D-League, NBA, Video / Mar 3, 2010 / 11:15 am

Video Highlights of Hasheem Thabeet Destroying the NBADL

In case you forgot what he looked like, here’s some video of Hasheem Thabeet dominating the NBADL yesterday.

Depending on how you cut video footage, you can make anyone or anything look better, but the truth is that Thabeet doesn’t look that bad in these clips. Yes, the comp is light, but in terms of what he would be expected to do in the NBA? Not terrible. He can clearly block shots and he can clearly rebound the basketball. The left-handed hooks and any other offense you get out him? Gravy.

I’m not saying Thabeet’s going to be a star or even a very good NBA player, but I doubt that he will be a total bust. And there are plenty of big men in the NBA right now playing legit minutes who probably couldn’t put together an 18-point, 13-rebound, 4-block, 2-dime stat line in a D-League game. In the future though, he should definitely stay out of the way of THIS.

How will Hasheem Thabeet turn out: Good Pick or Bust? Tell us in the comments section below.

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  • http://heckler@aol.com Heckler

    good pick.
    he’s a guy that can anchor a defense for the next 10yrs. just like dikembe mutombo.
    if your looking for a 20pt scorer, forget it. he wont start over Marc Gasol ever.
    but def a good pick.

    i say he has a better career than Greg Oden

  • Rizwan

    I dont know. I think its too early to call him a bust because he hasnt had decent burn but he has shown little desire to shed that tag. Most big men (unless you’re Shaq or TD) have come in and taken a little time adjusting to the NBA. A lot of people were also calling Yao a bust. I’m not saying he’s anywhere near Yao but let’s see what he has in his 2nd season. If he is still showing that ‘i couldnt care less attitude’ then he is headed towards Darko country.

    Even if he rebounds and plays D he could be pretty good somewhere but that place isnt gonna be Memphis with Gasol 2.0 ahead of him. He could be good on somewhere like the Knicks if they get a FA or two and need help at the 5 spot. He would be good in that system I think.

  • Patrick Cassidy

    At this point it seems like having any kind of career puts him ahead of Greg Oden.

  • Rizwan

    Is Yao’s baby gonna be an American?!

  • Diggity Dave

    Could they have found a more wholesome sounding white guy to do audio?

  • Mike Honcho

    Thabeet’s ceiling is Dalembert at best….one of those dudes who does what you ask him and nothing more

    @ Heckler…I see the “potential” for a 2nd coming of Mutombo, but I don’t think he has the skillset necessary to move into that type of defender

  • Dave

    I believe that Thabeet can be a dminating player if he has a fire lit under him. He is a very young basketball player having only started playing I think a few years before going to uconn. I think once he has time to learn the game and use his size to his advantage he will be good. I feel like he is learning on the fly now and has not developed a go to post move and doesnt always know where to be on the court. I think the move to the NBADL proves that he has some fire and wants to be successful.

  • KCL

    at least grizz fans can say their #2 pick doesn’t suck against d-league competition. that guy who was guarding him looked 6’8

  • karizmatic

    I think he might end up a solid player, so he’s a good pick. He may not end up being productive for the Grizzlies, but he might become one of those journeyman big guys who ends up being a nice addition for a lot of different teams, not a gamechanger but a good role player to have if you need rebounds and blocks. He could be at least as good as DJ Mbenga.

  • Brown

    The highlights show nothing more than him playing against a bunch of guys significantly shorter than him.

    I agree that his ceiling is Sam Dalembert. My issue is with his basketball IQ. He’s got the skill to be a decent player, although will never be better than Marc Gasol, but I don’t believe his IQ will allow him to justify his #2 selection.

    I can see his career resembling Kwame Brown’s. I wonder when GMs are going to stop being wowed by a player’s skill set and focus more on their ability to actually play the game, especially when it comes to big men. I’d rather draft a basketball player than an athlete, but that’s just me.

  • jlee9

    i love the announcer in this clip. he sounds like an old school play-by-play guy you hear on NBA classics now.

    also, thabeet isn’t horrible. he’ll be back in the NBA soon

  • Leroy Shonuff

    if the nba put more money in the d-league we could see how good he can really be. Alberquete is a good size town. Over 500thousand people live there. Increase the salaries and you can have better crowds and good teams can have young players getting experience in the d-league. But that will never happen.

    But Thabeet can be a serviceable big…Thats pretty much it. 10pts 10broads 2 and a half blocks type of guy

  • HBooyah

    I don’t think it’s that he doesn’t care. He would have had to agree to go to the D-League, and the only reason a guy would do that is to get better. The problem is he’s not a cut-throat kind of guy . . . which you kinda need in an elite defense player. This is a guy who was a bouncer in Africa and used to just pray nobody would cause trouble so he wouldn’t have to deal with it, despite being over a foot taller than anyone anywhere near him. He’s shy, has a quiet temperament . . . he’s not assertive and it shows. I wish him the best because I think he’s a nice guy and I like his story . . . it’s not HIS fault the Grizz picked him 2nd – it’s theirs!

  • http://dime eyes

    @12 &13.. I’m not sure people will really get or care to. What was just stated.

  • Guitar Hero

    I read he had a tough childhood back in Africa. I hope he succeeds, i’m rooting for him.

  • Guitar Hero

    BTW, mr. announcer, the 80’s called. they want you back.

  • jamal

    peter prowitt could drop 18 and 12 in the d league..

  • Tom

    I thought any moment he the announcer was going to stop talking about basketball and start telling us about puberty…

    …some sort of middle-school health class video flashback.

  • the big fundamental

    i had to mute the video halfway through because i cant stand the announcer’s voice! its annoying as hell

  • PJ

    I swear to go on my life before he went to the d-league in real life I sent his ass to the d-league on 2k10. I almost shitted my pants when i heard he was really going to the d-league. I sent jarred Bayless to the d-league to on the game and he was averaging 25 points per game.lol

  • nao_diga

    Not climbing on the thabeet bandwagon just yet.

    The Cavs sent Darnell Jackson down for one game. 34 points, 12 rebounds, 2 assists. Just sayin’.

  • shake&bake

    The announcer sounds like a mix between Stephen Hawking’s voice and a guy who does 1950’s informational videos.

  • dvs

    If kwame brown can get $4million a season and take up a roster spot on my beloved Pistons bench, then this guy will be fine.
    Ben wallace and Chris wilcox were both injured and Kwame only played when the game was done in the 4th. If he’s making money on a NBA team, then any athletic 7 footer will be fine.

  • Phileus

    Haha, I came to post about the announcer, but four people beat me to it. That guy has a fantastic voice. Are there still places in America where people talk like that? Get this guy an NBA call-up!

  • yeahokayguy

    i really dont see a big deal why this is a “negative” move…to be honest, if the grizz cant give him time, its better for him to get minutes and maybe work on his game some more…coming from college, he looked/acted/shot/talked/everything raw thats why it was sorta a gamble taking him so high at no. 2. You cant teach height and he has that…hopefully he succeeds in his return back to the NBA. i can be wrong but I see him turning out wel in the NBA, maybe not worth no. 2 pick well, but you never know….what makes NO SENSE to me though is why would you draft a center when u have a MARC GASOL who had a good 1st season last year…now you got two centers..

    showcase the guy eventually and trade him while he has the “potential” factor if things dont pan out after 2 years cuz u got MARC GASOL who i can see be an all star

  • Knicksfan84

    He’s got that Gallinari awkward movement about his game. He’ll grow out of it but yeah, not mad at the draft pick. He’ll be a productive player. Quit trying to clown this dude.