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Nate Robinson back in the coach’s doghouse with Boston

Nate Robinson, Dime #46

Just like Stephon Marbury — the last New York Knicks guard acquired by the Boston Celtics at midseason expected to provide backcourt depth and a little scoring punch going into the playoffs — opinions were split on Nate Robinson being able to fit in with the Celtics.

At his best, Nate is a valuable scorer off the bench who can go for 20 points in 20 minutes, take over a game and drop 40 on any given night, and consistently brings energy to the court. At his worst, he’s a reckless jacker who loses focus easily and seems to find his way into his coach’s doghouse on the regular. After an up-and-down start in Boston where he mixed good scoring nights with some rough shooting displays, Nate has most recently fallen out of the rotation. A. Sherrod Blakely reports from Boston’s CSNNE.com:

He still has the ability to score in waves. But the opportunities to do that will be limited now that coach Doc Rivers is going with a playoff rotation that doesn’t include Robinson.

“He’s been a pro. He’s working at it,” Rivers said when asked how Robinson was handling a diminished role. “I told him what I need out of him, and how he’s going to [have to] earn [playing time] back. He’s going to have to work on it, and he will.”

Said Robinson: “Whenever my number is called, I’ll be ready to play. I know he has his guys that have been here for a while. I just have to wait, and whenever my number is called, however many minutes I play, just be ready to produce and help this team get over that extra hump.”

Robinson’s biggest weakness on the floor has been his defense. Part of that has to do with the C’s defensive schemes being different than what Robinson is used to in New York.

Rivers has also been bothered by Robinson not being as aggressive as he wants offensively.

“I need to be myself and be more aggressive,” Robinson admitted. “I have to find that and be more aggressive, like he’s asking me to be; do everything he asks. That’s play defense, bring good spirit and bring good energy.”

Rivers has gotten big performances from his role players before in the postseason, most recently Big Baby in ’09 and Leon Powe in ’08, so I believe him when he says he’ll look for an opportunity for Nate. But knowing this is a contract year for him, hopefully Nate plays it the right way and doesn’t hurt himself even more going into free agency.

For the right price, would you want Nate on your team?

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  • the cynic

    what a shock the celtics don’t like a player that dribbles around for 20 seconds and jacks a shot while playing point guard. Not even the timberwolves could put up with nate


    Dude is too small and he’s ugly too!

  • dmitry of jersey

    wait, the Knicks had defensive schemes???

  • Talented

    He get’s buckets though. I like how Nate is handling it though, he’ll be aight once he finds his rhythm and some defense.

  • My Favorite Superhero

    At least he’s being professional about it…As for if I’d want him on my team….this season’s Sixers? Yes! But I think he’s in the right place now, just gotta be himself

  • sh!tfaced

    Next stop… China…

  • mules

    I’m with Dmitry this paragraph:

    “Robinson’s biggest weakness on the floor has been his defense. Part of that has to do with the C’s defensive schemes being different than what Robinson is used to in New York.”

    should be editted to:

    “Robinson’s biggest weakness on the floor has been his defense. Part of that has to do with the C’s having defensive schemes.”

  • haslem

    nate sounds like a good guy, good team guy, not making waves. You don’t hear many NBA stars being this proactive about being benched, trade rumors and limited minutes.

  • Brown

    Since when is Nate Robinson and NBA star??? He’s won a few dunk contests and scored some points on a terrible Knicks team, but hasn’t done much other than that. He’s not a starter in the NBA and can only be used sparingly because he’s a one-dimensional player. I’d say he’s right where he belongs.

    I wouldn’t want him on my team in any capacity. The Warriors backcourt is small enough.

  • rell

    I am not shocked that Nate is out of the rotation because Doc don’t like to give new players any PT. There is no reason for Tony Allen to be our backup point guard. Tony Allen shouldn’t even be in the rotation. Bill Walker have been playing solid basketball with the Knicks. If he was given a chance to play when he was with Boston, Walker could have become a good backup for Pierce and Allen. Doc is going to have to learn that even though you got the big 3 you still need to develop the young players.

  • control

    On a team full of douchebags, Nate is sticking out? That says quite a bit about him…I don’t really like Nate’s game on the court, he just doesn’t really do anything special. He’s just a fuckin midget without any court vision, the only vision he has is for jacking a shot, even on a team of douchebags, that isn’t really an acceptable practice for the point guard.

    LOL at Nate being a “Star”. He’s a midget playing in the NBA, so he is more of an oddity than anything else. Ain’t no way this guy ever makes an all star game, or even becomes a regular starter for a team that is considered even 1/4th the way good.

  • LakeShow84

    Sad but the league is not for players under 6′..

    If your too short players will shoot over the top of you.. Ask Westbrook about playing against small guards lol..

    I dont care what kind of hops you got cuz damn near ALL NBA perimeter players have hops..

    thats why u dont see REAL contenders going after Boykins who is a beast in the reg. season but a liability in the playoffs cuz the game is slowed to a grind.. Same with Nate..

  • Posterboy15

    Bunch of fuckin haters on here, Im not that big of a nate fan, but if u a true baller or hooper, how the hell can u not respect dat mans game at that height, he scores exceptionally well at 5’8 , the shit is remarkable, he is good as hell at wut he does when given an oppurtunity, in my opinion he is there 3rd best offensive player next to pierce and allen. Defensive isnt overrated but lets be real there are only like 5 great defensive players in the league, so team defense is the only key, which im sure as athletic as he is, he more than capable of contributing to. I seen him block the shit out of Shaq this year and had him on the floor so the heart is there already. Cats on here speakin like they coached nba players before. Yall sit down and stick to wut u do best…BLOG!!!!!, or lace em up and get out there yourself and try to even smell a nba contract…lol..GTFOH People

  • srb

    He had some impact in some of his shifts, but you could see him being less and less effective every game.

    But if he’s saying the right things and working at it, looks like it will turn out fine.

  • Billy Sunday

    The haters are smiling again…

  • Big T

    Pfft, Nate didn’t even deserve to win a dunk contest with that weak shit. I’ve seen better dunks on the playground by dudes under 6′, and it didn’t take them 30 attempts.

    On this topic, I agree that he’s a role player at best in the NBA, getting maybe 12-15 minutes a game. I seriously lmao when I read that Nate is a “star”.

  • Me

    The solution is simple. He should be playing as a backup shooting guard, not point guard. He plays very well when he plays in that position.

    I don’t know why it’s so hard for Doc to understand that he’s not a point guard. It’s the same thing Doc went through with Eddie House. House sucked at point guard, but was extremely serviceable at shooting guard.

  • quest???

    barea > Nate ………………………………………..

  • Kermit The Washington

    I thought dude was brought here specifically to jack shots…kinda like Eddie House; he wasn’t there to do anything but shoot. With a player like that, you take the bad nights with the good nights. And Nate’s had some GOOD nights in Boston; I don’t see what the big deal is…

  • Kermit The Washington

    On second thought, maybe it’s that you take the bad nights with the good nights, UNTIL THE PLAYOFFS START. Yeah, that’s probably the issue here.

  • 808

    “nate sounds like a good guy, good team guy, not making waves. You don’t hear many NBA stars being this proactive about being benched, trade rumors and limited minutes.”

    Ha…Nate might be a ball hog, but he ain’t stupid. What is he GOING to say on this team of future HOFs, who have ALREADY won a ‘chip??? “Give me more minutes! I need more touches!” I don’t think so.

    Thing about this, is all of y’all defending Nate are demanding that he gets love for being able to put up points. Yah, he’ll get credit for being able to score, but at 5-2 (or whatever he is), he needs to be able to do more than that in order to help a team win. Scorers come a dime a dozen in the NBA. If Nate truly understood how to run the point and set his teammates up, we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

    There’s a lot of less-athletic white boys (see A.B.’s article yesterday) out there who will get a lot more PT just because of the fact they know how to play the game.

  • DRAY