NBA, Video / Apr 19, 2010 / 10:30 am

Melo’s People Of Utah

During the Denver/Utah game the other day, something amazing happened. And to be honest, it was quite unexpected. Normally when the guys at Jordan Brand have a new commercial spot or viral campaign brewing, they give us a heads up. But this was completely out of the blue. Like any campaign ad, apparently Carmelo Anthony‘s supporters don’t see state lines, as “Melo’s People Of Utah” decided to show their support.

What do you think?

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  • Sambuu

    did anybody else found this kind of offensive?

  • oww

    whooaaa completely out of the blue. and if i was from utah id definitely be offended lmaooooo

  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron Phillips


    Offensive? How so?

  • ShowKase

    Yo, when I saw this during the game, all I could saw was “AWESOME”! And the picture they use of Melo is funny. They should make big signs of that face he’s making and give it to a section of Carmelo supporters at the game in Utah. That would really piss the Jazz fans off.

  • freshouttatime

    hehe i love it!

    i love how everything about the nba is right come playoffs.
    high emotions/suspensions
    intense games
    and these hilarious little jabs

    take that ‘scandal laden, tryin to make ourselves feel good’ baseball!

  • life-p

    As soon as I saw that commercial during the game, I changed my facebook status to…”Wow, they’re wild’n up in Utah with that commercial”

  • life-p

    Did anyone notice that the commercial is sponsored by Jordan Brand. Seems kinda antiproductive to put out this for Melo and not have anything inspiring for the Bobcats.

  • http://www.espn.com Sho-Nuff

    When this commercial came on in the bar, me and my boys gave each other the “WTF was that” look.

  • dat dood

    when i saw this i was freaking out. i just looked at my tv like, “yo what the fuck was that!!!!”

  • Boogie

    Was so confused when I saw this. I was like who could have done such a thing? For they are truly aware lol. Melo for the chip!! Tho its gonna take a lot more beasting and a lot of luck. But hey, thats what the playoffs are about.

  • bbarrus

    As a Utah native and fan I was at first confused (recognized the skyline immediately) and then I was pissed. Kinda was hoping it would be followed up with a D-Will fans of Denver ad…still waiting on that one. Maybe a Denver girls <3 Kyle Korver ad would be a good response.

  • Paul Wall

    lol It’s weird but funny. Love the huge shit eating grin at the end.

  • Meat Robot

    Brilliantly hilarious ad. I’m not sure if it will sell many sneakers in Utah, but they should be used to being the butt of jokes by now.

  • RonNation

    ill fuckin kill every melo lover in utah

    i dont give a fuck

  • Meat Robot

    RonNation, you’re a testament to human failure.

  • sh!tfaced

    Should have made this one with Rodman 12 or 13 years ago…

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    LMAO Utah can never catch a break lol! Dang.

  • wReCk

    Don’t make the bias to obvious now, NBA. They might catch on some day.

  • Jordan
  • RonNation

    Meat robot, you are a testament to robot success.

  • Gerard

    Jordan loves sticking it to Utah

  • Animagus

    So I am a little offended.

    I don’t care if Jordan wants to pimp sneakers during the game with Carmelo, but to show the Salt Lake skyline with Melo appearing above like a “God” to unify our hearts… that is a bit offensive. I hope the additional pairs of shoes they sell in Denver offset the damage the brand might get in Utah. Maybe they should have a Deron fans of Denver spot when the game moves to Utah… Deron has a Nike shoe as well.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    Lol @ RonNation.

    Where is Amar?!?!

    @ Gerard wow I didn’t even make that connection, haha…when the Bobcats win their first chip before Utah gets one, the circle will be complete

  • Tony

    Maybe this commercial is supposed to illustrate that Carmelo Anthony is some kind of weird Joseph Smith like figure? Kind of funny though, Utah is a dump… #### Utah! GO NUGGETS!!

  • Tony

    I’m pretty sure that this commercial is poking fun at Mormons. Oh well, Utah is a weird place…

    I thought maybe Jerry Sloan was a Mormon until I saw him look up in the crowd during the first game and mouth “shut the #### up!” to someone in the crowd.

    How weird, how weird this team and city is.. How is it that they retained the Jazz name in Utah? They should’ve left that name in New Orleans like the OKC Thunder left the Sonics name in Seattle. I’m not sure what this Utah team could be named…

  • Max

    I live in Utah, and am an active member of Melo’s people of Utah….. He is a hero!….. Go Nuggets!!! WHOOOOOOOO!!!!

  • jazzfan

    Dear Melo’s people of Utah.

    I hope you enjoyed watching Carmelo foul out of the game as he helplessly watched his team lose to the Jazz – who do not currently have two of their starters – at home.

    Melo’s haters in Utah.

  • Jordan

    Animagus, you need to calm down about being offended.. shit, im a jazz fan and i thought it was hilarious..

  • B-Sto

    It’s obvious the creator of this video knows most of Utah doesn’t like Melo and they love to watch us fume, and shake our fists. They’re just laughing at our reactions. So, everybody laugh, because it’s a very ridiculous commercial. They got us, but don’t take it too seriously.

  • RonNation


  • lynnius

    That is the gayest commercial Ive ever seen, good thing for basketball or all the `Thuggets` would be smokin pot on the streets.

  • B Gunn

    Yes – We love Carmelo Anferny in Utah. We even love that he left his lip gloss on Kmarts neck.
    Even though we love melo in Utah, we will be a little preoccupied watching our team in the second round of the NBA playoffs to focus on how much we love him.

    Denver Fans: You gotta check this out! Chance of a lifetime!!!


    Have fun out there! And don’t forget your marijuana and mosquito repellent.

  • dalton

    how is this offensive?
    you guys are a bunch of pussies.