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Celtics burn Miami without KG; Kobe and Durant shoot it out

Ray Allen (photo. Jordan Brand)

Any speculation about how Boston would cope without Kevin Garnett in Game Two was silenced around the time they slapped a 21-0 run on Miami in the second quarter. By the time the C’s went on another 18-0 run in the third, it was just a matter of exactly how much the Heat could embarrass themselves. You know it’s bad when it’s still the third quarter and the announcers — whose job is to convince us NOT to turn away in a blowout — are clowning Erik Spoelstra for believing Miami could get the margin within 10 points … Big Baby couldn’t have done a better job filling in for KG, putting up 23 points and 8 boards and nearly turning Mario Chalmers into a chocolate crepe when he fell on top of him. (And Chalmers got called for the foul.) Ray Allen did the damage outside, hitting 7 threes on his way to 25 points … For Miami, it was literally a one-man show. Dwyane Wade (29 pts, 5 asts) wasn’t just the only guy in red creating offense, he was the only guy who seemed to give a crap. Wade was sticking threes, blocking shots and getting follow dunks, all while his teammates played like they were more concerned with what was being served on the flight back to South Beach … If you sat Marv Albert down, injected him with truth serum and asked what he really thinks of Reggie Miller‘s abilities behind the mic, what would Marv say? … Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant staged the shootout we all wanted to see, and OKC gave the Lakers all they could handle before narrowly losing a close one at Staples. Trading buckets down the stretch, Kobe finished with 39 points (12-28 FG, 13-15 FT) while Durant had 32 points (12-26 FG, 5-6 FT), but in the end it was decided by free throws and by KD having to rely on his teammates to come through … L.A. was up four in the last two minutes after Kobe hit a pull-up and two free throws, and then Durant got stripped by Ron Artest to start a fast break. Shannon Brown had a highlight dunk in his sights before Nick Collison turned into an Oklahoma Sooners linebacker and leveled him on the run. The dumb part is that despite it being nothing more than a hard postseason foul, if Collison hadn’t caught Brown and prevented him from a nasty fall, the refs definitely would have called a flagrant … Jeff Green cut L.A.’s lead to one with about 20 seconds left on a spinning hook shot that should have been an and-one, then after Kobe split a pair of FT’s, Durant missed an unnecessary three. Pau Gasol (25 pts, 12 rebs) then split some free throws, and with KD smothered on OKC’s last possession, Green had to take the potential game-tying trey and missed …

Kobe Bryant (photo. Chris Sembrot)

Artest changed his hair slightly, going with a more yellow-ish blond than the orange tint he had in Game 1 and adding black designs. Ron-Ron and DJ Mbenga looked like the Golden Lords from Meteor Man … If you missed it yesterday, our newest DimeTV installment has us going to OKC to kick it with James Harden, who shows us his new house (with recording studio), his new shoes, and takes us car shopping with him. Check it out HERE … No time for Andre Miller‘s crafty heroics last night, as Suns/Blazers was over early. True to form, Jason Richardson hit his first few shots and paved the way for a big game, and with Portland blowing layups and tossing up airballs, Phoenix never looked back. J-Rich (29 pts) scored 15 in the first quarter and 20 in the first half, while Grant Hill (10-11 FG) had 16 of his 20 points before halftime … During a stoppage in play, a bee flew onto Channing Frye‘s shoulder, sitting there for a second before Frye smacked it and may or may not have killed it. Somewhere, PETA is angrily blogging. And now Channing joins Manu Ginobili on the list of guys who probably shouldn’t be seen out wearing a fur coat until this dies down … You could trace the turning point of Hawks/Bucks to one sequence. Late first quarter, Atlanta was up four when Brandon Jennings got swatted by Joe Johnson (27 pts), leading to a Jamal Crawford three. Next possession, Luc Richard Mbah a Moute‘s layup got snuffed out by Josh Smith (21 pts, 14 rebs, 9 asts), setting up Marvin Williams‘ and-one dunk. Suddenly the Hawks were up 10, and Milwaukee was playing catch-up the rest of the way … Jennings needs to watch a lot of Tony Parker game tapes this summer. Too many times Jennings (9 pts, 3-15 FG) had his man beat off the dribble, but went all the way to the rim and got rejected rather than hitting a floater or pull-up jumper. He’s been doing that all season. Right before halftime Dominique Wilkins said, “Jennings hasn’t figured it out yet; The Hawks have good shot-blockers.” … NBA Draft update: Louisville sophomore PF/C Samardo Samuels, BYU junior PG Jimmer Fredette, Oklahoma freshman PF Tiny Gallon, and Nevada sophomore PF Luke Babbitt are all going pro. Honestly, out of that whole group, Jimmer is the only guy who might get picked in the first round … We’re out like the Golden Lords …

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  • Sambuu

    Heat getting blown out with KG sitting out… maybe Celtics play better without him…

  • YW

    u r not going to believe this, but beaseley is more derrick coleman than derrick coleman, what a surprise.

  • Bill

    Why name him Gooch when technically he’s had this nickname since last year’s playoffs.

  • http://NBA.com RapTOr


    The Celtics’ win had to do more with the Heat losing than the Celtics winning. KG is still the leader of the team, albeit his fading skill set. Don’t get it twisted.

  • Jerry

    I’d like to know how many blocks each player received, ESPECIALLY Gasol.


    On the Miami Heat — Barkley said it best — Micheal Jackson (Wade) and a bunch of Titos Jackson! I concur sir, I concur!

  • sh!tfaced

    For one of the best trash talkers of all time, Reggie doesn’t even know his wrestling, calling Big Baby’s take down on Chalmers a “pile driver”.

    And Jermaine “Jackson” O’Neal did swat the Ticket Stub 5 times…

  • fabferu

    ibaka has 7 blocks and gets no love?!?

  • schoops

    Celtics are terrible this year, Miami is just worse.

  • That’s What’s Up

    Jason Terry farted near Dirk Nowitzki and Bennett Salvatore called the foul on Tim Duncan

    (tomorrow’s recap, a day early)

  • JAY

    Re: “Michael Jackson and a bunch of Titos”
    Barkley has been recycling that reference for a while now. He needs new material.

  • Kermit The Washington

    Ibaka was swatting EVERYTHING last night.

  • bsteezy3

    Heat were totally embarrassed last night…

  • Clemo

    Reggie – really good player… but on the mic?… his voice alone is sooooooo annoying!!!

  • ShowKase


  • karizmatic

    Ray Allen just murdered the Heat, it was almost sad to watch. Yeah Marv would say what we all know Reggie is terrible on the mic….and I’m out like Kodak moments…

  • control

    Is it too early to call Beasley a bust? Jermaine, 1 for 10? Boston didn’t win, Miami just gave that shit away…disgusting.

    I think Brandon Jennings might set a record for being blocked the most amount of times in a play off series. 5 times in game 1, 4 last night…does he not realize that he’s like 5’10 110lbs going against guys who are 6’9 245lbs? I know he doesn’t have any help really, but come on…

    29 point beat down for the Suns…does that mean they have momentum in the series, or do they have to win on Portland’s floor first?

  • MoxWestCoastRep

    Babbit is easily a first rounder.

  • Jason

    Umm Jimmer Fredette is a Junior and has not hired an agent. He is expected to return to BYU.

  • QQ

    Haha surprising to see a one man team like the Heat with the number 5 spot. I mean, line em up with Chicago, and I’ll thank the Heat are more 8th seed material. Must have peaked at the right time, and when the playoffs started, returned to who they really are: Dwyane Wade and a bunch of guys with jerseys pretending to play basketball.

    And before Celts bandwagon fans storm these boards, let me speak: Slow your roll. Your team STILL aint winning shit.

  • The Journeyman

    @ Control

    call me crazy but I have that strange feeling that if the Suns can pull out the series win..i have them winning the WEST representing !

  • JH

    @ Control: You crazy

    @ Dime: Jason is right…Jimmer is a Jr. w/o an agent.

    The 1st round in the East is just a formality.

  • LakeShow84

    Both team played hard last night..

    That Thunder team will be contenders if they sign Amare or Bosh this offseason.. quote me..

    They got mismatches all over offense and they play HARD DEFENSE.. one big with solid offense and that young team is bonafide..

    Talk about almost handing over a game.. usually when we miss FT’s in the stretch like that we lose.. Durant had me staring at my TV saying

    “please Durant dont do this to us, please”

    And then he rushed his 3 :)

    Artests offense is so UGLY.. geez man hit a shot.. i’ve never seen one man replacing a roleplayer change the dynamic of a team like this.. i could see a PG doing it but damn.. ever since we signed Artest our offense has hit the skids.. but the D is so NASTY..

    @ DIME

    “Jeff Green cut L.A.’s lead to one with about 20 seconds left on a spinning hook shot that should have been an and-one”

    Is that even neccessary to say??

    U guys are officials now?? you guys tryna voice ur opinions on bullshit calls?? Nah i dont think you do considering the blind eyes i know on this site..

    Cut all that noise..

  • http://facebook.com/Mr.Brogden Mr. Brogden

    Shame on the Heat for trying to go jumper for jumper with the Celtics.

    That s*** was disgusting.
    They just kept going tit for tat on jumpers but missing HORRIBLY. I hate watching bad basketball.

    Even worst, I hate seeing Nate launch meaningless 3s to stretch the lead past 30. I mean, they already covered (vegas talk). They already won. What’ya tryna prove? Or is that just Nate being Nate? Well, Nate’s an a**hole.

    Bibby and Crawford miss FOURTEEN SHOTS and they still win by 10. hahahaha, yeah time stab the Bucks with a fork.

    Suns don’t have the momentum.

    Portland had the mindset of, “All we gotta do is win one here and come back home either 2 up or tied.”

    They did that. Now time to go home and get 1 up on them. We know the Suns got problems on the road.

    Lakers got a decent squad led by TWO HORSES.
    For some reason I think I’ve seen that INSIDE/OUTSIDE COMBO before. I’ve seen TWO HORSES destroy teams back in ’01.

    Back then it was a young Kobe and a prime Shaq. Now it’s an old Kobe and a prime Pau. How will that play out against a young Bron and an old Shaq? Let’s say a young Bron and an old Kobe cancels each other out leaving us with Prime Pau and Old Shaq. Who wins that matchup? Ooops too soon, we’re still in the 1st round, my bad.

  • LakeShow84

    @ Brogden

    Unfortunately ill take Old Shaq..

    Id love for Gasol to prove me wrong tho..

  • http://facebook.com/Mr.Brogden Mr. Brogden


    It depends on what happens after Pau catches an elbow to the side of the face with NO FOUL from Ol’ Shaq.

    If he gets bow’d then gets mad and balls on some next level s*** then you take the Spaniard.

    If he gets bow’d then gets mad and disappears from the game even though he’s on the floor then you take the Old Guy.


    I’d rather have the INSIDE/OUTSIDE COMBO of Kobe/Pau, Shaq/Bron, Kobe/Shaq, fuck, even pick the Big Baby/Ray, young/prime anytime.

    Rather than the OUTSIDE/OUTSIDE COMBO of Dwight/Lewis, Dwight/Jameer, Dwight/Vince young/prime or whatever.

    Before you ride the Magic bandwagon, hear this: Slow your roll. Your team ain’t GONNA win shit with the LIVE BY THE THREE/DIE BY THE THREE MENTALITY.

  • nola

    @en fuego

    wtf are you saying? i understand your point but what the hell is that outside/outside combo noise? how is dwight outside?

  • JH

    Nola said it right…how is Dwight outside? En Fuego isn’t making sense.

  • http://facebook.com/Mr.Brogden Mr. Brogden

    @28 nola – I was just thinking the same thing!

    I never saw Dwight shoot outside the box…ever.

    In a very subtle way, I believe he doesn’t like Orlando’s tendency to shoot three-pointers. lol


    That’s because Dwight DOESN’T have a real inside game. Orlando’s offense relies on the OUTSIDE game.

  • http://dime eyes

    Brandon Jennings is a rookie If I remember correctly. Who got a team with it’s best player out(Injury). Also they’re whole post presence shelved after being on a role. Give him a break or would you have rathered the hardware & sitting home watching the playoffs

    The Refs should wear MVP puppets masks. You cannot win a game playing 5 on 9. Refs & someone up top. From the offensive foul called on Durant in the closing minutes of the game on Gasol(BULL). The blocking foul for Kobe called on the next possesion he didn’t earn. The faint contact called on Jeff Green not touching Kobe. Sending him to the line. Jeff Green was also clearly fouled on the layup to tie the game at the end. Durant lose the ball on the play. Due to the fact he realized we CAN’T WIN. Uphill battles that are rigged are most of the time SENSELESS.

    Can Dime please put up that Russel Westbrook dunk attempt from beyond the dotted line on Bynum & Gasol coming over. HIs face was above the rim. Best missed dunk of the year. Had he thrown that down. It would have been by far more impressive than anything Lebron has done this year. Please peep the video before calling me a hater.

    D.Wade leave while you can. Chicago is where it is. Rose,Wade & Stoudemire. Throw in Rudy Gay. Get rid of Hinrich he’s not that good. Give up Luol Deng for Iguodala. Brad Miller for Dalambert or try to swindle Brandon Bass out of Orlando. Javele Mcgee would be nice too.

    Projected line up 2010-11 Bulls
    Gay or Beasley
    Brandon Bass
    Boozer or Amare
    Draft Sherron Collins the hometown & bring back Q Rich.
    Javele Mcgee & Nick young

    Get rid of Hinrich & Deng for Iguodala & Lou Williams. Dalembert could even shore up the middle.

  • http://dime eyes

    Jeff Green is SOFTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. He’s the next Charlie Villanueva or Lamar Odom. Will always tease you with all the ability & skill. Yet he will never come through. He doesn’t even try to play Defense. If Westbrook continues to improve he will easily be a future top 5 guard in this league. He’s still learning. Both he & Durant are to nice guys. It’s why you need a bad ass every once in a while. Serge Ill Ibaka is a beast. I would have drafted Stephen Curry instead of Harding. Has talent but isn’t REAL.

    2 Nights in a row & you could see in Dantley & Brooks face they were cheated,robbed,hoodwinked,bamboozeled,run amock. How does cheating become legal. If they cheat why not us. It’s funny a ref could call a horrible game. While if you react you’re penalized. That is like authority always being right eventhough they’re always wrong.

    N.B.A. is a scripted movie. I really question every player with a ring & have sympathy for all those robbed along the way. Does it have to be a Lakers & Cavs finals. That’s what ratings & everyone wants to see. If it happens then what? Same thing until they retire.

    Also what do you think you do to a innocent Kevin Durant who thinks the league is fair. Does he have to swallow it & wait his turn? It really isn’t worth watching once you know the outcome. Even Barkley spoke his mind on TNT. About the bad offensive foul & the And one on Green. Ron fixed his hear to match the Lakers colors & sneakers. It actually was pretty dope this time around. How did he turn from Ron of last year to a completely non skilled player in L.A. (See Kobe) It happened to Lamar &Pau. Who were both better players in Miami & Memphis. Winning just thrust them into the spotlight where everything matters more now.

    I see why Shaq hated Kobe. Was I the only one that thought Bean’s pop looked liked Wesley Snipes sitting at the end of the bench. The Nike hat looked like a 2000. Come on man. The built for T.V. love/moment was to staged. Also that foul Collison put on Shannon Brown was very clean & how you’re supposed to foul. Stop but prevent injury. He should be used for example. Brown could have gotten hurt had he let go. Same for Bogut. Amare could have caught him or aided his fall. Just think if it were you. INJURIES SUCK.

    Does Blake Griffin or either John Wall have to win R.O.Y. next year?????????

  • A.R.

    @ Eyes

    What the hell makes you think all that is going to happen for the Bulls next year? At best they’ll get one of those star players you named and possibly one of the sorrier players like Javale. And I don’t think a Hinrich & Deng for Iggy and Lou will be happening at all.

    Moving on…

    Loved to see Kobe get it in like that last night. Gotta admit he had me a bit worried after game 1 but like he said after 13 years we should all know better. Really would of like to Bynum get the ball more though. I think he could really dominate this series and it would boost his confidence and raise his level of play against the upcoming opponent(s).

  • LAballer

    i was actually going to respond to eyes thinking it was worth the trouble speaking to a short bus child and then he called hair, “hear”… moving on…

    thanks for the meteor man joke dime..i only said that a couple days ago..

    damn the thunder are fun to watch..they deserved to win that game yesterday with how retarded the lakers were playing..i think kenny smith said it..but the lakers are definitely hollywood..cocky with a feeling of self entitlement..like they can just show up and win..that attitude needs to change…then again that attitude has been there since i can remember so i guess it aint changing soon..

    poor wade..like i said the other day..zo? antoine walker? payton? someone? shit..where’s glenn rice? he needs macadoo to suit up or something..anyyyyone..

  • LakeShow84

    @ EYEZ

    Ill tell you why Shaq hated Kobe..

    Hes a hatin ass lil kid.. damn near the PERFECT definition of a HATER.. Does Shaq have ANY ties to his former teams?? Does he chop it up with DWade before any games?? how about Nash??

    And you bringing up Lamar Odom?? drafted by the Clippers and didnt do SQUAT?? was SENT to Miami (who trades a SUPPOSED BEAST??) Best year was in Miami where they were what an 7th, 8th seed in the EAST?? and didnt a certain rookie basically TAKE OVER that team during the same PLAYOFF run?? damn a rookie taking over a vet’s team during the playoffs.. hmmmmmm

    Should i even touch the 7ft Spaniard “franchise player” who didnt win ONE PLAYOFF GAME in 16 tries?? hmmmmmmm

    So much noise in here today..

    And for the record the Thunder shot MORE FT’s last night..

    AND from a Laker fans angle i didnt enjoy watching the Thunder march to the line in the closing minutes of the 2nd and 3rd off touch fouls..

  • K Dizzle

    Dwight hit that smooth 3 at the all-star game tho.

    And u gotta be high if you ain’t takin the Magic seriously…that beng said, I want my Lakers and the Cavs

  • http://dime eyes

    @36..Did the Mamba do anything or win anything W/O the above mentioned. I rest my case. Are L.A. fans that bottled up in Kobe Bryant. Damn. It’s not that serious. Kobe is arguably one of the greatest to ever do it. At least accept some of his faults. Calling out your own Lake’s at the expese of one player is kind of SILLY.

    @35..Were you trying to stop me from expressing myself? What was that comment actually meant to do. You must have a bigger set. Tough replies are softer than foam fingers. What the hell is a short bus child?? I could call you a PRICK. Damn i stooped even shorter. Talking basketball doesn’t require a P.H.D. All the L.A. fans with it being you’re year to win again. I wish you luck. If you so happen to lose. I’ll remain silent & let you guys figure it out. How do you think you guys will fair in the upcoming years. I hope you don’t think as dominant as the past.

    Kobe was just as responsible for breaking up arugably the greatest DYNASTY EVER. DUMB DUMB DUMB. He also told on someone for no reason. Something you were taught in Pre-K. Also he now wears big earrings & has tattoos. He also trys to cater to a certain genre. Ain’t happening. He wants Philly to love him. Nah. At the ripe age of 31.. He wants to be somebody he’s not. I only wish we could have meshed A.I. & Kobe into one person.

    What possessed Lakers fans to throw their foam finger onto the court vs Cleveland? How do you guys feel when slighted by the refs. Times that by 100% & that’s what most teams have had to deal with this past decade. It would suck on the other end. If Lebron comes out of the east. You guys are toast. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLLOLOLOOLOL.

    The Refs won’t let the King sweep you guys but I think it’s a possibility the way you described the help you have now. They’re only the shit because of being teamates of Kobe Stern. Who lost the #1 spot after the Denver incident.

    Did anybody see Kobe almost kill himself after he didn’t get the charge call. He slipped & caught himself. Would have fell out had he injured himself until next game. Stop bitching & complaining. It sets a bad precedent. He grabs the defenders short on every post play. He also can’t dribble w/o carrying worse than Iverson. He has also incorporated the euro step before many drives. He takes at least a step many times before dribbling. Lastly his famous reverse pivot. Is technically a walk. If you’re a basketball player or ever were one. How can you legally or possibly reverse pivot w/o moving your foot. IT’S IMPOSSIBLE. GHOST FOULS ARE PART OF THE GAME & BUSINESS. People who actually love the game are leaving by the minute. David Stern is GOD OF THE N.B.A.

  • LakeShow84

    @ EYEZ

    I didnt throw no one under the bus just stated the facts my man/woman/whatever.. what did you say??

    “How did he turn from Ron of last year to a completely non skilled player in L.A. (See Kobe) It happened to Lamar &Pau. Who were both better players in Miami & Memphis. Winning just thrust them into the spotlight where everything matters more now.”

    Coming from the EYES of the NBA im shocked.. dontchu know Ron Artest offense has ALWAYS been UGLY?? and these so called skills you say are long gone are still on display night in night out.. ON DEFENSE..

    You actually insinuated that Lamar and Pau were BETTER in Miami and Memphis.. how so?? stats got weaker?? isnt that what happens when you go to a team with WAY MORE talent??

    Wonder how Jamison’s stats will look next year?? Still a 20&10 player?? i doubt it..

    But your right i should believe Odom, Artest and Gasol were franchise players BEFORE they came to LA where Kobe turned them into have-been zombies.. u read ur own shit sometimes??

    And i, believe it or not, have no problems gettin on Kobes but dont sit up and talk some nonsense about players being WORST just cuz they came to LA and then mention The Big Team Demolisher.. Shit Lamar is a THIRD even FOURTH option on our team.. not 1st, 2nd like in Miami or LA.. same with Gasol who was numero UNO in Memphis.. notice the pattern??

    its so wack when you try to analyze our team EYEZ..

  • http://dime eyes


    Just some more from the blind one. Smush parker who is still better than Jordan Farmar. Actually doesn’t suck. What do you know. Back 2 Back chips as the starting PG for his CBA team. Kobe helped his career too.

    I just so happened to see both players grow & play since high school. Onto the pros. I see them play in summer leagues as well. I aslo know Lamar Odom was & could have been Lebron before the King. They wanted him his Jr year of High School. In the late 90’s when basketball competition was actually amongst skilled players. Nothing like the teams & opponets from the More than a Game DVD. Lamar Odom got drafted lottery from Rhode Island University. Ron ARtest was drafted out of St.Johns in the 1st round. You probably don’t get why I wrote that.

    Had you guys traded Lamar as was expected. You guys wouldn’t have won last year. Sure as heck wouldn’t be favorite to win this year. If you can afford to bring the candyman off the bench. You have a pretty good team.

  • LAballer

    dude f#$ck a PHD..im not even sure if ur still speaking english..

    i have NO IDEA after your last couple posts what your point is??

  • LakeShow84

    Lamar Odom is one of the most gifted players in the league..

    Dude can play 1-5 and guard 3-5

    Now all that being said THAT DOESNT CHANGE WHAT HE IS, INCONSISTENT.. Like i said if we didnt make that trade (which was based SOLELY on the potential in which you and i speak of) LO could, quite possibly, have been a JOURNEYMAN.. or landed on the grizz and been fodder..

    This aint the NFL where good players just shake out or get traded from teams all day.. If you good and your an asset most likely your team will break the bank for you.. unless you played for GS.. and in any case your NEXT team would be wid it..

    And you still on that Smush shit??

    Damn dude dontchu realize Phil was the one who didnt want him?? How you going to say you “stopped listening to what he was trying to tell me awhile ago” and your talking in reference to the most winningest coach in your sports history??

    I gives a flying f#$k about what dude does in f#$in New Zealand..

  • LakeShow84


    Loved the article you posted tho EYEZ..

    Thats some funny shit.. well kind of..

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    I just hope that everyone that says that Kobe is lights out in the 4th watched some of his awful offense and will give it a break for a few games.