NBA, Video / Apr 20, 2010 / 11:30 am

Behind The Scenes Of Amir Johnson’s Photo Shoot

If there was one bright spot at the end of the season for the Toronto Raptors, it was Amir Johnson. After being buried on the bench in Detroit, Johnson finished his first year with the club on a tear. And remember, those games mattered, as the Raptors were making a playoff push. Try 26 points in a win against the Pistons, and 21 points, five rebounds and three assists in a win against the Knicks. If T-Dot loses Chris Bosh, they may just need to call upon the 6-9, 210-pound to step up.

Anyways, with the season over, Johnson can now focus on his new website (coincidently liberated by his teammate CB4). Check out the behind the scenes of the photo shoot with photographer Sean Getti.

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  • Peace Train

    If the Raps don’t re-sign Bosh, this guy will avg about 13 ppg and 9 rpg next year. he may also foul out of every game…but hes no joke.

  • Chaos

    this dude is a really good player…..but being 6’9″ and 210 aint gonna cut it in this league. he’s athletic with great skills but if he put on like 20lbs of muscle he would be an absolute beast. he could go bang if he needed to.

  • control

    This guy is a lot bigger than 6’9 210. He is at least 6’11, and probably 245 or 255…

  • icey

    dude needs to hit the weights asap. damn hes scrawny

  • the big fundamental

    Damn those dudes are corny!!!!!!! But yeah he needs to hit the gym this summer otherwise when they hand him that starting spot he’s going to get smacked around by all the other big 4’s in the league! Heck some 3’s can take him to the post and bully him (melo, bron…..)

  • dvs

    He will get the odd block and offensive rebound. He scores on put backs and cant really create his own shot.
    He’s a good kid and athletic so he’ll be around for a while, but you guys are hyping him to much.
    if the raps let this guy a full season, then they ain’t gonna win to much.

  • dvs

    ^ i meant if the raps let him START the whole season….