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Black Like Me: What Duke vs. Butler means for the face of basketball

Duke's Jon Scheyer

When it comes to sports, I am a certified and admitted racist.

White people play golf and hockey … Black people run track and play basketball … Europeans play soccer … Africans run marathons … Asians play badminton … Latinos play baseball … The Winter Olympics were probably invented so White people had more sports to dominate…

These are the things I was taught as a kid, the things that I confirmed as I grew into being able to watch and understand sports on my own. And while obviously I could recognize the exceptions to the rules and appreciate the diversity in every sport without seeing things in such black-and-white terms, some lessons don’t go away. To this day, I’m prone to root for NFL teams with Black coaches and/or Black quarterbacks, and perk up during a Major League Baseball game when one of the few Black men is up to bat or pitching.

Naturally, the racism extends to basketball. Way before White Men Can’t Jump, I was taught that White men could shoot. And if there was any brotha who preferred the ’80s Boston Celtics over the “Showtime” Lakers, or Duke to the Georgetown Hoyas, it was nobody I was raised around.

Tonight’s NCAA national championship game will be a watershed moment for sports racists like myself. When Duke and Butler tip-off with up to five White players on the court, it’s going to be like Glory Road in reverse. Hoosiers. but if the big bad Black team from the city was watching the state title game from the stands while Hickory High played its crosstown rivals from East Hickory. (And don’t get it twisted, Hoosiers was as much a movie about race as Rocky.)

Over the weekend, as Duke put the finishing coat on its Final Four win over West Virginia, I talked about it with some White colleagues. Did this mean anything? Does this say anything about the current state of the college game, or of basketball itself? Is this going to be a moment that, years from now, is credited with sparking a ressurection of the joked-about-but-kinda-true dying White American basketball player? I thought about the thousands of White kids who will have this Duke/Butler game as one of their earliest basketball memories, and what it will mean that so many of the players on the court look like them. I thought about that guy in Georgia who’s trying to start up an All-White basketball league, and whether this lends credence to his theory that “White basketball” (fundamentals, shooting, strategy over athleticism, etc.) is still the right basketball.

But that’s probably going too far. If anything, I think Duke/Butler just confirms what myself and other writers at Dime have been saying all season — that parity in college basketball is real. You don’t need to have a crew of ridiculous athletes like ’96 Kentucky or ’06 UConn to make a run at a national championship. You don’t need two or even one Lottery pick on the roster. A team full of guys like West Virginia’s Devin Ebanks — 6-9, long, multi-positional, can jump out of the gym — is not necessarily more valuable than a team full of guys like Duke’s Jon Scheyer. The fact that Duke and Butler and Cornell and St. Mary’s can not just win games in the NCAA Tournament, but win games convincingly against more athletic (i.e. Black) teams just proves that it truly is anybody’s ballgame in college.

Will this translate to the NBA? Will guys like David Lee and Troy Murphy pop up on more rosters? Will college players like Scheyer Brian Zoubek and Butler’s Gordon Hayward and Matt Howard use this year’s Big Dance to propel themselves — and maybe even a new perception of the White ballplayer — to a different place in the League? Possibly.

But only if they kill it in the pre-draft combine tests.

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  • asmaticasiatic2

    I think it goes to show that no matter what the team’s racial make up, chemistry and teamwork are still major components in the college game. In the nba superstars and talent play a bigger role since the playoffs are a 7 game series. I would have rather seen Kentucky and other talented teams in the championship but since I love the game I’ll still watch…

  • quest???

    u forgot latinos dominate boxing too… and we are creeping up on basketball! lol…on a serious note this was a very good article.

  • Josh Stevens

    I think that this was one of the most racist diatribes that I have ever read. Why does race have to be an issue? The fact that you assume that black athletes are more athletic is just racist. While you may have stats to support your claim, the same can be said about many other subjects. Could I for one state that whites are smarter as they make well above blacks on every test? Yes, there are facts to back me up. Would I make this claim? No, I would not because I am not a bigot. Learn to accept yourself as you, and not part of a race that you must compare to others. You will be happier in the long term, and not put out garbage like this.

  • yoda

    i’m not for states, so i have a bit of different pov on your racial issues. but as far as i can see from magazines, movies, books etc… if some white dude said he is racist when it comes to sports and that he said he roots for white coaches/players, i bet big chuck of media there would flag him as kkk or something similar. like i’ve said, all i know about your situations right now is from different types of media but to me it looks like you have double standards in usa. on other hand, i salute you austin, for being man enough and admit that.
    i must say, its easier for us who didn’t have all those racial issues to root for people or teams we really like. i think magic is best pg of all time, because he is, and as a white dude, i might say kidd or nash or who ever is better. on other hand, i think that bird is best sf, not because he was white, but because he gave all he had and had winning mentality etc. (and i’m a laker fan, so that says how much i respect bird).
    great article btw :)

  • sh!tfaced

    Haha. Ever notice every time a black basketball pro sees that a white player is guarding him, you can see his eyes light up like a slot machine that hit the jackpot…?

    Anyway, think most of us are racists when it comes to sports, no matter how much we hate to admit it. Another good one, AB.

  • life-p

    I’m indifferent about the article. Part of me enjoys your transparency and freedom to be real with the readers. However, the other part of me wishes you had acknowledged you racism (which you did) then admitted and corrected your thinking in light of a newer paradigm. I remember when a “black quarterback” was as taboo as a white “rapper” but time reveals that it wasn’t the lack of pigment that caused the disparity, it was the lack of opportunity.

  • Mike Mihalow

    I think a lot of people at Dime are racist like that. Look at all the white players that are disrespected here (Manu “LeBron would have broken his hand” Ginobili, Scalabrine, Bonner, Swift, and more I’m forgetting right now).
    The Jazz used to be the whitest team in the NBA. Now it’s probably the Pacers.

  • isotope

    Prejudiced is a much better word than racist. There are other people who are also racists and you don’t want to put yourself in the same category. Even if you put “when it comes to sports”.

  • quest???

    @sh!tfaced ahahahaha that is true, that happens to me also lol

  • http://www.realcavsfans.com Anton

    Really?! Racism died in 08 when we got Obama, people need to get the f*ck over color.
    I may be racist but my penis isn’t. Bring it, ladies!

  • Andrew

    What a shock?
    Self-hating white guys skulking the halls of Slam and Dime.

  • foolio_iglesias

    Yes,prejudiced is the applicable term here.I,for one,can’t wait for the Nyets new owner to clean house by bringing in Duke’s head coach and hell,the 2010 NCAA champs along with him,(whomever that may be!)-aye aye aye…….


    nah this doesnt mean anything…all it means is that these players have been playing together for a longer period of time…the black players usually go to the NBA sooner…i mean how many underclassmen are starting on these teams…

  • Drink the Haterade

    I dont see color no matter what team or player I’m rooting for (Lakers KB and Luke are my favs). The adult team I coach has latino’s, blacks, a middle easterner and me the white coach. I was raised in So Cal and my father always taught me that it doesn’t matter what color you are; if the dude is green and can still hold his own, no matter what task is @ hand then it doesnt matter and shouldnt matter. I never had experienced it until I started coaching here, it was like the black coaches didnt want the white boy stealing all the stars (I do my own recruiting) nor did they wanna see a white boy stand up to them. I do give you props for being honest though.

  • B Awesome

    It’s sad the amount of racism in the black community towards white players. I played college basketball and I had to deal with being the only white starter on the team, playing the 2 guard no less. If people don’t start calling the black community out on these stereotypes it will only seed further resentment in young black males. Instead of popping your racist jersey, try bridging the gap and try appreciating every player regardless of color. Because after what Duke did two of the most athletic teams in the tourney, WV and Baylor, people shouldn’t judge a college basketball player by skin color in this day and age. If you keep going down this road, people will be allowed to be racist in return and bring up other aspects of college like graduation rates among black players, which won’t help anything.

  • IGP

    @ Austin

    I’ve actually read Black Like Me, and I think it’s an excellent book. If you enjoy those types of books, you might learn something from a booked called Honkey by Dalton Conley (check the spelling on the last name…)

    Not much to say about the article besides I respect the opinion and it was well written.

  • disappointed

    This writer is ignorant. I am appalled that Dime would even let this go public. Does he even realize he is stereotyping everyone, including himself. “white boys can shoot, black guys can jump.” What an idiot this writer is…
    Honestly, I can’t believe he put his name on it. This is what holds all people back. people giving props for honesty,you’re not, you’re giving props for racism.

    As far as writing technique, I thought your opening was going to serve a point, it didn’t, just proved true…ignorant.

  • daadmiral50

    To those of you saying prejudiced is the better word here, its only better if you’re trying to be politically correct or not face up to the reality of the subject matter. Yes, AB is prejudiced…BASED ON RACE. That is the definition of RACISM, therefore he is totally correct to refer to himself as a racist. Respect to AB for calling a spade a spade (no racist innuendo intended) and not trying to sugar coat it like some of y’all are.

  • Josh

    Didn’t Larry Bird himself once say he felt insulted whenever a white player guarded him?

    I remember reading somewhere that he’d ask the guy what he did to piss off his coach that bad.

  • the scola

    Manu Ginobili the greatest player in black history!

  • nola

    a great article overall other than the conclusion was a little abrupt. but otherwise, very very good points. two thumbs up

  • marcus the great

    @ nola

    yea it did end like ok… what was your whole point?

    i’ve learned that you dont judge a player by his color or how he looks, its some white boys that can flat out ball and bust ya ass. if you get on the court thinkin “this white boy is weak” you might get ya feelings hurt. play everybody the same, save yourself some embarassment.

    buuuut i am also guilty of seein a white dude checkin me and automatically wanna go to the Bubba Chuck lol

  • Mike

    As a white boy I was taught that black men can run and jump but they cannot fly, the underlying theme of that message is that the only redeeming qulity of Afican Americans is their ability to…run and jump, and that is about it. White boys are raised under much different social pressures specifically for the most part, academic achievement and being a leader. If Obama was not raised by white grand parents where would he be? White men can’t jump but they can fly…they are our pilots, astronauts (yea yea whip out the token brutha who is plopped in the cockpit with 60 white boys around him telling him what to do), surgeons, engineers, pioneers in medicine and technology. Just take a look around your home and find one thing that whitey or some Asian dude didn’t invent.

  • Mike Mihalow

    I guess this is why Austin thought that last year Tracy Degrading was a better player than Manu Ginobili.

  • jonny taise

    “Ever notice every time a black basketball pro sees that a white player is guarding him, you can see his eyes light up like a slot machine that hit the jackpot…?”
    Really? Post 3 examples to prove your point.

  • Mike

    1. Switzerland
    2. Norway
    3. Finland
    4. Austria
    5. Australia

    53. South Africa
    54. Ethiopia
    55. The Republic of Congo
    56. Liberia
    57. Zimbabwe

    The first list….the top five nations in longevity,level of education, prosperity , and quality of life.

    Thats why we want a Brown America!

    The second list is the bottom five nations in the same categories.

  • anenome

    talent is talent. hard work is hard work. fuck a colour. fuck this article. pointless. scoop jackson did it over ten years ago. its was shit then, its shit now.

  • b-rad

    I’m white and my younger brother is black. I know it is a generalization but one I’m guilty of – if I’m in a park with a bunch of people I don’t know and I have the option of picking a black guy and a white guy with equal build and not seeing either of them play before, 10/10 I’ll pick the black guy.

  • JD

    Top & most athletic NBA white team :)

    C- Andrew Bogut
    F – David Lee
    F – Andrei Kirilenko
    G – Chase Budinger
    G – Steve Nash

  • carlos

    I know black players use to be more athletic but I´m not entirely convinced that the white ones are the ones who shoot the ball better or have the best fundamentals….. some of the the best pgs of the recent past are the white ones but in the recent story the higher basketball iqs belongs to guys like kobe, cp3, deron, lebron and the best shooters I saw were Reggie Miller and Ray Allen.

  • Racism?

    If there was a race called “Austin Burton”, i’d be a racist.

  • yentron

    fuck duke fuck duke fuck duke

  • Mike

    I live outside of the US so I may lack some context in terms of black/white racial relations. However, from the outside looking in it would seem as though Austin uses the amount of black athletes and coaches in pro sports to validate his self-worth and by implication validating the societal worthiness of the entire ‘black’ culture.

    This to me seems fundamentally wrong. I can understand that a person would have a vested interest in an athlete of their own race/culture. Using this cultural identity and connection to point where it smacks or racism (or prejudice or whichever euphemism fits best) is, in my opinion, deplorable.

    A culture should not and cannot be judged by their athletic abilities, especially by those in the cultural group being judged. This leads to a cycle of twisted and inherently incorrect self-image issues. It is childish and naive to have such presumptions and to let these presumptions rule one’s decisions.

    And on another note aren’t these media outlets, the ones highlighting this racial-athlete divide (for all intents and purposes lets use Dime as an example) the same ones who claim that they help uphold the beauty and integrity of this great game? Aren’t they the ones who claim ‘Basketball is basketball’ and that it doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, it matters how you play the game? Apparently not.

    While I appreciate AB’s honesty (and I may not fully comprehend the cultural connection) I cannot agree with this sports-based racism. These prejudiced ideals are what stops cultures from fully appreciating each other and the more media figures that succumb to and openly admit to these racial views the greater they become.

  • jdstorm

    What i think is most interesting about racial bias in sport, is how much of it is self fulfilling. To what affect does this effect recruiting. Do the most talented young athletes, people like Lebron, Iverson, Kobe, TMac who could have played professionally in almost any sport they wanted, choose a particular game based on its perceived racial profile

  • sh!tfaced

    @19… lol. 3 examples?
    1. Go out to the playground/park/gym.

    2. Watch a pro game from the stands and find out first hand.

    3. Get your ass out there, actually play a game ask around and then try to guard the baddest looking black dude out there and you’ll see what I mean.

  • Drewskee

    Dime loses mad respect when you write stuff like this.

  • Duke fan

    It’s a pity to see all those white boys put the black boys to shame in what everyone is calling there own sport …haha I love it. West Virginia went down crying thanks to my boys @ DUKE 2010 NCAA NATIONAL CHAMPIONS.

  • white mamba

    are you kidding me? this is the difference between blogging and journalism. this is the most inarticulate, lamebrained, unresearched, lazy-assed description of one writer’s lack of intellectual depth I’ve ever read on this site. man, you think are deep. you are about as shallow as a puddle in a parking lot.

  • Duke fan

    I hate hearing people whine.Those white boys whooped up on the black boys all year. I’m a Duke fan with much respect for Butler. Duke has earned this. I love it so whine some more while I laugh …hahahaha. And yentron DUKE IS THE 2010 NCAA CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!

  • http://myspace.com/40sand9s loc

    There is something so American about this article,
    I’m Canadian and my roommate is from Boston. I know about the whole UNC vs. Duke thing, of course, I love basketball.

    But, I do not understand why Duke is the evil one? He has tried to explain and it doesn’t really make sense. And it does.

    No one wants to watch white boys with set shots run plays well. Its like your cheering for the Abercrombie and Fitch team when you cheer for duke.

    At least thats how I understand it.

    Watching the game, the better team won. Duke made buckets look easy while Butler just grinded hard to keep it close.

  • asmaticasiatic2

    too many posts to read through, but through my own experiences racism and prejudice is still a major factor in sports, especially basketball. I’m of asian decent (filipino/chinese/japanese) and if I step on a court with mostly black ball players I know its safe to say someone is gonna call me yao ming (i’m 5’10”) jackie chan, bruce lee or even michael chang. It used to bother me in the past but I know that I will always love the game and just try to go hard each and everytime I play…most of the time it results in other players gave me dap after the run or when I dropped 45 in a rec league game and dudes shortie’s saying” that little asian guy was killin’ you’all after the game. I’m on a small scale but by bringing it I’m teaching that basketball is a universal game and anyone can hoop no matter what their race is as long as they love the game, show respect to the game and go hard…. anyways the championship overall was a good game and although Duke had the mcdonald’s all americans and more talent, butler went hard and made it a competitive game….

  • Not a Duke fan

    For all those wonderin why most people hate Duke and their fans, please read post 39. One baseline fadeaway from a tie, one bs charge call, one halfcourt in and outer from a loss and this fool actin like Duke is doin teams like the UConn women. Get it straight. Duke didn’t win, Butler lost.

    Now, I understand this clown don’t speak for most duke fans cuz I never seen this fool before today and you can best believe he wouldn’t be posting if Duke had lost and while you’re at it, please tell this fool that Nolan Smith and Lance Thomas are black…

  • white mamba

    as shallow as a puddle in a parking lot

  • Derik

    That’s because white players stays in school, imagine if Singler drop out last year and went to the NBA, Duke will not win this year, Imagine if Tyreke Evans and Derrick Rose stays in Memphis , Butler will have no chance.

  • Billy Sunday

    Race is a social concept and not a biological idea. This article shows lack of education in ethnic studies. Not a lot of people take an ethnicity class in college. I think education is the only way to stop racism and end these stereotypes

  • What a joke

    I am an avid reader of DIME and also a subscriber, but garbage like this article forces me to think about canceling my subscription. Horrible writing and equally bad editorial decision-making. The title should have been: “Idiot Like Me”. Terribly disappointing.

  • Joe Cooley High

    Everybody who’s saying this is “horrible” and what-not, why don’t you come up with some reasons WHY it is what you say it is? Seems like you just saw the word “racist” and immediately went to the comments section.

  • Don

    I understand your point of view. but think of it this way. what if a white dude will write an article like this?
    this is like a newspaper article from the 60’s when people started seeing black basketball players can hoop. only it’s about white people.
    in sports , black or white doesnt matter. why everybody still sees the colour?
    i still appreciate the article as i understand your point of view. the humor in the last line was kinda cruel tho. let’s remember that Kevin Durant had one of the worst results at the draft combine when he was drafted.
    people forget

  • clay

    I’ve been reading Dime for quite some time now and must say I was quite disappointed by this article.
    Although Austin clearly highlights the fact that he considers himself a sports racist not racist in general I still feel this topic should definitely not be discussed on a site such as this. Freedom of speech I agree but this isn’t the place.

    As a white kid growing up in South Africa I’ve unfortunately been exposed to racial tension my entire life. One of the few places where skin color didn’t matter was on the basketball court and everyone were judged by their game not skin-color. It’s quite sad that someone has these views in a country where opportunity is equal to all races.

    Imagine the outrage if this article was written by a white writer suggesting he would only support a team with a white coach or QB?
    Oh, and I’m “African” and I sure as hell can’t run a 2 hour marathon


    HAHAHAHA. What the hell?! Somebody writes a real column for once and says it like it really is and all these delusional, pro-new world equality for all, shallow-minded political dickwads go self-righteous and react like Hitler just came back from the dead the moment they read the word RACIST. You gotta be shitting me.

    You want a column about some boring, goody two shoes, fake ass lie about world peace harmony bullshit? Guess what. You won’t likely find it here.

    It’s a fucking sports column. This isn’t the new bible or some speech made by an influential world figure.

    Part of the message is basically about on how a fan came to root for those certain teams/athletes and one of the reasons why a sports fan chose his/her favorite team(s) and player(s), how we relate to them, admire/idolize them and all that.

    As a kid, you get to pick the heroes you want to become. It starts with the ones you know, who you can relate to, the people you watch/see and grow up knowing, eventually learn from them, what traits suit you best, realize the things that influenced you, your experiences, what sort of impact it had, blah, blah, blah…

    The point is, WHY SO SERIOUS? It’s just a sports column, sensitive a-holes.


    We all grow up and learn, eventually. Why don’t you? For once…

  • Me

    The only good writer at Dime and the only reason I come this website.. please make your own blog Austin.

  • Name (required)

    black guys are lazy, white people are evil, jews are greedy, french people smell bad, british people have yellow teeth, africans are hungry, australians are alcoholics, americans are fat, italian women are hairier than the mario, chinese eat cats, indians work in corner shops, muslims are terrorists and the japanese have tiny cocks……….. thats racist……. the article wasnt.

  • pat


    Latinos number 2 in boxing to Flips. Can you say Manny Pacquiao

  • Prof. TX

    At first I didn’t want to respond, but seriously, this is some racist trash Dime. “White Basketball?” What the hell does that mean?

    Right, black players are more athletic, ask Oliver Miller or Eddie Curry. Yep, those guys love some cardio. Oh, and white players can’t defend, that John Stockton guy was awful. While you’re at it, pull the corners of your eyes into little slits and tell Yao “so solly, chinee playa too short for game.”

    I guess guys like Battier and Duncan play ‘white ball’ because they learn fundamentals and aren’t all about dunks and big jewelry? They’re just good players who excel at multiple parts of the games. That’s not playing white, that’s playing well, and anyone can learn the skills if they really work at it.

  • buffaloballa

    that ‘crumpling’ sound was all reputable editors throwing out and or deleting your resume….

  • jacob

    we’ve all noted the attitudes displayed by each demographic while playing pickup games – so it’s nice to see it in another’s words. great article.

  • Basketball

    Sports man!! Sports!! WTF. Go be a writer for a pro-white organization and leave OUR game alone. And, when I say “OUR”, I mean the people (everywhere) who love the game.

    The game has fundamentals that many players, from all over the world, have been able to practice personalize, and perfect. The game promotes team effort and sportmanship, not racial superiority.

    You don’t see Black players spewing hate if a White player is good at the game. He gets respect from him. It’s about the GAME. Even John Scheyer would tell you that.

    Astronomers are searching for earth-like planets in other universes and you write THIS as an article about the NCAA Championship game? AND, on top of that, you just had to dig in the knife a little deeper by calling the article “Black Like Me”, using a photo of John Scheyer laughing.

    Why do you White racists talk about “White Pride”, but you all seem to have to hate everyone else to have it. Sounds more like insecurity to me. Ever since Obama was elected, you guys have been coming out of the woodwork. He was elected by the same Constitutional processes that
    “your” people invented. So, go be mad at yourself.

    Maybe we should have A “You’re Better Than Me Racist White Man” Day for you, so you can feel a little better about yourself.

    By the way, you and this site, and your f**k buddy Tom Metzger can kiss my “more athletic” ass.


  • chris

    white ball, black ball, brown ball, euro ball, asia ball,street ball, basketball is an american game, and americans are genetically almost all gray- most of the blacks are at least 10% genetically “white”, and have been for 100 years, and most of the whites are at least 10% genetically “black”, and have been for 100 years. “the attitudes displayed by each demographic in pickup games” doesn’t exist in worldwide pickup games…just in the incredibly racist united states, where the people are all gray, and have been for 100 years, but choose to treat each other as black and white. you’ve got a beautiful gray president with a lovely lefty jumper…there is no time like the present to let this sh#t go, and join the rest of the world, austin

  • http://dime eyes

    In response to posts:
    8.People are prejudiced from perception & opinions passed down from generations.
    10.WOW-In a bad sense
    15.The World is so what do you expect the people to be. They’ve adapted to the society people put in place
    23.HuH?????????????????God bless you.
    34.Good question posed
    37 & 39.His true opinion & feelings. His kids hopefully will differ from his views on life. If not the reason why no level of education can alter history.
    41.Where do you play ball at? U can’t generalize a race from the fraction of people you meet. One or a few bad apples don’t mean the tree is a waste
    42.Touche-I know Duke is considered WHITE(POLITICALLY CORRECT)America’s college basketball team. Yet you have to realize non-white players are a major factor in him being able to have 4 national rings.
    44.Great Point
    45.Change in culture & a revolution is the only way to end racism. The world & the people who run it. Have already pre-determined who succeeds & fails. Same with who lives & dies Physically and mentally. If Life isn’t fair. People can’t be.
    47.That’s what people do. Their minds are conditioned to object what they don’t understand or know
    48.Combine’s don’t mean anything or measure the true player. It’s like tests & degrees. It’s formulated to keep some back & propel others. How else could you control a evaluation. (There are many different kinds of smarts & IQ.
    52.Stereotypes are based on a sum & not the whole. It’s a way to down another. There are some good & bad stereotypes as well. Everyone should be judged by their actions & not their race,gender,age etc.
    53. Latino’s currently are the better boxers by #’s
    54.The points made still don’t justify the means.(Dunks & Big Jewelery)-The most racist thing said in this whole blog. Mr Professor. I’m sure you were the class president. DAMN. Do you have any friends who aren’t like you?

    Great article AB. Too bad people don’t actually read & interpret the meaning & basis of the article. SMART DUMB PEOPLE ARE THE WORSE. It’s sad when you have all the knowledge & brains. Yet are unable to think rationally. CLUELESS OR JUST NAIVE.

  • Prof. TX

    I wasn’t trying to be racist, I was trying to show that identifying ‘white’ ball is just as racist as if I throw a bunch of stereotypes on and call it ‘black’ ball. White guys are good for more than assists and 3’s, and black guys aren’t just thugs and gangsters who can only dunk. Dime thinks that if you write about black ball, you’re a racist, but somehow if you write about white ball you’re a good journalist? If someone throws stereotypes at me, I’ll throw them right back to show how stupid both sides are.

  • ballin

    I think that the Olympics/world championships have been telling us this for years.

    When we lost the Olympics, (and I believe we lost the last 2 FIBA championships as well) it became pretty obvious that white people can ball.

    But here’s the KEY issue:
    -college has less elite level athletes than the NBA
    -FIBA allows a lot more physical contact than the NBA

    Both of those factors mitigate the advantage of speed. And when speed is taken out of the equation, then white players and black players aren’t really too different in terms of ability.

    But in the NBA, where ANY incidental contact is a foul, the only way you can defend somebody is with sheer speed. You can’t touch them, so you have to run with them and use quickness to stay in front of them. White people are simply genetically less capable of doing this. It’s not racism… look up the top 100 sprinting times for the 50 meter dash… it’s just a fact that black people are faster on average. So in a league whose rules force players into using their speed, of course there will be less white players and of course they won’t be as good.

    That’s why there are way more good white centers/power forwards… they aren’t expected to be as quick or mobile if they’re strong and tall. Or look at Yao… simply being a 7’6 beast is enough… he’s allowed to be slow as molasses and he’s still an effective defender.

    Good white wing players are much more rare, because they have to be freak athletes (for their race). How often does a white guy as athletic as Manu come along? Not too often.

    You’ll find that athletic white players tend to do well, and unathletic white players, no matter how good they were in college, suck. For point A: look at the rookies Omri Casspi and Chase Budinger… they’re athletic so they’re gonna be solid pros. For point B: look at Adam Morrison and JJ Redick… amazing college players that never amounted to shit in the NBA.

    If I were a pro scout, I’d pick up on all those white players whose athleticism gets overlooked simply because they’re white. Gordon Hayward is the first name that comes to mind… dude’s got some surprising speed and leaping ability for a 6’8 white guy.

  • Ptownlegend

    Touchy subject….Some of you went too far. If you’re going to be so bold with your statements, don’t hide behind a moniker…If that is your true opinion and you aren’t ashamed of it man up and let the world know who you are, post your real name or your facebook page. Don’t post some message trying to bring down other human beings, then hide in your corner. That’s called being a coward.

  • Remembering ’70

    This is a terrible argument for basketball and sports overall. Not something i expected from dime. Its not about the color or race aspect but the fact that its so easy to stamp a race as good at one thing. Only euro’s play soccer? i don’t think so. Think about that when the World cup comes around and the USA is turning head.

  • sh!tfaced

    That’s not called being a coward.

    That’s called doing your best Floyd Mayweather impression.

  • http://dime eyes

    On olympics/World Championships. You’re playing agaisnt house rules. Already were at a disadvantage. Also over the years there have been so much coaching & camps. The gap is bound to close.

    Anything you lack in life for sports. With enough time & energy perfecting your weakness. It can be fixed. Whatever players lack can be adjusted by practicing diligently. There’s a reason more excel than others. Most inner city kids aim to play ball,rap, or be pharmacists. Kids from better areas. Strive to be other things & concentrating on ball a lot less.

    Some kids play basketball to get out the house or to keep there sanity. While others play it as a past time or to bolster their resume. There’s a huge gap in life that will & has trickled down to sports. Their are players that are like a white Jordan. Same could be said about a black player being like Bird or West.

    Any race could dominate any sport given the chance & oppurtunity. Genetics do play a factor but that doesn’t explain the whole picture.
    Like Tennis,Golf,Swimming,Hockey,Basetball,Ping Pong,Football,Soccer. There are reasons certain areas produce better players.

    I also think white players for the most part will eventually make more money working than they would playing ball. Over a longer period of time. Be a millionaire for maybe 7 years or for 30 + years. I’ll take the latter. I don’t think there are as many oppurtunites for other races.

    What year are we in? Finally we’ve got our 2nd black president. LOL. I’ts like hearing these players say I’m the first to graduate in my entire Family. Think about that for a minute. (SAD & NOT BY CHOICE) It’s 2010 & we’ve accomplished that major or minor feat. One president surrounded by the house. It is what it is. I know I’d like a change & for it to be a little more equal. You know how many people can’t wait for it to go back to normal. It’s like starving a dog for a week. On Sunday you throw it a bone & say hurry up. Eat It. Then you proceed to starve it again. We all reap what we sew. Some of us don’t get cloth to sew. Some have bigger one than others. If people in Power want a change. There will be one. Until that time. You just have faith & continue to hope. ONE DAY MAYBE FOR EVERYONE. I think most are saddened to what Life has become. Greed will & has ruined most of us. You almost don’t want your kids having to experience any of it.

    How can an animal live better than some humans?????

  • Prof. TX

    Austin has showed racist tendencies before, like when he wrote that white people couldn’t pick on Michael Vick because they’re all apparently a bunch of rednecks who go out hunting on the weekend. Yeah, all white people do that, and it’s exactly like torturing animals for money.

    Dime writers don’t have to care what I think. But their managment probably cares that I won’t need to renew my subscription.

    Btw Austin, the winter olympic sports were invented long before America existed, by a bunch of people who had probably never even seen a black person much less competed against one. But if it helps you feel persecuted for no reason, you go ahead and cling to that.

  • sh!tfaced

    pat@54… Latinos still take the boxing rep. Although Pacman is the best.

    Flips are the best at pool/billiards is a better “stereotype”…

  • NYDaredevil

    If there was a race called “Austin Burton”, i’d be a racist.

  • Seven Duece

    All the guys calling Austin a racist probably don’t say jack shit about Glenn Beck to anyone either.

  • Duke fan

    I wasn’t meaning to sound the way it must have sounded this posting just irked me. All people white or black red yellow orange or green should always be looked at as on the same playing field. The color of skin DOES NOT represent the athleticism of a race. And I think Duke and Butler both proved that this year. That’s like saying a black man cannot be president which Barack proved wrong also. I’m sorry if anyone was offended by my comments. And my name is Patrick.

  • Duke

    When people say the “athletic” teams they always say black teams but honestly I bet you guys like sheyer and hayward could out run or at least have a quicker first step then half of the black guys. It’s all the media that portrays this.

  • chief youngblood

    I think my early interest in basketball , was in direct relation to things i saw and were interested in about black culture subconsciously, not a direct desire to be african american but something of the like. And living in the deep south my entire life, black and white lifestyles aren’t very different with the two populations always mixed. but it’s always a little isolating to be a big white basketball fan , anywhere outside of the ACC conference.

    the only time you really think about it though is when your not picked in games , until you play that first one , the assumptions people take in recreational basketball are the most telling, that maybe their is a real perception

  • Chucky

    I was amused by Austin Burton´s article re White basketball players. Leaving aside the plain fact that, with a handful of exceptions, White athletes across the board and taking all sports into consideration, have always proven themselves to be superior to any others (has something to do with the proper mix of brains, body type, reflexes, etc.) I am disgusted that so many adult men in this country actually devote so much time to following little boys games. Sport is great, if you are doing it. Wasting time watching it is a joke. Grow up. We have no time left in this country to dribble it away on this nonsense. Any White man who spends good money or his free time to watch a bunch of Blacks bounce a ball is crazy as hell.

  • shut up

    If i were to write an article about how much smarter white men were than black men it would be crazy the most racist thing ever written, if i were to right about crime rates in bad areas or cities and said how all of the areas that we deem as bad or unsafe are all predominantly largely black inhabited communities that would be a ridiculous article. This is one of the most racist articles i have ever read i was truly offended during and after reading. Dime should be ashamed of allowing this to be published and AB should be embarrassed… but hes not because hes an ignorant racist

  • LaHoop

    Does anyone on here understand the concept of the term racist? Being a racist does not have anything to do with having a desire to root for individuals of your own race. This is called personal preference. Being a racist means that you, as an individual or group of people of a specific designation, are in a position of power and/or authority to dictate the quality of living of other individuals who are considered minorities. This position is solely held by members of the white community. That is why even though we have a black president; he had to beg the white men and women of authority to help him get elected and pass the bills that he desires to get passed because without them none of what he requests is possible.

    The article is speaking the truth. The article is showing a depiction of human reality at the conciouse and sub-conciouse levels of human reasoning.

  • Dre

    I’m going to just be honest with you. Coach K did not do anything that was to great, he did what he was suppose to. This has been a down year talent wise for college basketball. There was no truly dominate teams this year. Everyone knew this at the beginning of the year. Even though I mean know disrespect but Duke winning the championship this year was like the athlete at the Special Olympics with the most gold medals. They won in a venue where the competition was so much weaker then years past. However, that is not K’s fault and you try to win no matter if you have a college landscape of K. Durants and Mike Beasley or with second stringer who happened to make it to starters. The landscape was tailor made for the Blue Devils, not a lot of super-athletic teams, and the ones that are pretty athletic did not have high b-ball IQs or were extremely unbalanced (athletic guards, poor post players, or athletic post players, poor guards). K has a disciplined team that can shoot and constantly moved without the ball.

    I too believed that K was doomed because contrary to what people want to admit, there is a such thing as athletic teams that are fundamentally sound and discipline. This had been Duke’s downfall over the past few years. If you have a team without a lot of great athletes but they are good shooters who are fundamentally sound, and you play against a team with great athletes with high b-ball IQ’s who are fundamentally sound and can shoot… you are in trouble. There have been more of those in years past like UNC 2009 minus T. Hansbrough, Kansas 2008, Fla back to back team, UNC 2005. These team brought really good athletes with great fundamental and it killed Duke’s power.

    The down year has greatly favored Duke and we will see if they can maintain being on top. I don’t think race has too much to do with it… maybe some. I think Gordon Haywood is a pretty good athlete, he is no freak but he is pretty good. There are some great white athletes and the freaky white athletes like the black freaky athletes have the same problem with fundamental because they tend to rely on their athletic ability more. However when you have an athlete with both, no matter the color you are in trouble.

  • Dre

    People do throw racism around and most of the time it is incorrect. Here is a short tip to help people out. Racism is prejudice + power. If the authority and power from a certain people is not there it is not racism. It can be prejudice but not racism.

  • Dre

    First for the punk @$$ Mike on April 5th. If you knew your history you would know that blacks invented the irrigation systems that is used in the US when Europe was experiencing the black plague. We knew the earth was round through astronomy when white people thought they would fall off. There are hundreds of inventions that yo dumb @$$ use everyday thanks to black people. Vivian Thomas found the first advancements for blue baby syndrome by just reading since the depression took what he would be using for medical school he discovered what the MD’s couldn’t So we do it all baby, we run, jump, can kick ass, are strong as hell and yes we can fly.

  • Dre

    This comment is for the Duke fan who I am quite sure is a Duke fan by looking at his comments. The only reason you can hold onto the trophy this year is because of Nelson and his athletic ability. You take away his ability to drive and your slow as shooters who can’t create a hot of their own get nothing… see: Greg Paulus and how Lawson constantly made him his bitch. A black man saved yo ass again.

  • Dre

    If Obama wasn’t raised by white grandparents… Lol. what a freaking idiot. You must not know his father’s education level… idiot.

  • What a joke

    Is anyone else having as much fun reading Dre’s brilliant comments? What a clown. He’s ripping people for not knowing their history yet he thinks that DeMarcus Nelson played for Duke this season. A real genius. LMFAO! Enlighten us some more, Dre!

  • Dre

    Didn’t say DeMarcus “what a clown”, I put Nelson instead of Nolan, but I know one thing he was Duke’s saving grace. If he didn’t penetrate there were no open 3-point shots for anyone. Don’t worry since you can’t contribute anything meaningful to a basketball conversation I will take the blame. I shouldn’t have let you mama breast feed you so long… you are still addicted to the nipple.

  • What a joke

    Good comeback, Dre! That nipple line is priceless! Absolute gold! Still LMFAO!

    Maybe if you watched more basketball and posted on Dime less, you could avoid some embarrassment. Good luck with that!