NBA, Video / Mar 1, 2010 / 5:41 pm

Watch Michael Jordan Lose to Gerald Henderson in HORSE

Charlotte G.O.A.T.S. rookie Gerald Henderson beat Michael Jordan in H-O-R-S-E today after practice, not once but twice. Truth be told, we would hope that a young guy who is training every single day would beat a dude in his mid-40’s who is shooting in jeans and long sleeves. It is Mike though, so you never know. Video of the re-match is after the jump…

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  • http://www.onthenet.biz Khalvin

    Somebody is going to get traded in the offseason!
    Book It!

  • Royal

    Lebrons better……………………

  • Royal

    Than Gerald Henderson

  • DH

    How much money was on that game? You know Jordan and his gambling habits…

    At least Arenas wasn’t involved!


    The highlight of G.Henderson career!

  • vince

    never seen a pro miss this much this side of brandon jennings

  • chris r

    wow, those 2 missed a lot of shots. kind of shocking, actually.

  • jdstorm


    Lebron just erases all footage of him loosing

  • quest???

    @dh there was no money involved…gerald henderson was playing for his job ala wwe….guess who wont be back on the team next summmer??

  • Kermit The Washington

    Positively the most boring MJ video clip I’ve ever seen.

  • http://www.innoutnba.com Lucas Shapiro

    If I’m a Bobcats fan, I’m just scared of the upcoming draft. Be prepared to have him pick someone you don’t like.

  • shake&bake

    Jordan has one of those shots that you are surprised when he misses.

  • haslem

    why is G-henderson missing at all? we all know guys who are money enough to hit all those and who aren’t even close to pro.

  • marcus the great

    rookie gerald henderson???

  • marcus the great

    whoops! i was thinking gerald wallace lol. doh!

    but i did notice a lot of the misses were left handed jumpers…

  • Colton

    i dont know how to break it to you guys …
    jordans washed up! hahaha


    dont know whats worse, Henderson missing all thos J’s or Jordans jeans

  • http://www.nba.com Jay

    I guess now we know why Henderson doesn’t get PT… dude was clanking shots everywhere even though he won

  • catdog56

    thats the most Jordan has been involved with the team since we was brought in. He’s gonna do great!

  • spk2629

    You gotta realize, MJ’s like 44 (?) years old. Old enough to be dude’s dad. And I guess I must be the only loser in the bunch here because I know I would be clanking a few too if I was 44 and hadn’t played ball in 8 years. Give it a rest. Do you still expect Ali to TKO MF’s?

  • hahns

    lol @khalvin

    and yeah- gerald was missing WAY too much for a pro ball player. id say that im glad the knicks didnt draft him…but we got an even worse jordan hill.

  • JAY

    No shit Captain Obvious. He’s in his mid 40s. There’s a reason why he’s retired. If he wasn’t “washed up”, as you put it, he’d still be playing.
    You’re comment is equivalent to calling Cindy Crawford “not hot.” People age. So will you.

  • sweetv0mit

    duke vs carolina

  • eazy yeezy

    is it sad that this is the one accolate gerald henderson will have when he retires?
    all star games- 0
    mvps- 0
    all nba team- 0
    all d team- 0
    olympic national team selections-0
    victories in HORSE over an old, bloated, lazy, fat MJ- 2

  • French Fab

    lol @17
    MJ has lost to see henderson wear his jeans