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10 Most Hated Players in the NBA

If only Radio Raheem was around to see this. Back in ’89, Do The Right Thing, Radio elaborated the concept of love versus hate with the assistance of five-finger rings and a big-ass radio.

He was talking about true hatred, the hate that begets stress and the type of violence that would eventually cost him his life. But today, the word “hate” in pop culture has been watered down to something more like criticism. Every small-time rapper, every wannabe “businessman,” every high school kid imagines they have thousands upon millions of “haters,” because not everyone has supported them. And if that fuels your success, fine. Just know the difference between true hate and petty hate.

LeBron James is the most hated man in basketball. And not on the level of somebody like Tim Donaghy, the symbol of corruption in the game, or Jerome James, the symbol of apathy, or Donald Sterling, the symbol of putting money over winning. LeBron is hated in that no matter how great he becomes, somebody is always there to nitpick his game and shout to the mountaintops that he’s not all that. If not truly hated, he is undeniably hated-on more than anyone else in the game today.

I don’t know when the tipping point was. Maybe it was when LeBron averaged like 40 points, 8 boards and 8 assists in last year’s Eastern Conference Finals and was still blamed for Cleveland losing the series. Maybe it was when he skipped out on the dunk contest. Maybe it was when ESPN compared him to Michael Jordan one too many times or ran the “Could LeBron play in the NFL?” feature one too many times. But at some point, LeBron vaulted Kobe Bryant — still the most polarizing figure in basketball since his supporters love him with a cult-like devotion — as the game’s most hated/hated-on figure.

Just watch. LeBron has already led his team to its second straight season of 60-plus wins, he’ll win his second straight MVP in a couple of weeks, but when he’s presented with that trophy — or worse, if the Cavs don’t win the championship — the haters will come swarming like fruit bats. It’s a shame, too, because we’re watching somebody who could realistically become the best player the NBA has ever had, and too many people can’t appreciate it.

The rest of the 10 Most Hated Players in the NBA…

1. LeBron James — Loved by media, coaches, players and fans who truly know the game. Hated by fans who feel he’s been given too much too soon.

2. Kobe BryantBounced back from being hated by media to being loved. May still be hated by players and coaches. Fans are split. The one person on the list whose game is respected by all, his personality just causes the divide.

3. Manu Ginobili — Hated by opponents and fans for his flopping and general knack for being a thorn in one’s side. Loved by teammates. If you want to know why soccer still isn’t catching on in mainstream America, it’s because every soccer player acts like Manu.

4. Vince Carter — Hated by the entire city of Toronto and possibly all of Canada. Critics get on him for settling for jump shots, even though every other high-flyer before or after Vince has been encouraged to adjust their game eventually and take more jumpers. Call him soft, call him lazy, but then he drops 40 or gives you a game-winner and your point becomes moot.

5. Nate Robinson — Hated by his own coaches, hated by jaded fans. I like Nate, and I’m not saying he’s an All-Star or even a starter in the League, but where people usually want to see the little guy succeed, it seems people want Nate to fail. When he was picked No. 1 on Eric Snow’s list of all-time dunking point guards, haters harped on the idea that he doesn’t have that many in-game dunks, and downplayed the fact that he’s the only player in history to win three NBA dunk contests. However, there wasn’t much mention of how Spud Webb didn’t have many in-game dunks, either.

Tracy McGrady

6. Tracy McGrady — Hated by media and fans who wanted him to do more with the talent he was blessed with and spend less time on the injured list. I still contend that at his peak, T-Mac was right on-par with Kobe, but it’s hard to argue for him for too long when he’s never been out of the first round of the playoffs. Hall of Fame talent; jury is still out on whether it translated to a Hall of Fame career.

7. Carlos Boozer — Hated by fans in Cleveland who feel he stabbed their team in the back, love/hate relationship with fans in Utah who appreciate his talent but don’t really trust him, hated by neutral fans who feel he’s overrated. Tough to argue with 20-and-10 numbers, though. A Dime reader commented the other day that Boozer was handed “an All-Star career” by Deron Williams, even though Booz was selected for the U.S. Olympic team while D-Will was still in college.

8. Kevin Garnett — Once universally loved, recently hated by non-Celtics fans. It was the ring. When KG finally won the championship we all wished he would win someday, his perception went from that of the underdog warrior to a bully now that his team was the top dog.

9. Allen Iverson — Hated by media, possibly by teammates, likely by coaches, and now a growing number of fans. Even more startling than fans turning on KG was how so many of them turned on A.I. when things started to go downhill for him. Could you call him a ball-hog? Sure. Selfish? OK. Immature? I see where you’re coming from. But any basketball fan who grew up without a silver spoon in their mouth and is of “normal person” size has some love for Iverson, even if he’s disappointed you along the way. The worst example of hating I’ve seen on Iverson was when someone argued “anybody” could have accomplished what he did in the League. My response: So why didn’t just “anybody” do it?

10. Rajon Rondo & Shawn Marion (tie) — The symbol of being underappreciated by people who only look at scoring. True: Rondo can’t shoot and Marion can’t create his own shot. But to say Rondo is only considered an All-Star player because he’s had Pierce, KG and Ray, or that Marion is only considered an All-Star because he’s had Nash, Kidd and Marbury, is just dumb. Watch how Rondo passes the ball, watch how he creates havoc defensively, watch how he rebounds for a point guard. His Hall of Fame teammates aren’t doing that for him. Watch how Marion rebounds like a PF while playing the three, watch how he defends PG’s and fours equally well, watch how he is the straw stirring his team’s drink without having a single play run for him. The point guards he’s played with aren’t doing that for him. Maybe “hate” is too strong of a word for Rondo and Marion, but they could definitely use some more appreciation.

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  • Dan

    Rasheed wallace didnt make the list. So nobody hates him? I think he should be #0

  • thenatural

    You forgot to mention that Boozer is hated by the Chinese because he has a weird head…

    You also neglected to mention Timmy Duncan and the souless looks he gives when he’s called for a foul.

  • Antouan

    I hate Anderson Varajeo!!!

  • fallinup

    A most hated list… and Sasha Vujacic isn’t on it? Blasphemy, Austin… blasphemy.

    And I don’t give a damn… imma hate as much as I can at Bron. Deep inside I’m just plain jealous at his natural abilities and also quite in aww. When he wins his first chip… I’ll mellow out a little. But I’ll still hate on him for the simple fact that I love MJ that much and he still got his fair share of unwarranted hate. Just passing the buck I guess. :)

    Don’t get me wrong though. Bron deserves all the hate he can muster. It’s a true sign of a serious star when there are just as many people wanting you knocked down than lifted up. It goes with the territory.

    It shouldn’t be a surprise to see Austin’s #1 the best in the game… and then #2 and #3 perennial champs.

  • control

    Where the hell is Anderson Valgina? 50+ million, and he might have the least amount of actual basketball skill in the entire NBA.

    Stephan Jackson would be on the list if he were more relevant.

    Don Nelson should be on the list, even though he’s a coach.

    Hedo will BE the list if he plays another year as bad as he did this year…he might actually have the entire country of Canada declare war on him (and we are peace loving people).

    I LOVE the Manu comment, that is spot on, 100%. You should have mentioned that he even flops in a COMMERCIAL! He’s playing satan or some bullshit, and he tries to draw a charge? Really? Against satan?

    KG deserves MORE hate. The guy went from a real stand up guy to a complete douche bag in less than a year. It’s almost like he got one of those freak head injuries that completely changed his personality. His horrible douche bag personality has pretty much infected the whole team, and maybe even the whole city of Boston (Boston fans aren’t as stupid as NY fans, but they are pretty douchey for the most part. Celts Fan excluded).

    Tmac WAS better than Kobe, and probably the best in the NBA for a span there…

    Allen Iverson has had the greatest negative influence on basketball of any one person in the history of basketball. Every single stupid, fat, and short idiot who hops on a pickup court wearing 3 elbow sleeves, a headban, jacking shots and not passing is a result of AI’s influence. I hope he rots in hell for grief he has personally caused me.

  • B-Rad

    My biggest complaint w/ Lebron is all of his flaunting and posing and dancing without having won anything. Remember when people asked what would happen if someone dared to dance like Lebron in the 80’s? Someone would’ve put him on his ass and knocked him out.

  • Hucklebuck

    Pretty good list.

    Boozer is number one on my list because he thinks he is just a little better than he really is. Definitely an all-star, but franchise guy I am not sure. He did the Jazz dirty by wanting a trade cuz the team was playing badly-why can’t he be the one that helps the team turn it around? or he should just bring his regular season play into the playoffs, cuz he plays average come postseason.

    I agree with TMac. I remember watching Orlando at Staples when TMac was with them. I realistically thought TMac was slightly better than Kobe and could be for a while. If only his body kept up.

    People should appreciate Iverson for what he’s done.

    I agree with Rondo and Kobe.

    Jury still out for me on LeBron. He is the MVP, but people need to wait a little while longer to jump on his “best player ever in the game” thing. I remember before 2000, great players were remembered for taking their team to the championship and winning. The only exceptions to me on the great non-championship player list are Ewing, Barkley, Stockton, and Malone (freakin Jordan).

  • Kermit The Washington

    HHAHAA even THIS list ranks LeBron too high!!! Hated more than KOBE?!?! Get outa here

  • Blue

    @ AB…
    The tipping point, for me, was when they started calling him ‘King James’ before he did a damn thing in the League!!!

    I think that all that jock riding from the media gave him a sense of entitlement that shows up in arrogance and poor sportsmanship.

    As much as I dislike Kobe Bryant, he earned his place in the top tier. He wasn’t handed anything…he took it, and I have to respect him for that.

    My favorite player, D-Wade, put a team with 3 HOFers on his back and got them rings, and I think he’s still seen as a step below Lebron and Kobe.

  • Justice

    Stephon Marbury should be on this list also, people hate this guy he had great numbers throughout his career made some young dumb moves but changed his game and his attitude and the knicks threw a bus on his chest, then the vasaline and weed thing came about…Tim Duncan,Lamar Odom..

    all time list….

    Isiah Thomas
    Every Boston Celtic Ever
    Reggie Miller

  • Promoman

    Amen, Control. Good post, especially on Allen Iverson.

  • fiyaman

    i think KB24 is most hated

  • Hucklebuck

    Sasha doesn’t do anything to be hated, he doesn’t even play.

    @control-anderson stopped floppin, so I don’t see any more reason for him to get hated on.

    the TMac better than Kobe for a short amount of time, yes.
    the Iverson thing, I GOT TO BACK UP AI on this- given his entire life off the court as well as on into perspective, many should consider him to have been good for the league. did he make dumb choices, yes. but I think he did a lot of good for the game. I am certain he got TONS of fans into the game of basketball right after the MJ era. if he didn’t do any good, then NO ONE would have or would still be wearing the headbands, the braids, the arm sleeves, OR the LONGER shorts.

  • Rizwan

    LeBron James is the greatest basketball player I have ever personally seen. Having said that, hate will always come towards greatness, but in sports its weird.

    Take for example, Lionel Messi, the greatest soccer player in the world as of now. He destroyed a team this week single handedly and knocked them out of soccer’s equivalent of the World Series. However, NO ONE hates him. Not even the team he knocked out, or to some extent even their bitter rivals Real Madrid, fans dont hate him. He is a model professional.

    I think LeBron brings some of that hate upon himself. His antics on the sideline piss me off as well even though I am a huge fan, that nonsense about if he cant wear 23, no one should and the other day when he showed brazen disrespect to other players by saying if he really wanted to he would be able to win the scoring title each year. I dont doubt it but why say that? There is a fine line between accepted arrogance or a killer instinct and just outright cockiness, which that fell into.

    Similar to Kobe, comparisons to MJ and the media hype will also play a huge part. ESPN have to hype him, as he is the premier attraction of the league now. But if LeBron acted with a bit more humility he wouldnt be so hated. I think a stronger coach like Jerry Sloan would not tolerate that crap he pulls on the bench. However, on the flip side a stronger coach would derailed his game a bit, I think. Why? A stronger coach would still want his ideas on the floor and not handing LeBron freedom like Mike Brown has. Terrible coach that Mike Brown is, but I think he has been great for LeBron in his development to the point now a stronger coach would not effect him. 3 years ago he may have done.

    CP3 should be up there, as well as Tim Duncan and Tony Parker but I’m a Suns fan!!!

  • Rizwan

    Forgot about Sasha Vujacic and maybe Raja Bell for Laker fans!

  • UncheckedAggression

    Man you had me laughing with those comments about AI. I’m not a huge AI fan, but I definitely respect what that guy did when he was in the NBA. On the other hand, there are WAY too many jackasses that think they are Iverson in pickup games. And I would argue that the real AI passes a hell of a lot more than those wannabes…

  • kudos

    Are you guys serious?? Most people don’t hate lebron for the fact that “no one can come close to mj” as there are other players that could be labeled the “Greatest”.

    The fact is, if you seen the eastern conf. finals last year, you would see that lebron got those 40 points off of aroun 20 free throws A GAME. That’s unheard of. What’s even more amazing, is that most of the fouls called were of the “incidental contact” that occurs on every play. Players will be bumped or nudgeed, but every time someone touches lebron, there will be a foul call.

    Anyone with a brain saw clev/washington where lebron travels 5 steps with the ball for the winner. The ref’s WILL Hold their whistle, and the only way for lebron to win a series is with his “history-in-the making” free throws. I mean cmon, you know somethings up with the special treatment from officials if every cleveland playoff game..lebron will be at the line every other MINUTE. IT slows down the game tremendously, and is boring as hell. EXAMPLE: see MIAMI/DALLAS finals. No one, I mean NO ONE, should be going to the line 25 times in a 48 minute game. that’s unreal.

  • hahns

    i actually liked it when lebron said he could win the scoring title every year. its always a double edged sword- we want athletes to be honest, but we doubt their sincerity when they’re being too “business” and political.

    my big gripe w/ lebron is that imo, the main reason he is so good is b/c he hit the genetic lottery- and i dont like that. granted, he does work hard etc, and its not a great reason not to like him, but i want my superstars to be workaholics like kobe- to spend lifetimes honing their shot like jj reddick or ray allen. lebron was given athletic ability that just trumps the game straight out.

    yes, hes got great bball iq- great court vision- but he still would not be nearly the player he is now if it wasnt for his freakish athleticism

  • Sallo

    I seem to remember Carmelo being hated on alot. Lebron is great and all and sometimes I do feel that I’m missing out on a great career, but I cant stand the constant _-_- riding by the media and nba.

  • http://Egotastic.com Michael

    Those saying t-mac was better than kobe in his prime must not have watched any of the magic vs laker games. because kobe owned t-mac constantly.

  • uros

    I don’t really like this list cause it has some of the greatest names in basketball ever. And for the fucker who said Iverson had the greatest negative influence on basketball FUCK YOU!!!… don’t have to love the players on the list, but I have no reason to hate them and everyone has to give them their respect

  • http://bt.davka.info/ SparkyJay23

    I hate LeBron because his stated aim was to be the richest Not to be the best. Plus you folks that forget the fucker got his ass swept. When he stops putting his head down and running into folks to get the foul i’ll stop hating.

    I hated MJ when he was all about scoring and liked him when he became all about the winning.

  • control


    You do realize the irony of reading an article that is titled “10 most hated players in the NBA” and then whining (yes, you are whining, you lil’ baby) about having no reason to hate anyone?

    At the same time you are saying there is no reason to hate, and everyone has to give them respect, but then you are telling some guy who has an opinion about AI that is different than yours to fuck off?

    You are a sweet blend of ironic and idiotic.

  • abcdefg

    -lebron changing his jersey # for sales
    -lebron for dancing during games
    -lebron for saying “i can be the scoring leader whenever i want to be, score as many points as i want to”
    -lebron for not being sportsmanlike during last years conference finals

    should i go on?

  • LakeShow84


    Let me say this as a Laker fan..

    Kobe Bryant is the most hated man in basketball..

    Players hate him, THE NBA ITSELF hates the man, and the fans are downright retarded when it comes to the man lol

    I think when people SPEAK on Lebron its more of us not wanted to get in line with the rest of zombies and declare the man the best ever when he gets helping hands EVERYWHERE..

    LMAO.. Lebron at #1.. Only people who hate Lebron are the fans are tired of dude shooting 15+ FT’s a game..

    And example of the media circus that is Lebron James and why certain fans hate the OVERHYPE machine..

    Last year after Lebron hit that game winner over Orlando a crew of NBA figures interviewed Lebron and MAGIC JOHNSON says some shit like,

    “welcome to the club of being a certified clutch performer.. how does it feel to be mentioned in the same breath of MJ, Bird, etc, etc”

    That shit made me throw up in my mouth.. Lebron hits ONE buzzer beater in the playoffs EIGHT YEARS INTO HIS CAREER and all of a sudden he can be mentioned in the same breath as Bird, MJ and Magic as far as being a killer in the playoffs??

    LMAO, hows is Lebron the most hated on player in the NBA when the NBA loves the man.. Fans are blind to favors he receives everynight.. And the media LOVES THE MAN..

    The most hated because a fraction of fans dont buy that bullshit??

    GTFOH lol

  • barons beard

    very snooty list, if someone dislikes a player on it, its because ‘they don’t know basketball’ like the author

  • quest???


  • Brown

    @ Hucklebuck

    The Fab 5 are the reason for the long shorts, not AI.

  • S-SiN

    yao ming gets hated on a lot

  • http://www.mnu.edu L dot

    @ Michael:

    T-mac in his prime was every bit as good a ball player as Kobe and probably more athletic. He had the tools to be one of the best ever. His heart and mental toughness were the only aspects of his game ever in question. Thats what separated Kobe from him.

    Oh and by the way, Varajeo needs to be on this list. Unquestionably the easiest player to hate in the L…


    CP3 deserves to be on this list, I have some hate for that dude

    Kobe is still number one but I have to admit I have learned to appreciate his game as he ages

    Bron is great player but he hasn’t seperated himself (IMO) from Kobe, Melo, Wade to be called the best player in the game

    As for T-Mac, without question for 3+ he was hands down the best player in the league. I missed the Mac of old now its just an old mac

  • http://facebook.com/Mr.Brogden Mr. Brogden


    Dalembum – they don’t have post up moves in Haiti

    Eddie House – if he aint shooting the 3, what’s he good for?

    Sheed – somebody said it earlier this season, looks like he should be fixing my car

    Hedo – the NBA version of a LARCENY FELON

    Curry, the Eddy version – the nba version of EXTORTIONIST…what does he know that we don’t??? Damn, he getting money for NUTTIN. props…but a pinch of hate to go with it

    DFish – i hate the fact that he can’t gaurd a pg under the age of 25

    24 – still hits GAME WINNING BIG SHOTS after going 3 for 14 with 1 assist

    23 – still tripping over that DUMB AZZ THREE he jacked up when he could’ve LEBRONSMASHed his way to the cup or dump it off to Antawn for the ez 2

    TJ – the bad child that doesn’t get it until reprimanded. lil’ kids, that’s expected. professional ballers, not so much

    Nate – i learned very early that if you’re short then cocky is the LAST personality trait that you should have.
    Some reason ‘confidence’ and ‘short-height’ translates into some extension of the Napoleon complex and bigger folk don’t like that about us short folk, Nate. But guess what?? F*** da haters! lol

  • srb

    Dime had a feature in one of the magazines last year (I think?) about the jewelry some guy makes for NBA players. There was a chain he made for Lebron that had the words “Ohio’s savior” or something like that on it. Dime maybe you can dig that up and post it for us?

    King of the 3/4 court shot, maybe. But let’s hold off on the other stuff for now.

  • weng santos

    I don’t hate Kobe’s game. I actually love his skills on the court. What I hate about him is his swagger. What a damned entitled dude. Too much arrogance in one person.

    Kobe said he would have gone to Duke if he went to college. He’d fit right in: Duke is full of kids who are full of themselves.

    I don’t hate LeBron. But I don’t like him either. He makes my jaw drop in awe, but I can’t help but feel like his success was pre-destined. The kid won the genetic lottery; it’s not like he wins with talent that he’s acquired from hard work and practice. Take his athleticism out of the equation and what does he really do better than most any other franchise guy?

    As a regular dude who’s studied the intricacies of the game, spending countless hours refining my footwork and jumper, always trying to better myself so I can out-smart (instead of overpower) anybody on the court, I can’t identify with LeBron. He’s a freak, and a phenom, and no matter what I do I can never play, much less win, the way he does.

  • karizmatic

    Add to the list of things for Vince Carter, he’s weak in the clutch

    The jury is not out on T-Mac, he doesn’t have a hall of fame career, mainly because he was always injured. Also, was he ever that great of a defender or was he just a prolific scorer?

    Add to the list for KG he takes too many 18 ft jumpshots for a power forward, doesn’t attack the basket enough, never led his team to a title, only got one on someone else’s team, and like Vince sucked in the clutch.

    Allen Iverson should be higher on this list, when Kobe was the most polarizing figure in the league, most of those years AI was number 2.

    Why is Dirk No-Win-Ski on this list?

  • sh!tfaced

    You think KG acted like a douche when he won a chip? Just wait til LeBron wins one. You haven’t seen a true douche yet…

    No CP3?
    No Big Baby?
    No Veragina?
    No Eddy Curry?
    He-Don’t Turkoglu?

  • Shee

    What does it with Lebron for me, is the “Chosen1″ and King James tattoos… And the fact he talks about himself at the 3rd person… And that he chose #23, etc…

    Isn’t that a bit much?

    I would just like to see the guy be a little bit more humble.

  • wifey

    Kobe took the league

    LeHYPE had the league given to him in his sophmore year in high school.

    Instead of this article, DIME should seriously contemplate to make a list of Lebron’s biggest dick riders (cough Doug Collins, David Stern, mike fratello, Austin Burton, and the douche on NBA.COM who always puts pics of lebron next to MJ and oscar cough cough)

  • K Dizzle

    lol @ post 23
    that ish was funny

    2nd off, TMac was never better than Kobe
    . I’ll give it an on par with each other for about 2-3 seasons. While McGrady was puttin up big numbers between 2001-2004 with that weakass Orl squad, Kobe was takin advantage of playin with Shaq and coppin rings. When Shaq got traded is the best comparison of In their primes Kobe and McGrady and I don’t wanna hear that McGrady’s teams in the weakass east was any worse than Kobe’s disgustin squads with Smush and Kwame. You get up 3-1 on Detroit then spew that shit about “finally gettin outta the first round” then get wrecked then come out and admit that you didn’t go all out then u deserve what u got. The best comparison I can make between those two is that whenever they played each other, Kobe took McGrady’s lunch money. Reference the game in Orlando when McGrady hit that lucky floater and Kobe screamed for the rock comin back. Right wing. Stared at him. Took a couple dribbles and crushed it ANGRILY. technical foul…
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUC_jGGo1kY (#6)
    Please squash that shit about him bein more athletic. For every McGrady circus shot and dunk, I can find a Kobe one that tops it. Point Blank. McGrady had a couple good years carryin Orlando, but he was NEVER better than Kobe…..that is all

    Pt 3 – Hedo gonna climb this list and could catch Vince in Canada as the singlemost responsible dude for Bosh leavin. Dude was the big free agent pickup and if he has an average year, Raps are top 4 in the east. Shit, they were creepin up on Atlanta after the all-star break without him. Imagine if he showed up……..punk

  • jimmythesaint

    @sh!tfaced … too funny! KG’ll be ok but you’re right on LeBron … can’t wait for his meltdown. Cpaul is a Chihuahua. 2 LALs is fine + The Kill Bill Mamba. Get the Freedarko Book “The Macrophenomenal Pro Basketball Almanac” for informed Player call outs

  • Billy Sunday


    Michael Jordan was still all about scoring when he won. No one thought the leading scoring of the NBA lead a team to a championship but Jordan. Shit during all 6 finals MVPs he won 6 scoring tittles

  • datdood

    i can’t understand people hating on all these players. who cares what they do off the court, or how they act. I judge players strictly for what they do on the court, during game time. if they play well, i respect that. if they suck, i dont like the player. anyone commenting on this post who hates on any of these players should take a step back and realize that these are the best basketball players on the planet. they would destroy you with ease at any time on the court. You cant tell me that when you watch lebron or kobe play you arent amazed. love them or hate them, they are skilled.

  • tasteleather

    Agree on Lebron, I hate the guy’s clowning and prancing on the sidelines, I hate how he gets away with constant traveling and and I hate that ugly jumper of his.

    Tmac and iverson are done in this league, no hate just don’t care.

    Except for canada, nobody really hates carter.

    Kobe and KG earned my respect after winning their repective rings. but yea, I hate those guys in the past.

    Ginobili, scola, varejao should be shot on sight for flopping.

    I have nothing against boozer, rondo and nate.

    My most hated players/coaches/owners: mark cuban(talks a lot), mavs asst coaches(douchebags), jason terry(thank god someone broke his face), shawn marion(in phoenix, he thought he was better than amare), barea(cause he’s a midget), Lou amudson(face you wanna punch), mo williams(I hope someone will break his face), boobie gibson(face you wanna punch), steve nash(most overrated 2-time MVP)

    I also hated vujabitch and farmar, but now don’t care.

  • liukz

    i dont think people hate Lebron, i think people hate what the media MADE of him. You cant hate his game,cuz he is great

    But the media,crowned him too early and then he became a lot more cocky, he started to make the stupid dancing and stuff.

    But again you cant hate his Game. in my opinion is all because of the media

    The media and even u slam guys gotta understand, dude still NOT A CHAMPION.

    but is he great? Hell yeah
    going to be one of the greatests ever? no doubt

    clyde,dominique,malone,barkley,ewing the were all great but mike was the Great one because of the RINGS

    Same thing here ,Lebron is great, but Shaq, Duncan and Kobe got the rings

  • http://electronicb2c.com sun

    Maybe hating means the best.Make people remenber…

  • RC

    This is my personal list

    1)Hedo Turk
    2)Michael Redd
    3)Sasha Vujacic
    4)Andre Blatche
    5)Kobe Bryant (only when he flops specially on jumpshots)
    6)Gilbert Arenas
    7)Mike James

  • BM JR

    Datdood just said the smartest thing i’ve ever heard on this website. Who cares about what they do off the court, all u should care bout is what happens on-court. Stop acting like these players wifes worried bout his demenor or the way he acts. all this talk bout lebron not working hard to be who he is today is crazy talk. You dont become 6-8 255 with blazing speed, hops, good j, etc without putting in major work everyday. Guys like james white who has slightly more leaping ability than bron cant even make the 12th spot on a nba squad, anybody who really understands basketball knows that the most athletic player isn’t the best player. Take away lebron athletic ability and he still a top 3 passer and becomes more like karl malone was. So stop the hate and appreciate the game.

  • zephyr

    austin, you know he travels every time he drives to the basket right?

  • j

    definately didnt even know lebron was hated, yet number 1? maybe it is just portland but kobe is the most hated man in the gameand even since manu slapped that bat he hasnt been hated on as much.

  • high release

    1. Poof Poof Lopez (prick)
    2. Caveman Lopez (prick)
    3. Kirk Hinrich (plays like a prick)
    4. Bobby Simmons (Cancerous)
    5. Kris Humphries (Lopez-lite)
    6. Farmar (No role player should have a smirk like that)
    7. Kwame Brown (pffffft)
    8. Brad Miller (whiny doof)
    9. Shaq (bitter and unfunny)
    10. Kendrick Perkins (prancing around like a big gay bully)

  • NBAQueen

    LOVE AI!!!

  • VCfaninToronto

    Vince will always have one fan in Toronto. Go Magic!

  • http://www.getbuckets.anywhere.com Chicagorilla

    Common misconception about AI’s career

    AI was not a thug, he did not live in a terrible ghetto, and that fight at the bowling alley WAS his doing (though the punishment was overdone), he was ghetto but his moms was more thug than him

    Compare his life to that of Caron Butler’s.

    Caron served time in jail, he was a little thug, grew up in Racine, WI which is close enough to Chicago that gangs and drugs are heavy in their community just like the Chi. Yet Caron has been a stand up guy every year since he entered college.

    AI’s life didn’t form his game, he was selfish when he came out the womb. Great talent, just selfish.

  • pookiemah

    fuck you haters

  • AB_40

    the words hate and love are the wattered down versions of what they used to be. Kinda sad that emotions which are so strong can’t be outspoken with one word anymore because they are used for the wrong purposes.

    And if you realy hate pro athletes and want to vent because you hate player A or player B go watch WWE and join the dumb squad that is their crowd. You’ll be happy in no time

  • Sporty-j

    Lebron James disrespects the game sometimes and if he played back in the 80s or early 90s they would have put a hit out on him. Dance in people face when you win but when you lose you dont want to shake hands??? Its his fault because hes to cocky and he feeds into what the media tells him. If he was more humble like D.Wade and earned his stuff like D.Wade instead of the media crown him as if he better than Kobe or D.Wade than a lot of people would probably respect him more instead of acting like a clown when you are blowing out teams and disrespecting them. Jordan, Bird, Magic, and etc would never have the poor sportsmanship he displays and he has yet to win anything in his professional career except a gold medal that he should be thanking D.Wade for. If he doesnt win this year. He deserves all the hate he will recieve because he acts like hes better than all the other superstars in the league and disrespects a lot of teams and coaches.

  • http://Www.dimemag.com Smitty

    Noah on the bulls !!!! He’s a fuckin fairy ! Cut that hair. Anyone else agree ?

  • Sweet English


    See where this ones going anybody?

    I truly cannot understand how anyone can HATE on any guy that is clearly one of the best players in the game today. Lebron, Kobe, even Manu. They all play amazing ball. Everyone bitching about Lebron travelling etc etc etc, do you really think that if he kept getting CALLED for that travel, he wouldnt spend hours in the gym working on his driving footwork and find the next way to dominate ANYONE? exactly.

    The hate in this room is killin me.

  • Jason

    Did anyone mention Eddy “Cap Space” Curry???

  • Dayo

    No mention of the “hate” Charley Rosen on FOXSPORTS has for LeBron. The nitpicking by Charley on LeBron’s game seems to border on envy and wistfulness!!!

  • philly

    C’mon, GAYSOL has to be #1.

  • sh!tfaced

    I hate Rasheed Wallace and his half-hearted, out-of-shape, versatile-my-ass all around game. That old, balding, lazy piece of shit is just another loser who just happens to be lucky enough to have won a ring. He’s a fucking cancer to every team he plays for. He’s a three-point shooter who can’t shoot, a low post player who doesn’t like to post up, a shot blocker who can’t block and a quick tempered hothead with no fire.

    The hate in this room is infectious. Players getting hate, writers getting hate, haters getting hate. Hate, hate, fucking hate…

  • Elmo

    Bill Laimbeer!!!

  • common sense

    @31 Dapro… agree wholeheartedly… for 3 yeas no one could touch Mac… most hated of all time… Bruce Bowen…

  • common sense

    and true say.. I dont have hate for all of these superstars.. at least they turn up and play… but i got plenty for all these bums who get paid to do F*uck all..

    and real talk agree with number10… rondo n Marion dont get the love… I mean marions career is amazing for someone his height and at his peak was a top 10 player(quote me) and rondo is just a force… these guys are winners, they do whatever it takes to win and because it is not conventional they get hate…

  • No Names Please

    Surprised Varejao and Sheed aren’t on here, especially now that he’s in boston with the big bully…i mean…ticket. Good list though. These are all guys who you hate them when they’re against you but would love them if they were with you. Agree with you for sure about T-Mac. Dude just couldn’t win. He was like Kobe ’05-’08 just his whole career.

  • QQ

    ‘Loved by fans who TRULY know the game’. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

    Fuck your superiority complex Dime. Seriously. So people who hate on Bron our fucking moronic posers who ‘act’ like they know the game, while people who loves him are the true basketball fans? Fuck your superiority complex.

    A little explanation from a so-called hater:

    We aint hatin on Bron’s game. All fans are in awe on how good he is in the sport we all love. We just don’t like how he acts like he won something. The shaking hands issue, the scoring title quote, almost everything feels like he wants to have that sense of entitlement.

    And stop calling us ‘haters’. We aint hatin on the most talented physical specimen on the game today. We’re not just like you who thins he’s perfect, and if we saw something we don’t like, we just speak out.

  • http://facebook.com/Mr.Brogden Mr. Brogden

    “We just don’t like how he acts like he won something. The shaking hands issue, the scoring title quote, almost everything feels like he wants to have that sense of entitlement.”

    double q, u sound like a lil’ female dog.

  • Sanssasin

    I would say Kobe is more hated than Lebron by far. If you ain’t a Lakers fan than you hate Kobe. His cocky and diva attitude leave little to like about the guy. Plus he carries a lot of baggage (rape, kicking Shaq and Phil out of town, etc.) Like I say if you ain’t a Lakers fan, then you absolutely HATE the guy.

    You forgot to add Andrew Bynum to the list. Guy is always hurt but by the way the Lakers fans talk you would think he was Kareem re-incarnated. Dude has done jack. Andrew Bogut is a better player but receives no pub like Andrew Bynum.

  • QQ


    You still sound like Stuart Scott.

    Which means I still sound 10 times better than you.

  • life-p

    No mention of JJ Reddick. A whole nation hated is still scarred by his presence.

  • http://dime.com Jojo & Melo

    I notice that in this list there are just great player (out of Nate)and actually the two best in the world! It’s common to see great players hated because people are jealous !

  • Ian

    the machine
    kg again

    austin have u ever seen a football game (soccer for u)?

  • Ian

    manu is too high austin unless u r talkin hate by only americans

  • Ian

    shaq would suck also and many more if it wasnt for that. it really doesnt matter.

    shit austin u forgot richard jefferson or is it only in my house?

  • Ian

    k dizzle
    weird how u talk about tmac and his weak squad givin up 3-1 leads but failed to mention kobe doing the same vs the suns.

    i hate them both but orlando tmac was better than kobe imo.

  • http://dime eyes

    Again another article to spew more hate on players.
    Where is the list of 10 most hated coaches,GM’S,Scouts?
    Even what is the percentage of players & fans who dislike what the league has become? Any Stern fans out there. We’ll never get that published will we & why?

    @67.. Right on. Why must you like or love Bron better than everybody else. Namely D.Wade or Carmelo Anthony. I still love Gilbert Arenas by the way.

    @58.. Seriously if they did call all the violations Lebron committed. He wouldn’t be the same player at all. Finals,MVP’s,#’s,Wins,Highlights. So please don’t say he’d adjust. A.I. hasn’t been the same since his crossover was banned. YOu could always tell who the league likes by what they’re able to get away with.

    When Tyreke Evans stole the Rookie’s challenge MVP from Blair. You already knew they wanted him to win R.O.Y. Whoever has the most TV games has to win Most of the Awards. For the most part. How many TV games has Evans & Curry had comperative to Jennings? How many TV games did Lebron have this year or his rookie year compared to Melo. The buildup of Lebron’s legacy will have him winning every award possible to make him the best ever. Not allow him but manafacture his allure.

    He went to the finals in which year & how good was the east? What key players were injured or out? For how great he is in the regular season for winning. Why isn’t he judged on his unbalanced losing in the postseason. He can accomplish every feat there is in the regular season. Who cares unless it really counts. Just my take. He is a great player along with the others who get no light of day because of the love fest this guy gets. Can us the public have a passion for anybody else. If you can’t afford league pass you’ll have no idea of what the rest of the league is about.

    One of the main reasons the dunk contest is stale. Most people think it won’t begin unless the KING enters. He almost has to win a ring this year. He’s the favorite from now until eternity.

  • http://dime eyes

    What about the most hated referees & why?

  • JAY

    Make a new list…. Top 10 Most hated Dime-forum posters. There’s some good shit in here. Lol! I bet somehow Dime manages to make Lebron #1 on that list too.

    They should change the company name to “Proudly-wearing-Lebron’s-lovejuice-on-our-faces” Mag.

  • Ian

    crawford easy

  • control


    A list of the most hated refs would be called “a list of refs in the NBA”. In otherwords, they all suck, and they all deserve to be hated. Corrupt as fuck, the reffing in the NBA is about as bad as it can get, short of players pulling some WWE shit where they “knock out” the ref for a while and do some obviously illegal shit…

  • JAY

    @Dime “Loved by … fans who truly know the game.”

    I disagree… ALL the fairweather basketball fans I know all LOVE Lebron. The guys I know who watch basketball and follow every team and see enough of Lebron to have a real opinion say he’s a great talent but what a dickhead he is.

    You can draw the same line with Tiger Woods before his Navigator accident. Fairweather golf fans loved him. However the golf purists, although they agree on his talent, they think he’s a dick… swearing and throwing his clubs. Noone else on the tour does that.

    So again, I disagree with your statement. The fans who TRULY know the game, see enough of him to form a real opinion, whether they like or dislike him.
    The fairweather fans love the hottest, “cool” players.
    Your statement should say, “Lebron, loved by fans who don’t know.”

  • QQ

    @ control:

    Can’t say it better than that. Watch the replay of Durant’s last shot against Utah for added effect. Fucking works all the time.

  • Charles Kirk

    I’ll be honest I’m guilty of hating on LeBron and Kobe. I hate Kobe alot. But, at the same time I believe that he is the best player in the NBA.
    I think one of the main reasons that I hate LeBron is mainly because, of the hype machines that places like Dime, Slam, ESPN and every other place with sports information have given LeBron. THESE PLACES ARE GOING TO FORCE YOU TO LIKE LEBRON.
    Not only that LeBron is an extremely hard worker but, at the same time he is probably one of the luckies players ever. He was born with physical gifts that basically no player was born with. He is a mismatch for most 3’s aside from Carmelo because, of his height, length, and weight. And he has freakish athleticism.
    There are some players in this league that work their asses off but, because they don’t have the same physical gifts don’t turn out to be much in this league. None of that is his fault he is just taking advantage of the gifts that he was given.
    @ Control
    Dude there is a difference in being a hater and hating someone. Did Allen Iverson rape your family or something. You tried to criticize someone else for cussing at you for having a difference in opinion on AI. But at the same time you said that you hope Allen Iverson rots in Hell. I hate Kobe and Lebron but, I wouldn’t wish anything like that on them.

  • control

    Charles Kirk

    I never criticized him for ‘cussing’ at me, I just pointed out the irony in his statements. I’m not a hypocrite by any means, I just love the ironic shit in life.

    I explained why I hate AI, and it IS kind of personal. If he raped my family he would be dead, simple as that. All he has done is ruin 100s of hours of pick up games indirectly with his horrible influence on basketball by people who don’t understand the team concept. He has ruined NBA teams with his inability to understand the team concept. Is that deserving of rotting in Hell? Maybe not, but won’t stop me from hoping for it. Of course, I am not very religious, so that isn’t as drastic a statement to me as it would be someone who were.

  • QQ

    @ JAY:

    ‘The fans who TRULY know the game, see enough of him to form a real opinion, whether they like or dislike him.’


    Same thing goes to any other sports. Like in baseball, people who don’t follow the game will read a stat sheet, see Barry Bond, and say ‘isn’t this the guy with the assload of homeruns? The best player out there eh?’.

    I don’t really get Dime’s argument. Then I realize that they basically argue for Lebron against anything (‘If Lebron enters Hollywood, he’ll basically be better than 90 % of the actors out there’, etc.), so there you go.

  • Ian

    pujols has been the best since he came up to the majors :)
    fuck bonds

  • http://dime eyes

    To Lebron’s credit. He is worth all the hoopla. He’s overexceeding in most aspects aside from thr RING. Iguodala,Tyrus Thomas,James White,Jr.Smith,Joe Alexander and a slew of others are freakish athletes but don’t have the skills he posses. I’ll use Igudoala for a resemblance in size,power,speed & hops. They’re almost identical in looks but game is where Mr. James thrives. He’s a great passer,decent ball handler. Seems to be a very good team guy & teammate. Guys for don’t most part don’t mind playing with him. He is by far the best statistical player in the N.B.A. Fantasy king. Does that mean he’s the best in the N.B.A. in my opinion NO. Amazingly I don’t feel like a hater. LOL

    Also if the refs are corrupt. Who’s in control of the refs? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. They just follow protocol & agenda’s past down. Stern can sway most owners to conform in any manner. I’m sure now the league will not draft you. If you’ve ever hopped the train or gotten a jail walking ticket. Maybe pretty soon. Does a supsended license count.

    Dime as you can see the fans would like some posts on the politically correct people. LOL. It’ll never happen. It’s the players fault they’re portrayed the way they are. It also they’re fault on their upbringing or mismanagement of the team. It’s their fault if sometimes they act human & make mistakes. Once your perceived a certain it hard to shake it. You could be good your whole career & slip. It may be over. KOBE.
    Once you start out labeled a knucklehead. You may never get a chance to change your image. People have short term memory though.

    Who actually likes someone that makes more money than them. A lot of it comes from jealousy. Not being able to do certain things while watching others. Can be a tough pill to swallow. If a person is able to earn what you do in a year in a day. It could cause a little hate. People not offered the same oppurtunites become bitter after a while.

    One of the reasons people stop buying albums were they were tired of seeing people get rich of their money. When you see a young person acquire the money your family never will. You automatically form an opinion which usually isn’t positive.

    People steal who don’t have. People cheat & revolt when things aren’t fair. Somtimes people hate when they’re mad. Also as a player you’ll be disliked by all the other teams fans agaisnt you.

  • http://facebook.com/Mr.Brogden Mr. Brogden

    @ eyes — i love the fact you’re UBER-OPINIONATED

    That’s what’s up.

    Just a question, were you once an NBA player or professional who got shafted?

    You come off as SCORNED…I mean, you come off as kind of smart and intelligent but your anger level is on a hundred billion…that’s why i’m asking.

  • Deez Nutz

    @ control, you are trippin, agree with most the stuff you said but T mac was never the best in the nba during any span. He was almost equal to kobe at his best but was never better than kobe. kobe always d’ed him up when they played and shut him down when it was crunch time.

    @ Charles Kirk, right on with the Lebron stuff. He’s good but if you gave d wade or kobe that size and strength they would be alot better than what lebron is

  • http://slamonline.com realest

    HAHAHAH everybody PLEASE READ POST 35.

    “karizmatic says:
    Add to the list of things for Vince Carter, he’s weak in the clutch”

    Weak in the CLUTCH!? Seriously??? Please look up clutch stats over the last 5 years. Please do it. You must live in the Greater Toronto Area.

  • http://www.hoopbots.com/ Hugo

    Not sure about any of these to be honest. What about Michael Jordan hated by Cleveland, what about 1st draft picks like Olowakandi who just flopped?

  • http://www.runninglikwidworks.com Mr. RLW

    Find a way to get Anderson Varejao on this list, and its a good list. I don’t think this list can really hold any weight, without him on it. If I was a Cavs fan (WHICH I AM NOT)… I still don’t think I would like that dude.

    He just looks like an ass and I’m still mad he got all that money after he held out. Anderson Varejao, holding out. BLASPHEMY!!! Then they paid him after that bs, unbelievable.

  • http://dime eyes

    @89.. I hear you but too funny. Giving me props & sending a jab at the same time. Appreciate it though. I played & probably could have gone on to play overseas at most. I’ve played with many pros & seen many slighted. Seen some make it that didn’t really deserve too. While others were held back for reasons beyond on me. The pros I still speak to tell me things that drive us regular joes crazy. They’ll never be able to say it to media. For fear of being typecasted or ousted by the BOSS.

    Especially being from NYC & seeing this trash take the floor every night. It’s brutal as a fan of the sport & game. The people in charge have ruined what once was a bed haven of talent. They’ve done nothing with all the players we’ve had in the past & going forward. I deal with St.Johns/Hofstra & the Knicks/Nets. Brutal display of skills,passion,coaching,drafting. I also coach as well. Some pros,overseas players,9-5 guys due to politics/injuries. Luck,timing,network whatever you want to call it. Being a real fan of the game you cannot be happy at where the league is going & has become. It’s garbage & totally has gotten away from team concepts & love for the game.

    I also like a lot of your posts. Very interesting reads at times. Hundred billion(Damn). Being so passionate about something is detrimental at times. Anything not done in balance is no good. Where are you from by the way? I tried for one paragraph. Scouts honor. LOL.

  • http://dime eyes

    No Varejao. No Cavs. What he brings on a nightly basis. As far as energy & hustle points. Not many players in the league are willing to sacrifice to do the things that don’t show up on espn or in Fantasy leagues. He’s the Cavs second most important player. Think Noah,Lee,Ty Thomas, all in one. He gives you hustle,intensity,toughness versatility guarding 4 & 5’s,rebounding,fouls. Him & Delonte are the teams toughest players. Gets under other players skins. Knows how to play with limited skills. Doesn’t want or need the ball. Lastly doesn’t complain & bi&^%. Lebron loves him so he deserves all the money he gets. He’s earned it. Points aren’t everything. Have people totally forgotten about substance & only care about highlights. He’s like a poor poor poor man’s Rodman or Oakley in today’s game.

  • Andreas

    Calm down guys, the writer just wanted to cause controversy by posting some absolute non-sense and you’re all acting as if anything in this article might hold true and someone would care what dimemag or any of the comments said.

    Either way, whoever wrote the article got most of you, don’t be so naive, just take a deep breath and enjoy basketball :)

  • K Dizzle

    @ Ian

    I’m still not givin u Mac better than Kobe lol
    Let’s say both of them were on the same level. Both had shitty teams.
    Both were up 3-1 in a playoff series.
    Unfortunately, Orlando won 42 games in the weaker east that season and lost to the prechampionship Pistons in 7 who got swept by the eastern conference Nets. In 2005, Lakers won 45 in the west and lost to the Suns who lost 4-2 to the western conf champs Dallas, who then choked in the final. I say all that to say this:In My Opinion, playin that suns team in the west was way tougher than playin the Pistons prechampionship.

    I conclude with this: Kobe and Mac in their primes could both pass, shoot, and rebound..both got 2 scorin titles. Then someone please explain why Kobe has 7 1st team All-defense awards, 2 2nd team all-defense awards and Mac has…..0
    Case closed. How u the best when u only play one side of the court?
    Don’t believe the hype lol

    and I’m out.

  • JDL

    How the hell did Paul “asshole” Pierce not make the top 10? Putting LeBron at 1 is just retarded.

  • Matt

    Vince is hated by Canada because Toronto is absolutely horrible, vince is the man. I think lebron his hated a lot more than kobe because im a boston fan and i like kobe cuz hes good. lebron wants a foul if someone is 10 feet close to him and cant shoot for shit he just uses his huge body to drive over people and complain for calls. dont get me wrong, hes amazing, 4th best player next to kobe, d wade, and durant. KENDRICK PERKINS IS THE MAN. who ever said he should be on the list doesnt watch basketball. rondo? no hes amazing. and obviously i agree with everyone on this list, varejao should be #1.

  • QQ

    @ Ian:
    ‘pujols has been the best since he came up to the majors’.

    Man, that’s the fucking point that I was trying to make. To fans who just follow the stats, an asshole like Bonds will be the best player. To those who really know the game, he’s a bitch.

  • kowtz

    1. LeBron James — Loved by media, coaches, players and fans who truly know the game.

    When was it mandatory to like Le Bron to know the fucking game…

  • Ian

    sure the suns were the better than those pistons i was just pointing out that u left kobes 3-1 choke out. now on tmacs defense i think he was underrated on that end while i still think kobe is overrated defensively. im not really tryin to convince u tmac was better wit that because that would be stupid but i chose tmac based on that plus my hate for kobe.

    dont get mad i was agreein with u.

  • Josh edson

    This must be the opinion of a complete retarded piece of shit. KG is the most liked celtic and rondo would be second. rondo has shown that he can be a future MVP and hes two years younger than LBJ. and KG has spent a large majority of the last couple of years injured so how can u say that he is hated.

  • TNN

    LOL @ Kobe fans, can’t even let LBJ be #1 on a “Most Hated” List…

    I swear LBJ could somehow land on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted List, and some Kobe fan would dispute by saying “What has LBJ done to get on that list? He doesn’t even have any RINGS! Kobe should be #1 on that list, he raped a girl at least.”