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B-Roy’s Bad News for Portland; NBA coaches meet firing squad

Brandon Roy (photo. Aaron Hewitt)

With the NBA regular season in the books, Thursday was apparently just right for firing coaches. The Sixers unloaded Eddie Jordan after just one season, while the Clippers cut interim coach Kim Hughes loose. And in Detroit, Joe Dumars is surprisingly keeping his gun in the holster and won’t fire first-year coach John Kuester. If you’re one of the popular candidates for available jobs like Jeff Van Gundy, Avery Johnson or Mark Jackson — or, you know, somebody who actually coached this past season — which of those jobs sounds more appealing? In L.A. you’d be working for maybe the worst owner in sports, but in Philly you’d inherit a roster that seriously lacks in talent and basketball IQ … The biggest news item of the day was Brandon Roy, who decided to undergo knee surgery and will be out 4-6 weeks. So basically, he should be back by the time TNT allows us to get past the first round. (Twitter message from @RealGranthill33: “My prayers are with Brandon Roy as he has surgery tomorrow on his knee. Get well bro.”) … Do the Blazers have a shot at beating Phoenix, without homecourt and without B-Roy? Not really. With all the injuries this team has suffered, their depth would have been a red flag against anybody, but with the Suns running all day, Portland will be worn out by Game 4. Other than Andre Miller dominating Steve Nash and/or LaMarcus Aldridge playing all the way up to his potential for a whole series, the Blazers’ best chance is if somebody like Jerryd Bayless — who has a track record of getting buckets on Phoenix — catches a Drexler infection and carries them on his back … Other than Suns/Blazers, you could make a good argument for each of the first-round series being close. Even Cavs/Bulls isn’t a lock when you consider Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah are playing as good as any guard/big man combo in the League right now. If Kirk Hinrich keeps shooting like he’s been shooting recently and Luol Deng can at least make LeBron work hard to score, an upset isn’t out of the question. And in the other one-versus-eight matchup, well, you should know by now not to write off a Kevin Durant team … Twitter message from @Oneandonlycp3 (Chris Paul): “WoWWW jus finished a 8hr day with @Right_Guard 4 our new commercial. 6hr day 2moro. crazy tired rite now but the spot is gonna be UNREAL!” If you couldn’t decipher that, CP is logging more hours on his upcoming Right Guard ad than Charles Barkley spends watching League Pass basketball in a month … Ex-NBA sniper and current HoopsHype columnist Eddie Johnson ranked his top 25 players, and the Golden State crowd is incensed that he didn’t include Monta Ellis. Do you think Monta is a top 25 guy? No question he gets buckets with the best of them, but there’s always the “Good stats, bad team” factor. But as one of Dime’s writers recently argued, it might actually be harder for somebody like Monta to throw up 25-30 points every night for a Lottery squad … If you missed it on National Signing Day, Coach Cal is rebuilding another monster at Kentucky. Right after five of his underclassmen went pro, he immediately landed Brandon Knight, the top senior PG in the country, and Michael Gilchrist, maybe the top player period in the 2011 junior class. All-American senior SG Doron Lamb has Kentucky on his final list, along with Kansas, UConn, Arizona and West Virginia. Lamb is formally announcing his decision tomorrow at the Jordan Brand Classic — but we already know what it’s going to be. Check back later today for the breaking news … We’re out like Eddie Jordan …

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  • LakeShow84

    No i think you meant you cant write off the defending champions who got a lot to prove this post season..



    Hopefully Jerryd Bayless catches fire that series.. i like dudes game and if hes focused enough he could tilt that series.. maybe..

    But then again Amare been yakkin on people so hard they family trees is missin branches..

    Whatever happened 2 that Aldridge character?? shouldnt dude be shoulderin load?? you never hear about dude doin something monster..

    oh well.. One more LONG ass day..

  • Randomized

    Bye bye blazers

  • Gunner J. Matthews

    I was the one who said on here that the Blazers need to fire their whole training staff to kill their rash of injuries and I still believe that. I mean, what else could be the reason every year someone important on that team gets hurt? Me personally, I dont like Monta Ellis. He just looks like he acts like an a$$hole

    My 1st round playoff predictions:


    Lakers/Thunder: Lakers in 6
    Mavs/Spurs: Mavs in 6
    Suns/Blazers: Suns in 5
    Nuggets/Jazz: Jazz in 7


    Cavs/Bulls: Cavs in 5
    Magic/Bobcats: Magic in 4
    Hawks/Bucks: Hawks in 6
    Celtics/Heat: Celtics in 5

  • http://commonun.com jay on

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    as for tha blazers, im saying phoenix has so many weaknesses on defense that im wondering why anyone would count them out without roy, i mean roy isnt much of a assist/playmaker so they wont miss that, as long as they have the miller/camby pick and roll combo they should dissect phoenix into a coin flip 7 game series

    LOL real hard at Laker’s struggling against OK city, cause they really just OK think about it are they even better then last years houston squad without yao and mcgrady….doesnt defense win championships and last year that proved to be the only way to take the Laker’s a long way sorry you have to get stronger, durant, faster, everyone, and go harder on defense….Lakers in 3 tha 4th will be PRACTICE….

  • http://commonun.com jay on

    LOL the last paragraph rhymes THATS funny, GO LAKERS for tha WIN

  • http://commonun.com Leed mei

    NEW LEAGUE NICK NAMES for 2010 season ending

    Ginger Bread Man: Greg Oden cause he’s brittle and he’s making bread on tha bench doing nothing….

    Untouchable : Lebron

    the informant: micheal finley, is he really just chasing rings?

    Cable from Xmen: Kobe cause i swear he knows tha future

    Jay zzz: CArmelo(cause tha shot knocks em out?

    yo whats carmelos nick name ne way

  • quest???

    DIME whatever happened to that muppets t shirt that was inspired by that poster of the nba players in new york??? nobody won?

  • Duke

    While the Blazers are in town, they need to be trying to recruit the Suns trainers for next year. because with their luck, LA is going to step off the team bus and snap an ankle.

  • hahns

    i cant believe the KD ODEN debate has shaped up the way it has.

    one is the leagues youngest scoring champ ever- the other has yet to play a full nba season. wow.

  • That’s What’s Up

    Monta sucks – no, he is definitely nowhere near top 25. Another bad-shooting jacker who relies on his quickness. One more scooter ride and he’s out of the league

    The Blazers forgot to do a Carbon-14 test on Greg Oden, that’s how they got burned (again!!!)

  • http://www.sactownroyalty.com Willis

    Monta is Steve Francis Part II

  • Atom

    Yea, what is up with that muppets t shirt? I have no idea what Quest?? is talking about but i admire his conviction and believe DIME should be berated until they supply an answer.

  • jimmhumm

    if i was an all american sg I would go to WVU over kentucky. WVU is loosing its main scorer dude has space for like 20 ppg in a winning system. Kentucky is replacing its stellar pg with another and adding a lot of talent but losing 2 low post threats. If I am looking to showcase my talent for one year and then go pro I go to Kentucky. If I am looking to do some REAL damage in the NCAA I go to WV.

  • ctkennedy

    no monta ellis aint in the top 25 the top 50 fo sho
    here is the list in order

    1.-Lebron James-compare him to the nuggets avg more points than melo…avg more asists than billiups..more blocks than nene…more rebounds than k mart…more steals than affalo…the only thing that stops him from bein hands down the best player in the league is his clutch ability
    2.-Dwayne Wade-mini lebron more clutch than lebron…best halfcourt finisher in basketball…underrated on defense…he just turns the ball over too much but who the fuck else gon make a play
    3.Kobe Bryant-not what he was 3yrs ago as far as bust your ass night in and night out…such as wade is doin now….overrated on defense and still selfish at times for no reason when he has 4 teammates who r in the top 50players in the league..most clutch and underrated shooter
    4.Dwight Howard-best rebounder and shot blocker in the league…they say he cant score but ill take 20 a game any day on 60percent shootin lol…the only man who can stop lebron from dominatin the eastern conference in the playoffs
    5.Deron Williams-best change of pace pg in the league…crossover second to none..dont shoot enough for me…the coach got to let them run more with a point like deron
    6.Dirk Nowitzki-top 5 shooter in the league..biggest mismatch in the league
    7.Brandon Roy-portland wins 50 games a yr and he the reason why no flash to his game so he gets no love around the world
    8.Chris Paul-20pg10dimes5boards2steals from your point guard on avg what more can u ask for just be lucky he aint 6 6 lol
    9.Tim Duncan-18pg10boards2blocks and this is quote on quote a off yr
    10-Paul Pierce-top 5 all around offensive player in the league…underrated def. player
    11.Pau Gasol
    12.Carmelo Anthony
    13.Kevin Durant
    14.Joe Johnson
    15.Kevin Garnett
    16.Amare Stoudamire
    17.Chris Bosh
    18.Chauncey Billiups
    19.Manu Giniboli
    20.Steve Nash
    21.Gilbert Arenas
    22.Josh Smith
    23.Rajon Rando
    24.Derrick Rose
    25.Vince Carter

  • QQ

    Damn, what a wack list.

    ‘Nash made me an All -Star’ Stoudemire over Bosh?

    Gilbert Arenas over D-Rose AND Rondo? What year is this, 2005???

  • Soopa

    LA – OKC is already heating up with the Durant – Phil Jackson story.

    Durant is as smooth of the court as he is on it. Heres what he had to say about the matter of him getting so many FTs:
    “Ever since KG said something, everybody’s been questioning how I get to the line,” Durant said, according to the report. “If you watch our games, you wouldn’t question it. The NBA should put us on national TV more, I guess.”

  • Josh Tha roc

    Don’t anger KD. We’ve seen KD and the thunder play happy all year, lets see how they play angry.
    Lakers seem worried having to play mind games. CARN THA THUNDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • fallinup

    Is it Saturday yet?

  • Dagger

    Time to accept that Roy will never be as good as he could have been. He’s just too brittle.

  • JAY

    In response to post #6… I’d like to propose another Lebron name, if ‘Nique was The Human Highlight Reel, then James should be The Human Video-Game. Or Maybe just R2. NBA Live players know what that means.

  • http://www.espn.com Sho-Nuff

    Eddie Jordan needed to be fired. When Sixers fans are calling for Kapono, it’s time to get the coach out of there.

  • Atom

    Muppets!!!! Muppets!!!!!!!!


  • JAY

    @ ctkennedy
    That list is horrible. Bosh should be much higher. D-Will is too high. and how can you list Vince as #25? Reddick steps in and plays just as good as him… maybe a notch below but still. According to your list, if Vince is 25th then Redick must be top 50. No frikkin way.

  • sh!tfaced

    Channeling a little QQ…?

    The calm before the party starts. Wonder which or the ‘road’ teams pulls an upset this playoffs…

  • http://facebook.com/Mr.Brogden Mr. Brogden

    Since nothing’s going on, might as well talk up some Monty.
    Is he a Top 25 player??

    Hmmm, interesting.
    Amongst all players, according to NBA’s website, Monta ranks 28th in efficiency, 6 in scoring, 2nd in steals…and number 1 in turnovers.
    Doesn’t show up in the Rebounds or Assists category.
    However, amongst guards, he’s #3 in Scoring and 7 in efficiency.

    Now, we all know he’s prone to turn it over because he was playin’ 48 minutes a game seemingly. And as the main ball handler, main playmaker, and main ‘make s*** happen’ player…TOs will happen.

    However he’s been a shot jackin’ TO machine since he came in the L. I’m not sure he’s top 25. But then again, I’ve never seen him away from GSW. And as long I can remember him being there, they’ve stunk. I’m not pinning blame on him, I’m just saying, that whole good-stats-bad-team dynamic at play right now.

    I don’t think he’s a top 25 player. He’s definitely a top 25 guard. But tell you what, at the end of a game I’m looking for his shot-jacking ass because he’s that good.

    Everybody needs a go-to dude. And Monty fits that profile to a t.

    Anyways, I was a lil’ surprised that Stephen Curry showed up on EVERY “Top” LIST on nba.com. That’s kray zay. Homie’s a stud no doubt…won’t be surprised if Tyreke and him bring home co-ROY honors.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    I could definitely see a scenario in which Brandon Roy is the next Grant Hill in terms of a player with all the potential to be a great star but will be plagued by injuries. So far he doesn’t really have long history of injuries but it seems he’s headed in that direction.

    By the way who’s the trainer in Portland. He needs to get these guys stretching or doing some yoga or something. Those guys have the durability of balsa wood.

  • life-p

    Charlotte is going to beat Orlando.

  • chris

    lets see, in absolute plus/minus (82games.com), monta ellis is easily the WORST player in the NBA this year. the warriors are 11.8 points per game worse with monta on the floor than off the floor. his rating did not budge up or down thru the year, so basically it didn’t matter who he did, or didn’t, play with. he scores like a maniac, which means his defence is atrocious. warriors have decent scorers besides ellis (morrow, magette), i think they should trade monta to the raptors for bosh, monta will fit right in in toronto, where no one else plays defense, either.

  • QQ

    @ 29:

    Why you talkin like that man? LOL. Blame the fucking impostors or Dime’s shiity moderation, I ain’t the one talking smack.

    Peace yall.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou


    Did you see yesterday’s Smack? Some fool took our identities and tried to start some beef between us. Funny.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou


    Actually it was the free agents about to get paid post.

  • Ian

    @ Spliff:

    Been saying it, son. Until Dime improves their fucked up moderation system, these forums will be the South Beach of trolls.

  • sh!tfaced


    Should have said channeling a little impostor instead… LOL

    Even Austin has been ‘impostorized’


  • LakeShow84

    Lol that imposter shit is funny..

    At least we can tell..

    You guys should know i dont yell in all caps lol same with QQ..

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    I got “impostorized”? Does that mean I’m famous or something?

    Anyway, I wouldn’t give B-Roy the “injury-plagued” label just yet. Two years ago people were saying D-Wade was gonna be the next Penny/Grant Hill, and now he’s fine. Injuries happen, but today you can always get over them. Even Grant Hill himself has been pretty durable since he got through his worst period.

  • the cynic

    Bayless is the sequel to “Bad Porn”

  • the cynic

    Also, phil jackson is right. The refs do baby Durant, just cause he is built like a girl the refs think he is getting fouled whenever he drives

  • http://www.google.com Big Snacks

    @ Brogden –

    Don’t know you, so no Mr. for you.

    “And as the main ball handler, main playmaker, and main ‘make s*** happen’ player…TOs will happen.”

    Actually, Monta ain’t the W’s main ballhandler or playmaker. Eva heard of Stephen Curry, the 2010 ROY?