NBA / Apr 1, 2010 / 12:45 pm

NBA Rumor: Grizzlies Bringing On Dikembe Mutombo To Help Hasheem Thabeet

Hasheem Thabeet (photo. Nicky Woo)

Every great modern NBA center has had one. Dwight Howard had Patrick Ewing. Andrew Bynum had Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Even Kevin Love had Chris Dudley in high school. Now, the Memphis Grizzlies are thinking about bringing on Dikembe Mutombo to help them with Hasheem Thabeet. And I couldn’t think of a better scenario for the No. 2 pick in the Draft.

“He’s very interested in Hasheem,” Grizzlies general manager Chris Wallace told Ronald Tillery of the Memphis Commercial Appeal. “He wanted to come in and get together with Hasheem.”

On Tuesday night, Thabeet had dinner with Mutombo and the two shared their first extended conversation. “He was telling me the stuff he used to do when he played,” Thabeet said. “I’ve never had a chance to talk to him like that. It was really good.”

While nothing is imminent, it is believed that the Grizzlies will talk to Mutombo about working as a paid consultant in the offseason, much like they tried with Abdul-Jabbar a year ago. If he could learn from the future Hall of Famer, you better believe there won’t be any more trips to the D-League in his future.

What do you think? Should the Grizzlies hire Mutombo?

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  • Soul Jax

    Another Great move by one of the best up and coming teams in the league. Zach Randolph, Marc Gasol and Dikembe 2.0 could be the best big man rotation for the next couple of years as each would bring their own separate strengths to the table.

    Of course it is yet to be seen as too whether or not Thabeet is capable of such a leap, but if Marc can make such a jump in a year’s time, you have to believe that a 7’3 athletic center could make a similar bid, especially under the wing of possibly the greatest pure shot blocker of all time.

  • flegman

    to polish his offensive skills, ha-ha :-)

  • Prof. TX

    No disrespect, but Mutombo is not the greatest shot blocker of all time. That honor belongs to Olajuwon. Deke is #2 though, not bad at all.

    However, Mutombo is a good role model for Thabeet. He’s more likely to turn into a Deke than a Hakeem or Kareem because they had the offensive game that this kid isn’t likely to have. There’s nothing wrong with being a defensive roleplayer. Ask Ben Wallace.

  • Prof. TX

    I’d love for Dime to get a clip of that conversation. Mutombo is impossible to understand when he’s not eating, has to be even worse at dinner. Deke’s sitting there laughing at his stories, Thabeet is just grinning and nodding and completely lost. Deke sounds like a cross between Louis Armstrong and the Cookie Monster. Toss a couple of dinner rolls in there and you’ve got no chance without subtitles.

  • kudos

    Um, Marc Gasol was a beast even before the nba. See: Spanish national team where he was a better player than Rubio ever was for them, and his reg team was elite in Europe. Thabeet, well, he sucks.

  • Dan

    Wow Prof.TX thats just funny. lol.

  • Baby Huey

    @ #3

    basketball isn’t a new sport, there was a guy before Hakeem who was a pretty decent shot blocker…. his name is Bill Russell and he won a few titles leading his team on the defensive end

  • http://www.slcdunk.com Amar / All that Jazz

    I think that a lot of teams are drafting bigmen younger and younger, and at an increasingly less polished state. Furthermore, teams seem to be attracted to the same ‘type’ of player.

    Orlando had Shaq, a physical beast with strength and speed (remember, this was rookie shaq) — they end up getting Dwight later on. That’s but one example, but there are plenty others.

    Deke would help any player if that player would listen. If a player is going to be a Bynum (aka. a bitch) and tell guys (like the all-time leader in points in nba history) that “hey, thanks but no thanks. i got this” then it’s a waste for all parties involved.

    Also, because it needs to be said, Bynum really is a bitch. Bitch. Bitch. Beeyotch. Respect your elders, fool.

    Moving forward this type of internship seems to be here to stay. (Gone are things like large enrollment to Pete’s bigman camp every off-season) You guys mentioned Kareem working with Bynum. Ewing working with a few guys (he helped Yao too, back in the day).

    If Vlade wasn’t stuck in politics back in Europe (yes, vote for vlade happened, and we all missed it), he’d be a perfect candidate. (And could teach S. Hawes a thing or three about passing) Even Utah (who uses Jeff Hornacek as a shooting coach, check out Korver’s 3pt % his year) has a double secret probabtion style coaching gig / agreement with Mark Eaton for their legon of big white guys. (Fesenko, Koufos) Makes you wonder why Sloan never sends them down to the NBA-DL, esp if they get private tution from a 2 time NBA DPOY in SLC.

    Btw, I love how all mention of the Grizz fail to mention that Iranian dude who is ahead of Hasheem on the depth chart. He’s a pretty raw talent as well (he played well vs. the Lakers a few times even). I’m sure Deke could help him out too.

  • the cynic

    are they going to get a translator too? Preferably someone who has watched a lot of sesame street

  • fLaVa

    Thabeet looks like a young diddy in that pic