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NBA Rumor: Marcus Camby Working On An Extension With Portland

During the Blazers/Suns game last night, there were more than a few people commenting on Twitter how other NBA teams – most notably Denver – should have made a play for soon-to-be free agent Marcus Camby before the trade deadline. Well, it appears the Blazers aren’t going to let him go anywhere. According to ESPN’s Marc Stein, Portland is working toward securing Camby to a contract extension.

Sources said Monday that the two sides had already been negotiating toward a new deal that would keep Camby off the free-agent market this summer. One source said a deal, if completed, would likely span two years in excess of $20 million.

After losing centers Greg Oden and Joel Przybilla to season-ending knee injuries earlier this season, the Blazers realized the need for an elite big man in Portland. While Pryzbilla has a $7.5 million player option for next season (which he’ll most likely cash in on), his health concerns along with Oden’s are something Portland can’t afford to mess around with.

What do you think? Should the Blazers sign Camby to an extension? For how much? If you’re Camby, do you re-sign with Portland or test free agency?

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  • Sanssasin

    2 years / $20 mill! No way would I pay those ol’ knees that much. Surely Portland is smarter than that.

    Sure he has played out of his head the past couple of games, but that’s just it. The past couple of games aren’t worth $10+ mill a year. Not in this economy.

  • NoLyfe

    So your saying that Camby and his 14+ boards and his 17 tips to teamates a game isnt worth it? Have you seen how well Aldridge has been playing since We got Camby. What about Andre? hes been killing it too and those 2 are making ish happen. It will be worth the cash if he can Help Aldridge and Oden get better on the Defensive end!

    And Word is bond son!

  • justice

    wtf how this guy continue to convince people to write him checks, they better sign him to a one year or else he’ll end up being hurt for the first 2 then be f***ing bill russell in the 3rd

  • karizmatic

    Camby has been solid for a couple of years now, I think the deal is sensible given Portland’s position. They are right on the cusp of being a serious contender, and Camby can probably help with that.

  • sh!tfaced

    Oden, Przybilla and Camby. Sounds like the reincarnation of Bill Walton in a three-headed monster, that includes being injury prone.

  • IGP

    I think 20 million is high, but Camby has been nasty the past couple of years. He isn’t showing many signs of slowing down. I say if they get him for like 2 years/16 million, that’s good.

  • Diego

    I agree with karizmatic and IGP. And will somebody please call out Portland for their boneheaded pick of Oden, who hasn’t been injury free since, what, his junior year in high school (at best). They could have had the NBA scoring champ (possibly for many years to come)!! (Jeez, and I still have to read morons like Bill Simmons castigate the Hawks for Marvin Williams pick–who at least is a decent starting small forward, albeit with no allstar potential.)

    Camby is like big Z–somehow got all the injury crap out of his system in early NBA years and is now playing on comparatively fresh legs. By the same strategy, Przybilla and Oden each have so few minutes logged, they could each play to 50 if they ever got healthy. But wait a minute, isn’t Oden already [fill in Oden age joke].

  • Dora

    Go Diego Go Diego…

    Marvin Williams and Greg Oden are comparably bad picks.

    Kevin Durant and CP3 are comparably good picks.

    Enough said.

  • thenatural


    it’s funny how 2 years later you’re saying this… hindsight is ALWAYS 20/20. nobody was making this argument around the 07-08 draft. as i recall this biggest argument was which one (durant or oden) would be most marketable.

    i love durant but he is the definition of being the product of a system. the thunder cater to durant and gave him the reigns to the team as soon as he came in. there is no telling how he would fit in with portland as he’d be playing with brandon and lamarcus. also, having oden without having oden has probably been the best thing the blazers could’ve asked for right now in terms of getting to where they are this season. there’s no doubt that durant is greater than oden right now but you can’t really compare apples to oranges.

  • Thype

    “And will somebody please call out Portland for their boneheaded pick of Oden, who hasn’t been injury free since, what, his junior year in high school (at best).”

    Funny you say that, Diego.

    Marcus Camby also has had an injury plagued career and look what he’s doing right now. 36 years old and still a league leader in blocks and rebounds.

    Anyway, who hasn’t mentioned the Oden debacle? What else needs to be said at this point? Oden is approaching bust status unless he *gasp* follows Marcus Camby’s trajectory.

  • Rizwan

    @ Diego

    Bill Simmons is most certainly not a moron!!!

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  • Colton

    maybe with some sort of injury clause id like a 2 or 3 yr contract. but its tough cuz i love pryzzy and ol’ greg good duo. but ya never know? oden camby and aldridge with a mainly 3 man big man rotation. with pryzbilla too? man i love my blazers … NATE for C.O.Y.!!