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Kevin Durant and Deron Williams Stage An Epic Shootout

Deron WIlliams (photo. Christian Kozowyck)

You couldn’t have scripted it better for Deron Williams. A few hours before the Jazz hosted the Thunder last night, we asked the question on DimeMag.com: Who has been the NBA’s best point guard this season? D-Will was already the clubhouse leader (at least in our office), but then he went out on Tuesday and effectively ended the discussion, dropping 42 points (14-23 FG), 10 assists and the game-winner in overtime … Utah went up double-figures late in the third quarter when Carlos Boozer took a pass from Deron and crushed Serge Ibaka‘s inner soul, then stared him down so cold that Booz (28 pts, 15 rebs) got a technical despite not saying a word or even taking a step toward Ibaka. The Jazz were still up 10 midway through the fourth and had held Kevin Durant scoreless in the quarter until KD contracted a sudden case of Mad Buckets Disease. Durant (45 pts, 7 threes) scored 17 points over a five-minute stretch, tossing in off-balance treys like they were free throws and catching and-one dunks. With eight seconds left, a blanketed Durant found Jeff Green open for a three-pointer to force overtime … In the extra frame, James Harden put OKC ahead with a triple, but Utah tied it back up on a C.J. Miles layup plus-one. Deron (being guarded by Thabo Sefolosha down the stretch when it became clear Russell Westbrook couldn’t handle him) hit a corner three to put Utah on top in the final minute, then Durant made two free throws. The Thunder still trailed by one before Green hit a runner off the glass, giving Utah the ball with five seconds left. Deron ran around a curl and buried a fadeaway J over two defenders for the go-ahead bucket, and on Durant’s last-ditch trey attempt, Miles appeared to foul the hell out of him but the refs swallowed their whistles. Durant was PISSED about it, too; he had to be held back by coaches and teammates while he cussed the refs out … Nobody is gonna mistake Kurt Thomas for Andrew Bogut, but the cagey vet held down the middle for the Bucks well enough to get them past the Bulls. Thomas (14 rebs, 4 pts) made a handful of clutch plays over the last two minutes, including a baseline jumper to put Milwaukee up four and a huge offensive rebound that helped preserve the lead a few possessions later … Chicago was down three with 13 seconds left and tried a high post handoff between Brad Miller and Kirk Hinrich. But with Hinrich covered, Miller started to drive and tripped over his own feet, getting called for traveling. Brandon Jennings added a free throw to ice it …

Chris Bosh, Dime #33

With the Bulls losing, the Raptors could have put some distance between themselves and Chicago for that 8th playoff spot. But even though yesterday’s loss in Cleveland was a blown opportunity, Toronto’s biggest concern now is Chris Bosh, who got hurt two minutes into the game and had to be taken to the hospital … Bosh and Antawn Jamison were jockeying for position when Jamison caught CB4 with an elbow and broke a bone in his face. This shouldn’t be too bad; Jason Terry just had a similar injury and only missed a couple of games, but the Raptors can’t afford to lose their star for any amount of time … There were reports going into the game that LeBron would be given the night off to rest, seeing as Cleveland has clinched homecourt throughout the postseason. But LeBron played and dropped 19 points and 13 dimes. If you can make a good argument for anybody else being MVP this year, feel free … Other stat lines from Tuesday: Richard Jefferson scored 18 to lead San Antonio past Sacramento, while Tony Parker had 8 points off the bench in his first game back in the lineup; Kevin Martin put up 29 points to lead Houston past Memphis; Boris Diaw just missed a triple-double with 17 points, 9 rebounds and 9 assists in Charlotte’s win over Atlanta; Charlie Villanueva went for 25 points off the bench to lead Detroit past Philly; JaVale McGee put up 25 points, 15 boards and 3 blocks as Washington beat Golden State; and Danilo Gallinari dropped 31 as the Knicks beat Boston, while Earl Barron had 17 points and 18 boards. Don’t feel bad if you didn’t know Barron was even on the Knicks — just feel bad for Eddy Curry, who watched Barron pull down more rebounds on Tuesday than he’s pulled down over the last TWO YEARS … The UConn women completed their second straight perfect season, beating Stanford for the national championship and running their win streak to 78 games. The first half was utterly disgusting; Stanford led 20-12 at the break while both teams tossed up enough airballs and ugly bricks to make Mateen Cleaves cry. But Maya Moore took over in the second half, finishing with 23 points as the Huskies pulled away … We’re out like Bosh …

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  • YW

    deron is cold blooded, that’s all i gotta say

  • Sambuu

    Durant + Deron = 2012 Gold

  • http://www.sactownroyalty.com Willis

    Tyreke Evans = 09/10 ROY

    20 ppg
    5 rpg
    6 apg

    Kid is straight retarded. Don’t come at me with Brandon Jennings because he is on a playoff team, that should not factor into a ROY discussion.

    1) ROY candidates usually play for bad teams, because they are high draft picks.
    2) If you want to factor in team records, then look at win differential instead of overall team record. Kings + Tyreke are +7 wins from last year, and that is with nobody else on the team. Beno and Casspi are nice, Landry is okay, but c’mon. No Bogut or Salmons. Bucks + Jennings are +9ins from last year, and that is with an improved team overall.
    3) Steph Curry is clean, but so far his team has won less games. Win share is at -6. Reke probably finishes at +9, with a worse overall team. BJennings finishes at +10 with a better overall team. Reke is a better player all around with a similar level of impact as Jennings.

    Reke for ROY

  • http://www.nba.com Jay

    Amazing game. Durant and Deron adding for nearly 90 points. Insane.

    And come on Dime, really? Exaggerating a little bit with that dunk are we not? Ibaka tried (and failed) to take a charge and Booze banged it. Big freaking deal. The man was spoon fed. Anybody else hate that stupid ass stare he does when he gets a dunk? Instead of thinking he’s the shit for throwing down a simple dunk he should be kissing Deron’s pinky finger for giving him an all-star career.

  • Joe Cooley High

    #4 — Wow, you are simple. Deron gave Boozer an All-Star career? You do know that Boozer was picked for the ’04 Olympic team before Deron was even in the NBA, right?

  • Three Stacks

    @ post 3

    I’m not disagreeing with you but your concept of “playoffs shouldn’t count in the ROY argument” immediately makes no sense if you consider win differential, which you are obviously doing.

    First off, “win share” means something completely different in a sabermetric sense, and I don’t think basketball even has a win share formula yet.

    What you were talking about is “win differential”, but if youre gonna consider a + win differential as a good thing for Tyreke, how are you gonna fault BJ for a better differential just cause his team’s in the postseason? And if the playoff picture shouldn’t matter at all, Steph Curry is right there next to Reke as far as the numbers go.

    I think Curry should win ROY. He hasn’t been injured down the stretch and has been remarkably consistent since before the All Star break.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    Whatcha talkin’ bout Willis? The ROY discussion is played out. That thread was argued to death already.


    Jenny McCarthy is single again! Hoooraaaayyyy!

  • Soopa

    Come on, Durant got completely mugged two times down the stretch and both were no calls. Terrible.

    But Deron is a beast.

  • sh!tfaced

    Earl Barron for ROY

    …of the week

  • sh!tfaced

    I mean, ROW… lol

  • http://www.sactownroyalty.com Willis

    @ Three Stacks

    Curry is nice, but Tyreke has been putting up those exact same numbers all year. And he has been out like 5 games since the New Year, so nothing is watered down.

    Also, I think if you take a really shitty team to being just semi-shitty by yourself, that means more than contributing to a team that was already pretty good. Tyreke is the best player on his team. That is a big load for a Rookie, who sees the defense focus on him every night. Is Stephen Curry the best player on his team? No, but to his credit, Monta is always hurt. I could even go as far to say that his numbers can be credited to Nellies system, and he isn’t seeing double teams every night like Tyreke. Brandon Jennings is getting hyped because his team is good, but he isn’t the reason for the success there. Bogut is, with a big splash of John Salmons.

    Reke is your ROY.

  • M Intellect

    Willis made good points.

    If anything, the Kings were weakened when they lost K-Mart 2.

  • K Dizzle

    “and on Durant’s last-ditch trey attempt, Miles appeared to foul the hell out of him but the refs swallowed their whistles.”

    I hate when writers and announcers act like they don’t know or didn’t see what really happened. The league’s TOP SCORER put up a shot that was short by about 7 feet and the replay CLEARLY showed the foul so say it like it was:
    The ref looked around and realized he was in Utah and rather than man up and give Durant the free throws he earned, he fell on that bs code about not lettin refs decide the game….except it would have been the right call. I was in the gym liftin and I shouted so loud, I probably gave a couple older ladies heart attacks…
    Embarrassin reffin and a disgrace to a young team that earned their shot at a win in Utah…

    Please please please, Basketball Gods, keep Utah and OKC at 2nd and 7th so I can see OKC vs Utah in the first round…

  • http://www.sactownroyalty.com Willis

    I also didn’t realize you guys hashed this out the other day. I’m in Argentina right now so cut me a break. I was just arguing with a Delfino fan down here who is all on Jennings nuts, and it pissed me off.

    Couple of basketball observations about Argentina and Buenos Aires in specific:

    Nobody gives a flying fuck about Andres Nocioni.

    The NBA Player Hierarchy down her for Argentines is:
    Walter Hermann
    Federico Kammerichs
    a couple of toenail clippings
    an empanada
    cheesecake that looks like dog shit
    Andres Nocioni

    I can’t explain it, it just is that way. Nobody likes the way Noce plays, they say he is a ball hog and he fouls too much.

    Also, everyone likes the Cavs or the Spurs. A few Bucks fans and a few Rockets fans, but everyone down here bandwagons.

  • Wait, what?!

    Durant & OKC got cheated out of a W, this wasn’t a debatable foul, Miles practically slapped the shit out of KD’s hands, worst no call so far this year

  • Duke

    At least Durant can take solace in the fact that he’ll win the scoring title this year.

  • The Zeitgeist

    Mad Buckets Disease – ha! ha! ha! Symptoms include: Feverishly High Temperature and a Bad Attitude. Doctors are still working on a cure..

  • Chaos

    deron = best pg of the year

  • common sense

    first team all NBA…

    Bosh or gasol

    Hopefully Kobe doesnt get the call because hes had a poor season… the guy plays team ball only when he absolutely has to and is quite selfish… even though hell probably get the nod because of politics and money marketing…

    Rookie of year… Tyreke.. S.Curry plays for golden state.. super inflated offensive stats whilst expending absolutely no energy on D… hes good, should finish second but definately not first… and for jennings… the guy cannot shoot.. he should not be in the conversation…

  • No call better than phantom call

    Durant was fouled at the end of overtime. However, any Jazz or Thunder fan should remember the game at the end of December in OKC, in which seconds away from a Jazz victory, Paul Millsap was called for a loose ball foul by a rookie ref, and he (Millsap) was not within ten feet of the player who was “fouled.” I would much rather have the game end on a no call than a forced call. Btw, is there any player that gets shit on more by the refs than Paul Millsap.

  • dvs

    How bout Big Ben scoring 18 v Philly.
    You will never ever EVER see that again.

  • Harris11

    I dont like how the NBA classifies the MVP award, it’s not the best player award. There should be a player of the year award too, which would clearly be lebron. But most valuable is Kevin Durant, if you took Durant off his team they would not even be close to the playoffs. If you took Lebron off the Cavs they’d still be in the postseason. So by that definition KD is most valuable to his respective team. Just personal opinion

  • QQ

    ROYs are usually players with the best stats. It has always been that way. It’s very different from the concept of voting for the MVP.

    Watched the OKC-UTA game, and as epic as it was, that last play was the biggest bullshit I’ve seen this year since hearing people say T-Mac will be relevant in NY. That’s a pure fucking foul. All that awesomeness in the 4th was wiped away by those braindead officials.

    PS: Watching Kevin Calabro, OKC’s play-by lay guy, go Tommy Heinsohn (read: batshit insane) after that last play was gold.

  • Mike Mihalow

    Tyreke Evans got away with several travels last night, and I only saw a little bit of the game.

  • LakeShow84

    @ No Call

    Thats funny cuz the other day i was choppin it up with my barber and i said the same thing: Paul Millsap gets NO LOVE from the refs lol STILL.. usually its a rookie thing but they dog dude.. probably cuz he plays strong and if you aint on the Cavs there aint none of that shit allowed..

    @ The Rookie of the year discussion

    Curry is better than Reke IMO (IN MY OPINION) and it aint got much to do with systems (and in any case doesnt Sac try to get up and down??).. Curry ALREADY got veteran moves.. scoops, floaters, etc and thats IN the paint.. dont make jock his shot anymore than i do.. and Curry is a good defender for his size/bulk.. dude gets his steals and is feisty on D.. More than i can say about Reke and Jennings.. Watched a bit of Reke last night against the Spurs tho.. kids a beast.. needs to work on his midrange game..

    @ QQ

    Shit i wish i couldve heard OKC’s announcers.. they be on some other shit sometimes lol i bet he cried bloody murder.. i could just imagine some old, fat, ahem caucasian man standing up screaming and start taking off his blazer and shoes lmao..

    Wish i couldve heard it..

  • JH

    K Dizzle must be the screen name of that K Fed look alike I saw @ the Jazz game last night with a XL Durant Jersey, hat turned ala Michael Phelps, and oversized South Pole jeans. How can you not be lovin DWILL and be living in SLC?

    I’d love to see for UT to see OKC in the 1st round despite the 1-3 regular season record in favor of OKC. Durant literally caught fire in the 4th and was fouled on his last attempt…but still, I think the Thunder’s lack of experience (especially playoff) means they don’t get past the 1st.

  • QQ

    @ lakeshow:

    And what’s amazing is Kevin Calabro has this smooth, quiet demeanor, and that you wouldn’t expect him to explode like that. But oh boy, did he ever. I could imagine him having dinner with his wife still screaming ‘THAT IS A FOUL!!!!!!’. Hilarious.

  • http://facebook.com/Mr.Brogden Mr. Brogden

    Since no one is mentioning some ‘other’ story lines, I will!

    OK – So Bucks beat the Bulls, without Bogut…looking at you DIME. You had Chicago ranked higher than them in the latest hitlist.

    And — Jennings was 1 for 8 from the field with a whopping 4 points. One more ROY performance like that, then Reke and Curry should just tweet “CongratsBJ” a.s.a.p

    Some more “And” – Bulls had a healthy Deng, Gibson, Noah, Rose, Hinrich, and Miller…I believe these are your BEST players.

    Last “And” — Bulls were home.
    (i guess that’s why we aint heard from da Gorilla yet)

    Celtics was supposed to SLAUGHTER the Knicks. Wha’happened?? N****s is fugazi.

    By the way:
    Eddie House – did not play, coach’s decision
    But Giddens, Douglas, Walker, and Barron did. Barron???
    Yup. Whoever THAT is. Better yet, Duhon played too. Wow, Duhon made it on the floor but House couldn’t. Crazy.

    Bobcats beat Atlanta at home, too.
    No one cares. Well guess what, the WHOLE ENTIRE CONFERENCE should worry about them. They’re dangerous and they mean business.

    shhh Jarred Jeffries grabbed a double double off the bench in the meaningless Houston/Memphis game. Wow, didn’t know dude still played.

    Sixers didn’t show up. NO. They actually DID show up. They’re just a plain ol’ stinky squad. With an extra stinky coach. And the GM got some stank on him too for signing the WORST JORDAN OF ALL TIME. Even Villanueva goes for 25 POINTS for a game high. Yeah, Charlie Villanueva led ALL COTTONPICKIN’ SCORERS. Charlie F****N’ Villanueva.
    Yeah, the end of the season is rapidly approaching.

    Why didn’t KD get that call????
    Somebody page Tim Donaghy. I need answers.

    And the Bullets beat the Warriors.
    And the Bullets had FOUR 20-Point Scorers. FOUR????
    Including Nick and McGee. McGee??????????????

    Yeah, it’s the end of the season.

  • TheWire


    I can’t stand people who say that that one call wipes away all the awesomeness that happened before it. It didn’t. It was an amazing game by anyone’s standards. Sure, it was a horrible no call. No doubt about that, but to say that the one no call erases everything before it is bullshit. BTW, the officiating crew had been shitty all night.

    How can you not hope but see D-Will and Durant killing it for a seven game series…

  • QQ

    @ 30:

    Ok, before you destroy everything in sight, here’s my deal: Different people, different perspective. It is such an awesome game that you might prefer seeing a foul to not be called in the most important moment of the game, but I do not. It was such an awesome game that I hate seeing a fucking no-call decide the winner. That’s my 2 cents.

  • K Dizzle

    @ JH
    “K Dizzle must be the screen name of that K Fed look alike I saw @ the Jazz game last night with a XL Durant Jersey, hat turned ala Michael Phelps, and oversized South Pole jeans. How can you not be lovin DWILL and be living in SLC?”

    Unfortunately, K Dizzle is the nickname of an African-American brotha who grew up in Pasadena, Cali and been reppin the Lakers since Magic, Cap, Scott, Worthy and Rambis.
    Love DWill’s game, we’d love him in LA. Never been to Salt Lake, got no want to ever go.
    Great game by two good teams murked by a ref who went gutless on the last play. Like I been sayin the past 2 weeks, NOBODY wanna see the Thunder in the first round. This team is all gymrats. they got a go-to platinum certified stud, Westbrook is a freak(UCLA points takin over), Green is the most underrated killer in the league, they unselfish and they ALL DEFEND. 1-5. Best thing about them is they too young to know they not supposed to take out whoever they face in the first round…

  • http://www.nba.com Jay

    @Joe Cooley High

    You do know that before Deron Williams made Boozer a lucky bastard he had a teammate in Cleveland named LeBron James, right?

    BTW, how well did that 2004 Olympic team do?

  • Joe Cooley High

    Yes, because LeBron and Deron actually grabbed the 10-11 rebounds and put them in Boozer’s hands, giving him the credit. And then they telegraphed their ideas of post moves to him so he could score in the paint. You’re right, LeBron and Deron are responsible for Boozer’s double-doubles. My bad.

    And Boozer being named to the ’04 Olympic team means somebody important out there thought he was one of the 12 best American ballplayers in the League. But obviously Deron was controlling that vote from his post in Illinois.

  • JH

    @ K Dizzle:

    My mistake, I misunderstood your “I was in the gym…” statement as meaning you were in attendance. By the way, you have no idea how many old ladies there are @ a Jazz home game.

    So I jumped seats early in the 4th for some row 6 center court and saw the foul in person & it was clear as day. No need for a replay…although they never did show one on the scoreboard.

    As a Jazz fan, I left feeling unsatisfied by the call but thoroughly entertained by the game.

  • LakeShow84

    @ Joe Cooley

    Boozer is soooooooo overrated in aint even funny..

  • http://www.nba.com Jay

    @Joe Cooley High

    I said that Deron is giving Boozer an ALL STAR career, not that Boozer is completely useless himself. His 10-11 rpg is not a big deal considering he’s in the post and averages nearly 35mpg. He’s a product of his system. Paul Millsap produced similar numbers while he Boozer was out with an injury. Again, not saying Millsap or Boozer are useless, they’re both fine players, but the fact that Boozer is considered “all star caliber” is a direct result of playing with great passers.

    BTW using crazy exaggerations as arguments just make you sound like you don’t have anything better to say.