Smack / Apr 25, 2010 / 4:13 am

“Brandon Roy is gonna fight!”

Brandon Roy (photo. Aaron Hewitt)

So it wasn’t exactly Willis Reed or Daniel LaRusso, but the scene in Portland when Brandon Roy stepped back onto the court yesterday was pretty amazing nonetheless. After the Blazers got bass-taped by Phoenix twice in a row, they activated their superstar at the last minute for Game 4, about a week following his knee surgery. Clearly far from 100 percent and all but dragging his leg around, Roy (10 pts, 4-10 FG) still gave the team and the crowd an emotional lift and managed to play a key role as Portland pulled even in the series … Roy came off the bench in the first quarter, scoring on an easy layup that he created with off-the-ball movement, and a couple possessions later he muscled Jason Richardson going to the rack for another layup. He didn’t score again until the fourth quarter, when — as LaMarcus Aldridge (31 pts, 11 rebs) and Nate McMillan said afterward — it was Roy’s presence more than anything that helped them pull out the win. Roy hit a clutch trey with five minutes left that put Portland up six, and a couple minutes later gave J-Rich some joystick moves before drilling a step-back J over him. Just having him on the court forced Phoenix’s defense to adjust and made things easier for LaMarcus and Andre MillerNic Batum will be one of those guys who perpetually looks like he’s 15 years old. But with that comes the ability to get away with not living up to his potential longer than other players. Think about it: Jamal Crawford is 30, but since he looks young, some people still lump him into that “young guys” category. When in reality, Crawford should be on the decline soon. Batum clearly has talent, but even if he hasn’t put it all together by the time he’s 28, you’ll still hear people talking about his potential because he’ll look 22 … We don’t want to put too much on one game of a first-round series, but if the Lakers lose Game 5 against the Thunder, Kobe Bryant may never reach the Jordan standard he’s after. The Lakers simply got their asses handed to them in OKC, and now with the series tied 2-2, Kobe cannot afford to let this one slip away. Never mind that MJ never lost in the first round after hitting his prime; he certainly never lost to an 8-seed … Kobe had just 12 points (5-10 FG), and the only positive you could get for the Lakers was that their offense was balanced: Six guys scored in double figures and nobody had more than 13 points. But that was it. OKC basically took their game plan from the second half of Game 3 and implemented it for all of Game 4. They forced L.A. to jack up too many outside shots — which they weren’t hitting — while OKC attacked the rim and either scored or got fouled. Kevin Durant led the way with 22 points, and Russell Westbrook (18 pts) is in full attack mode now that he knows nobody L.A. sticks in front of him can slow him down. Eric Maynor (13 pts) was even doing work off the bench, shredding the Lakers’ guards …

Brandon Jennings (photo. Nicky Woo)

It’s safe to watch Bucks/Hawks again. We said the Bucks weren’t going to win unless Brandon Jennings and John Salmons could play well at the same time and stop alternating good games, and yesterday they both showed up. Jennings had 13 points in the win, while Salmons scored 22 on 9-for-11 shooting. It seemed every shot Salmons made was a mid-range pull-up or a mid-range J coming off a screen. He played patient and found his spots like a surgeon … Breaking news: Jerry Stackhouse can still dunk. He got out on the break and threw down a little one-hander that wasn’t exactly vintage but did get the job done. If Cherokee Parks was around, he actually could have blocked that one … How about Jennings looking like an extra on “Six Feet Under” with the all-black suit for the press conference? And did you see him dancing on the court while the game was still going? That should get him a lot of hate, unless of course that rule only applies to LeBron and his haters … The last time Charlotte had a home playoff game (May 12, 2002), Baron Davis, George Lynch, David Wesley, P.J. Brown and Elden Campbell were starting for the good guys, a.k.a. the Hornets, with the immortal Lee Nailon as the sixth man. Yesterday the Charlotte Bobcats hosted the franchise’s first postseason game, a must-win against the Magic that the ‘Cats lost … In what’s become the theme of this series, Dwight Howard (13 pts, 8 rebs, 7 blks) swatted everything that crossed his face and threw down some teeth-rattling dunks in the spare moments he wasn’t in foul trouble. Dwight fouled out with 3:30 left, but again as usual, Jameer Nelson (32 pts) picked up the slack and Charlotte just couldn’t get a bucket when they needed one most … One time Stephen Jackson ripped Vince Carter and took off for a breakaway score while Vince pretended to chase him at approximately 27% speed. Isn’t Capt. Jack supposed to be the injured one? It hasn’t really mattered yet, but Vince is struggling. Yesterday he had 10 points and zero assists with five turnovers … We’re out like Lee Nailon …

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  • Bruce

    Lakers? WTMF? C’Mon Man!

  • john

    Very good game by the Magic, they couldnt hit a 3, DH was in foul trouble, and still, the manage to win.

    B-Roy is a warrior, 1 week after knee surgery playing in a playoff game, thats got to be a record.

    Today, my Miami may see the last game of D-Wade in a Heat uniform, it gives nausea only to think about.

  • spit hot fiyah

    exactly who calls jamaal crawford young? give me one name

  • Mcw88

    Just throwin the Q out there, if the lakers were to lose this series. Would this be a bigger upset than the Mavs-Warriors series? Lakers are more talented imo but the Mavs won 67 games.

  • Bill

    @ Mcw88

    It would be a bigger upset, being as Lakers are defending champs and people picked this team to be a “dynasty”.

    OKC making them look old and slow right now.

  • len-e

    lebron looks lice a douche when he tries to dance

  • egypt


    dont get it twisted… no one outside or inside of oakland thought the warriors had a chance back in 07….

    thunder have durant… warriors had adonal foyle

  • shiptar

    man, i hope durant&co. beat LA

  • Josh Tha roc

    A couple things that won’t change:
    fish will stay old and slow.
    Kobes finger will stay broken.
    And Russ and kd will score at will.
    All giving okc a series shot at the upset.

  • common sense

    wow really.. kobes having a bad series because of the length OKC got in Thabo and Durant, plus hes slowing down… lakers, Phil and Kobe only have themselves to blame because D-fish is such a liability, and the bench.. serves them right for the ignorant decision to let Ariza go.. that cat has a wiss army Knife sorta game and they rtied to be cheap and bring in a declining Artest…

    and D-fish saying pre postseason that ‘everything depends on how the lakers play’ GTFOH seriously.. yall are some soft ass bitches…


    man i got palpitations mixed in with diarrhoea thinking bout Dwade leaving.. but would like to see Wade with Rose and Noah.. guess it would be time to support chitown…

  • QQ

    Can’t wait for the talking heads saying the Bobcats could beat the Magic. Daaamn, reaching TOO much for an upset eh?

    Nice nice game for BOTH teams, just love seeing the W.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Mr.Brogden Mr. Brogden

    The X-FACTORS are comin’ into play!
    OKC really tied this joint up!!
    Jeff Green hittin 3s…Pau not steppin’ out…cha-ching!
    And Harden be bustin azz. Ask Kobe.

    Hawks losing focus. Told ya not to do that!

    Nelson has officially reminded everyone: “Yeah, I used to be an All Star.”
    We can all tell homie.

    Larry Hughes shooting 3s but Felton attacks the rim…what’s wrong with that picture?? And Dwight was FOULED OUT…sooooooo why are we not takin’ to the cup???? Scared of Gortat??? C’mon son.

    Suns…died by the 3…aint surprised. And in a lil’ NBA karma, Roy turns into a Back-Breaker and burys a 3. Or is that Sun-Eclipser?!?

    hahaha, ok QQ maybe I DO have this Stew Scott thing down pat!

  • That’s What’s Up

    The lakers are losing games because of Ron Artest’s hair, plain and simple. Change the hair, change the series outcome

  • Josh Tha roc

    please Ron keep the hair!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Mr.Brogden Mr. Brogden

    OKC is deeper. Plain and simple. But LA has 6 starter-quality guys who should be able to tcb. They’re just not doing it, the fact is – they’re shooting too many jumpers. Why? Who knows?

  • Phileus

    Remember how the Celts struggled against the Hawks two years back? No one thought they’d get the chip when one of the worst seeds ever took them to 7. The Lakers seem like that team now, old vets getting pushed by a hungry young team.

  • Reno Hightower

    B-Roy is back..Look out Phoenix

  • mcw88

    really? i guess ur still countin D-fish as a starter-quality player huh?

    true that, I still see lakers takin this series in 6-7 games. The FT% disparity is eventually bound to even out

  • E

    funny the two oldest teams seem the most dominant the spurs and the celtics are looking tough

  • ShowKase

    Wow! Talk about having the wrong headline this morning. Blazers and B-Roy? Really Dime? No respect for the Thunder. Smh.

  • QQ

    @ 12:
    Noticed it WAY before you even said that Brogden. hahaha.

  • QQ

    Don’t fucking compare Jennings’ dancing in the sidelines to Lebron.

    BJ is a kid in his FIRST fucking playoff series, getting his FIRST playoff win. He’s a rookie, a KID. If you don’t get euphoric in that situation, I don’t know if you even have feelings.

    Bron is dancing in the regular season, when his team is up by 20 against garbage teams. That’s disrespect. And cat HASN’T won a chip, and acts like that. That’s what irks us. Win a fucking chip first before you go disrepecting us.

  • Joe Cooley High

    @QQ — Not sure if you knew, but Jennings hasn’t won a chip either. He’s got one whole playoff win under his belt. So why is it OK for him to dance but disrespectful for LeBron to do it? Like you said, “Win a fucking chip first,” right?

    How old is LeBron anyway, like 24? He’s not that much older than Jennings. So Jennings is allowed to be “euphoric” because he’s young, but LeBron has to act like Ben Stein every night? Dude likes to have fun; you’d do the same if you were 24, rich, playing basketball for a living and your team was really good. Get over yourself and stop hating.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Mr.Brogden Mr. Brogden


    @ mcw88 – That’s 3 seasons of DFisher as the starting pg. Hmmm, they’ve been to 2 finals, winning one of them. I think his body of work BEFORE 2007 shows you he was a starting-calibur player. We know his weakness and OKC has a fast, young pg. Whoopty doo. Success in basketball is predicated not only how you exlpoit your strengths and matchup advantages but also how you overcome your weaknesses and matchup disadvantages. You see Phil won’t let Shannon or Farmar do the job. Why? ‘Cause they can’t get it done.

  • common sense

    man @QQ

    stop being so anal.. seriously..

    all these lebron haters are pathetic… like kobe haters…

    these cats are human and should be judged on the same grounds as everyone else…

  • sh!tfaced

    @19 the two oldest, Spurs & Celtics are dominating but don’t forget the Magic, they’re 3-0 in the playoffs.

    MJ might be the most hands on owner ever. Have you seen and owner sit on the bench yapping it up with his players?

    As disappointing as the Lakers are, you gotta wonder what’s it like to be in OKC’s arena. The electricity in the Ford Center must be the shit.

  • tja

    you aint gonna get hate for jennings, sorry!

    also in the future lebron and his jerkness will be very annoying…

  • K

    Pau and bynum need to dominate. No one on okc can guard them

  • Jack

    @18: The FT disparity probably won’t even out. The law of averages doesn’t come into play when you have one team attacking the rack every possession and another shooting 30 threes a game. Hell, LO was bear hugging people after thunder defensive rebounds just so they couldn’t get out on the break, not really a recipe to stay out of the penalty.

  • LAballer

    wow, the lakers need to step up the hustle and intensity for sure..there were countless times where OKC just out hustled them to the ball..to missed shots and all..

    still feel like the free throw difference is based on the number of 3’s the lakers shot? im just saying..call it both ways..if you’re going to let em play..let em play..thats the best..but if you’re going to call weak shit..call it both ways!

    someone needs to find doris burke the biggest cock in the history of humanity to stuff down her throat, dislocate her jaw and screw up her voice box so she can STOP SPEAKING..she makes hubie brown and reggie miller sound fun..

    they were showing the stats for atls last few road playoff games as opposed to their home games..wow..how do you expect to win anything when you’re average margin of defeat on the road is by 24 points or something?? thats nuts..

    couldnt watch the suns/blazers game cause im at work trynna make that bball money but roy coming back seems like a psychological victory for the blazers..kinda gets you pumped up when ur best player comes back when no one expected him to..

    an obvious observation thats def coming into play here but theres a huge drop off in talent with the top teams on the east playing against the lower seeds as opposed to the west where everyone seems pretty even..excluding OKC..they should not be beating the lakers by 20..thats retarded..lakers need to show a lot more heart here and they will

    cant wait till tuesday baby..lets get out of this first round with these next 2 wins..

  • Gnasche

    Hopefully Kobe learns that health is much more important that seeding. As much as I fan-hate the Lakers, it’s disappointing to see Kobe struggling with that bad finger. He should have taken a couple months off.

  • buck

    lee naillon baby!!!

  • specialguydurr!

    @ShowKase, It doesn’t matter what the headline is, all any of these fools ever want to talk about is the lakers and lebron anyways

  • http://www.opposingviews.com/i/thunder-blowout-kobe-bryant-and-lakers-should-be-embarrassed LFan

    Well to be fair, I think it’s cuz nobody expected that the Lakers would show THAT kind of a lack of heart.