NBA / Mar 10, 2010 / 8:33 pm

Where does Chauncey rank among the greatest NBA point guards?

Minutes before the Nuggets and Timberwolves tipped off this evening, one of Minnesota’s announcers called Chauncey Billups “one of the best (point guards) that’s ever played the game.”

I’ll have to qualify that by noting this is the same announce crew that was getting all over Jonny Flynn the other night for allegedly not passing the ball enough — even though Flynn leads the team with 4.4 assists per game while nobody else has more than 3.2 a night. So maybe we should take their PG evaluation skills with a grain of salt. But it’s a valid discussion piece:

Where does Chauncey Billups rank among the game’s all-time great point guards?

Just like an NFL quarterback, you have to put Chauncey at least in the conversation because he’s won so many games. He’s got an NBA championship (and Finals MVP) to go with like seven conference finals appearances. His career numbers aren’t great (15.4 ppg, 5.6 apg), but consider that Chauncey was basically a journeyman for the first five years of his career; since coming into his own in Detroit and now in Denver, he’s consistently averaged about 17 points and 6-7 dimes every season. You know about his ability to knock down clutch shots, and even at his worst in the NBA he’s never been a high-turnover guy (2.0 tpg, career).

Quick answer for me: Chauncey is below the upper-upper echelon of Magic, Stockton, Isiah, Cousy and Oscar. On the next level you’ve got Jason Kidd, Gary Payton, Steve Nash, Tim Hardaway, Kevin Johnson, Tiny Archibald … this is where Chauncey fits if you ask me. But we’ll have to see how the careers of some younger dudes like Tony Parker, Chris Paul and Deron Williams pan out before we can get a true gauge of Chauncey’s place. I’d say Chauncey is either just outside the Top-10 or at best in the 9th-10th range.

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  • http://dimemag.com Pakman

    I would say round 10-15

  • quest???

    to be honest, ive always thought chauncey was overrated, but he has had a solid career. I would put him in the fourth level right after tony parker. Remember, this leauge is all about perception and what the media thinks of you.


    This writer needs to take his head out of his culo. Take a freaking stand! Is Chauncey in the top ten or outside the top ten?

    After his playing career, dude is in the top 20 and I am being generous!

  • http://www.innoutnba.com Lucas Shapiro

    I’d say he’s up there but not top 10.
    Likely top 15-20.
    But think about it. Will there ever be another Billups?

  • http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/ProphetGK ProphetGK

    Between 10-20 definitely

  • http://Diiimebitch Chris Ballz

    I think he is pregnant

  • Big Island

    Detroit was a good team with no superstar whatsoever when they won and the east was weak. He is a very good player, but that’s about it. He is a top 10 point guard in the league right now, but all time? Come on.

  • fallinup

    He’s an unconventional point guard. But still a damn good one. So hard to compare when you match Billups up to the description of a ‘true’ nba point guard. I’d say 15-20… no higher than top ten. never.

  • http://ihateyou.com Chicagorilla

    Wow, I dont want to dis Chauncey cause i actually like and appreciate his game. But talent wise, and performance wise he doesn’t hold a candle to 20-30 all time pgs. He’s good not great. And is a very good basketball player, that it. thats where it ends.

  • Kermit The Washington

    Honestly, I gotta say this article is on point. ‘Cause you do have that PG level that holds Isaiah, Stockton and Magic, but after that there isn’t much to write home about. Payton, Kidd, Nash, etc. haven’t really done much as far as winning, at least on the playoff level. Chauncey consistently led his squads to Finals and Conference finals for a good stretch, which would solidly place him above those cats imo. So yeah, he’s in the bottom of the top ten at best, and just outside at worst.

  • Big Island

    I could understand people putting him in the 20’s, maybe.
    Playing now and better:
    Kidd, Nash, Parker, Paul, Williams.
    Too soon, but probably better: Rose, Rondo (ouch, that hurt to type)
    So even if you rank him #6 now, there is everyone else:
    Magic, Stockton, Isiah, Big O, Mark Jackson, Cousy (ouch again), Frazier, Archibald, KJ, Payton, Jerry friggin West, Mo Cheeks, Dennis Johnson, Lenny Wilkens… I can’t even think straight anymore! He is not a top 20 of all time point guard.

  • Big Island

    I guess I could’ve written what chicagorilla did and been good. Well said sir.

  • http://ihateyou.com Chicagorilla

    @Big Isl

    yeah i thought about typing it out, but I’m watching the big east tourney and using my brain power to focus on this. lol

  • AZ

    Well hes above kj, steve nash, tim hardaway, they never won a chip. Nash 2 mvp was stolen from kidd and Kobe those years, i mean what mvp hasn’t made it to the finals, until then not legit.

  • machineflesh

    I’m with Chicagorilla on this one. It’s disappointing he’s been elevated well above his station here, as he’s a very good player who I respect a lot. But top 10 all time? Quiet news day huh?

    For that matter, put Parker on a team that doesn’t have a certain power forward and we’ll see exactly where his game is at.

  • Coach T

    Billiups does not even crack today’s NBA top seven point guards.
    1. Steve Nash
    2. Chris Paul
    3. Deron Williams
    4. Derrick Rose
    5. Rajon Rondo
    6. Tony Parker
    7. Jason Kidd
    8. Chauncey Billups

    All time List:
    1. Magic
    2. Stockton
    3. Tiny
    4. Isiah
    5. Oscar
    6. Cousy
    7. Payton
    8. Cheeks
    9. Tim Hardaway
    10. Mark Jackson

  • BiGShoTBoB

    1. magic
    2. oscar robinson
    3. stockon
    4. thomas
    5. kidd
    6. payton
    7. west
    8. jackson
    9. nash
    10. t. hardaway
    11. kj
    12. penny hardaway
    13. billups
    14. frazier
    15. cheeks

    this is my list as it stands now. Too early to judge some of those other players.

  • BiGShoTBoB

    as a matter of fact penny’s number 10 and tims 12

  • the cynic

    10-20, not sure where but in that neighborhood

    Guy has been a top 3 point guard in the league for the last decade. Too many people here think offensive numbers are everything when it tells less then half the story about a player. He would be the point guard of the decade if Jason Kidd wasn’t so great

  • Nyeme

    All time? He’ll hoover around the 30’s.

    Magic, Stockton, Isiah, Kidd, Glove, Oscar, West, Frazier, Nash, Timmy, KJ, Mo Cheeks, Dennis Johnson, Rod Strickland, Cousy, Cassell, Nick at Nite, Mark Price, Stephon, Terry Porter…..all of who were better players and PGs than Billups. His first few years in the league “he did not play well” (to quote Jeff Van Gundy). AND he was a starter so there was really no excuse.

    I’d put him in the Derek Harper, Mookie Blaylock & Damon Stoudamire range.

  • the cynic

    and give me a break with this Mark Jackson is top 10 point guard of all-time

  • Ehis Murphy

    Chauncey is overrated as a player. He is a good leader but not a good point guard. Top 50

  • Ehis Murphy

    Chauncey is overrated as a player. He is a good leader but not a good point guard. Top 50

  • Promoman

    He’s a top 25 or so point guards at best

  • sh!tfaced

    1 magic
    2 oscar
    3 isiah
    4 stockton
    5 cousy
    6 frazier
    7 kidd
    8 tiny
    – nash
    – gp
    – kj
    – tim hardaway
    – mark jackson
    – cheeks
    – chauncey

    The top 8 are untouchable for now – you can mix and match the rest including Billups. Just because he didn’t have the stats doesn’t mean he doesn’t belong up there. Chauncey played where it mattered most.

  • sh!tfaced

    forgot about dennis johnson and marc price… ugh

  • AZ

    All time List:
    1. Magic
    2. Oscar
    3. Isiah(only player 2beat magic,bird,jordan in playoffs)
    4. Tiny
    5. Stockton
    6. Payton
    7. Kidd
    8. Cousy (Cuz he played in a 8 team league)
    9. Lenny Wilkens
    10. Jackson

  • Gerard

    There is some real disrespect going on here. Jason Kidd is a top 5 point guard.

  • machineflesh

    you’ve been on the turps again buddy. it’s not just the pg’s you’ve elevated him above being disrespected here, you’ve just besmirched the good names of the players you’ve lumped him in with there.

    once again, billups is a very good point guard. he had some great years in detroit on an extremely talented team. his rep was then elevated 10 fold by replacing a ball hog at the point in a perimeter based team.
    something any distribute 1st point guard was going to do.

    unfortunately when they had the lakers on the ropes and needed him to step up when the younger guys faultered, he came up short time and again. this is when the greats elevate their game, not the other way around.

    it’s not over yet though. he can still add to his legacy yet.

  • http://slcdunk.com AllthatJazz / Amar

    how the heck is mo cheeks so high on these lists? no disrespect to him — he’s a super awesome guy. but i’d take terry porter over him, or price, or DJ, a number of guys from the 70’s / 80’s.

    additionally, how the heck are people even talking about rod strickland? this myth of ‘the great nyc pg’ is propping guys like him and mark jackson up quite a bit. has rod strickland ever won a playoff series as a starter?

  • Chaos

    i gotta say that chauncy is 10-20 because he had plenty of talent but it takes some players longer to catch on and for things to click. he had all the intangibles that can’t be measured in the stat book, like ball control, leadership, defense, and cluth play. dude is a winner hands down. he didnt hang aroudnon winning teams, he was a main reason if not THE main reason for teams winning. how many pgs that are playing have been thoroughly outplayed by billups (CP3 in playoffs, nash, kidd, parker, brooks etc)

  • http://www.sactownroyalty.com Willis

    Reke just got a triple double.

  • alex

    In everyones eyes Cp3 is the top PG in the NBA. Need I remind you what happened in the Playoffs last year ? Chauncey man handled him, scored 39 points on him. All i could hear on the TV was the announcer going. Billups for 3. Dantay jones for 3. Billups for 3. Cmon, Give the guy the credit he deserves. He led the pistons against a Lakers team consisting of kobe, shaq, payton, malone, not to mention he was the Finals MVP. In addition he is the only player in History to average more points at the end of his career. Mark my words, When denver wins the championship this year, it will be billups, not melo as the mvp.

  • Name (required)

    Not alot of Chauncy love in here. Hes one of the best Leaders/Team Runners/Floor Generals ever. He may not average 20 points, 10 dimes and 3 steals a game but he ALWAYS runs his teams properly and thats what you want a PG to do. Consistency and Leadership don’t get headlines but they do win games and they are exactly what every team wants in their PG.
    IMO hes in the second tier around the 10-15 all time area.

  • dc

    Chauncey deserves more credit than that. You can’t put Rose, Rondo, Paul and Williams in this conversation now. None of them have proven shit up to this point (Rondo winning a chip with 3 HOFs doesn’t count).

    @20: You must be out yo mind, you’re putting Rod Strickland, Cassell, Stephon, (Marbury?? really?) ahead of Big Shot? You’re crazy to think their careers are better than Chauncey’s.

    @29: Pistons are my favorite team during their conference final runs, but really, “extremely talented team?” They played together as a team well, yes, but its not like they have a roster like the Lakers do now. After Chauncey left that year, that team fell apart. They held on to a playoff spot and got swept and no one has been an All Star since. Give credit where credit’s due.

    If “greatest” was based on skill, he’s not even in the top 30, but if we’re talking greatest in terms of success, he’s at worst in the top 15.

  • ctkennedy

    he is ahead of tim hardaway steve nash and kevin johnson he has a ring.he is top 7 off that alone.he can play both halfcourt(pistons)and fullcourt(nuggets)basketball.he has help ruin allen iverson legacy to some degree.he has as many conference finals as hardaway,nash,and johnson have combine.plays better defense than all three of them and more clutch than them too nickname is big shot speaks for itself

  • TJ

    Kidd, Payton, and Nash had MUCH better careers than Chauncey.

  • JAY

    @ Coach T
    ” Billiups does not even crack today’s NBA top seven point guards.
    1. Steve Nash
    2. Chris Paul
    3. Deron Williams
    4. Derrick Rose
    5. Rajon Rondo
    6. Tony Parker
    7. Jason Kidd
    8. Chauncey Billups ”

    Your list is the most ridiculous list I’ve seen. Billups career ranks higher than all the guys you listed except for Nash and Kidd. CP3, D.Will, and D.Rose haven’t even wet their diapers yet and you rank their careers over Jason Kidd!?!? Are you crazy?? Kidd is a Hall of Famer… according to your list, D.Rose is already a Hall-of-Famer and he barely has sniffed the playoffs. GTF outta here!

    Your list proves your age. Too many young guys here in love with the new school.

  • JAY

    Top PG… IMO
    1. Magic
    2. Stockton
    3. Oscar Robertson
    4. The Logo
    5. Isiah
    6. Kidd
    7. Walt Frazier
    8. Cousy
    9. Pistol Pete

    Since these are the name I could come up off the top of my head, I’d rank Billups somewhere bwteen 15-20. There’s gotta be more who rank ahead of him, but not that much more. (ie Nate Archibald, G.Payton-top 3 defensive PG, etc) I’m at work, but if I really thought about this, Billups is somewhere 15-20.

  • Celts Fan

    @Coach T – Chauncey is in the top 4 or 5 PGs in the league today. It’s him, CP3, Deron, and TP as the top 4.

    All time, he’s probably in the 20-30 range since his early days were so sketchy, he doesn’t have the super long success or crazy #s (career or in a year) that you’d want to crack the top 20, but, just like a better Sam Cassell, his affect on a team’s mentality (and his obvious skills) translate to Ws and, in the great words of an awful coach, “YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME!” You’re always (since he got to the D anyway) in good hands w/ Chauncey running your team. The man can do it all and doesn’t seem to care about getting the credit, just the W’s.

  • machineflesh

    I’m not sure how you can dispute that a starting line-up of Billups, Rip, Prince, Sheed, & Ben Wallace isn’t considered ‘extremely talented’. All were in their absolute prime.

    “After Chauncey left that year they fell apart.” No denying this. Although once again Billups is the beneficiary of a direct comparison with AI, who was signed as his replacement. They also lost Webber, while Sheed & Prince had lengthy injury lay-offs. Kwame Brown was starting centre playing extended minutes.

    He was a massive loss for sure, but attributing the Piston’s slide solely to his absence is a bit far fetched imo.

  • Ian

    hes top 5 today but i would rank parker ahead of him. i dont think post 20 meant career wise i think he posted his list based on right now.

    celts fan

  • Nyeme

    @DC – Why weren’t Rod Strickland, Sam Cassell or even Stephon’s careers better than Billups? I noticed you omitted Terry Porter or Nick Van Exel though. Billups was a “bust” until he found Detroit and Larry Brown. He still does not do one thing particularly well. Being a a good floor leader and playing good defense gets him Derek Harper status. He’s overrated as a shooter, “Mr. Big Shot” is because on Detroit he was the only one capable of taking the last shot, he doesn’t even make alot. Cassell is 5x as clutch. He has horrible court vision, and is a subpar passer. Rod Strickland was a great floor leader, great passer and excellent court vision.

    @CTkennedy – Rings elevate your status if you’re an average player? Well Cassell has 2 Rings so Billups gets bumped down a spot. And so many others had better careers, and did much more for longer. Billups has only had one year you can label an excellent year.

  • Coach T

    @ Jay, perhaps you misunderstood my list. And being that I am over 40 years old, thanks for the compliment on writing like a young buck. Look at my list again, I know Chauncey has the ring BUT, I still believe that the other seven point guards are more productive today! Jason Kidd is one of my all time favorite players, and I don’t believe that any of the aforementioned seven pgs have had better overall careers. Yet if I was starting a team today, you bet I would take Rose, Rondo, Paul, and William before I took the aging Kidd. Oh, one last point, since when was Pistol Pete considered a point guard. Perhaps it is you Jay who should go back and do a little research. Pistol Pete was a scoring phenom, not a point guard who sets the table for others.

  • Dennis Castro

    Potential top 10 PG of all time? How old are you guys? Seriously, it’s one thing to not have watched some of the older dudes(Oscar, Clyde, etc), but to elevate Chauncey to a top 10 realm at the expense of some of those guys is beyond cynical.

    1. Magic
    2. Isaiah
    3. Oscar
    4. Stockton
    5. Cousy
    6. Clyde
    7. Tiny
    8. Payton
    9. Kidd
    10. Nash

  • ctkennedy

    @nyeme u can make the case of takin cassell over nash for the rings too they both offense players but u would trust cassell more in the clutch and yes rings matter thats why isiah thomas is ahead of kidd and magic is ahead of oscar

  • Reddi Red

    @ Nyeme……
    I don’t know ya…..
    You’re probably a great guy…….

    but, YOU’RE CRAZY!
    Rod Strickland…….better than Mr Big Shot????
    YOu say he has no court vision??
    Yep, YOU’RE CRAZY.
    I read all your comments on here and I’m gonna go out on a limb here…………Chauncey hit some game winners against your favorite team…….didn’t he!!!

    lol at your train of thought.
    sorry man.

  • RC

    This season Chauncey would be in the top 5.

    Chauncey is more of a leader and a team player than a stat guy. He never takes bad shots and is more concerned on setting the tempo of the game rather than how many shots he can take. A very good 3 point shooter and a strong defender. He instantly transformed the Nuggets into a western conference finals contender. Not to mention a ring and the 7 conference finals appearances. This guy is pure clutch and composure in both offense and defense.

    My opinion Chauncey would be in the Top 15 pg’s of all time. He is one of the few guys I would trust to control the ball in every play in a finals series. Thus the finals mvp he won with Detroit. The other players would be Kobe and Paul Pierce.

  • JAY

    @Coach T
    I apologize about that “age” crack. I looked at your list and since the topic is about career, I thought you were young. My bad. Having said that, we should stick the topic. For arguments sake, I could say I would pick John Wall to build around than an aging Kidd… but the topic isn’t about which point guard would you take to build a team.

    As far as I know, Pistol Pete played both guard positions. He was a huge combo guard back then and should be considered a PG as well as a 2G. Funny, you didn’t have an issue with my listing of Jerry West at #4 who also played both guard positions, but the issue is with Pistol Pete.
    The topic is greatest PGs. Not playmaking PGs. I think because of they’re abilities at the PG position, Pete and The Logo should be on top 10.

  • JAY

    Nyeme must be unemployed. Dude makes no cents.

  • JAY

    Strickland was nice point guard of some mediocre teams… barely an all-star. He’s on a Kenny Anderson level.

  • Big T

    I like how #17 put ‘West’ as a point guard. I hope you don’t mean Jerry West…

  • BiGShoTBoB

    Guys here’s my thought process when making my list. If I were in a gym playing pickup and i had to choose a point guard to play on my team…in order who would I choose. Were talking about the best player period. Cousy was a slow white boy that only dribbled with one hand. Chauncey would kill his ass all night. So you people putting him in the top 10 please he’d be sitting on the pine for awhile waiting to get picked.

  • BiGShoTBoB

    @52 not the only one on here either…Too me West was one of the first examples of a combo guard or twinner.

  • JAY

    IMO, you can’t think of it like that. You gotta think of the player and their impact during their time. You put Wade back then, and he’s the undisputed GOAT. Cousy’s mental game back then was sooooo much more advanced than anyone else. That’s why he’s top 10.

  • GimmeDemSox

    You can’t defend Flynns 4 apg by saying no one else on the team has more than 3. Thats like saying Darko was a good pick because he averages more blocks per 40 minutes than Melo.
    I’m always gonna be bias toward Chauncey because I live in Detroit and was there for the glory days. I realize he doesn’t put up the same sexy numbers as the top pgs of this era but the dude just wins. Whatever the “it” factor that people always talk about is, he’s had it for a while now. It just seams like whatever team hes on plays smart and under control. His lack of numbers makes it hard to rank him high but I’d still say top ten

  • BiGShoTBoB

    @Jay if what your saying is true. He’s still not top 10 because today’s players have to be much more prepared mentally than Cousy had to be back then.

  • Nyeme

    Impact on the game can be looked at both ways. Look at all of the role players that have had impact on their team winning rings; does it elevate their status as players? No..they played their part. But I guess nowadays you CAN’T be an impact player AND put up numbers which is why you have all of these fraudelent All-Stars

    Was Strickland an impact player and excellent PG on winning teams? Did he have better stats than Billups? Better percentages, better assist numbers, better rebounder. Y’all really sh!ttin on Rod, but I guess y’all didn’t witness him play…especially since y’all choose to ignore Billups first 6 years in the league. Matter of fact, I will say he best compares to Derek Harper.

    Derek Harper, 6’4 PG, excellent defender, ability to hit some key shots, post-up, but Derek Harper was a better shooter, and no one even comes close to mentioning him as a all-time great PG. I’m definitely not gonna say Billups is a better player than Terry Porter, KJ, Tim Hardaway, Cassell, even Lafayette Lever. He belongs with Mookie, Avery, Derek Harper in the late-20 – 30’s

  • ABOtheBEAR

    I would place him in the top 15 right now. I am from michigan, and now live in denver. Could i be a bit biased? sure i suppose, but i’ve also had the privelage of watching him play through his ‘glory years’ of his career. Dude wins. Bottom line. He glued that pistons team for their crazy back to back title run. He took a solid nuggets team, who had never won a playoff series and took them to the conference finals. He can rally anyone in the league, he demands respect from EVERYONE in the league. You could put him on a team with any of the guys in the top 10 and i would bet he would still be one of the top leaders on the team. There are a lot of unmeasureables to his game. If you are going only off numbers, I guess i can see how he would get a lower ranking. I’d consider him to be one of the top 5 all time team point guards.

  • dc

    You’re still smoking the crack man. Chauncey is not a “role player.” He was the man when the Pistons made their runs to the conference finals and he’s arguably just as important as Melo on Denver right now. Chauncey is an impact player. He goes to Detroit and brings them a chip, then he goes to Denver and takes them from an 7th/8th place team to one of the top in the West. You’re hating cause LA lost that year with 4 HOFs.

    And I wouldn’t consider 17 and 7 as “not putting up numbers.” On a balanced scoring team like Detroit and 2nd/3rd option on Denver, that’s pretty good. Either way, if it came down to it, throughout a career, there’s no way you can put Rod Strick ahead of Big Shot.

  • willie

    UCLA is officially Point Guard University, check it out http://yallkiltit.wordpress.com/2010/03/11/ucla-point-guard-university/

  • Jay

    Nyeme, your boy Rod Strickland was never an all-star. If he was your favorite player growing up, that’s fine. He ain’t better than Billups. Get over it.

  • Sporty-j

    Man i cant believe all of you guys are dissing Mr.Big shot the way you guys are. I mean his name is not that for nothing and hes probably top 5 clutch PGs of all- time. Hes not top ten but some of you guys are going way to far. Hes not top 10 but he has to at least be top 11-15. I mean come on now guys. And 1 poster put Rose ahead of him right now today? Are you serious??? Rose still has a lot of work to do with his outside shooting like Rondo does but hes a top 5 PG today. What are some of yall smoking. Hes a unique PG in his own right because he just takes guys down in the paint and man handles them like hes playing football or wrestling. And how many big time shoots he has hit like Kobe??? Come on guys lets give respect were respect is due because he has made a big turn-around in his career and hes top 15 easily so dont act like this was a stupid question and a lot of NBA analyst and players from back than and today would have him top 15 easily.

  • David

    I’d say that Billups, when we look back at his career, will be in many ways overrated and at the same underrated.
    On the underrated side, Billups is a great PG! I see him as a top5 PG in the game right now. And, there are few players I would pick to lead my team that will provide results better than CB. He does the little things and has a decent all around game that makes him better than he really is athletically. He is a leader and has personal values that you want to see in a leader. He has the kind of quality that is hard to evaluate in a NBA player. CB is like a CEO – not the best performing individual talent but sees the big picture and achieves results through team building and adjusting to change.

    On the overrated side, he is overhyped for his clutchness. He can be clutch but this label has gone too far – Just too overhyped in this area. He is also overhyped in his ability to defend or be the go to guy. Also, his numbers do not represent a great player – his FG % really bothers me and should be higher given his shooting ability. None of these areas which are supposedly what makes him so great are really anything that 20-30 guys in the league already do on a nightly basis. Furthermore, he is not a great passer but more of a game manager who tries to do the best thing in a given situation.

    Bottom line: Talent wise, he is probably not even in the top 30 all-time PG. However, when you consider the leadership and intangible areas that are often forgotten, he stands out. Chris Paul cannot deal with adversity (up to this point) as well as Billups. Deron Williams has also been on talented teams but has not improved his teams (up to this point) as much as Billups. Rondo and Rose are great talents but neither has developed an understanding of the game or leadership abilities (up to this point) as well as Billups. Kidd is a great leader but has not always meshed with his teammates or improved them as much as Billups. Parker has never really showed that he can be the leader of a team (not his fault) like CB has. And finally, Nash is only strong in a certain game that suits him and does not adjust to different styles of play as well as Billups. That’s why Billups will always get too much credit and at the same time not enough credit for what he does for basketball.

  • Loepower

    Chauncy is an underratted point guard in the league and his career. Don’t believe he’s top ten all- time though, think he needs one more finals to even make hall of fame. But never did a list on points so let’s see.
    Right now- 1. paul 2. williams 3. chauncy 4.nash 5. rondo
    I put chuancy over nash because nash doesn’t play defense and Chauncy’s ability to slow the other point guard from setting up the offense goes a long way in making the difference between a loss and a victory.
    All time-
    1. Magic
    2. oscar
    3. Isiah(stockton couldn’t tie his shoe laces)
    4. Cousy
    5. stockton
    6. hal greer
    7. walt frazier
    8. Gary payton
    9. nate archibald
    10. jason kidd
    11. kevin johnson
    12. tim hardaway
    13. steve nash(grundringly cuz he plays no “D” and plays in a stat swelling system)
    14. Chauncy billups
    15. Dennis Johnson
    16. Lenny wilkins
    17. dave bing
    18. mark Price
    19. tony parker
    20. Chris paul already

  • Loepower

    Oh forgot moe cheeks. He should be tied with chauncy billups and mark jackson should be there ahead of tony parker(maybe)

  • baba

    If Chauncey is in the top 25 of all time then so is Sam Cassell, who won championships, Derek Fisher (just as solid a career), Avery johnson. And IMHO none of them are quite up there. This is a just a ridiculous discussion if there ever was one.

  • Nyeme

    Thank you baba & David. The PG is SUPPOSED to be the team’s general, so you get no special points for that. What is the difference between what Billups did and what Avery “General” Johnson did for his teams? He has a ring as well. As for being an All-Star and Rod Strickland not being one, Chauncey is what 5x? KJ had 5 years of 20 & 10 and was only an All-Star 3x. In my opinion, what he does now is no different than what all of the PGs used to do.

    So now you bring numbers into it and he drops. He’s great shooter but hoovers around 40-42%? So he must have bad shot selection, or really isn’t as great a shooter as it seems. My thing is he is a good PG, and does alot of intagibles that don’t show up in the stat sheet, OK, but that’s his job as a PG. His level of PG is Avery Johnson, Derek Harper, Terrell Brandon. Hell, career assist numbers, he under Mike Bibby even, and Mike Bibby can’t even direct an offense. He is severely overrated for an average-skilled PG that can run a team.

  • JOhn

    I don’t understand why some of you are ranking Williams over Billups. Williams hasn’t been into an NBA Finals nor was he considered an MVP candidate. While, Billups has consistently led his team to 7 Conference Finals and 2 NBA Finals. He was an NBA Finals MVP and he’s averaging career numbers this year when he’s 30+ years old. Maybe D Will has more stats then CBill, but we’re talking about Greatness here not just Stats. Greatness is measured by the person’s abilities and his accomplishments. Cbill already has both.

  • baba

    Look Chauncey is a nice player but had he not been in the NBA I don’t think the PG position would have missed much. When you think of Isiah, Magic, Stockton, Hardaway, Lebron (he’s as good as any PG), Oscar Robertson, CP3, Deron Williams, Steve Nash, Jason Kidd (the list is not exhaustive by any means) they are great not just because of their great stats or that they make great players even better but because they have each left their own legacy on the position. Many of them are in the Hall and many will be in the Hall. Chauncey is neither a great playmaker (I can’t remember him disihing out 20 dimes ever)nor is he an explosive scorer (I can’t remember him having a streak of even 10 games with 20+). He is good he is serviceable and probably the best thing about him is that he is mature with no NBA style ego. If Steph Marbury ever had Chauncey’s temperament god knows where he might have been in this discussion – but he did not. I like Billups and loved the Detroit team of that age but it’s unlikely you will ever find a team like that again where most of the players were mature egoless and fitted so well together.

  • Saleem Rainman

    Crazy if u think he’s top 10…