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Breaking News: Lance Stephenson Declares For The NBA Draft‎

Back in Dime #42 (June/July 2008) we declared Lance Stephenson was “Born Ready” saying on the cover that “This 17-year-old would be an NBA star right now.” Well, some things changed. Around swirly accusations surrounding his recruitment, weight/fitness problems and the rumors that he’d become uncoachable, Lance quickly fell from No. 1 prospect en route to the League, to a guy who could never make it out of NYC. Today, after a solid season at Cincinnati where he averaged 12.3 points, 5.4 rebounds and 2.5 assists per game, Stephenson declared for the NBA Draft. Ready or not, here he comes.

“I have decided to withdraw from the University of Cincinnati and enter my name into this year’s NBA draft,” Stephenson said. “After carefully reviewing my options, it is now clear to me that the need to emotionally and financially support my family, especially my young daughter, along with my long-standing and burning passion to play in the NBA, outweighs my desire to return to the University of Cincinnati.

“I want to thank the administration, the athletic department and the entire coaching staff, especially Mick Cronin and Tony Stubblefield at the University of Cincinnati, for their support and guidance over the course of this past year. It was and always will be a privilege to be a Bearcat.”

While most NBA Draft services didn’t have Stephenson pegged to leave this year, it appears the NBA’s unclear future is forcing everybody to try their hand at the League. Who knows where he’ll be taken. NBADraft.net has Lance as the 31st pick in the 2011 NBA Draft, while DraftExpress has him as the 39th pick. Will he get drafted this year? That depends on a lot of things.

First, Stephenson needs to make sure he surrounds himself with the right people. One reason why the first four-time NYC champion committed to Cincinnati a year ago was because schools like St. John’s, Maryland, Memphis, Arizona and even Florida were worried about the baggage he would bring with him.

Second, Stephenson is going to have to impress NBA personnel that he has an improved work ethic. There are tons of guys with talent that never make it to the League. But it’s what you do with that talent (see Ben Wallace) that determines how long you stay there.

What do you think? Should Lance delcare? Should he stay in school?

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  • ENEW




    Who is advising this kid again?

  • yoda

    hes what, 19 years old and has daughter already? damn, does these kids know what condom is?

  • shaw32

    I hope it works out for him, but this is a bad decsion as of now

  • patrick

    Gotta go. What if he gets injured. You can always go back to school. You can become a doctor for about 250k. I don’t think he wants to go to school that long, but you can afford it if you get drafted and play one year in the league.

  • Large

    I think 1 more good year at Cinci puts him in the top 5. He’s a mid to low second rounder at this point.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    Ha! Solid season. When you were supposedly ready for the NBA 2 years ago I’d hardly call 12 and 5 a solid season in college on a team with no distinct star. He was mad disappointing and that disappointment will carry into the NBA. Hello 2nd round.

  • Captain Fantastic

    I wish him no ill. He made an adult decision. Now he has to live with the consequence, good or bad.

  • http://humanbullshit.wordpress.com Ape

    Lets all welcome Tony Allen 2.0



  • karizmatic

    Lance Stephenson is definitely not ready, he should stay in school another year.

  • quest???

    he is not ready at all. WTF HE HAS A DAUGHTER ALL READY??!!? what is up with today’s youth, everyone has a kid

  • ctkennedy

    who is everybody watchin he plays just like tyreke evans with better vision u know he aint scare of nobody in the league he done gave it to half the league that matter in the rucker he the second best prospect period behind john wall

  • spswange

    NOT RREADY! made too many poor decision at cinci to even test the NBA this year.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    Introducing ctkennedy everybody! President of the Lance Stephenson Fan Club.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    Born ready… Living unprepared.

  • Russ

    d-league…here we come.

  • http://www.espn.com Sho-Nuff

    Born Stupid. Nah, stupid is too strong of a word. He’s just immature I guess. The advice he is getting is 100% wrong. He just got cut from that 18U USA team for being immature and what not. He’s 19 and a freshman, wouldn’t someone that popular get advice from Dad and Mom to keep it in your pants or at least strapped up? C’mon man. He’s not even close to being Tyreke, how did he give it to 1/2 the league again. 1/2 the league doesn’t even play at the Rucker anymore.

    Put him and X. Henry on the board and who are you taking first?

  • Celticsdada

    Classic case of Dime curse. smh

  • ctkennedy

    r u serious what is he missin for the league? everybody in here knew that he didnt fit no college system and everybody on the bearcats swear they r nice..all he needs to work on is his jumpshot and d but who dont as far bein a iso player he can give niggas buckets right now

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    @ctkennedy post 19

    Maturity and work ethic. He’s a project right now. He has potential but I think most NBA GM’s are moving away from drafting based on potential especially with the new CBA’s and potential lockout’s looming. Smart GM’s do not want to commit first round money to potentials.

    He will get drafted because somebody will take a chance but he’s far from a lock to be a star.

  • karizmatic

    LOL @ spliff

    Born ready kivng unprepared, that’s funny.

  • ctkennedy

    90percent of the players r based on potential he already has a skill that he does better than 80percent of the league which is iso and go to work ala jamal crawford jr smith flip murray and a couple others is he a franchise player no but r u really so sure that tyreke evans if he a quote on quote pg and cant play with kevin martin then who can he play with ..there is only about 5 or 7 franchise players in the whole league with 2 or 3 of them debatable

  • Young C

    Hope it works out for him, but he could use another year. At the same time, he could bring a team some scoring.


    Did he or someone else write that statement?

  • Spliff 2 My Lou


    I don’t even think he read that statement.


    Lance coulda used another year, and he really shoulda been playin pg @ Cincy in my opinion. I agree w/ ctkennedy, gonna b similar to reke in the league. A big pg that will get buckets, and has better vision than people give him credit for. He needs work on his j and defense, but how many other dudes in the draft can we say that about. Best of luck to tha dude


    i guess getting drafted in the 2nd round is what’s poppin nowadays


    and those sayin this dude is like tyreke is an idiot…tyreke put up better numbers than lance…had better percentages…and took his team farther…sooo kill that noise

  • http://www.worldstarhiphop.com da real

    if he goes to a bad team that will give him 20 plus miutes next year he will be in the rookie all-star game. he is just too talented a scorer

  • Mikey F Baby

    As a UC fan this sucks on every level. Hell, he’s going to school for free. You mean he can’t find a way to make a little money for another year.

    Maybe his grades are so damn bad he wouldn’t be eligible next year anyway. Good riddance. He didn’t pick UC anyway, it was his last option.

  • Promoman

    Lance should stay in school. His stock’s dropped off big-time within the past year and he had a lot to prove after getting the boot from the US World Team and he became radioactive in the recruiting landscape. He didn’t make noise with the Bearcats at all. This is a bad move for him.

  • http://dime eyes

    Name me one European on this years or next years draft board better. Does Kansas make it further with Lance instead of Bum Henry. If Jodie Meeks get drafted lance is lottery. He’s in between Flip Murray & Rodney Stuckey. He’ll be fine. Also could it be he’s a better pro than college player

    How would have Lebron faired in college. I don’t think he would have put up the monster stats ya’ll think. Hopefully he goes to a team that wants him & not one that picks him for other reasons like Sebastian. He’s probably the 5 best prospect in this current draft. He was kicked of the US team to send a message. Everyone is a family who doesn’t like him. St. JOhn’s would have had him had they proven themselves worthy of a basketball team of recent. Cincy was bad this yr & it wasn’t because of him. He should have been in the league already except for that dumb rule.

    He’ll also savage Weseley Johsnon & might give Evan Turner problems if they went at it. He seemed bored in college. Skills aren’t the problem. The right team & mentor & this kid could be a star for years to come. So much negativity for a 19yr old kid. Times have change. Society isn’t the same as when we grew up. TV & Sports stars are people’s role models. Playoffs/Parents Parents. Kids are having kids. What do you expect?

    Is Chris Duhon or Steve Blake better than Sebastian Telfair. Was Duhon given a franchise for 1 &1/2 years & did mostly nothing. When given the oppurtunity you should be based on that. Sure he hasn’t lived up to the hype. Bust is far fetched.

    Gallinari isn’t better than Lenny Cooke now. I’m out like Ginobli losing it.

  • sh!tfaced

    LOL. Born ready my ass.

  • ben1en

    While I’m not going to lie the kid can score, he is not a smart person. I mean book smart. My friend is his cousin and he said he can’t do 8th grade math and he has serious trouble reading. But he is talented, and he could be a big 2nd round steal. The right team with the right coach lets him run the show and big numbers will come from the 6’5 point guard. He stepped it up in the Big East tourney so he likes the big stage. Best of luck to Born Ready, Living Unprepared (credit to Spliff 2 my Lou)

  • K Dizzle

    So tired of dudes who ain’t ready usin the “it appears the NBA’s unclear future is forcing everybody to try their hand at the League.” to opt outta college and go pro. NBA ain’t goin nowhere. They gonna work some numbers and the league’ll be back to the same ol. What do people actually think? The NBA gonna shut down and every prospect in college gon be like “Damn, I knew I shoulda jumped to the NBA for that last year of ball before they shut down forever” Squash that please! Contracts might change, but the reality is if you can ball, you still gonna get yours.

    Stop comparin Reke to Lance. Not the same player, not the same work ethic, not the same impact on their college team.
    Newsflash: Just cuz a kid was a GOD in high school in New York doesn’t automaticaally mean he gonna tear up the league. Matter fact, who was the last NYC high school start who lit up the league? Marbury? And don’t gimme that Melo ish?
    Face it, the best NYC products RIGHT NOW both play for my Lakers, LO and Ron Ron. Unless u wanna throw Blatche, Brand or Charlie V in the mix, then face facts.
    Lance COULD be good, but like his statement says, it’s a financial decision first and about his dreams after…
    Unfortunately for him, he’ll fall to a good team who won’t have minutes for him and it’s gonna test his resolve. No hate tho. Best of luck that he goes to a good situation…

  • Heckler

    omar cook and bassy telfair relived.
    go for money bro. but be warned, your gonna be in the d-league next year and out of the nba entirely after your rookie contract.

    get that money, but SAVE that money.

    dont be riding down the streets of Harlem in a bentley and broke as shit the next summer

  • bone0315

    Yet another over-hyped NYC product. Can someone tell me who the last supsterstar to come from NYC was? Kareem?

  • Sweet English

    Can you say ‘d-league?’

  • @IlluminatiDre