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Marquis Teague’s College Decision: Battle Between Kentucky & Louisville

Marquis Teague (photo. Kelly Kline/NIKE)

It’s alright if you’re not familiar with Marquis Teague just yet. Unless you’re a diehard high school hoops fan, or from Indiana, chances are you’ve never even seen the kid play. But as the best point guard in the Class of 2011, and the younger brother of the Atlanta Hawks’ Jeff Teague, you should get to know him. Today, Teague has setup a 1:30 PM news conference to decide where he’s going to school in two years. And all signs point to it coming down to Kentucky and Louisville.

Although he’s also listed Cincinnati, Indiana and Purdue among his final choices, it’s widely expected to come down to the Kentucky schools. For the Wildcats, the reasons are self-explanatory. And for the Cardinals, Teague’s father, Shawn Teague, was coached by Rick Pitino at Boston University.

As we’ve noted on High School Hoop, if it were up to Teague, he would’ve picked Louisville a year ago, but his dad wanted the junior point guard to hold off and see what other schools had to offer. According to Seattle’s prep phenom Tony Wroten via Twitter last night, that school is Kentucky.

“Yessir. Mr.teague will b a kentucky wildcat.”

If Coach Cal can pull in Teague today, that would mean he’d have the top two players in the Class of 2011 committed to UK – an amazing feat. And if there’s one coach that could pull it off, it would be him. Everything we’re hearing today is that Lexington is his next destination after high school, but we’ll let you know for sure once he announces.

What do you think? Where should Teague commit?

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  • Randall

    The only real question is how long before the NCAA forfeits all Cal’s wins and puts UK on probation. Just like they’ve done at every place Cal has ever coached.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Lucas Shapiro

    I know he’s going to LVille or KU but I wish he went to Wake like his bro.

  • Tbest

    Rivals.com says it UK.

  • SJ

    He should’ve gone with Louisville. As much as I like Cal and UK, I think he’d shine more as the sole star. He’ll still go top 10 when he declares for the NBA, though.

  • Gunner J. Matthews

    Don’t know, Don’t care.

  • SJ

    @Gunner, You cared enough to spend the time to write a response, whereas, you could’ve kept your remarks to yourself and not wasted anyone’s time. Just a thought.

  • kobe

    it is kentucky baby!! i love calipari!! such a beast!!! lets go wildcats!!

  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron Phillips

    Marquis commits to Kentucky!

  • john


  • john
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  • Gunner J. Matthews


    “Dont know, don’t care” means I dont know where he goes and I dont care where he goes. Not the article itself. Educate yourself. Just a thought

  • http://myspace.com/anoepheckz PHECKZ!?

    @ Randall

    Honestly, not long!

    But hey, with the attention the basketball program brings to it’s school, it’s revenue is easily a profit into the millions!!

    You think the school could give a fux about the way the players were recruited? Give me a break, it’s all about the mula, and what brings in the green is a whole lotta “W’s”. As long as Cal keeps up the recruitments, the school will see a profit margin the size of, well idk, but u get the picture.

    It’s a dog eats dog world, someone’s gotta be the pitbull, why not step up to the plate and seize the opportunity.