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Kyle Singler Returning to Duke

In the midst of the mass exodus of NCAA underclassmen declaring for the NBA Draft (including THIS GUY), one sure-fire first round/lottery pick is headed back to school.

Earlier today, Duke’s Kyle Singler announced that he is returning to school for his senior season. It seemed like the smart move for Singler would have been to go pro now – after the way he played for the majority of the NCAA Tournament, his stock will likely never be higher than it is right now.

So why did he decide to go back to Duke?

From a news piece on ESPN.com:

“I love being here at Duke and am excited about next year,” Singler said in a statement released by the university. “I had two great options in front of me, but I did not want to miss out on all of the great things to come in a senior season.”

A first-team All-Atlantic Coast Conference selection, Singler’s 1,767 career points rank as third most by a junior in school history. In three seasons in Durham, his averages are 15.9 points, 6.9 rebounds and 2.1 assists per game.. He is a three-time All-ACC selection.

Maybe he wants another title.
Maybe he wants to try to break some records at Duke and in the ACC. After morphing into a strictly perimeter this season, maybe he wants to add some inside play back into his arsenal to potentially push his stock even higher in next year’s draft. Maybe he just really likes school.

Whatever the reason, with Singler, (likely) Nolan Smith, the Brothers Plumlee, and the usual cavalcade of Coach K recruits in the mix, Duke will undoubtedly be one of the top contenders for next year’s title as well.

Is Kyle Singler making a mistake by not entering the NBA Draft?

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  • quest???

    dumb, super dumb move

  • Drew

    lol why? i dont see his draft position changing much from this year to next. late first early second, its obvious he is one of those kids who enjoys the college atmosphere/lifestyle so I’m not surprised. A degree from Duke aint gonna hurt his career anyway.

  • AZ

    well its probably not like he needs the money

  • jm

    I applaud the kid for coming back. Love 4 year college players. Wish there were more of them. Enjoy college life as long as you can. He is definitely not a lottery pick so doesn’t risk much with draft stock. I understand he had great post season but still might be late first rounder. Can possibly sneak into mid first round next year with great season. Team will be loaded too with Seth Curry playing and recruits coming in including Kyrie Irving, who is an absolute stud!! I say great move. Chance to go back to back and possibly break some school records in the process.

  • RC

    It’s a good move in his part. Who knows what is the real reason. We all know he is not gonna be a top 10 pick. The guy is enjoying being the main man in Duke and is getting all the playing time and all the hot bitches on campus. Why rush to get into the draft and be picked late first round even mid 2nd round at worst. And then what? sit on the bench of some crappy team for the whole season? If he wins another title with Duke then his stock might even rise.

  • JJ

    He is loving banging college girls, thats the realy reason! Good on him!

  • jace

    @JJ hahahahahha

  • hahns

    from what it looked like in Gunnin for that number one spot – him and kevin love dont need NBA money.

    hes probably havin a blast at duke – who wants be on a bus half of the year, training & practicing for the whole year when you can be in college, drink, and bang girls?

  • yentron

    probably cause he knows that he, like all other dukies, won’t do shit in the league and will need that degree after his rookie contract runs out.

  • rapTOr

    its gonna suck if he tears a ligament or some shit next year. otherwise a lock in for a late first rounder next year.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    It’s been a while since I partied at Duke, but I have a feeling that he’s a lot more popular there than anywhere else in the world.

  • heavy d

    Maybe he wants to experience senior night and possibly have his jersey retired (as well as going for another championship). As far as draft position while he could have been a late 1st this year, I think he could be late lottery next year as it should be a weaker draft class. Of course the lockout would delay getting paid which is the main drawback of not declaring.

  • Name (required)

    also 4 years in college is an easier rout to the HOF than a 14 year nba career.

  • bubeezy

    Maybe he wants to get his education, enjoy being a college athlete, maybe he wants to work on his game? Who knows, but lets respect his decision.

  • Phileus

    He’s probably afraid of black people

  • pintodw

    It’s a great move. He’ll be at the top of a lousy draft class next year (everyone is already going this year). Anyone that doesn’t like this move is a Duke hater that can’t stand the thought of another year of Duke domination. Chew on that all summer, suckers.

  • jm


    Stop hanging on to an argument that is 20 years old. I forgot Hill, Brand, Boozer, Deng, Maggette, etc. have and do put up awful numbers. Sh*t, even JJ has shown that he is a very productive role player on a title contender. That argument is old hat. They have much better track record with putting out better pro’s since 99′ than UNC. Check the stats. Felton is the most productive UNC alum since VC and Antwan. That is sad. Duke haters can’t evolve their argument when it is clear that the game has changed.

  • sh!tfaced

    Good for him. It’s his last chance to enjoy dominating basketball. He knows he might not hack it in the NBA.

  • Marques


    I hear what you’re saying but let’s look at those players a little more. Hill, hurt most of his career, Brand hurt most of his career, Boozer, hurt and complains about being on the Jazz, then changes his mind, Deng, excellent player, but gets hurt too. Maggette, his game has gotten worse over the years. I’m a UNC fan and their players haven’t done much better. I expected a lot more out of them. And also you forgot to mention how well Ty Lawson is doing with the Nuggets! He’s playing back up to a top point guard, but just wait until he gets his shot and he will become a top point guard too.

  • yentron

    hill, brand, boozer, deng, magette, and jj have how many rings? lets see, hill just recently got new knees and is ballin again on a almost conference contender, brand hasn’t done shit on a winning team, boozer is a total d-bag for fucking the cavs and is easily replaced on utah with milsap, deng is an overpaid not-quite all star, and jj can shoot open 3’s because he’s on the floor with 4 allstars. sorry, but duke doesn’t produce pros. singler will be a 2nd rounder next year and out of the league by 2013.

  • yentron

    oh yeah, maggette… a real winner there.

  • andy

    Draft stock will improve (barring injury which is of course the biggest risk). Next years draft will have far fewer talents than this years. Most every big man went early this year to avoid the lockout. Assuming the lockout can be avoided, I see singler jumping 10 spots

  • http://nba.com ninja cool

    Nah, he just wants to give Harrison Barnes a nice welcome to the ACC. He wants 2 more wins against the heels. Now how about a Duke-Kentucky matchup next season?

  • life-p


  • life-p


  • jm


    Your argument was won’t do shit in the league. So do you mean team success only? Stats don’t count?

    Hill did get hurt, but problem also went misdiagnosed for years and cut his productive years short. All of the sudden gets the right doc’s in front of him and he is healed?? Still averaging over 16/6/4.5 for his 15 year career. Many players don’t win rings and face injury problems. But, these players are still putting up numbers. Maggette has averaged over 16 a game for his career including 20 a game this past season. Not saying I like his game or he was on winning teams, but he still puts up numbers. Brand is 19/10 for his career and only struggled last 2 in Philly. Before that – 9 very productive seasons. Deng is a solid role player and will never be a star. Still better numbers than most.

    I don’t care if Boozer f’d the Cavs or not he is a beast. Jazz kept him because he is a 20 and 10 guy basically every night. You see what he is doing for the Jazz? Paul Millsap is a good player, but he is a poor man’s Boozer.

    You obviously don’t watch the Magic play if you think JJ gets all his points from open jumpers because the other 4 on the floor. Watch the games…players like Lewis benefit from him being on the floor because he is a willing passer and swings the ball. He at time is unselfish to a fault. But now has become better at creating his own show and running the pick n roll.


    I think Lawson is the best pro to come out of UNC since VC and Jamison. But, it will be a few years before he cracks the starting spot because of Billups. Through all the UNC titles and success this decade in college, they still haven’t put out any stars in the league and not even a good few players. Mccant? May? Wright? Marvin Williams is decent, but probably not reach potential. Agree that Lawson is the lone star type from UNC players drafted in the past 12 years or so.

  • Dre

    UNC has productive pros, and Felton is running a playoff team, Lawson is doing his thing and so is Williams waking up. Duke has the burden of putting out bad pros, that is not entirely true… and I will be right back to explain my point. What’s up RC?

  • Dre

    First of all this is nothing against Duke fans or coach K so please here me out. I will be very honest about what I am saying here. In all honesty it is not coach K’s job to get anyone into the NBA. It is not the job of any coach to get their players into the NBA. It is his job to bring you into the his system and allow you to grow to the best player you can be under his system. Why would K, get a player who might be a great player but not necessarily fit under his system. Coach K typically does not go after a team full of ultra-athletic players. This does not fit his system and style of play. K does like players who are versatile, who might be tall and can handle the ball. Here is a typical Duke team, a gritty hard nose PG (may or may not be really athletic), a great shooting 2 guard who might be limited athletically but can shoot lights out, a good to great shooting SF who usually can handle the ball and might be a really good athlete, K likes a versatile 4 as well who can probably handle the ball and shoot but might be limited athletically. Now the center, his centers usually are limited offensively they may be good to decent athletically. They rarely have an offensive repertoire but have good strong hands, can score 5 feet in and closer, they are rugged and can rebound and score if a guard penetrates and dishes them the ball. Some of these players may be limited athletically but they embrace the team concept very well. This is what works for coach K, has it hurt him in recent years up until this year? Yes. Is it the reason he has won this year, Yes. K generally suffers against a team full of great athletes it is what it is but his team has a high basketball IQ and they are well coached. So if you bring your crazy athletic team against K and that team are not students of the game. Duke will hand you your @$$.

  • Dre

    It is K’s job to make you the best player he can under his system and if you become a good NBA player as a result… great. Roy is the opposite, he goes after as many athletic freaks as he can find but will try to avoid more then one 1 year player if at all possible. This is to support his style of play which is closer to the NBA. For this reason his players look very tempting to the NBA. Some of his players do real well and some of them are just ok. However, his players are generally picked up just for that fact alone. It is not any coaches job to get you into the NBA, their job is to get you into their system and make you the best player possible in their system.

  • Dre

    As far as Kyle and Harrison is concerned… if he is staying to welcome him he might just get what he asked for cause that kid has it all. He has a very high b-ball IQ work ethic, he has great athletic ability and he can shoot and do it all. I hope that he stayed for another reason and I don’t think it was a bad idea. If you remember Kyle struggled much of the year and came on in the tourney. If he has a strong showing all year long, win lose or draw he can help his stock.

  • Jim

    There is a very simple reason why very good college players, including a number who attended Duke, either do not make it in the NBA or do not become stars in the NBA. The reason is a lack of NBA level athleticism for their position. It is a simple as that. Kid yourself that the style of play has something to do with it. A coach can improve players by teaching basketball skills and IQ. A coach cannot teach athleticism. Amazingly, based on draft picks over the years, I would say there are NBA general managers who don’t get this.

  • jm


    I think a lot of what you said is accurate. It is not Coach K’s job to get his players to be elite pro’s but rather to fit into and win with his system. What I do love about Coach K is he is constantly evolving to his talent core. he is not rigid and stubborn in a way that he refuses to adapt to get the most of his players. Your ideal Duke team is pretty accurate I feel. Not too many Duke teams have had crazy athletes at the point. Jay Williams was one, but in there title year he moved over and Duhon played the point. But Kyrie Irving, next year’s pg has some Jay Williams in his game. He is quick, athletic, and can beat you off the dribble or from the perimeter.

    As far as the UNC/Duke best pro’s since 1999 argument…Do you think in the last 11 years UNC has put out better pro’s? Duke has several players during that span that have put up much better numbers than the best UNC product of this time. Boozer, Brand, Maggette, Deng, etc. This is the first time Charlotte is in the playoff picture so you can’t say historically he has been on a winning team.

  • Dre

    Since 1999 I think Duke might have the edge but if you look at the players. Boozer was a pleasant surprise because no one thought he would be that good. At Duke all he did was score off guard penetration, and get garbage points. Now he can create his on shot and runs the floor very well and can finish with either hand. Deng has disappointed me and has fallen off quite a bit, I like him and wanted more out of him. Brand has been fallen like a meteor too but he started out really well. Felton was drafted to a traditionally new franchise team and now he has is the starting PG leading them into the playoffs. Marvin has been really up and down, he did great last year but he has been up and down this year. Ty Lawson is doing his thing right now, Tyler has been hurt 75% of the year but looked good when he was out there. Wayne Ellington is doing so-so, Danny Green rides the pine, and Jawad Williams is also on the bench. I don’t think it’s too much of a difference but it’s close.