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Breaking News: Doron Lamb Headed To Kentucky

Doron Lamb (photo. Kelly Kline/NIKE)

If you missed it on National Signing Day, John Calipari is rebuilding another monster at Kentucky. Right after five of his underclassmen went pro, he immediately landed Brandon Knight, the top senior PG in the country, and Michael Gilchrist, maybe the top player period in the 2011 junior class. In addition to them, Calipari has two blue chip commits in swingman Stacey Poole and Turkish big man Enes Kanter. It’s time to add one more. While All-American senior shooting guard Doron Lamb is formally announcing his decision tomorrow at the Jordan Brand Classic, we already know what it’s going to be. Doron Lamb is headed to Kentucky.

Choosing Kentucky over finalists Kansas, UConn, Arizona and West Virginia, we have confirmation from multiple sources that Lamb’s decision came down to the Wildcats and the Jayhawks, with him ultimately choosing to play next season in Lexington.

After the former Bishop Loughlin (Brooklyn, N.Y.) standout spent the last two seasons at Oak Hill Academy (Mouth of Wilson, Va.), the New York native is making the right decision to head to Kentucky. Calipari, along with assistants Rod Strickland and Orlando Antigua, are new York guys, and Strickland is also an Oak Hill alumnus. The three of them paid a visit to Lamb at school last week and also met with his parents in New York.

At 6-4, 185 pounds, Lamb will fit in perfectly alongside Knight in the backcourt – akin to Eric Bledsoe playing alongside John Wall. And depending on where the chips fall, he could also be playing with explosive guard Josh Selby, who will also be announcing his decision tomorrow at the Jordan Brand Classic.

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  • ShowKase

    To bad they’ll never win a National Championship. Never trust a Coach Cal team, because they cant shoot free throws!

  • UKfaninKC

    HOW did Dime Magazine scoop everyone else on this….

    i need to tap showkase to pick my lotto numbers since he evidently can see into the future

  • Compton

    Doubt they get Selby. In a recent interview Selby talked about how he hadn’t talked to the UK staff in a long time and that we could pretty much take that as a sign.

  • http://dime eyes

    @1…Hater Damn. Each kid,year,bracket along with other variables are different.

  • life-p

    As much as I get on the haters on Dime, I gotta send Congrats to Kentucky!

    Go Duke!

  • Gunner J. Matthews

    Doesnt care…………….

  • rizzo

    UK is gonna be a beast next year

  • random

    To number 1 yes free throws cost the 2008 team a championship. But Knight and Lamb would probably be two pretty damn good shooters.

  • Jason

    “he could also be playing with explosive guard Josh Selby”

    LOL. What a crock of BS. Like anyone really believes that Knight AND Selby AND Lamb would all go to UK. This guys name is “ARON”??? LOL I know what type of person he is… his parents don’t know how to spell!! LOL

  • JT

    Yeah, UK will be a beast next year, just like this year. I still can’t get over how they smacked down West Virg… oh, nevermind.

    Cal will win something when these guys decide to stop looking at UK as a one-year holding cell before NBA stardom. If he can get guys like Lamb, i.e. not obvious lottery guys next year, to stick around for 2-3 years, that will be a big help.

  • Wheatgerm

    Cal needs better outside shooting, and now appears to have it.

  • Stevo

    A beast with all their best players being freshmen? Yeah not likely since they had better freshman this past year and were totally whipped in the Elite 8 by an experienced team. Maybe recruiting day can be considered the national championship for UK fans each year.

  • Bernard

    What makes Calipari a New York guy? His few crappy years with the Nets? He’s from Pittsburgh.

  • BlueBloodtoo

    Soak up the hate guys… GO BIG BLUE!

  • http://www.slamonline.com Royal

    Jason your an idiot

  • CMD983

    Yeah, UK will be a beast next year, just like this year. I still can’t get over how they smacked down West Virg… oh, nevermind.

    Cal will win something when these guys decide to stop looking at UK as a one-year holding cell before NBA stardom.

    UK goes 35-3, wins the SEC and the SEC tournament, and then loses in the Elite 8 to the Big East champions, yet people like you act like the season was a failure. Okay. UK finished better than both Kansas and Syracuse, yet people can only focus on Kentucky. I wonder how many teams would love to have the season UK had? I would say all but 4.

    I think 35 games and the SEC counts for “winning something”.

    UK didn’t get beat because they had a bunch of one-and-dones. They lost because they didn’t have enough consistent outside shooting.

  • http://n/a Bill

    Love the hate from the other programs that we get since Cal came to UK. They need to remember that envy is the most vulgar human emotion there is.

  • http://msn papaw63

    Kentucky may not win the NCAA Tournament but they will be an exciting team to watch again next year, and they bring in millions of dollars to the University. How is your team doing?

  • http://wvurivals Jason

    i think cal and kentucky are dirty and need to look no further on cal than memphis and umass! however cal as dirty as he may be! will recruit good to kentucky because kentucky will sell itself! he may win recruits because he and kentucky are dirty, but lets face it its KY and they are a very respectable basketball school. I would love to see us(wvu) get lamb although i think its a longshot he would make us a contender again next year someone to replace butler’s scoring and were ready to go. doubt it happens! cal should be punished and not just cal but the ncaa let coaches off he hook and punish the schools and thats worng. good luck with lamb with everyone involved he will be a big time player i think. but no matter what kentucky will have no cousins and big men like him are rare i think.

  • None Ya

    It’s obvious, just like last year, UK is going to have a young inexperienced team, but you know what? They got to the Elite Eight, and that in itself is an accomplishment. Doron Lamb, Brandon Knight, Enes Kanter will lead this team far.

    I will also bet, Josh Selby will hop aboard the UK Train to the National Championship!

  • Michael


  • 12thMan

    I dont even care if they win or lose, watching the frosh roller-coaster on teams with ridiculous amounts of talent is really entertaining.

    So thats

    Gilchrist/ Lamb
    *hopefully* Leslie

    that might be a better team

  • dcforuk

    There are cheating players and there are cheating coaches. I just hope that UK can avoid the cheating players that give the perception that your coach is a cheat. But, isn’t that every fan’s hope for their coach. KU fans surely hope the same when Self recruits Selby. As a UK fan, basketball is fun again and the credit goes to Coach Cal. I have UK glasses on and other fans have their KU, WVU etc glasses on. See things as you wish. Go CATS!

  • http://dimemag.com/2010/04/breaking-news-doron-lamb-headed-to-kentucky/ Buck

    Wow how can you say that UK will not be bad ass next year? get real…theyre the real deal and Coach Cal makes allll coaches look silly when it comes to recruiting! ha

  • http://haitianvoodoospells.com Dora Williams

    How do I find ways to get my ex back?