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Dime Magazine Gives Rajon Rondo His First National Cover

Rajon Rondo‘s career hasn’t gone according to the script. He is the rare NBA superstar who reached the pinnacle of his sport before he reached his peak.

While aging point guard legends Steve Nash and Jason Kidd are still chasing a championship into their late-30s, Rondo kissed the Larry O’Brien trophy when he was 22 years old, in just his second pro season and first as a full-time starter. That was in 2008. One year later, Rondo had his playoff breakout. And the year after that, he reached All-Star and superstar status.

As the Boston Celtics battle to stay in the 2010 championship picture, Rondo has taken charge as the team’s best player. Through Wednesday’s schedule, he was averaging 13.5 points, 9.8 assists and a League-high 2.4 steals per game, posting two triple-doubles along the way. In February, Rondo made his All-Star debut, and if the Celtics are going to win an 18th championship, it will be Rondo – not Ray Allen, Paul Pierce or Kevin Garnett – who carries them there.

Now that he’s a star, Rondo is getting the accolades and attention that comes with the title. By gracing the cover of Dime #56 (which is on newsstands now and can be viewed in digital form at DimeMag.com ) Rondo is making his first solo national magazine cover, joining the Dime pantheon of players we gave shine to before anyone else – an exclusive group that includes Dwyane Wade, Dwight Howard, Chris Paul, Brandon Roy and Tyreke Evans. And like those that came before him, we doubt this will be the last time Rondo makes our cover. Rock-star photographer Gary Land, the man who’s been behind the lens for some of the best photos to ever appear in the magazine over the years (including shooting Allen Iverson for Dime #1), shot Rondo in Boston for this issue, while Aron Phillips penned the cover story.

Beyond Rondo, it’s easy to see why this became known as the “Point Guard Issue” in the office while we were putting it together. Jack Jensen wrote a feature on L.A.-to-OKC transplant Russell Westbrook, a rising superstar in his own right, while Austin Burton gives first-time All-Star but longtime superstar Deron Williams the feature treatment. We also have Chris Paul taking us first-hand through his journey from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, to the NBA, and Baron Davis talks about his latest global sneaker venture.

Finally, if you watched the McDonald’s High School All-American Game last night, you saw big Jared Sullinger drop 22 points and pick up MVP honors in front of his hometown crowd in Colombus, Ohio. The McD’s trophy is just the latest piece of hardware copped by Sullinger; the Ohio State signee is also the Dime/2K Sports National High School Player of the Year, and graces the second version of this issue’s double-cover. Along with a feature on Jared written by our prep guru Jason Jordan, we also present the Dime/2K Sports High School All-American Team.

Be on the lookout for the exclusive behind-the-scenes video of our cover shoot with Rajon Rondo on dimemag.com today

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  • Sweet English

    @ Control….. HAHA

    Enjoy this one when it pops through your letterbox son.

  • srb

    Bring on the hate

  • Sweet English

    I gotta say tho Dime, Although I like the simple front shot, it’s a solid photo and it has a little presence, whatever happened to a little action shot on the Cover of the mags?

    And i know its rare but if one of you could actually answer somewhere in this comments section as to why you stray away from action shots and different backgrounds? Your covers are nice but theyre never gonna go down as classics at this rate. Maybe once or twice, like Rolling Stone did with Obama, but not every time.

    It’s gettin a little boring. I wanna see some creativity in the shots, a little pizZAZ you know? Something i can go back thru my Mags in ten years time and look at the cover and say ‘Shit, what a photo’….

    A picture can tell a thousand words, but your’s seem to be saying ‘No Comment’ right now.

  • UncheckedAggression

    You guys are really pushing the “Rondo, superstar” theme. Fortunately, few people buy into that. He’s just not. You do realize that there are legit arguments over whether this guy is an all star, right? And that makes it suspect to label him a superstar. When I heard it was gonna be a PG I was really hoping for Deron Williams, who is a far superior player but still not at superstar status. What the hell is going on here?

    What’s funny is that there’s also this emphasis on this being his first solo cover for a big mag. I got some news for you guys: that mag cover count is gonna be very low by the end of Rondo’s career. I wouldn’t go bragging about giving this guy attention he doesn’t deserve.

  • Celts Fan

    @UncheckedAggression – Rondo deserves it man, though I’ll agree with you that “Superstar” label is undeserved, though “All star” is 100% deserved. The only true superstar PGs are CP3 and DWill, (with Chauncey, and Nash being debatable.) After that, the next tier of guys (in no order) is Tony Parker, Rondo, Rose, and I’m sure I’m forgetting 1 or 2 others that you’d call “All stars” but not “superstars.”


    dude’s still one of the 7 best PGs in the league. There’s no denying it so the haters need to take notice.

  • s.bucketz

    i can hit a free throw…how bout that for ur next cover??

  • Ducky The Truth

    the following comment does not concern bball:

    rondo looks likes Cassidy (the rapper) and a parrot… But the kid can ball.

  • Boombaby

    Honestly, I dont think Rondo is a superstar. Im not even convinced that he was an all star. There are other good PG’s other than Rondo. He feels like a supertar or a star but he is not there yet. Im not a Kobe fan but to get Kobe agitated to you on your 2nd year as a pro means that you talk to much with little game in you. Im sorry Dime in not digging in to this. Next cover please.

  • brado

    WTF?!? Rondo? Okay, I’m not gonna hate because he is a quality player. But if you’re gonna write up a feature on D-WILL, “Respect Paid in Full”, he should be on the cover – especially with how he’s been playing lately.

    I used to be team CP3, but D-WILL now wears the crown for best PG in the league.

    So why the eff did Rondo make the cover and not D-WILL?

    Dime’s got more respect for the all mighty dollar than the game. Sad.

  • control

    Superstar? I hate on the guy more than anyone, but how can someone who has the shooting skills of Ben Wallace be considered a “superstar”? I know Dime is a business, and you gotta promote your product, create relationships in the biz, and give people their shine…but isn’t “superstar” going a little crazy?

    People debate if Chris Bosh and Amare are “superstars” and you are going to push and promote Rondo as such? Disgusting. Despite my dislike for his game, mostly for his shooting (he IS the worst guard in the league when it comes to shooting), he is at best, a top 10 guard in the league. Nash, Kidd, Paul, Parker, Davis (when healthy), Billups and Williams are better, without any debate. New upcoming guys like Reke, Rose, Westbrook, Brooks, Collison maybe, and Jennings are as good or will be better very soon.

    Rondo was only an AllStar because he is in the East and there just wasn’t very much competition at his position. It’s great you got em for the cover, though I can’t stand that douche look he has on his face, but come on guys…You can’t hype him as a Superstar when there are at least 7-8 guys at his own position better than him, and at least 20-30 guys in the league better than him. Save “superstar” for guys like LeBron, Kobe, Wade, Melo…you know, franchise guys. Rondo isn’t a top 10 guy in the league by ANYONE’s imagination, so don’t be gettin reckless.

  • T DOG

    Now u no wat da comments i c is just ridiclous. Rondo is only a 4 years pro. n he leads da nba n steals, he is 3rd i think in a assist n he has da best FG% in the nba dats a PG. Yall need to show Rondo some respect. n as for all da guys u named like D will, nash n CP3 bein da best PG n da nba. Well a look at it dis way. AT LEAST HE HAS A NBA CHAMPIONSHIP RING. n yes i no he didnt have such a big deal on dat championship year but he sure as hell earn it da last 2 years since. HE IS DA FUTURE OF DA NBA. NASH, Billups Kidd n dem is da past dey are all hall of famers. CP3, D-Will is da present. BUT RONDO, Rose Harris is all da future. If he wanted to score 23 pts a game rondo can do it. He’s on da team wit 3 hall of famers so dats y it wont happen.

  • Boombaby

    I have to do a follow up on this, I just cant stand it everytime I see this. Take out KG, Pierce and Allen then we put Rondo in charge. Bottom line on this is Boston will have the 1st draft pick next year. (or worse than the Nets this season.) so please do not line him with Lebron, Kobe or Wade; respect in here please.

  • Sweet English

    I would love to agree with t-dog, however I find it hard to share the same opinions as any adult who has no grasp of the phonetic sounding of ‘th’ in any word of a two paragraph entry. Ain’t dat da troof. Word.

  • control

    Sweet English


    Ironic thing I noticed on the cover of Dime…there are 4 other point guards listed on the cover who are better than him, haha!

  • brado

    This has to be an April Fools joke! Right? Y’all can’t be that crazy.

  • K Dizzle

    Sweet English hit the nail on the head with the picture sayin “No Comment”

    After seein Rondo in a few interviews, he should just stick to “No comment”
    Only time dude showed any personality was when he went after CP3 talkin that mess about “You won’t ever win a chip!” Dude tells me that trash and he play with KG, Ray Ray and P Double, I’d smash him.

    Anyways, I’m interested in Dime postin the numbers on the sales of this mag cuz I don’t think Rondo gonna sell…
    My 2 cents

  • http://Dime Celt4life

    I thought this would get Controls Boxers in a crunch.
    Rondo’s My man hands down at the point, let’s give credit when credit is due. Allstar? Yes! Superstar? Not there yet! But I have no doubts that he can’t get there!

    Tha Ball don’t lIE!
    Neither do the stats!

  • Celts Fan

    @Control – I’ll give you most of your list but ain’t no way in hell the current JKidd or Baron Davis are better than Rondo. Put down the pipe

  • KiD JaY

    look guys rondo has a championship ring. ok hes not like cp3 or d-will, but remember at the 2008 finals he put on a show in Game 6 to cap off their championship year. shooting doesn’t matter. he’s known for his defense and steals = fast break points so please give Rondo credit…

  • http://electronicb2c.com sun

    cool player,may fans…

  • Phil

    If you guys watched Rondo play on a consistent basis you would know that he is for real. Many PG’s who come into the league struggle shooting the ball but the important thing is that he shoots a high percentage.

    His positive far outweigh his negatives. He is a TRUE PG meaning he looks to get his teammates involved first.

    Why hate by the way? I don’t get it. Yeah Deron Williams is probably better but who gives a damn. It is a cover for a magazine people!!!

  • sk123

    Any player would want to come and play with Rondo. As far as point guards go he is the real deal. He loves the game- he plays for his family, his fans and his team. Boston is a Brotherhood. Any player would come to play with Rondo because he would only make you better. He deserves this cover. He will have many more in his career.

  • jim z

    Haters, Dime can not put Kobe , Lebron , Dwade on the cover every single month, Its good to see a different story every once in a while. I watch Rondo a lot and he is one of the top 5 point guards in the NBA. If he did not have Pierce , KG , or ray on his team he would be a 20 point scorer. He can get to the rim any time . . Show some love ballers….