Smack / Apr 27, 2010 / 1:30 pm

Orlando brings the brooms to Charlotte

Dwight Howard (photo. Mannion)

One down, one more on the ropes. The first playoff team of 2010 was sent to the ol’ fishing hole last night, with the Bobcats getting swept by the Magic. Meanwhile, the Blazers are on the verge of going home after getting smashed in Phoenix again … This might come as a shock, but Dwight Howard (6 pts, 13 rebs) was limited by foul trouble. He got his first two over a 15-second span in the first quarter, and fouled out in the fourth quarter. What other team can sweep a series where their superstar averages 26 minutes and takes less than seven FG attempts a night? Obviously it wasn’t a huge problem against the Bobcats, but moving forward Dwight needs to figure out how to stay on the court … Midway through the fourth, Charlotte was only down one before Mickael Pietrus knocked down back-to-back threes, then after Gerald Wallace bricked two free throws, Jameer Nelson (18 pts) tossed in another trey that was pretty much the dagger. Or at least that was the shot that had Michael Jordan on the bench looking like he wanted to slip out the back door and beat the traffic … The Bobcats’ season wasn’t over 10 minutes before rumors picked up that Larry Brown is ditching them so he can have absolute power over the Sixers. There will be a bunch of no-comments and “unconfirmed reports” over the next few weeks, but you might as well book it: LB’s next game will be on the bench for Philly. Maybe he’ll take Tyrus Thomas with him. Tyrus left a good impression going into free agency, putting up 21 points and 9 boards … A hyped-up home crowd and Brandon Roy on one good leg was only gonna carry the Blazers so far. Back in Phoenix for Game 5 last night, Portland just didn’t have enough horses to run with the Suns and got blasted for their third blowout loss of the series. Coming off the bench, B-Roy (5 pts, 2-7 FG) was bottled up by Jason Richardson and Jared Dudley, who crowded him and forced Roy to make athletic plays when he’s not at 100 percent … Dudley (19 pts, 5 threes) and Channing Frye (20 pts, 3 threes) were lights-out, and Steve Nash (14 pts, 10 asts) and Amar’e Stoudemire (19 pts) seemed like they were running at scrimmage speed and still getting whatever they wanted. One time Amar’e was driving to the rack and casually adjusted his goggles in the middle of his move … Between field goals and free throws, there was a total of 86 missed shots in this game. So how the hell did LaMarcus Aldridge only got TWO rebounds, while Amar’e only had five? … The Bucks played their best game of the postseason and evened up the series with Atlanta at two games apiece. It basically came down to the Hawks defense being unable to stay in front of Brandon Jennings (23 pts, 6 asts) and John Salmons (22 pts, 10-10 FT), then continually leaving Carlos Delfino (22 pts) open to hit six threes. Delfino also caught a cold dunk over Josh Smith and Zaza Pachulia … The TNT studio crew has all but given up on Atlanta. “I’m not a believer no more in the Hawks,” Chris Webber said, right after Charles Barkley said, “Atlanta should only play home games.” … Erick Dampier got fined $35,000 for criticizing the refs in the Spurs/Mavs series. “When we play defense we’re under a magnifying glass, but when we’re on offense, there’s no magnifying glasses,” Dampier said. “You’ve got to call it both ways. Dirk Nowitzki drives, he doesn’t get fouled. They drive on the other end and they get the little ticky-tack fouls. So keep it consistent, that’s all. Don’t be one way or the other.” So was it ticky-tack when Eduardo Najera nearly took Manu Ginobili‘s head off the other day? … It’s not basketball, but Detroit Lions coach Jim Schwartz had the quote of the month when talking about just-drafted rookie running back Jahvid Best: “Some people watch adult videos on their computer,” Schwartz said. “I go to YouTube and watch Jahvid Best highlight clips. That’s what gets me going.” … We’re out like the ‘Cats …

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  • Eduardo

    Am I first?=O

    Fiiiiirst hehe=D

  • flyp

    Welcome back Dime! Missed ya…

  • Gnasche

    Welcome back, Dime.

    Does Dick Stockton even pay attention to what’s going on on the floor? I think he’s half-asleep. Every time a whistle blows he gets it wrong. “Time out, Portland” – No, he stepped out of bounds. “Foul on Phoenix” – No, the shot clock never started.

    Get that man some Red Bull.

  • control

    Dwight not being on the floor isn’t really even his fault, those refs are calling fouls on him like his name is Kendrick Perkins…some of those fouls he gets nailed with are some of the most disgusting and blatant no-calls I’ve ever seen in my life. The ref job in these playoffs has been absolutely horrible, really taking away my desire to watch.

  • The Journeyman

    What happened to you guys the last few days??????????

  • len_e

    not seeing the mavs game probably disqualifies my statement but since objectivity seems not be an issue around the let’s say internet (cough) nba.com sure made it look like the spurs beat on the mavs all night. dejuan bear just got berserk out there. ginobili is an injury waiting to happen, you said it yourself, dime, and so are the spurs.

  • sh!tfaced

    Dwight is getting the Roy Hibbert treatment.

    And since Stern’s warning and Coach JVG promising to shut up. The Magic should let someone like Adonal Foyle and/or Anthony Johnson talk in the press room, complain about the refs and use the salary they don’t deserve to for protests & fines…

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qtOTBQcbiM&feature=related rodnets

    No love to the G.O.A.T suit yesterday. Nothing to envy Craig Sager’s outfits.

    those back to back pietrus treys were after a severe goal tending no call. Expect tons of this referee brain farts today in favour of the Lakers.

  • life-p

    Good hard series Charlotte…we’ll get them next year!!

  • mules

    Was anyone else really bothered by MJ showing so much joy every time Dwight got whistled for another ticky-tack foul. Whatever happened to wanting to face the best competition and simply prove you’re the better team. I lost a lot of respect for MJ when they showed him applauding and saying “get him out” after Dwight fouled out of game 3 on what was clearly a bogus call.


    forget mj’s face. who the hell was the babe sitting behind him?

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    “What other team can sweep a series where their superstar averages 26 minutes and takes less than seven FG attempts a night?

    Despite all the hype and publicity, Dwight might not be on that superstar level yet. That’s my opinion.

    I feel sorry for whatever team decides to give Ty Thomas a fat contract this offseason based on last nights 21 and 9 performance. That was the exception not the rule.

  • Ben1en

    I was so worried that Dime was gone forever. Thanks for coming back…

  • boomshakalaka

    LOL!!! jim schwartz be wackin it to jahvid best highlights

  • boomshakalaka

    OOhhh YEEaaaHH!! juke that fool, mmmm juke him good.

  • Taj

    Gnasche.. Sooo right about Dick Stockton.. LOL!!

  • baron

    Eduardo, no offense (unless you are Najera, that fucker!)

    BUT, everything about your “first” post there visually indicates that you like one in the Mouth and one down South.

    . . . .

    By the way, did anybody see ppl goin’ apeshit over that Dallas radio host congratulating the “dirty Mexicans” in San Antonio?

    Which I thought was ironic because the only dirty Mexican was Eduardo Najera, that fucker!

    . . . .

    @boomshakalaka – classic!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Mr.Brogden Mr. Brogden

    Know what I hate??
    I hate how Orlando’s pg was killin’ Charlotte off the dribble and I couldn’t see it.
    It was like 5 times Jameer had the ball, lil’ past half court, facing a defender then drove.
    Everytime it seemed like 4 tall dudes converged on him.
    He disappeared.
    Then reappeared somewhere deep in the paint.
    And had the cleanest look on a shot, EVERYTIME.

    What happenened? What move is he doing? How is he gettin’ by them?!? Am I the only one who’s noticing this? Why aren’t the cameras picking this up? Is he that short? Can’t they show it from another angle?

  • baron

    (To the tune of “PUSH IT” by Salt-N-Pepa)

    “Juke ‘em good”

    “Juke ‘em REAL GUD!

  • Chaos

    bout time ya got back Dime.

    i think this was a lesson for all the other teams, u cant keep keying in on Dwight, especially when their shooters (the whole team )is hitting threes. also, did anyone notice that several players on orlando’s team shot over 50 percent from 3 over the series! the freaking series! if they stay hot this way then no will beat them because then they have to let off Dwight and he will go back to demolishigncats one on one