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What’s In The Box: Skullcandy NBA Player Series Headphones

Looking back through the DimeMag.com archives, it looks like we haven’t done a “What’s In The Box?” feature in a while. So what better way to bring it back than with a delivery this morning from our friends over at Skullcandy. Check ‘em out in more detail after the jump.

Skullcandy’s line of signature NBA Player Series headphones showcases the name and team logo of some of the NBA’s biggest stars. Guys like Kobe, LeBron, Dwight, D-Wade, D-Rose, D-Will, KG and Iguodala are featured in the series, along with integrated jersey mesh and embroidered numbers and player names. And new for this year, is an in-line microphone which enables hands-free chat on most mobile devices. For only $49.95, they’re not going to break the bank either.

For more information, visit www.skullcandy.com.

What do you think?

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  • JR

    1st! dont know why, but it seems cool to be 1st

  • http://bt.davka.info/ SparkyJ23

    IS Every single player on that list a user of Dre’s Beats rather than Skullcandy ‘phones?

  • JR

    I want the lakers one. I got a green skull candy, time to get another!

  • RC

    The Cavs one look sick! It would be cool if they have an east/west all star version.

  • Twon

    one of my friends got the LeBron one for 60-80$

  • http://astrokidz.tumblr.com T.J.

    The D-Rose ones are the dopest. One Day I’ll get a pair haha I’ma save up for em but yeah skullcandy is always dope.

    Dre Beats too apparently since so many NBA players buy theirs.

  • Jordi

    Why is Deron Williams the only one to have his (nick)name on it, while the others are just jersey numbers?

  • Jordi

    Ow wait, nevermind…

  • Monsieur Buckets

    I almost picked up the LeBron ones a few weeks ago when I was in Orlando, but with the whole number change/free agency coming up, I think I’ll wait…

  • 12thMan

    Skullcandy and their lifetime warranties are nice too

  • Maynard

    Those are pretty weak, IMO. You going to walk around with Iguodala headphones on?

  • http://www.bf3ars.blogspot.com bfears

    maybe if they had some rondo’s i’d cop. but ima cheapskate. no way im paying 50 bucks for some headphones. My $20 sonys work fine!

  • Sweet English

    Great price too.

    But yeah, i’m sure all these players have been pushing beats by dre phones for the past year now.

    Id love some bbd’s, but the solo’s arent great, and its £250 for a good set.

    $50 i can fu*k with though.

  • ksluss

    there’s 2 version of the kobe’s. the one pictured and a black mamba version that’s all black and purple and says the black mamba instead of kobe, got em at zumies for like $50.