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High School Star C.J. Leslie Picks N.C. State over Kentucky

Word of God Academy (Raleigh, N.C.) forward C.J. Leslie is one of the 10 best prep players in the country, period. Originally committed to N.C. State, Leslie re-opened his recruiting last year, making his one of the most intriguing stories in the 2010 class. The All-American also happens to be one of its most exciting players. C.J. agreed to give Dime and High School Hoop exclusive access in a regular diary about his season and the recruiting process as he inched closer to a decision. In an excerpt from his latest entry, C.J. talks about finally picking a college:

*** *** ***

… Well, I wanted to let you all know that I decided to re-commit to N.C. State! It was just the best decision for me. I feel like Coach (Sidney) Lowe can get guys to the next level. He obviously played in the league and he did it with J.J. Hickson.

It came really close with Kentucky. Not because my boy John Wall went there, but because Coach (John) Calipari is just a great coach, too.

In the end it was between those two and UConn and all of the schools offered great situations, but it came down to where I felt the most comfortable and where I felt the most at home and that was at State. I have so much respect for Coach Lowe, and I know that he’s going to make me the best player I can be. My boy John did his thing at Kentucky. I’ll pave my own way at N.C. State. I really put all of the research in this time because obviously I committed one time before and I really wanted to make sure that this was the best decision for me. I really did my homework!

When I committed, Coach Lowe and the staff were really happy about it. I was really happy too and so was my family. I’m just excited right now.

Of course my boy Ryan Harrow (Walton, Ga.) is coming to State too, and that really helped, just knowing that I’d be playing with him. He always says that I’m the best at my position and I really feel like he’s the best point guard, too. Oh, and my boy TaShawn Mabry (Rocky Mount, N.C.) is coming to State, too. Go ahead and write that down because he is coming! We’re getting him to State! He’s coming because I said it! He’s the last part of a big recruiting class and we need him. That’s my man and he is SOOOO underrated. I’m telling you, he is the most underrated player in the country, in my opinion. He is ridiculously skilled and he just didn’t get a chance like other players, but if he comes to State and everything works out like I know it will he will be talked about as much as anyone on the team. Remember I said that.

With him coming our class has to be top five in the country. Has to! I think we’ll be top five in the country in the preseason too … We’ll get to the ACC Tournament championship game and we’ll go to the Final Four in the tournament. I’m telling you, I should be an analyst.

You can read the rest of C.J.’s diary at HighSchoolHoop.com.

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  • David Johnson

    Welcome to the Pack! Looking forward to watching the team play next season.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Lucas Shapiro

    And now I have officially hopped on the NC State bandwagon…

  • Ben Riedlinger

    Welcome to the Wolfpack CJ we are so glad you signed and can’t wait to see you on campus next year!

  • KG

    The Pack is (finally) Back! Thank you CJ, I can finally be excited about NC State basketball again.

  • Gunner J. Matthews


  • ay yo.

    Great news! I saw him play in HS, and I can’t wait to see him play at NC State.

    If anything, the ACC is going to be extremely competitive this coming yr!

  • lifep

    Yeahhhhhhhhh Boooyyyeeee!!!!! NC STATE NCAA Tourney Champs 2011!!!

  • ctkennedy

    cj nice and all but the key to this workin is lorenzo brown

  • Chris

    As a Big Blue fan, I wish CJ the best….good luck and Congrats to the Wolfpack….Beat Duke. GO Big Blue.

  • Jforrest

    I, too, am a big blue fan and wish CJ the best. The Wolfpack should be back and I will root for you guys as you play in the ACC. I hope you beat the h*ll out of duke and that efeminate powder blue school.

  • spswange

    Big UNC fan here; but very happy State is getting a good recruiting class this year. hopefully they will compete and show why the ACC is the BEST conference.

  • Jim Whitworth

    UK fan who wishes you the best at NC State! Would have loved to have had you in Lexington.

  • http://averypage.blogspot.com averypage.blogspot.com

    this gives me cold chills. knowing that we could be a contender next year! and now hearing that mabry is coming too! CRAZY PACK NATION. wolf pack fan since i was in the womb. 15 years later still as passionate as i can get. just heard that tracy smith is leaving tho, =[