Video / Mar 24, 2010 / 4:58 pm

We Reminisce: The Best Game of Chris Webber’s Life

There is a wildly talented young power forward who may not play tonight against my Indiana Pacers. His name is Andray Blatche, and whether you’d describe him as “mercurial” or “moronic,” fact is he is the main thing getting in his own way to becoming an NBA All-Star.

If I could recommend a mentor for Blatche, I might suggest Chris Webber. One of the most talented PF’s of all-time, C-Webb in his day also had to learn to mature before he could flourish. Back in ’01, he did did this to the Pacers: 51 points, 26 boards in one game.

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  • http://bballbible.blogspot.com Tega

    Did they win? And couldn’t Michael Beasley be as good if not better if he ever put it all together?

  • nola

    one of my favorite teams (at any given point) of all time. great team work. great chemistry. great coach. great crowd. just one thing missing and that was a championship. but it sure was a joy to watch.

  • Brown

    C-Webb was my favorite player until he went to Sacramento. I couldn’t bring myself to cheer for the same team as my best friend. Webber was the man though.

  • http://www.runninglikwidworks.com Mr. RLW

    How come I don’t remember this happening?

    51 and 26 ?!!!?!!!?

    Got dayuuum…

  • Seven Duece

    Blatche will NEVER – N.E.V.E.R. – be close to Chris Webber. He’s too soft.

  • Royal

    7 duece-wasn’t c-web labeled soft?

  • DH

    51 points and they couldn’t find more than 6 highlights? I had a hard time telling which moves were in slow motion and which were just normally that slow.

  • LakeShow84

    @ Royal

    weak minded but not really soft.. dude used YAK on people..

    Cwebb is the best passing big man ever to play the game.. no look bounce THROUGH traffic?? dude used to throw passes between bigs legs.. DAMN.. watchin him and Vlade made me appreciate the small things in basketball.. when i first started playing all i cared about was scoring.. screw passing i just tried to put the ball in the hoop but watching those 2 go up against our early 2000’s dynasty made me enjoy the passing/team aspect of bball..

  • sh!tfaced

    He’ll always be remembered for his “time-out” in Michigan…

  • Ian

    seven duece
    and webber wasnt?

  • Ian

    still second best pf of the early 00s

  • Big Island

    I loved me some Webber in college, but lost me when he went all bitchy. He was a beast though, straight beast. Blatche is just an idiot. Dude was playing his way into some $$$, and then he goes on a vagtastic voyage into labiaville.

    Dammit, I loved Webber.

  • Big Island

    LOL!! I just remembered playing in a league and going for a follow up when I realized I was gonna be able to smash. So I yell out “WEBBER!!!!”, and try to take it from the front of the rim to the right side. Got hung BADLY, fell down, and the ref looks at me and says “it looked good though” and stepped off laughing. Damn I miss playing.

  • weng santos

    Size, athleticism, handle, touch, and court vision.

    C-Webb really did have it all back in the day.

    What a monster talent.

  • d

    As a Kings fan, it’s so hard to watch this clip. Just watching Webber and Divac hug after that last shot reminds me of how much chemistry this team had. I hope some day there is some return to greatness. Damn microfracture…

  • http://www.myspace.com/nukkyg Grissy

    Great find, guys.

    The Kings were legit back in the day. Best fans around.

    J-Will, Divac, Peja, C-Webb…even Lawrence Funderburke was doing work!

    I was a young adolescent at the time this all went down (about 16 years-old) and moments like this make me realize how much of an impression this game has left on me.

    At the time, I don’t think I even understood what it meant to put up 51 and 26 but watching this really gives me a greater appreciation for it all.

  • RC

    I’m a fan of C-Webb back in the Bullets days. I remember watching the playoff series between the Bullets and Bulls. C-Webb was destroying the Bulls front line at will. And it wasn’t like the C-Webb in Sacramento who likes to face up and set shot from the key. He actually goes hard in the paint and dunks the ball everytime he has a chance.

    Although he never won a ring, he had a solid career and nice stats to go with it. 51 points, 26 boards??? unbelievable. I can’t see Blatche going anywhere near that. Plus Blatche is already showing the Marbury (Knicks) attitude.

  • Heckler

    Chris Webber is one of the all time best players. Power Forwards specifically.

    he actually is more talented than Tim Duncan. but just not better than timmy.

    and consider this about Chris Webber: he SAVED two franchises!

    what do any of you remember about the Washington Bullets before Chris Webber got there? in no time, they were a playoff team.

    and what about the Sacto Kings?
    they suck (aside from Rock Richmond) for 2 decades before Chris Webber arrived. SUCKED!

    those two franchises were a laughing stock and a waste of peoples time. they were losing hella money.

    Chris Webber helped save BOTH.

  • Colton

    webber was a beast,and dont get me wrong, but i believe that was white chocolate handing him the ball. i wonder how many assists he had that game. i dont know if it woulda been the same without JWilliams