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Carmelo dominates Day 1 of NBA Playoffs; KG fights Miami solo

Carmelo Anthony, Dime #53

Fights, technicals, rim-abusing dunks, explosive rookie debuts, superstars taking over. Except for a game that actually went down to the wire, Day 1 of the NBA playoffs had just about everything you could want … Carmelo Anthony was the MVP of the day, dropping 42 points (18-25 FG) on the Jazz as Denver took the opener of their series. ‘Melo (rocking the Mister Rogers sweater in the post-game presser) only went to the line four times; this was all pull-up jumpers, drives and buckets in the post, plus one scoop shot he put in with crazy English off the glass as the Nuggets were putting the finishing touches on the W late in the fourth quarter. Not having Andrei Kirilenko on defense obviously hurts the Jazz, but we’re not sure anybody short of Ron Artest in his prime could have f’d with ‘Melo yesterday … It was tied early in the fourth before J.R. Smith (20 pts) knocked down three straight triples, then followed up a miss from the scorer’s table with a long offensive rebound and finger roll. Utah was pretty much done after that … Deron Williams (26 pts, 11 asts) vs. Chauncey Billups (15 pts, 8 asts) is going to be good. If you’ve never seen two PG’s go at each other with the same physicality as power forwards in the Big Ten, watch this series. But with Mehmet Okur leaving the game with an Achilles injury, AK-47 already out, and Carlos Boozer playing with sore ribs, D-Will might wind up trying to do it all by himself again … Of course nobody is going to really remember that the Celtics dominated the fourth quarter against Miami, that their defense shut down Miami’s front line all day, or that they won a tough Game 1 despite Ray Allen (8 pts, 2-9 FG) being almost invisible offensively: This will be remembered for Kevin Garnett trying to beat up the Heat by himself while Paul Pierce and Q-Rich set up what could be a Kobe/Artest-style (or at least Kobe/Raja Bell) rivalry over the next few games … In the final seconds of Boston’s defensive masterpiece, Pierce took a sequence of body-checks from Richardson and Udonis Haslem, and was down in front of Miami’s bench with a hurt shoulder. KG (15 pts, 9 rebs) was leaning over Pierce when Richardson walked up and got a love-tap elbow from KG in the gut. Those two went nose-to-chest, everybody came over to intervene, and during the chaos KG delivered another elbow — this time to Q-Rich’s face, and this time not a love tap. Garnett got kicked out, and a few other guys got technicals. Stay tuned to see if KG gets suspended for the next game … Before that, Garnett was part of the Celtics frontcourt that kept Jermaine O’Neal and Michael Beasley to a combined 14 points on 6-for-22 shooting. (Although Beasley did have one follow dunk where he gave Big Baby a face full of package.) Dwyane Wade put up 26 points in the loss …

Paul Pierce, Dime #5

After the game, Q-Rich questioned whether Pierce’s injury was legit, or was he just “taking a break like he does so many times.” And did seeing Pierce look all victimized at the press conference remind anyone else of the one time he showed up with his jaw taped up to make a point that Indiana was fouling him? … Cavs/Bulls could have been close, except Chicago had no answer for LeBron or Shaq physically. Shaq only played 24 minutes and put up a modest 12 points and 5 boards, but he got Cleveland’s offense going early. NBA TV’s Dennis Scott said Shaq had “given up burgers” during his time away, and he did look a little slimmer and quicker out there … LeBron (24 pts) wasn’t in Takeover Mode until the fourth quarter when the Bulls started to creep back into it, but he didn’t have to dominate. It was a team effort from the Cavs. Seeing as the Bulls used to knock the Cavs out seemingly every year during the Jordan era, is this like payback for Craig Ehlo, Gerald Wilkins, Mark Price and the rest? … The Hawks did what you’re supposed to do against a young team that’s mostly new to the playoffs: Blitz them early and often before they have a chance to get comfortable. While the Bucks were still looking around at all the pretty lights, Atlanta went up 20 in the first quarter and led by 22 at the half. Al Horford and Josh Smith were getting what they wanted inside — a symptom of Andrew Bogut‘s absence — but it was overall a balanced effort … Meanwhile, Milwaukee was a one-man show. Brandon Jennings scored 34 points (14-25 FG), and unless John Salmons gets going ASAP, the rookie will have to consistently put up huge numbers for the Bucks to even have a chance. Jennings knocked down the open shots, but also threw in some crazy ones, like that quick-release one-hand runner fading left from the free throw line … The Bucks rallied in the second half, and with two minutes left, were within single digits. But Joe Johnson (22 pts, 7 rebs, 5 asts, 3 stls) hit an elbow fadeaway with Luc Richard Mbah a Moute draped all over him that was basically the dagger … Atlanta had its crowd do the white-out thing. For a minute we thought we’d stumbled across a Utah home game … We’re out like KG …

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  • That’s What’s Up

    SPURS are gonna roll…

  • QQ

    Celts are still the assholes of yesterday. Only diiference? Aint contenders anymore.

    Can’t wait for the first game. Damnnnnn…

  • That’s What’s Up

    Glad DIME mentioned that Beasley dunk over Big Baby.
    Let’s just say The Big Sweetness wasn’t trying to hard to avoid his face full of Beas Junk

  • Hwm3

    @ # 1

    … Over and die.

  • heartbreaker85

    paul pierce doing his drama queen antics again, someone tell him this aint game 1 of the nba finals from two years ago

  • Adam

    KG, still tusslin’ with the little fella. Not a bad philosophy though, only fight guys at least five inches shorter and thirty pounds lighter than you. He reminds me of when an older brother balls with his little brother and his friends, mostly because the other kids his size know he sucks and show him up.

  • Gunner J. Matthews

    Anderson Varejao is about as coordinated as a paper bag blowing in the wind

  • QQ

    Anyone notice that Dime didn’t use the Gooch nickname? I wonder if they got the clue that it isn’t funny and didn’t make sense… LIKE EVERYONE ELSE DID AFTER TWO MINUTES OF HEARING THAT.

  • vince

    Goitta love KG’s elbow/back-pedal combo. Big Ole Pussy.

  • ro

    Pierce wan’t injured as everyone saw in the slow-mos. He just got pushed into the ref that’s all. Oh by the way if that’s what celtics fan think injured him.. he’s 6’6 and about 260 pounds.. shoudn’t get bothered by a little contact. KG should be suspended for the next game for the elbows..

  • sh!tfaced

    We all knew Paul Pierce could always to step it up in the playoffs – not only with his game, but the acting as well…

    No surprise: Quentin and Paul have been yapping it up for years, since Q’s days with the Knicks (Griz, Clips and Wolves…).

    Big surprise: Tony Allen. Made us all forget about James Posey, Leon Powe, Sheed, Marquis, Ray’s forgettable game and Nate’s 6 second playoff debut (at least for this game).

  • jackie moon

    KG even pushed one of the refs during the scuffle.

    and though i respect KG’s intensity, i’d like to see J.O. flatten him out once in this series

    rondo dishing sweet dimes but dude really has to get a J going.

  • sh!tfaced

    @8… yeah. lol. thank god the gooch nick slowly faded away and died a natural death…? finally forgotten, at last…

  • That’s What’s Up

    post 4 – it figures someone who never posts on this site would bring some weak shit.
    Good luck to your Fagericks tonight

  • JJ

    Stupid KG..you would think after so many years in the league he would be able o control that ‘emotion’ and not pull off suck childish antics…a move like that could end up costing boston a game or series even…
    stop being a child KG and be a man, in everyway.

  • Arno

    The 3 Eastern conf games were ugly : 35% shooting and 25% 3pts shooting. When things get serious, buckets get tight in the East.
    Nuggets / Jazz was a great game, anyway.

  • Adam

    Sounds like a certain Spurs fanboy is gettin’ a bit antsy, gotta suck knowing that your season is ending already. Hey, at least you’re better than Houston!

  • baron


  • K Dizzle

    Brandon Jennings was a beast yesterday. Dude SINGLEHANDEDLY kept his squad within 20 and then started makin the Hawks real nervous. Man, if Bogut was healthy, what coulda been…
    Anyways, even if the ROY voting done already, BJ got some respect yesterday cuz dude been gettin dogged by the Reke and Curry camps recently

  • RC

    KG is being a douche again. I don’t know what he’s trying to prove by acting like that. Although I’m rooting for the Celtics on the series, I didn’t like how KG acted. What a big difference when he was in his prime and being a class act. Now he is old, slow, cant defend anymore and being a douche.

    Melo is the man! And I love how Chauncey out muscled Deron in the post.

    Can’t wait for the Lakers vs Thunder.

  • Mario

    Wow, keeping O’Neal & Beasley to 14 points…now THATS impressive. Roll over Cleveland LOL

  • Bill


    The three games in the East may have been ugly but anyone who’s more than a casual fan can appreciate the defensive efforts in those games.

    Jazz and Nuggets was a offensive highlight but no team will win a championship 113 and 126 points.

    Btw, guys c’mon, what did you guys expect?
    The playoffs don’t actually get underway until there’s a Paul Pierce injury and a KG elbow.
    KG elbows at least one person in every playoffs that he’s had the chance to win a chip in. That includes his MVP season in minny. Peeler can die.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    Mavericks win in a laugher tonight.

    @ Bill hahahaha I can’t believe that you brought up Peeler! KG looked like he was gonna barf when Peeler hit him.

  • Duke

    Kg’s skills are declining and he needs some way to be relevant. That’s why he’s being a dick.

  • MC

    Fagericks?! LOL…OMG you are so immature

  • the cynic

    You know the playoffs have started when Pierce starts faking injuries.

    Kg continues to prove that it takes hard work to be a douche bag, but he keeps finding a way. Celtics are lucky Bogut got hurt or the Bucks would have wiped the floor with the celtics

  • nola

    MC, you’re kidding right?

  • RonNation

    if memo didn’t get hurt jazz would have won that game

  • Celts Fan

    Punk move by KG; that’s all that’s gotta be said. If he goes for game 2 it’s his own damn fault.

    Though I think Pierce did really get hurt for a secnd. You guys all act like guys never go down and stay down for a minute without being out for the year. And y’all talking about him falling into the ref, ever hear of a head/neck injury? That looked like what it was at first. Ease up bitches. We know you ain’t getting hurt from your mom’s couch so you don’t know what it’d feel like.

  • Paul Wall

    RonNation- How do you figure?

  • the cynic

    @celts fan

    have you heard the story of the boy who cried wolf

  • ScoGo

    To the referees of game 1 Bull/Cavs:
    The Cavs do not need your help. Greatness will win out. Making up stuff is good if you’re Aesop. The first half tape should get someone arrested.

    So there are two schools of thought. Either these guys are on the take or they are on order of the commissioner to not let the East’s 1:8 matchup mean anything.

  • http://www.getbuckets.anywhere.com Chicagorilla

    Anyone notice how Jermaine O’Neal was not to be f^ked with during that scuffle in Bos? O’Neal got his Debo on by first pushing Big Baby to the ground, but then when Big Baby made it to his feet, he wanted NO PARTS OF O’Neals haymaker ability. Glen Davis for some reason ignored JO (face to face with him) even though he was the one who pushed him down, and tried yelling at Quentin Richardson instead who was being held back several feet away. In short, JO is one the more respected cats in the NBA when it comes to scrapping, and Big baby is a coward.

  • jace

    kg should def get suspended.

    q-rich mightve gone up there.. but it only escalated because kg threw the first elbow….. and second.

    if q-rich said anything.. still doesn’t make it right for kg to elbow him…

    people talk trash all throughout the season.. the only reason that those other games don’t escalate is because there wasnt any physical contact. its fair to say kg is at the fault of this.

  • http://www.getbuckets.anywhere.com Chicagorilla

    @Scogo… I didn’t want to say anything about the refs in any of these playoff games (esp the Bulls/Cavs), I just left it alone

  • AirKaris

    Great to see cheap-shot Kevin-run-like-a-bitch-Garnett get suspended for game two basically because of Paul-cry-like-a-bitch-Pierce’s drama queen antics.

    Go Heat.

  • M Intellect

    I saw JO get his grizzly on too! LOL

  • TheRealTyrone

    Yo Chicagorilla,

    LMAO you got jokes. JO is a wily old cat. CHECK CHECK. JERRY STACKHOUSE is THE REALEST NIGGA in the NBA. MELO BETTER WATCH HIS BACK IF BUCKS LOSE, mah man STACK be gettin his DEEEBO ON… JO be like “mah grandmama gey mee dat chayye..”

    Peace out. Talk is cheap muthaf**ker. True thugs NEVER wipe their ass.

  • Sweet English

    ‘one scoop shot he put in with crazy English off the glass’

    Surely you mean SWEET?

    That shot was crazy though. It was like Melo was playin beer pong on the court. And it’s nice to hear someone call it English (therefore making my nickname relevant) again, it seems everyone kinda forgot that technical term for a while and has just been callin it ‘backspin’ and shit. last time i checked, roger federer wasnt playin ball.

  • Sweet English

    Oh shit…..

    Tyrone is that really you son?

  • Sweet English

    I don’t think Jermaine would be too happy with you callin his Grandma gay though.


    The playoffs. It’s the moooost wonderful tiiiime, of the yeeeear.

  • sh!tfaced

    What?! No be glass eatin’ dish dopey dimes…?

  • http://facebook.com/Mr.Brogden Mr. Brogden

    Andy has skills, Control. You’re wrong.

    MELO is ballin’ on a whole ‘nother other level.

    So is JAMEER.

    OKC doesn’t have a chance against the Show.

    ‘BROOK was MURDERING Fish.
    Just like ROSE was DESTROYING Mo and Delonte.

    Artest hair cut gots to go.

    If Andre and Jarryd keep it up, Suns going home in 6.

    BUCKS can’t compete with the HAWKS.

    He’s like Mel from Baby Boy with these n***as.
    Ol’ Head with a chip on his shoulder.
    Likes to take on the weaker but barks at anyone.
    That’s the key to KG…he’ll talk his s*** to anyone and he’ll only back down IF the dude seems
    1-more hood than him or
    2-looks like he can whoop some serious azz

  • http://Dime Celt4life

    Oh my god! so many blind Fcks! Did anybody see Peirce get fouled or was that just acting too?!? Yes he wasn’t hurt but when the ref is in front of you and you get hacked acting (flopping)is better than bitching and a tech. Kg should have kept his head but he is (and always has been)the enforcer out there.Again I’m a big Celtics fan and have been court side a few times, I don’t like the trash talking but the celts give as good as they get. It’s just not them!

  • Drew S

    Yes Sir,Keep sleeping on my Nuggets,while we sweep Utah and wait on the Lakers or Thunder we are going to make it out the West this year mark my words..