspan that makes him even harder to guard or play against. And the one thing that no one seems to mention that is incredible is the way this kid plays defense! He is just as dedicated to his defense as he is to his offense. Kings finally caught a break and have a player they can build around. Kings are not letting this kid go nowheres! Now they just need to build a team around this kid. When his jumper starts going down on a regular basis, he will be completely unguardable. Think Wade but smaller and quicker. He has an incredible attitude and work ethic. He will be an allstar in a year, two at the most! He is carrying the Kings on his back at TWENTY YEARS OF AGE! How good will he be in 2 years? OMG the sky is the limit for this kid. Once he gets that jumper going, and they have to play him straight up, he will be totally unstoppable. He already knows how to pass out of the double and runs the break to perfection. Anyone who says this kid isn’t a Pointguard has never seen him play. He runs the team just fine. If they dont give this kid ROY, then the ROY vote is rigged. I mean, how much better does he have to play at 20.3 points, 5.2 rebounds and 5.6 assists per game?? I think if the draft were done over again, he would be picked #1 even over Blake Griffin. I can’t see Griffin coming in and even coming close to what Tyreke has done his first year. Tyreke will be an Allstar in a very short amount of time. He just has all the tools and the desire for greatness. Just watch this KID DOMINATE! The Basketball GODS have finally paid the Kings back for 2002.

  • Jasmine

    I agree with Ben! People seriously need to stop taking jabs at SacTown. Tyreke is the franchise player and is there to stay. In addition, almost every player has regretted leaving the King’s organization due to its awesome fan base and community support.

  • jzsmoove

    This dude has an awesome demeanor, good catch by the Kings…and that lady announcer was hot, dont mind to tap that.

  • Drew

    Tyreke Evans almost goes left MORE then he goes right. I don’t know where these so called “Scouters” get the idea he can’t go left. Try watching a whole game instead of a ESPN highlight. And ya, Tyreke has flaws.. he needs to work on his mid-range long-range game. Some may be decieved by his looks and demeanor but he is only TWENTY. The guys not even old enough to buy Beer. In 2-3 years he will be unstoppable. And for all those ppl out there that says “well he is only putting up 20-5-5 a night because he’s on a horrible team” (I recall Brandon Jennings saying that)… he would be averaging 10 assists a game if his teammates actually made some open shots.. Oh and by the way he still manages to put up 20+ a night WITH the teams best defender on him. Opposing teams defense is focused on stopping him , clogging the paint, waiting for him to make his drive and 9 times out of 10 they STILL cant stop this youngster.