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Duke and Butler in the NCAA title game; Derrick Rose is a Bad Man

Butler's Shelvin Mack

Everybody wants to make the Hoosiers comparison, but the best movie for Butler‘s surprise run to the NCAA championship game might be Invictus. Yesterday’s win over Michigan State was like part basketball and part rugby. It was ugly, it was grimy, it was gritty, but the Bulldogs pulled off the upset despite shooting 31% from the field, enduring a 10-minute stretch in the second half where they didn’t make a shot, and trying time and time again to give the Spartans the game … Butler was up one with a minute to go when Gordon Hayward (19 pts, 9 rebs) missed a three, but 6-foot Shawn Vanzant came up with the offensive board, and falling out of bounds, whipped a pass to Hayward cutting for a layup. State’s Draymond Green almost turned it over on the other end — the Spartans repeatedly went to him in the post down the stretch — before getting fouled and cutting the lead to one at the line. After Ronald Nored‘s layup popped in and out, MSU had the rock with 23 seconds left and a chance to win. They went to Green in the post, but he threw up a bad shot. Nored added two free throws, and before State could get off a triple to tie, the Bulldogs fouled Korie Lucious with 2.0 on the clock. Lucious made the first FT and missed the second on purpose, but Hayward snatched the rebound. Game over … A typical sequence for MSU came in the second half when Delvon Roe broke out a textbook KG shoulder shimmy to free himself up for an open layup in the lane — and missed it. Every golden opportunity they were handed, Michigan State fumbled away … After Butler finishes celebrating the W, they need to figure out what’s up with Shelvin Mack. The sophomore guard scored 12 of his 14 points in the first half before sitting out almost all of the second with muscle spasms in his legs. Mack is Butler’s second-best player and best athlete; they’re not winning a national title without him … In the other semifinal, all you need to know is Duke picked the right time to play their best game of the Tournament. In fact, it was their best all-around performance since they unleashed a meat-slapping on North Carolina on Senior Night about a month ago. Against West Virginia, the Blue Devils owned the offensive glass (usually the Mountaineers’ forte), their defense locked down Da’Sean Butler and Devin Ebanks, and the Big Three carried them offensively. Jon Scheyer scored 23 points, Nolan Smith had 19, and Kyle Singler added 21 … And Brian Zoubek deserves a special shout-out. All week long people were talking about West Virginia’s length, rebounding and toughness, but from the get-go Zoubek (6 pts, 10 rebs) was the biggest and toughest dude out there, the most dominant rebounder, and Kurt Thomas would’ve been proud of the picks Zoobs was setting. He was a brick wall …

Duke's Jon Scheyer

When Butler (10 pts, 2-8 FG) had his left knee buckle and went down screaming in pain in the second half, the Mountaineers were done. Amazing scene, though, when Butler was on his back crying and Bob Huggins got down on the floor and cried with him. Not sure what it was like where you watched the game, but it was silent over here … Did you see when Dick Enberg was making his farewell speech at halftime and that douche kid was jumping up and down in the background trying to get his face on camera? Where is Homey the Clown‘s loaded sock when you need it? … Oh, and Clark Kellogg clearly tanked that game of H-O-R-S-E with President Obama. Barack has an accurate jumper — he probably beats T.J. Ford easy in a shootout — but Kellogg could’ve skunked him if he wanted to. Don’t forget, “Special K” was a BEAST back in his day. He averaged 20 points and 10 boards as a rookie with the Pacers in ’83, and was on his way to an All-Star career before his knees went bad … The Bulls were up one on the Bobcats late in the fourth quarter when Derrick Rose (26 pts) cut backdoor, got a perfect pass from Brad Miller, and dropped in a gorgeous reverse layup to put Chicago up three. That bucket capped an 11-2 run where Rose scored or assisted eight points. “That boy is BAD,” said announcer Stacey King. “He’s bad.” … Luol Deng added a steal-and-layup, and Rose dimed Joakim Noah for a dunk to help seal the win, but Charlotte was also getting self-inflicted wounds courtesy Larry Hughes. With Stephen Jackson having an off night, Hughes decided he was back at St. Louis and was jacking shots down the stretch … Milwaukee may be done. Brandon Jennings scored 23 to lead the Bucks past the Suns last night, but the big news is that Andrew Bogut did something terrible to his right elbow and might be out for the season. Last we checked there was no diagnosis on the injury, but when Bogut slipped off the rim on a breakaway dunk, his arm folded like Willis McGahee‘s leg. The team seems to be taking the “It looked worse than it was” approach, but it’s gotta be a dislocation at the least … Maybe it’s time to shut Chris Paul down for the season. If his knee isn’t 100 percent, there’s no reason to keep playing him when the Hornets are mathematically out of the playoffs and if they’re going to put up piss-poor efforts like they did Saturday in New Jersey. Getting nearly 30-pieced by the Nets is just unacceptable. EIGHT Nets scored in double figures, including five of the bench guys … Other stat lines from Saturday: Chris Bosh put up 28 points and 12 rebounds as Toronto beat Philly in overtime; Dwyane Wade dropped 39 points, 8 boards and 6 assists in Miami’s win at Minnesota; Jamal Crawford scored 29 to lead Atlanta past Detroit; Carmelo went for 24 points in Denver’s win over the Clippers; Kevin Durant had 23 points in OKC’s win at Dallas; and Brandon Roy had 24 points and 6 dimes to lead Portland past Sacramento … We’re out like Huggy Bear …

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  • bigsmooth

    Can’t stop thinking about Butler’s knee… a kid like that deserves better than that.

    hope he can find it in him to keep playing the game he loves.

    and for all the flack Coach Hugs takes… you cannot deny the bond and love he has for his players and vice-versa. Their may better X’s and O’s coaches, or more prepared coaches… but when it comes down to the emotional pulse of the game, Hugs and his players always have each others backs. Good call Dime, incredible scene.

  • lifep

    Shout out to Desean Butler. Go Duke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dvs

    Bucks are done. It’s sad to see Bogut end such a good season like that.

  • dvs

    Guess i’m not first….. oh well

  • lifep

    Happy Easter everyone! Ressurection day baby!!! Shout out to my Lord! The True Living God, beginning and the end, loving, kind, compassionate, maker of heaven and earth and savior of the world



  • b

    shame to see bogut injured again, guy can’t get a break… no pun intended

    should’ve hit that kid following with “homey don’t play dat” when are we gonna see an in living colour reunion show??

  • netstar

    Seeing Huggins on the floor with Butler is something that I will not forget. It just goes to show his class and character. I only hope that Butler can keep playing basketball, and that this injury is a minor setback.

    It is strange to watch Duke play, and know that maybe only one of those kids will have a pro career, while a team like Kentucky, with stars like Wall and Cousins, is already out.

    Shout out to my nets for win #11 WOO!

  • jdstorm

    Shout out to OKC Clinching a PLAYOFF berth tonight

  • the cynic

    tough break for the bucks, especially with only a few weeks until the playoffs

  • QQ

    Imma repost here:

    Now the playoffs are almost here, aint too early for a lil prediction: I honestly believe that the Magic are still the best team in the East. Seriously. This coming from an observer, not the fan I normally am. Look at the facts: Cleveland last year has the same momentum, same ‘we’ll destroy the opposition’ mentality, and same ‘save the Finals for us’ hype. What happened? If not for a Lebron desperation 3, they would have gone 4-1, and Bron MIGHT not even send that email to Dwight. LOL.

    This year: I see the same fucking hype but I still see the same fucking Cavs team, save for Shaq. But really, a mid 30’s big man who doesn’t give shit for about 3 years now will be able to contain a hungry Dwight with a chip on his shoulder? Really? It ain’t gonna happen.

  • rapTOr

    Man, the NCAA championship is gonna look like a prep game played in some trailer park down south or something…im no expert on NCAA history, but this has to be the most white dudes playing in a national championship in decades!

    Shout out to my raps! They’ll make 8th place and then lose in 2 (cuz we all know that when the series get to 2-0 for the cavs, the raps are gonna mentally check out).

  • K Dizzle

    That Huggins -Butler scene had the room quiet as death, then some fool in Duke blue came with the “Damn, he just lost 5 mill” and I swear, no sooner had he said “mill” and a brotha in yellow and black broke his hand with dude’s nose….Didn’t feel like interferin…
    Matter fact, don’t ask cuz I didn’t see a damn thing…

    OKC is killin right now, Respect where it’s due cuz a team that young playin defene and winnin and havin no issues with KD bein the man is unheard of.

    Stat of the night:
    4 teams.
    western conference.
    50 wins.
    27 losses.

  • john

    Best team in the league right now :


    8 in row and D-Wade is peaking at the right time, watchout Boston Celtics

  • Name (required)

    the west is crazy right now, im wondering how many 7 game series we might see.
    Boguts injury just came to the wrong player on the wrong team at the wrong time, the bucks had been playing just as good as ATL and Boston recently and could have beat either in the first round, mostly because of Bogut.

    If Duke win the championship, will they be the fist championship team to have zero first round picks?

  • http://NBA.com Ninja cool

    A day after the Coach K doodle Devils have their best game. I’m betting that article is on the bulletin board again when they meet Butler.

  • that’s whats up

    I thought that Huggins stuff was creepy. It was closer to a brokeback/farewell moment than anything else. I mean he was UP IN that kid’s personal,Personal space. Stroking cheeks with thumbs…Sharing breath.

    My personal,personal space is reserver for the ladies

  • Dapro

    I damn near shed a tear when I saw Butler go down and Huggins console him. That was a fatherly moment, the kid was in total agony and new it was over but Huggins tried to ease the pain. Damn shame for Desean to go out like that.

  • jzsmoove

    straight up, Homey dont play dat.

  • J-Kong

    If a man is not sure of his manhood, then they get insecure around other men. I guess some people here are unsure of themselves. It’s okay though, Ricky Martin took a while to figure himself out. You still have time.

  • nigontene


    Plane with Heat players makes emergency landing

    A plane carrying Miami Heat basketball players made an emergency landing early Sunday in Chicago after a mechanic on board became ill, team spokesman Tim Donovan said.

    The plane safely landed early Sunday at O’Hare International Airport after the man went into a diabetic coma. The teams’ trainers treated the man while the plane was in the air and he was taken to a hospital after the landing.

    “He’s OK now,” Donovan said.


  • Skeeter McGee


    I completely agree man. Eyes got a little watery watching D. Butler go down like that. As great as it was seeing Butler (the team) move on, it broke my heart just as much seeing soemone like Da’sean end his career like that…

    Though this has been one crazy ass tournament, I think the championship game tomorrow night will be one of the better ones in recent years…

  • bone0315

    My pops always told me that before he saw Lebron play, the best high school player he ever saw in person was Clark Kellogg. Dude was nasty!

  • D12Magic

    My elbow hurts just from watching that fall from Bogut… OUCH!!! Hope they are right and it just looked worse than it was… but I doubt it!

    This year I think I would actually be the most athletic player on the NCAA Championship and I’m a 5 feet tall skinny white dude LOL I would fit right in…

    Do you guys think Zoubek will be drafted?

  • mrparker

    Huggins scene was creepy and awkward. That scene belongs in a chick flick. Not in the final four. I’m not calling anyone soft, but save it for the locker room. I’m not trying to look at that for 10 minutes.

  • http://www.arch-usa.com CCB

    As much as Huggins is demonized for his stint at Cincinatti and the graduation rate, he took players that no one, I mean no one would have touched. While many of those guys did not graduate he at least took them away from the only type of life they knew. Last night Huggins consoling his kid was the type of moment that is about sport and the power it has to transform us. As far as recruitment is concerned, what kid wouldn’t want to play for a coach who gets it. Huggins tough demeanor was unveiled and personally it should be a poster on how sports can change the world. Yeah that is a big statement but the game needed that moment yesterday. I just hate to see Butler go out like that. I hope he goes on to have a Ron Artest type career in the league since I think that is his closest comparison. Chris B. http://www.centercourtbasketball.com

  • ab_40

    shoutout to my lord? that’s the douchiest comment I’ve ever seen in dime. and the most exciting game of the tournament is tonight when conneticut faces baylor in the womand tourney. 52 50 and you guys dare to call that good basketball… and that bogut injury was nasty he dislocated his elbow. you can see it on youtube it’s a nasty scene. amare is gonna get some of the blame for having two hands in his back when he went up but he didn’t push him just got him of ballance which led to his hads slipping of the rim which leads to well… just watch

  • IceD

    Bogut dislocated his elbow, sprained his wrist, and broke his hand. Or at least thats what I heard

  • That’s What’s Up

    @ j-kong
    you either suck dick or you don’t. I don’t. You can take all that Ricky Martin has to offer you, I’ll pass.
    That was still creepy.

  • Tim Alvine

    you guys are dime always amazing me… another beauty.

    Finally after 62 games, Cinderella stories and buzzer beating heroics we finally have our final set.. and who in their right mind had Duke vs Butler… man Butler is such a great story but they definitely have their hands full (not that they haven’t done it before).

    This game is a toss-up though the way Butler is playing and if you want a in depth preview and prediction go to: http://www.lionsdenu.com/march-madness-2010-national-championship-preview-prediction-vs-butler/ … I really hope Butler can do it, but its going to be SOOO tough.

    Singler, Scheyer and Smith are so good, they score so many points in Dukes victory.. at one point they had 57 of the Blue Devils 69 points.. Insane, I can’t wait for the madness to begin Monday night but I am not looking forward to it ending… best tourney EVER!

  • quest???

    i got to agree with that’s whats up, it was awkward and disturbing. @ab_40 why is shouting out to jesus, who just happened to die for our sins 2000 years ago and resurrected on a day like this a douchey comment? His resurrection is the real reason we have easter. Easter is not about a fucking bunny, whose eggs you have to find.

  • http://nba.com ninja cool

    Based on most of the forums I’ve checked, it’ll be the best tourney ever if Butler wins.

  • Big Sia

    Cmon son

    Easters a pagan holiday