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Win a Nike Kobe Bryant California’s Finest T-Shirt!

Check out what showed up at the Dime office today: a bunch of sick Kobe Bryant “California’s Finest” t-shirts. Made for Cinco de Mayo, the tees don’t don’t officially go on sale until April 15th at nike.com, NikeTown and Nike/Foot Locker House of Hoops locations, but we have a few here in the office that we want to give away to our Dime readers.

The t-shirt design is inspired by the California state flag and features a Black Mamba on the front and a silhouette of the state on the back right shoulder with “KB 24.”

So how can you win one? We’re going to make it easy, like we’ve done in the past, by asking you to tell us in the comments section below why you deserve a t-shirt and where you plan on wearing it. Your answers can be serious or funny; they can be an anecdote or just a simple statement. Know going in though, that if what you post is NSFW, while it might crack us up, it most likely won’t win (but you can always post multiple entries).

Have at it, because we only have a few. Make ‘em count …

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  • EGB

    Since I’m the first one to comment, I think I should get it. I’m on this site 24/7 bro.

  • samk

    I deserve one b/c I’m first and I live in LA. Plan on wearing it to the championship parade.

  • samk

    ah stupid lag. I’m not first anymore. I guess I deserve one for effort.

  • todd fitzgerald

    I deseve it cause I’m a die hard hoops fan and forgot to wear a shirt to work today. Being half naked aint cool yo!

  • Jessie Martinez

    I will wear it up north in Davis,CA because I’ll be up there for school. I will represent Kobe Bryant and the L.A. Lakers as much as I can!!

  • ArieGold

    Though I am terrified of snakes I do think it’s one of the dirtiest nicknames in the game today. I’d wear the tshirt to raptor games as a constant reminder of his 81-point dismantling of my beloved team…maybe it’ll motivate them to get out of this new jersey nets-esque slump they’re having.

  • http://twitter.com/philhay Phillip Haynes

    I deserve a Kobe Bryant California’s Finest T-Shirt because I’m a HUGE Lakers fan going to college in Ohio. I plan on wearing it all time to show off who’s the real “King” in the NBA to my Cavalier fan roommates

  • http://www.dimemag.com panchitooo

    i need the tshirt cause i just moved to california recently and wasnt a kobe #8 fan until he changed his game and became the mvp that he is kobe #24. from then on ive been his biggest fan and have tried to get everything i can from kobe and the lakers. once a month i go to goodwill and see if i can find a used jersey to hang on my wall or wear to a sports bar or if i can afford it a real game at staples…i want it i need it i deserve it!!!

  • Wahaj Ahmed

    perhaps I should get one because there’s nothing extra-ordinary about my suck up description. basketball is life & vice versa. 24 defines him, & I’d be more than grateful if I win.

  • http://www.dimemag.com panchitooo

    i need the tshirt cause i just moved to california recently and wasnt a kobe #8 fan until he changed his game and became the mvp that he is kobe #24. from then on ive been his biggest fan and have tried to get everything i can from kobe and the lakers. once a month i go to goodwill and see if i can find a used jersey to hang on my wall or wear to a sports bar or if i can afford it a real game at staples…i want it i need it i deserve it!

  • http://Ehphearing.com Ugly

    My sister graduates from USC grad school beginning of may. I’m from the east coast so I got nothing to rock while I’m out there. This would be the perfect tee for me to sport since Kobe is always doing work that time of year. ???I used to follow hoopstv.com until it lead me to you guys. What happened to it? I forget

  • RC

    I want the shirt and you gotta give it to me because I will definitely steam press the hell out of it!! to make it looks fresh and I would wear it every day! I can just imagine people getting so jealous seeing me wearing this shirt! And I’ll be like you want cool basketball stuff like this? go checkout Dimemag.com (now you got a walking ad campaign)

  • LakeShow84

    Because im constantly takin heat for defending the f$%k lol

    And i’d wear that shit to SCHEDULED championship parade in June.. Nah i gotta wear my all black Mamba jersey..

    Shit i’d use it as a hoop shirt.. It’d be my designated hoop shirt for colder weather.. i still wear my Magic Tmac jersey for the summer days..

  • Jessie Martinez

    Also, I’m such a big Lakers fan. So much so that whenever I have a bad day for whatever reason, I go on youtube and watch D-Fish’s .4 shot or Robert Horry’s game winner 3 against the Kings or Kobe’s dagger over Ray Allen and suddenly the world ain’t so bad!! Medium or Large please!!

  • http://www.youtube.com/AHMAD AHMAD

    Peace and blessings to my fam’ @ DIME!

    I want to rock the shirt in my new video with Crooked I.

    2 West Coast O.G.s :)


    p.s. my Stanford graduation + my new album ‘The Death of Me’ = JUNE 2010! So, I should win a shirt for representing hip-hop culture lovely! LMAO! ONE. MOD

  • UncheckedAggression

    Yeah maybe LakeShow should get one

  • Jim White

    Kobe fan! Laker fan! Phil Jackson fan! Magic/Coop/Worthy?Jabbar fan! Shaq/Wilt/West/Baylor fan! MacAdoo fan! AI fan (live with it AI haters)! NBA fan since since 1959! Big time “Dime Mag” fan! Extremely big fan of free T-shirts! Pick me!
    Thanks, Jim

  • Billy Sunday

    i’ll stand up for y’all when y’all get slayed for articles

  • Avi

    I deserve the shirt because I check out dimemag.com several times a day while I’m at work. Plus i’m a grad student not making a lot of money so anything free would be nice haha. I’d def wear the shirt at the ACC next time the Lakers come to town to play the Raptors.

  • UCSBGaucho

    Broke College student, Need Kobe shirt. Please help.

  • jose

    i derserve it because im the bigest kb 24 fan enough said

  • Kobe4Life

    I am working in Washington D.C. right next to the White House this summer and I need this shirt to rep my LA pride in all these Boston and Wizards fans (the few that exist) and to make sure Barack always knows which team rules them all.

  • Filipino Boy

    my friend is a lebron fan ill give him this shirt on his birthday

  • E.

    I moved to NY at the age of 10 and have always been a Lakers fan. I was there when the mamba dropped 61 on them wearing my old KB8 jersey. If I won the shirt, I’d have something current and stylish to rep the mamba and my former home state in front of these corny NY, Boston, and corny east coast fans!

  • Strings

    My pop’s birthday coming up and I still haven’t gotten him anything. He’s a big mamba fan and you can save me a trip shoppin

  • Troy

    I’d wear it everywhere especially to a western conference rivals game such as the spurs or Denver! Kobe is the face of the NBA just like Dime is the mag for in depth hoops coverage and not candy coated like others! Kobe has been proclaimed the annointed one of hoops and for good reason!!

  • http://www.gametimeag.blogspot.com AG.

    No one defends Bean more than I do, and there are 2 reasons why. First and foremost I actually know him and his family from our childhood, so when people hate on the best player in the world, on things outside his game…I ask if they know him personally. You really shouldn’t talk trash about someone you have never met…and the next reason why I defend Kobe is because here in Philadelphia it’s like crabs in a barrel. People have booed me for cheering him at 76ers games…saying things like go back to LA…and I’m from West Philly. Kobe is the best, and I’d be proud to wear that shirt here or anywhere.

  • SJ

    I think I should get one of those shirts because I just bought a house and am B.R.O.K.E… plus I need a new hoop shirt, since the neighborhood has a pretty nice court. Gotta show off some threads!

  • http://twitter.com/ricoright ricoright

    i should get it because i have been a lakers and a kobe fan since i can remember and everybody where i live hates them so this shirt would allow me to represent while significantly pissing everyone off!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/loganlight loganlight

    I need this so I can rub it in the face of my coworker who is all over Kobe’s jock.


  • jtone

    I want the shirt so I can rep the West Coast on the East Coast.

  • http://www.facebook.com/loganlight loganlight

    … also because I got second place in the Arenas nickname voting.

  • JB

    Send one my way, Kobe fan through and through, ‘sides, I can sport it every night I’m tending bar.

  • http://dimemag.com myalt

    I think I deserve a shirt because I have been the biggest Kobe hater throughout highschool (when my main man was Iverson and he still is, in these sad times).
    I despised the 40+ points streak, loathed the 81 point game, puked at his fake “hard-face” (you know, the one with his protruding jaw), etc. But in the last 2 years, my hate has faded so much (read: transferred to LeBron), and my appreciation for Mamba de Noir has surprisingly shot way up. I find myself consistently and unapologetically marvelling at what the guy does on the court. It still surprises me. Help me complete the transformation of HATER to LOYAL APOLOGIST with this fresh T!

  • http://dimemag.com myalt

    ^OH and I’ll be wearing it when playing ball against one my best friends who has LONG been a Kobe fan, with the jerseys, the posters, the shoes, etc. His face will be nothing short of hilarious when he sees ME in a KOBE tee haha

  • dat dood

    i think i should win the shirt because i have no clothes and my everyday shirt is a trash bag with holes in it for my arms and head. When i wanna go to nice places i get dressed up by wearing a burlap sack with holes in it as a t-shirt. It is kinda like my tuxedo. If i get the kobe shirt, i will wear it everywhere because i am sick of my trash and burlap outfits. I will wear it everyday and people will be staring at me for having such a fresh shirt rather than wearing sacks as t-shirts. Plus i live in california. So hook it up dime!!!!

  • carlos

    I want one of these great T-shirts because I wanna be the unique brazilian person to have one of those and I wanna use it in the college basketball games to make the other guys jealous!

  • dat dood

    oh, and california’s finest is what all the girls out here call me.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    I have a date with Katelyn Faber coming up. If I win, I will wear this shirt on our date. I think she’d get a kick out of it seeing as how she thought Kobe’s black mamba was the finest…

  • Michorizo

    I want one cuz it’s white and my stains don’t show on white.

  • http://twitter.com/jjPablo jjPablo

    I am a diehard Kobe fan!! I live in NY and I just came back from a vacation in LA! I took this trip for my 24th birthday, so in LA I got “Carpe Diem” tattoo’ed on my chest. (got pics to prove it!)

    I’d wear this shirt 24/7 and rep California because I miss the laid- back lifestyle of LA!!

  • steph

    I’m a Boston Girl… And I might take my chances and wear this to the Garden if you would be so kind as to bless me with it.
    But since its probably man-size, I’ll be gifting this to the biggest kobe fan I know… so he can wear it when he goes home to Massachusetts. Whatever ensues after that… (Beat LA)

  • Jeffco

    I deserve one because everyone confuses me with a mexican and what a way to mess with their cabezas than with an authentic Nike/Kobe Cinco de Mayo shirt made in Mexico. It’s okay Dime, I know youre wondering; yeah, I do have a sombrero and some matching huaraches.

  • Anaconda


    I’m somewhat of an anaconda aficionado. I own a seven foot stud (ll) that I house in a 60 gallon tank in my mother’s basement. I also happen to be a poor, but enthusiastic, pickup basketball player.

    On the courts, my nickname is “The Anaconda,” not for my pet, interests nor hobbies, but because I’m stocky, sort of lazy on defense, and because it takes me a while to digest my lunch before I play.

    I would really appreciate winning the KB Black Mamba apparel, which I would wear with pride, to honor my affinity for snakes and basketball and to remind my fellow teammates that the serpent is still a force to be reckoned with. Thank you for your consideration.

    Sincerely sliding through zones.

    Anaconda for the score.

  • Moi

    I deserve one because he dropped 81 points on my Raptors! I need something to console my pain!

  • http://nykblog.com Joe

    I’ve always tried modeling my game after Kobe. I’m all for Kobe > Lebron. I’ve been coached my whole life to look for my teammates first so naturally I forget to attack/score. I get down on myself for playing like Lebron and getting my teammates involved. Yea, sure I come off as unselfish and a great teammate. But I’ve never won a championship. My teammates clank open 3s and layups like its their job. Kind of like Lebron’s supporting cast in the playoffs. I need a constant reminder to play like the Mamba. Something that will say, “Joe, sure your teammates open, but do it yourself, he won’t hit the open 3, take the fadeaway with 2 guys in your face.” Swish. Help me get to the top Dimemag. Let me gain inspiration from the Mamba tshirt.

  • Sonito

    If I win I promise I won’t throw it on the court if the Cavs are beating us at home.

  • jryu

    i love whenever you guys post these sort of things.

    a billion and a half people come out of nowhere and try to come up with BS reasons why they deserve whatever it is you’re giving away.

    i wonder how you guys don’t puke from reading this stuff.
    haha what can i say, i’m a cynic..

  • DeezNutz

    yo hook it up dime im a die hard kobe and laker fan. i been with dime since the begining since your guys last website, come on dime, hook it up. you guys are on my home page your the first thing i wake up to

  • mdog

    I want this t-shirt soo badly, I’m a huge KB fan and I read dimemag.com everyday! My boyfriend gave me a Kobe shirt that I wear way too often and I need a new one to rock. Also he’ll be impressed and very jealous if I get it!

  • Shrink This

    Because I want to rep a guy who made up his own nickname,

    Yours in Basketball,


  • Mike Leif

    Your website if the first one i look at everytime i turn on my computer and the last one i look at everytime i turn it off. Best basketball coverage and opinions around. And because i took some of your bracket advice….. its a recession I cant afford gambling losses and sick tshirts

    ps thats a great shirt

  • LakeShow84

    @ JYJU

    Yeah buts its comedy to read some of these..

    “because my boy is a Lebron fan and i’d give it to him for his Bday..”


  • LakeShow84

    @ Shrink

    But for it to stick it must be somewhat legit right??

    no one gets to make up they own shit and people run with it.. From the way everyone says i’d have thought he was branded the Mamba..

    So recognize lol

  • LAballer

    WOW…where have all these “kobe fans” and “laker fans” been when every other poster talks shit?? funny whenever something free is offered everyone just looooves kobe..yay 24!! LOL

    i dont deserve one..i check dime daily..dont post much anymore..matter of fact most of these people dont deserve one either lol..give it to lakeshow..fools on here reppin for the lakers all day errday..

  • paolo

    I deserve to win bcoz i’ve been a lakers/kobe fan since his rookie year. I live in LA and I plan to wear this summer.

  • LBoogie

    I deserve one because I’m a Rockets fan and they took Ron Artest and stuck us with Trevor Ariza…that’s just rude…and I know Dime Magazine doesn’t want to be rude lol

  • jmg

    i deserve it because i just had a daughter and havent been able to go to any games so far and i plan on wearing it to game 1 of every playoff series…all the way thru to the finals!!!

  • LBoogie

    Or give me one because I argued 3 people down that Tracy McGrady was a better all around player when healthy, and I had to eat those words because Kobe is actually a better player when healthy AND when hurt! Who REALLY continues to ball at an MVP-level with a broken finger…seriously! McGrady and his wack knee couldn’t even produce a third of what Kobe did when he tried to play hurt…loser made me look lame!

  • jackass

    i’m not gonna lie and say i’ve been a huge kobe bryant fan. Cuz growing up i had developed an unconditional respect for the GOAT MJ. always thought kb8 was a wannabe. something about him ticked me off. something about him just wasn’t right. however his last title combined with this season’s straight up assassination style, cold blooded performances led me to a different conclusion. i’ve got no doubt in my mind that kb24 is the 2nd GOAT of all time. yes i said it. and i said it right after the buzzer beater bank 3 pointer vs the heat. he had erased any doubt whatsover in my mind. i realized instantly at that moment that we were in a ride for a greatness. #24 is an arrogant son of a bitch. but i loved the arrogance when it’s combined with special abilities. it adds a certain touch to the overall picture. hell i went out and bought a kobe zoom V limited edition joker version. #24 changed the game. as a result of 20 years of following the NBA i know everything basketball and it is hard to change my polished perceptions inside my basketball mind. but #24 did a 180 inside my head. gotta give the props for black mamba for doing that. i will rock the shirt with my joker edition kobe zoom v. in mongolia. cause i’m graduating in may and getting a job in the heart of asia. let me represent the finest baller in the world in ASIA. kb24 deserves it.

  • jackass

    i just realized i don’t even care that much if i win the shirt or not. hell it will be nice if i do win it, cause i deserve it. but i feel good cuz just because poured my soul into the above comment. i feel good when talking about winners like #24. i feel so good that i might go out and drop 25 points on my intramural tonite. i feel good DIME thank you!!!

  • Allan

    im in canada and this shirt probably wont make it up here, i never win anything online, im a huge kobe/lakers fan, and everyone i hang with hates him/them, i always host laker games on HD at my apartment and im the lone laker fan, my lakers jersey is good, but i always seem to be rocking that and it’d be nice to rock something fresh and limited while i rep my team in the faces of the haters that i chill with! so pick me! like pau does for kobe and get me that assist! thanks!

  • AK

    I deserve it because I’m in Canada, where nobody knows what Cinco de Mayo is. In fact, i’m sure this shirt will NEVER be seen North of the border. When everyone sees it, they’ll make a CANADA’S FINEST t-shirt for Chris Bosh – anything to keep the big man in Toronto!

    So in conclusion.. this t-shirt will keep Chris Bosh in Toronto. You may be saving a NBA Franchise by sending me this shirt!!

  • http://www.twitter.com/all_worlds David Brandon

    why should i win one? what?? why shouldnt i win one! hahaha what better way to keep on reppin’ CA then rockin’ w/ the best, my man kb24. how much swag am i gonna have walkin around w/ that tee on, just stuntin on the haters. matter of fact, my boys not a kobe fan an he’s the FIRST one i’d let know!! help a brotha out and keep me fresh DIME!! besides, all the other contests i’ve posted stuff on were for other ppl…this is the first one for me!

    i’m tryna set the swag from “stun” to “kill” LOL!

  • str8gangsta

    My Lebrons are a little dirty. Might use this shirt to buff em up. Lebron been using Kobe all year anyway.

  • http://www.bbclommel.be Bert Snoeckx

    Because I’ll be the only Belgian guy rockin’ one!

  • Sacto_J

    Kobe ain’t homegrown. Fuck that shirt….

  • RaDio RaH~

    As a Toronto Raptors fan and victim of Stockholm Syndrome from the 81 point beasting at the hands of Black Mamba (in the T-Dot we simply refer to him as God’s Son)…don’t nobody deserve this shirt more than me…and I’ll rep it hard in the land that Kobe conquered…

  • Jammie Johnson

    I would like to win Kobe’s new shirt because it showcases this great player abilities on and off the court. Kobe hard work rubs off on his team. I’m a hard worker on the job and my co workers appreciate the level of dedication that I bring to my job each and everyday. I plan to wear this shirt a work to let people see this piece of art, and to wear it when I go workout at the gym.

  • JC

    I deserve it because I will be rocking it in Boston like a middle finger to all my friends who are Celtics’ fans.

  • Mikey F Baby

    I’d love to win this shirt because my best friend’s favorite player is Kobe Bryant, and I still owe him a birthday present from January. Actually…he still owes me a birthday present from last December. So I’d really like to win it to make him jealous!

  • Jay-Are

    i should win because i won the 4 rings shirt and it would add to my collection

  • yentron

    I’m going to boston in june to visit my sister. her tool of a fiance is a celtics groupie and me wearing it all week might just be enough to get him to flip out one me and get my sister to dump his sorry ass

  • Royal

    I want you guys to give me this shirt so I can wear it to club
    and ask every girl in the club if they want to see how big my snake is…..I’ll send y’all an email afterwards telling y’all how many times I got slapped.

  • ShowKase

    I should get one because I’ve been bitten by a Black Mamba….24 times. Beat that Chuck Norris.

  • ShowKase

    Another reason why I should get one: I live in Orlando and am the only Kobe fan in the city. So I’d rock it to a Magic game, cuz I need some people to practice my mixed martial arts with anyways.

  • http://www.twitter.com/all_worlds David Brandon

    @sacto j,

    hey, thats true tho!! CA isn’t PA…

  • Zack Hess

    Two reasons. One, I have a pet black mamba snake (along with 6 other pet snakes) named 81. Two, my buddy and I had a bet going the year Kobe scored 81. He had Lebron scoring the most points in a single game that season. I had Kobe. Loser had to shave the number of points in their head for that number of days. He lost. 81 on the side of his head for 81 days. Maybe I should give the shirt to him??

  • ian

    i deserve one because kobe has broken my heart too many times

  • MH

    I’d wear it to Roscoe’s nothing more LA than that.

  • Papa Smurf

    Because I just got divorced, and bitch took all my cash. Only way I can get new clothes is by winning this contest or robbing someone. Don’t make me do it.

  • bobby stew

    I deserve this Kobe shirt becasue I started off as a Kobe hater but I have really matured by looking at his game for what it is and analyzing the genius within it. I would wear this to the park/gym and it would suprise all of my friends who knew I was a Kobe hater at back in the day.

  • LakeShow84

    LMAO @ ShowKase # 75..


  • down since the begining

    family was kidnapped! ransom is one california’s finest t-shirt. Please help how ever u can dime!

  • JK

    Cause i would look ridiculously good looking wearing this tee around sacramento. It would also go nice with my look, blue ferrari!!!

  • Derrick

    because out of all of these comments i mite be the only one who actually LIVES in California. And better yet Los Angeles, California. Also im a big kobe fan and will like to rep this shirt proud whenever im chillin with some friends or just hangin around

  • kln10

    I deserve this fine assorment of linens because I truly believe it would look best adorning my muscular physique…& I’m a die-hard Kobe fan.

  • http://bloodyelbow.com joshua jerome

    I plan on wearing this to work on “dress down fridays”

  • Pat

    I should get one because I live in Cleveland and hate the Cavs and would rock it to a potential Cavs/Lakers Finals Game at the Q. Lakers for life!

  • Aamer

    I deserve it because I’m a Celtics fan who loves Kobe, and all my friends/family rag on me all the time for loving Kobe. I need a dope shirt like this to show KB24 pride! (And it’s made for Cinco de Mayo; my birthday is May 5th, that has to be some kinda sign!)

  • Saleem Wakil

    I deserve this shirt because i have been a lakers fan and a kobe fan since birth(since he entered the NBA) and always will be no matter what there going through and i plan on wearing that shirt almost everywhere because a shirt like that deserves to be seen

  • Saleem Wakil

    I deserve this shirt because i have been a lakers fan and a kobe fan since birth(since he entered the NBA) and always will be no matter what there going through and i plan on wearing that shirt almost everywhere because a shirt like that deserves to be seen

  • ball or die

    im going to a laker game next week and it would be hot to rock this during the game

  • ball or die

    thats why i deserve it

  • rkirby

    i deserve a shirt because i am albino and i cant go outside without a shirt in the summer.

  • rkirby

    @kln10 you are definitely gonna get a shirt with that comment.

  • BKR

    I don’t want the shirt; but I think it should go to someone who partakes in the herb… Cali’s Finest has a double meaning, y’know?

  • http://www.nba.com heino skovgaard

    1. i will be the first danish baller wearing that nice shirt

    2.kobe is 2 days younger than me so i am pretty sure i will be the one closest to his age wearing that t-shirt.

    3.i will paint a crown and LJ23 on the other shoulder.

  • Spencer Ela

    ¡Porque he crecido con púrpura y oro en mi sangre, y mí desgastará la camisa para un mes entero!

    (Because I have grown up with purple and gold in my blood, and I will wear the shirt for one whole month!)

    Hook a hermano up.

    Feliz Cinco de Mayo Mambas!

  • bola

    i must win it since i rarely post in this mag just like the previous winners of dimes’ t-shirt give-away.. thanks

  • PutTheBunnyInTheBasket

    I deserve this T-shirt because kids living in a third world country will get all of the 2009-2010 Indianapolis Colts Championship T-shirts.

  • mike m

    I am a huge kobe fan and have been playin ball all my life…i go on this site everyday to read whats good in the bball world..my 23rd bday is also comin up on may 5th and this shirt would be the icing on the cake..I hope u guys send me a shirt cuz i will rock it wit pride and shout out Dime as well in SacTown!

  • Kid Hollywood

    I should win the shirt because I would wear this shirt to the Laker game on April 11, 2010 sitting courtside while Kobe wears my Nike Zoom Kobe V iD Design contest winning shoe! Peep game! http://i34.photobucket.com/albums/d101/kidhollywood/NZKVDCWmockup.png

  • D A

    I only wear fish-net marinas so this would be a welcomed addition

  • http://www.twitter.com/JLimSD Justin Lim

    You should pick me because I’m the brokest nursing student/Kobe fan ever. I can’t even buy myself a pair of V’s.. on sale! (-_-)

    Anyway, thanks in advance and just FYI, eyes will be saved if this shirt is given to me. Gotta cover up my stretch marks for the summer time ;)

  • http://www.myspace.com/kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawa Justin

    I deserve a Kobe shirt because I already have a “Super Skunks” t-shirt that was used as a jersey for my recreational league team when I was 17. I blew out my knee mid-season in that shirt and can no longer wear it on the court. I need a new weed-themed basketball jersey for when I abuse fools on the court at the gym 10 years later.

  • http://www.foreignfamily.com N

    I plan on wearing it on my 21st birthday on the 29th of April.


  • http://www.foreignfamily.com N

    I plan on wearing it on my 21st birthday on the 29th of April.


  • dlee9

    Kobe Bryant became the Reggie Miller of my generation, torturing my Spurs throughout the 2000’s, much like Reggie tortured the Knicks throughout the late 90’s.

    Respect is given where respect is due. Give me a t-shirt, I have officially crossed over the the Dark side.

    Kobe Bryant, California’s finest!


  • JayChau

    To keep it simple: I support Kobe. Not just as a player that I admire, but the person he is off the court. Forget being the greatest basketball player for a moment. Take away basketball from Kobe’s life, you know he can still be successful. That’s the type of person I admire of Kobe.

  • Felix


  • Luca

    I won’t be receiving this sick T because I am;

    i) From Australia, even though i am willing to pay for international shipping fees, it never happens. (Go Kobe!)

    ii) We never get anything cool like these T’s in our Footlockers/Nike Stores because they don’t ship them out here. (Go Mexico!)

    iii) A Kobe Bryant Fan (Go Dime!)

  • Mohammad

    I’m going to Boston this may, my sister is graduating college. I think this shirt will definetly but Boston fans in super burn mode. Not only am i representing kobe and the lakers but california as well. I’m a huge laker and kobe fan and would love to get this shirt and represent the city while im in boston

  • gilbert

    i deserve this beautiful shirt because i am stuck on the east coast with all these celtic, cavs, magic, hawk fans. its terrible. i would wear it constantly to show these fools who the best closer and player in the league. also im mexican and would go great for my party. miss my cali weather.

  • Bobby99

    As a laker fan i want this. ive been a fan since 6 years old. this shirt will not be worn but instead frame in my house for all time. when my grandchildren ask me about it ill tell them that I got it from the the greatest magazine on the earth.

  • http://www.nba.com smoove chips

    Please give this shirt to LakeShow84 or better yet QQ(the real)..lol.imma die hard laker fan but that stunt y’all pulled with the last puppet t-shirts was downright criminal.
    How y’all gon give that joint to some no name who up to that point had graced all of 8 posts or sthg in the history of smack.Almost made me wanna holler at my boy Gil-6killer(dime you don’t want anybody going there).
    Oh and again LAKERS repeat !!

  • http://www.nba.com smoove chips

    BTW I begged hard for that last tee.

    Oh well,I move like the Wu now.Got cream,got time.


  • quest???

    i hate kobe..that is all.
    Ive been reading dimemag.com since 2006 and ive never won anything, not even came close.

  • the_don_mega

    ‘coz the governator says so…

  • georgeV

    …well i doubt u would send to the uk anyway. but a t-shirt with california wrote on it would let me dream of some good weather for once, and if the weather came with the shirt i could wear it to the court .

  • Chris

    um….cause hibachi told me to do it

  • liukz

    i work at a pet shop in PR and in 2007 a 12 years old kid was looking for a black mamba.They dont sell black mambas in PR but in the black market,cuz its an illegal animal in the island. I told him i had one ,so i went to the snakes place in the store,took a normal 3-4 feet snake that was already a dark brown color and painted it with black air brush in the back of the store. I told him to meet me at the parking lot cuz it was an exotic and ilegal animal. i got $500 for the fake mamba.

    So i think i deserve a real one,at least on my shirt.

  • http://newnowdesign.com Jeffrey James

    I live in Utah, so I will just wear that shirt EVERY DAY and ride my bike past Karl Malone’s house – back and forth, 24/7 – and see how long it takes before he starts asking me about Kobe, Kobe’s wife, how she’s doing, if I think she still remembers him, etc …

  • Fred

    Well since they are made for Cinco De Mayo, being from Hispanic descent, it would make a nice gift for the holiday.

  • spk2629

    Living in Michigan is a real downer, ala Pistons, and we have the highest unemployment rate in the nation 52 months running. I couldn’t afford to buy one of these if the Mamba himself was signing them. I am a college student in an All-Lebron-All-The-Time-School. That’s how dismal our team is, folks will cross the border to find a hero. I prefer to cross the Rockies for mine!!!

    It can’t get much worse but this cold-ass shirt could really warm it up for the showdown we all know we’ll see in June!!! Mamba-4-Life!!!

  • weezy f

    because ive been lookin for a tshirt because i only cycle through 4 shirts in a 5 day school week fml. you can only wear a polo so many times help me dime =(

  • http://kickgamedvd.com Kickgame -Mello

    ” I will fight The Crazy 88 with out my ‘Hattori Honzo’ steel sword for a Tee Shirt!!!!!”

  • Gerard

    I deserve it because I saw the movie Black Snake Moan. (shudders)

    After that trauma the least I deserve is a free t-shirt. And repressed memories.

    Size medium please.

  • Drink the Haterade

    im in jail and my cellie just told me that if I dont get him one (hes the biggest KB fan I know)he will have his way with me and I will be his… well you know. I need this, my ass cant handle that!

  • Drink the Haterade

    Please help!!!!!!!!!

  • 6Four2Twenty

    My best friend hates Kobe!! Whenever he loses a bet to me, I make him wear my Lakers cap or I make him say “LeBron is Kobe’s girlfriend”… now, I can just make him wear the shirt… XXL please. LOL

  • Jazz Man

    Look…This Is What Your Going To Do 1.) Say You Read All The Entries Before Mine To Be Nice. 2.) Go Ahead And Shoot Me The Email Saying I’ve Won. 3.) Then I’m Going To Shoot My Email, Because You Know I Need An XXL. 4.) I’m Going To Wear It To A Nuggets Game Reppin The Lakers Like I Did With My MvPuppets Shirt & Make Them More Jealous Their Not Winners…Aaron Check Your Mail…Proof I Rep The Lakers & Kobe All Day!!

  • dueceduece

    watup dime! first of all i STAY on this site. second of all im on my spring break and unlike some kids in college i couldnt go to europe or cancun or even cape cod. i stayed at home and used up my days applying to internships, volunteering some time at my former middle school, visiting friends at brown university, and playing nba 2k10 (im a beast..seriously). third of all, as a fan of basketball i love kobe’s game. but more importantly my newest love interest is from california and is a huge lakers fan. i would love to see her chillin on the couch watchin tv in one of my t-shirts and i think this one would be perfect! ive had your back for some time now dime and it would be cool if u could do me a solid you know lol… hit me up!!

  • Papa Smurf

    Damn, I just found out what NSFW means. Please replace the word “bitch” in my post with the word “chicken head.” Thank you.

  • GeorgeV

    It’ll go nice with my new booms beard lite.

  • Pat

    You should give it to me, because I have an iron. Clearly, you don’t.

  • realist

    I check the Dime page religiously every night waiting for smack… instead of doing my homework… plus, I CRIED tears of joy when my Lakers got back to the championship and got up early as heck to go to the parade (3 a.m.). I would be most honored to have this shirt!

  • realist

    One other reason why I should get the shirt: I’ve been sitting in the library for at least 9 hours and I’ve seen two mice scuttle by, all because I’m writing a term paper that isn’t looking like it’s going to be finished anytime soon (and that is due in t-minus 3 hours). If I were to get the shirt, it would forever make up for the terrible grade I’m going to get on this paper and all the suffering the past nine hours have presented :( plus the energy I drank got me feeling a little sick…

  • realist

    ^^ whoops– I meant the “energy drink” I drank…

  • realist

    this term paper I’m writing is flat-out late…worth 45% of my grade…and I’m still checking Dimemag.com. that’s dedication! either this shirt or the other one, I will take with open arms

  • Harry c

    I work in an office full of celtics fans. It’s horible, on st pattys day I refused to wear green and when we got green beers later, I ordered a bud light! America…Fu$& yea!

  • Michael T

    I have a mind of my own to think with, as well as a life.

    Those things are yet to be seen with 75% of the people that posted on this…

    I love LA.

  • Michael T

    I was also the 142nd person to post.

    1 – I
    4 – LOVE
    2 – LA

    It’s fate! That shirt is cleannnnn. I want, I want.

  • Matt D

    I need this shirt. I will wear it around school campus all day and pray that people ask me what it means so I can talk about Kobe for hours. It’s the best shirt I’ve ever seen. Please send it to me, I already have a Kobe jersey hanging over my TV but I need a t-shirt to show my support. Seriously though. Even if you don’t give it to me I’ll get one somehow. OH GOD I NEED IT

  • http://clublakers.com Rene

    I deserve it because I am the biggest Kobe fan in the world. I watch, record and collect all of his career games from season to season and dont plan on stopping anytime soon. I would wear it everywhere I go to represent KB and show that he is the best baller on the planet and a top 5 LEGEND of NBA History!

  • Steve

    I deserve the shirt because I have been fan of Kobe since day 1 he was drafted by the Lakers. I would wear it around my city of Newport Beach so hopefully Kobe (who resides in and have been seen in occasionally in Newport Beach) would see me sporting his shirt!

  • alexjlake_gr8t

    LG.net guy here! The link was posted on lakersground so Im here!

    I need a shirt to send to my best friend in Little Rock, AR whose a ‘LeCrab, LeCribble, Lebronze’ fan to the nth degree. He would soooo much approciate a Mamba shirt for his bday!

  • le pham

    I need this shirt cause my friend already printed out puppet shirts with five rings, and i need to one up him. i followed yall when yall was hoopstv holla back!

  • Ayaz

    I deserve this because I don’t own a Kobe shirt! and it would look nice with my Kobe V’s Nike ID!

    I would wear this to school, and represnet all day long!

  • Scott To

    I believe i deserve this tee shirt because i arrange my work and school schedule around the laker games. i bleed purple and gold, and i want to show everyone that i represent cali’s finest. plus i need a fresh t shirt, because i pay too many bills and can’t afford to buy one. thanks.

  • Scott To

    I believe i deserve this tee shirt because i arrange my work and school schedule around the laker games. i bleed purple and gold, and i want to show everyone that i represent cali’s finest. plus i need a fresh t shirt, because i pay too many bills and can’t afford to buy one. thanks.

  • John

    I deserve this shirt because instead of paying attention to my torts or chapter 11 bankruptcy courses, I watch the Lakers games via stream. Also, I make sure to sit in front of two very…very big Celtics and Cavs fans.

  • F K

    I deserve this because my parents and I moved from sunny LA to what can only be described as the North American version of Siberia (Canada).
    There’s no better way of representing myself and my roots than a “California’s Finest” shirt.
    I live and breathe Lakers, even when sometimes the games go to 2am and I’ve got to be in class by 8, I still watch every damn minute of it.
    No stories about being a broke kid who can afford high speed internet, a cell phone and a million TV channels but not a $20 t-shirt, just the truth. I want the shirt and I want it bad!

  • Yianni

    I am away for grad school and my roommate is a huge tool from Ohio and thus a Cavaliers fan. Please give me this shirt so I can wear it every day during the playoffs and especially during our finals match-up so he learns three lessons:

    1. CA > Ohio

    2. Kobe >> Lebron

    3. I am >>> him because I have a bomb shirt and he doesn’t

  • John

    I really deserve this shirt because instead of paying attention to my torts or chapter 11 bankruptcy courses, I watch the Lakers games via stream. Also, I make sure to sit in front of two very…very big Celtics and Cavs fans.

  • Lam

    I am from overseas and I am in the States for college. The first thing I bought here is a Lakers poster from LAX. Too bad I reside in SF, so everytime I go to a steakhouse, I require a bar table just to follow a basketball game. I can’t believe they still show Warriors here, but luckily I’ve made friends with one of the waitresses and she switches one TV to the Lakers game for me. I wear my Lakers cap every gameday to school, my professor says he respects my love for LAKERS despite him being an overall Los Angeles hater.

    I’ve been to two Christmas games and my life is all Lakers. My money is spent on generally on Lakers-related stuff. From jerseys to tix to mugs.

    I will wear this tee when I go back home in Asia, cos I will let those who haven’t know… That I bleed Purple and Gold.

  • JP

    Because Ive traded jordan cards for kobe rookie cards during kobe’s rookie year because i had a hunch kobe was going to be better than him and i was right!

  • Sabas

    Give it to me! Or else I will let loose a real BLACK MAMBA into your offices.

    And you will regret ever having this contest. And of course I will wear the shirt every Laker gameday.

    (crossing fingers)


  • LakerFanIam

    This is a slick shirt…
    I guess I probably deserve one because I had the best response when you gave away the Kobe 4 Rings shirt & I got robbed on that one…. :)

  • Rafael Santiago Jr

    I am going to Boston on June 19-22 to watch the Dodgers VS Boston Redsox game. I am a die hard Dodger/Laker fan and would love a chance to rub this shirt in the faces of Red Sox/ Celtic fans at Fenway park and the local stores and bars. I will also submit pictures to prove I was there. If chosen let me know what poses you would like to see the shirt in with the locals and I will do it…lol…Thanks!!!

  • steveaustin

    I need this shirt because it’s really nice, also, I love mexican people, snakes, and kobe, so it’s a perfect match.

    A lot of homeless people live around me but I live with it because someday I hope for a shirt this noice.

    Is there anywhere I can buy it if I don’t win this contest for whatever reason?

  • http://www.youtube.com/TheRealCaCHooKaMan Kevin Torres

    I’ve been a Lakers fan ever since Kobe got drafted and I’ve had the privilege of watching every single game he’s played in the NBA. Also, I’ve been editing and posting Lakers videos on the web for the past 4 seasons.


  • sam

    Roses are Red
    Violets are Blue
    I deserve this shirt
    To prove the Black Mamba true

    Unlike other contestants who may lie about where they’re going to wear this shirt, I’m gonna keep it real and wear this shirt at my college (UCR) and during every other playoff game until we win the championship while I wear Kobe’s jersey on the other playoff games.

  • Jimmy Simpson

    Born and raised in California, been a Laker fan since the late sixties. Now living in Alaska after retiring from the military, you’ll need someone up here to piss off all the Celtic and Cavalier fans with this sweet shirt! Plus you’re helping a vet.

  • Todd Robison

    I would wear it cause i live by sacramento and all my friends are sacramento Kings(Queens) fans and everytime i wear lakers gear it makes them cringe.I also wear lakers clothes about everyday. So why not wear a shirt that makes them cringe and remind them who the best is?

    PS: i also have fiery red hair so i attract a lot of attention so lots of people would see me wearing this shirt!

  • Danny Brown

    I actually live out of state so first of all I don’t know if I qualify or not (New Mexico) but even if I do, I’m in another state and most of the people here support Spurs, Suns, and the Mavs and are Laker haters. But I WAS born in LA and my whole family lives there so I’ve been a laker fan for life. I would wear it at least once a week and show everyone who really is the best.

    I see people walking the streets with Duncan, AI, or Jordan Jerseys but people here still hate Kobe for the whole rape dilemma. I just want to show them that he is past that and he is the best.

    I know the chances of me getting it is like 3-400 or so but I don’t think you want all 3 of those shirts walking around in LA. We need to extend the LA fans! Everyone is now liking Cleveland!

    Pick me, Thanks

  • T Win

    I have so much passion and love for the Lakers. My life revolved around them since showtime. During our championship run last year, I promised myself that I need to focus on school if they win it all. I’m so happy that they won, but I also feel bummed out now that I’m missing the whole season due to the stresses of nursing school. Even though I’m not there at the game or watching it on kcal or fsn like I use to, you can be sure that I’m always with them in spirit.

    This Kobe shirt would be an awesome gift for a dedicated fan like me. Hook me up!! I’m size L by the way unless the shirt fits tight then I’m an XL :)

  • Aaron Tabernero

    I am both a big Lakers and Kobe fan. I grew up watching the showtime Lakers win all those championships back in the 80’s and I’ve also watched Kobe become grow up to become the best basketball player in the league today. Being from Hawaii has it’s advantage in that we have no professional sports team, so basically you can route for any team that you want and no one would hate on you. Now that I am college, I love watching all the haters look at the fresh Kobe gear that I would rock on and off the court. This shirt is fire and I would wear this shirt basically anywhere so that I could break necks of all the Kobe haters and make them realize who the true king is.

  • Steven

    What I will do with the t-shirt is gift it to my ex-girlfriend who cheated on me with my best friend. Apparently, she needs the ‘black mamba’ more than the Lakers do.

  • le pham

    you should have made this 140 letters or less, no one wants to read wall of text of kobe love.

  • frenchman

    If I get it, I swear I will wear it on top of the Eiffel Tower as I am a f***ing Frenchman currently living in Cali. And I’ll send you the pic, of course !

    Kobe rules !
    Bonne journée à tous !

  • Amanda

    I’ve lived in Michigan my whole life and have been a Lakers fan for over twenty years. I stay up late to watch each and every Lakers game. I always represent the Lakers, when I’m at the Palace watching a game or running errands. I’d proudly wear the shirt everywhere, including work on casual fridays and staff retreats.

  • Tam

    I deserve this because I am a huge lakers fan that moved from LA to China last year and would love to represent this Black Mamba t-shirt in front of his 1.3 billion fans.

    If I don’t win, I’m sure I’ll be able to find a knockoff within a month.


  • myriam

    i deserve to have this KOBE shirt because i’am an avid fan of him all the way from HONGKONG. I followed everything regarding KOBE from games,his activities, photoshoot. i have all the copy of magazines featured and covered by KOBe. And i always see to it that i get one of his latest sports gear even though the size is too big for me and i don’t care as long as i have one. Cause u know i’m a woman who loves KOBE so much. Hope i got the chance this nice t shirt. Thank you in advance

  • Jason

    I don’t deserve this shirt. I am not worthy.

    I would wear it in a box, I would wear it with a fox. I would wear it here or there, I would wear it ANYWHERE.

  • Kevin

    I want this shirt because I rep Cali to the fullest, and would rock it with my Cali Dunk SBs while watching Californication and smoking on some of Cali’s finest. Ya dig?

  • Khurram

    I would literally wear this shirt to work every day, and probably get fired for doing so because we are required to wear a dress shirt and tie. After my termination, I’d sit at home watching past Lakers games all day while wearing the shirt. I love this shirt so much that I’d refuse to shower because I’d have to take it off. This would probably lead to my girlfriend breaking-up and leaving me. I’d probably sell everything in my place to pay my bills; with the exception of this shirt. I’d probably get evicted, but I wouldn’t mind because I’d still have this shirt to keep me warm as I make myself at home at Griffith Park. I’d wander the streets of LA until the day of the championship parade and yell to Kobe as he greeted the crowd from atop the bus. He’d look down upon my grizzly, unshaven, homeless appearance and give me thumbs up for representing him and wearing the shirt. I’d return the thumbs-up and walk away…knowing that my life is complete.

    Can I have a shirt now? :)

  • Keyser Soze

    Keaton always said, “I don’t believe in God, but I’m afraid of him.” Well I believe in God, and the only thing that scares me is Kobe Bryant.

    Where is your head, DimeMag? Where do you think the pressure is coming from? Kobe Bryant – or whatever you want to call him – he knows where I am right now. He’s got the front burner under your ass to give me this T-Shirt so he can scoop me up ten minutes later. The T-Shirt was just a deal with you a-holes. I got a whole new problem when I win the shirt.

  • Kobe Bryant

    I think I should have the shirt cause I am Kobe!!!!

  • http://www.Facebook.com JAEMIEL BRIAN GANA

    It’s done and the T’s is for me because i’m a Filipino and i’m proud to be a fan of Kobe.

  • Ryan gonzalo

    I deserve the shirt because it is impossible to get limited edition Kobe shirts in Singapore and wearing this shirt around the city would be so cool that a lot of people would really envy me. =)

  • Sarina

    I deserve the shirt because I’ve tried to make my own laker tshirts at home (because I am ghetto and can’t afford to keep paying the arm and leg that nbastore.com wants me to pay for laker gear) and seriously, my home-made tshirts look….home-made! This shirt that’s up for grabs is awesome, I was born and raised in LA, I’d wear it to Laker games (What up 300s sections!), to the parade in June (yezzzzir!), to sleep (so I can dream of more rings), in front of my mom (who’s been a Celtics fan since 1984 whack), and wherever else I happen to be. I used to schedule my college courses and labs around Laker games – did it for four years baby! The design on the back of this shirt is hot too. Please just let me win it or else I’m just going to try to make my own version of it at home and it will just look disgraceful

  • Willy Bastos

    i have yet to win a contest…i always enter and i always get denied like a midget trying to dunk on regulation. i’m just saying let me win and i’ll shut up…as a matter a fact i’ll stfu…hahahah xxl or 3xl if ya got it

  • 808

    because I’m a public school English teacher, dammit…and people like me taught people like y’all how to write!

    also because I’ve been a Kobe-hater since that high school dunk contest when he pointed at his nuts….Me and my pops watch these Laker games on Sundays cheering for Kobe to miss–even if dude delivers the dagger every time.

    It would be funny as hell seeing my dad’s face when I drop over at the house rockin’ one of these.


  • tp

    because i was born and raised in LA and had to move out to miami last year. i went to the lakers/heat game and stuck up for my team even though we lost a thriller in OT. i only have one jersey and its the only lakers gear i have. i’m in 100,000 debt for grad school loans and still have two more years of school to go. give me a break, please!!!!

  • D.I. Dollar

    I think that one of the Cinco de Mayo shirts should go to at least one Mexican. Since there are only three posts here including mine that represent for Mexicanos, I’m feeling kinda lucky. Plus, I love white girls and what do white girls love more than a big Black Mamba…uh…t-shirt on a Mexican dude??? I guess the answer is a real big black mamba but since I ain’t got one of those, maybe the T-shirt will suffice.

  • Shannon

    I’d love to have this shirt so I can proudly wear it in WA to show my CA love for Kobe! I’m a female who watches all the Laker games on League Pass and know more about Kobe and the Lakers than maost guys! So I think it would be cool to show everyone my Laker pride by wearing this shirt!

  • Matt D

    Oh my god i keep checking my email every day. Please send me one I beg you

  • kelly

    My boyfriend who is a DIE HARD Lakers fan (more importantly Kobe OBSESSED) saw a someone court side wearing a homemade Black Mamba Kobe shirt. Since then he has decided it is the only present he wants for his upcoming 30th birthday. This being said, I have spent far too many precious hours of my life surfing the net desperately trying to find it. Please give me my free time back and let us win this one which is even better!!!

  • http://www.youtube.com/rommeasy Rommel Cachero

    I’m Cali born and Raised!
    This shirt is too sick!
    I would definitely appreciate it and rock it at every playoff game
    and at the Laker Parade when Mamba and the Lakers bring home another ring!!!

  • Michael

    Has anyone been able to find the shirt online anywhere?

  • James

    I think I am most deserving because I have been a fan of Kobe since I can remember. I have all of his merchandise and it would mean the world to me to add this to my collection! #KB24