We Reminisce / Mar 10, 2010 / 2:45 pm

We Reminisce: Drazen Petrovic Drops 49 Points

Whenever you talk about guys that could have been great in the NBA, Drazen Petrovic is name that is mentioned. But most people never had the chance to see him play. The guys over at A Stern Warning found some footage of Petro from the 1987-88 (when he was playing for Cibona Zagreb) when he scored 49 points. Check out the video below:

The commentator on the clip is legendary coach Dan Peterson, who after his retirement became a popular sports commentator for many Italian television channels. As ASW points out, he’s “considered something along the lines of Marv Albert crossed with Pat Riley in Italy.”

If you have any, what are your memories of Petrovic? Who’s the greatest player you ever saw that never made a splash on the next level?

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  • Papa Smurf

    Wow. Great find Aron.

  • Fraz

    Drazen was that dude!

  • life-p

    NC State’s Rodney Munroe! I remember him giving Kenny Anderson 48pts


  • http://heckler@aol.com Heckler

    “DC….DC…kick it oout to me for 3!”

  • sh!tfaced

    Petro could have been Euro-Reggie. He was that kind of a shooter.

    …greatest player you ever saw that never made a splash on the next level?

    Len Bias.

  • max

    ill travel at 45 secs

  • FedEx

    He once scored 112 points in a Yugoslavian league game.

  • http://www.asternwarning.com mookie

    Petro was the man. We lost him far too early.

    He also had a game where he put up 45 points AND dropped 25 dimes in the same game… crazy.

  • Kobe

    Dime, you should do a ‘great games by bad players’ article

  • shiptar

    Drazen was The Man!!!

  • quick wit it

    that travel at the 46 second mark is impressive

  • Ekstor

    Very good player… along with DC, Kenny Anderson, and Chris Morris, they should have been able to do so much more.