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Overwhelmed Law Student Declares For The NBA Draft

Back in high school, I always thought it’d be funny to declare for the NBA Draft. Coming from Vermont, I figured that the story would get picked up by ESPN and at least some scout/GM would have to check to see if I was the real deal or not. Because let’s be honest, no one follows prep hoops in VT. Anyways, this past weekend, I came across a similar story as 2011 J.D. Candidate Ryan McAteer from the University of Kansas School of Law published his intentions to enter the 2010 NBA Draft in the Kansas Law Free Press. Check out his letter to David Stern and Stu Jackson below.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

First and foremost, I’d like to thank everyone for coming here today. To my fellow law students, professors, and Vicki Palmer (who copied or forwarded my undergraduate transcripts over one hundred times), I appreciate all you have done for me over these past two seasons at KU Law. This year has been particularly rough, especially considering my early exit from the Moot Court Competition and career-low statistics in both Secured Transactions and Business Associations II. That being said, I’d like to announce my eligibility for the 2010 NBA Draft this June.

After talking extensively with my family, NBA Scouts, and Dean Agrawal, I feel the time is right for me to take my game to the next level. We went through a lot of the same process last summer, but then again, at that time I had a paid internship and a credit score above 600. Given the current economic climate, looming unemployment rates in large legal markets and another potentially devastating subprime real estate ripple approaching, this is the right decision for me financially as well. The daily per diem and impending shoe contract have simply become too alluring in light of rising out-of-state tuition and an increased Consumer Price Index relative to average national legal wages. With little or no hope for an externship and a 0% success rate with OCI, the NBA Draft is my next best alternative.

Granted, neither BAR/BRI nor Emanuel produce a commercial outline for the game of basketball, but KU Law has prepared me well for The Association. I don’t think I will go very high, in fact I probably won’t be drafted at all, yet I did recently attend the Sports & Entertainment Law Symposium and the skills I picked up that day will surely be welcomed by any NBA franchise. Additionally, I regularly sat but a few feet away from Cole Aldrich in the Burge and often held the door for Sherron Collins while exiting the bookstore. I’ve also personally witnessed the football and basketball teams engage in hand-to-hand combat at both Wescoe and The Ranch. The wealth of knowledge I’ve gained at KU Law will surely come in handy once my transcripts are lost in a fire or disappear strangely in the night, but until then there is a higher likelihood of me playing in the NBA than finding gainful legal employment.


Ryan McAteer

Former J.D. Candidate 2011

University of Kansas School of Law

CC: David Stern, Stu Jackson

This is hilarious. And as I’ve told all my friends in law school, and McAteer agrees, there is a higher likelihood of playing in the NBA than finding gainful legal employment. I’m sorry, but it’s true.

What do you think?

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  • quest???

    i beg to differ aron. If they were smart they would have a job secured. I know i have a job as a lawyer secured.

  • life-p

    Classic! LOL! Maybe he should go into Sports Journalism!

  • stocksup

    “i know i have a job as a lawyer secured.” if that’s the case you probably also already know that you sound like a tool and have no life. understandurself.

  • IGP

    @ Aron…what part of VT? I grew up in central Vermont, around the Rutland area. I live in San Francisco now, but VT is definitely home.

  • Strange

    That IS pretty funny. Stern should invite him and his family to the Green Room and then offer him a job in the league offices.

    Quest, I have to respectfully disagree that smarts = job. You may understand this later once you notice the hord of morons otherwise known as your co-workers. Plenty of smart people are unemployed, and plenty of idiots have jobs we might never even dream of attaining.

  • jlee90

    hilarious article! if I was an NBA GM, I’d take a look at this kid. kansas = championship pedigree!

    However, are you really serious that “there is a higher likelihood of playing in the NBA than finding gainful legal employment”? sorry man the job market is bad out there but its not THAT bad. people that go to law school and then find “gainful legal employment” includes an incredibly larger pool than those who just go on to work in law firms. You find people with law degrees, and the skills that come with it, utilizing them in a wide variety of fields (from inside hospitals to in the U.S. Department of State to even on the staffs of NBA franchises etc.). And even from that smaller amount, the chance of becoming a full-time lawyer in a law firm FAR exceeds that of becoming an NBA player or, hell, just playing ball professionally anywhere. Getting a law degree may be hard but it is a gross exaggeration that working to attain a law’s degree is some kind of fool’s errand that will not provide you with a job.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron Phillips

    @ IGP

    Right outside Burlington.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron Phillips

    And guys, clearly joking about the job!

  • http://hornetshype.com ticktock6

    I don’t know how much of legal employment could really be described as *gainful* so I think the odds are about right. Haha (Disclaimer: Former law student here.)

  • sh!tfaced

    I have a feeling the New York Knicks will draft him in the 2nd round…

  • 12thMan

    This is like when me and my friend were gonna go play in Q School to try and make the PGA.

    We’d have no chance in hell, but we’d for sure be on Golf Channel shanking shots into the woods as guys bomb 300+ yard drives past us, it would be hilarious

  • IGP

    @ Aron, depending on your age (I’m 25), we could have played against each other. Small world.

  • http://www.phxsunsbr.blogspot.com/ Eric

    He is going to be better than Darko, that’s for sure.

  • http://www.twitter.com/all_worlds David Brandon

    this dude is hilarious lol! i wonder if david stern’s gotta trashbin he just rolls these up an shoots ‘em into. like dave chappelle did in that skit for “the love contract” hahaha


  • quest???

    @ Strange my bad, i did not mean book smart, because I agree that the economy has hit hard and there are definitely a lot of extremely smart people that are unemployed. What I meant was street smart, you got to get yours before someone else does. Do you get me? I meant it as no disrespect.
    @stocksup on the contrary, I have a very good life, I play basketball, work hard, study and I have a very good woman besides me. I am also young (21). Its not my fault you are a bum and you do not know what hard work is.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Royal

    Quest how the hell r u an attorney at 21 u graduate at 17,18 it takes 3-4 yrs to get ur degree and 3yrs to get ur law degree. Unless ur the kid from Smart Guy I don’t see that happening. But I ain’t hating good 4 u if ur already a lawyer

  • quest???

    Im not an attorney, i said that i already have a job lined up. I’m actually supposed to go to law school this semester/

  • stocksup

    i hope you are coming to ku law so i can hog tie you in the burge union

  • kuade

    quest you are a tool. sorry dude.

  • quest???

    lmao just because I disagrees with aron and I have a life that I enjoy, I’m a tool? well then yea, I am a tool then and I don’t care

  • journey!!!

    @quest???: “I know i have a job as a lawyer secured.”

    Balling part time, taking classes sometime next semester, ladies by your side, and already employed at Cravath. I saw you on the Youtube:


  • http://281-330-8004.com MG41

    “I am a tool and I don’t care”

    That pretty much sums it up right there.

  • Tk20ketch

    Damn I’m from VT too!

    Why do you think Vermont doesn’t get any looks at their athletes?

    IGP – ours days there should have def been scouts around.

  • Otto

    Quest you’re gonna fit right in law school. I’m in my last year and they mass produce your kind in batches. I suppose you’re going to run for class president, join the constitutional law society where you will be sexually aroused by discussing the evolution of the 14th Amendment spanning from Plessy v. Fergusson all the way to Hernandez v. Texas. You’ll scoff at classmates for their intellectual indolence because they use Wikipedia for to look up cases. You will devote your whole second year to getting your law review article published. The article itself is going to be a smash and will be read by tens of people (and that’s a generous estimation). You’re going to be denied entrance at clubs and berate the bouncer by telling him that you will be a lawyer and on day you will make twice as much money as he does. He will punch you in the stomach and you will threaten to sue. Oh yes, and when your obsession with proposing a “restructured property right to indigent koalas in Subharan Africa” totally consumes your daily life and in the process degenerates your social skills, you will hit on and get rejected by every woman at the bar. You will console yourself with reassurances that she must be a lesbian and doesn’t know what she’s missing out on.

    Dude you’re a big deal. Enjoy it and bask in your glory as a law student who jokingly drops phrases like “I 12(b)6 motion your false accusation” or “I lacked the mens rea to commit such an act.” It’s despairing. It’s going to be hard to suppress your homo-erotic tendencies towards your study group leader. He’s just so smart and valorous, you’ll say to yourself. Oh yeah, you’re gonna be a star.

  • quest???

    lmfao hahahahahh

  • Dr. Jumper


    You made me arise from the woodwork. That may have been the funniest post i have ever read on an on-line forum. Thanks for making me spit water onto my computer monitor and keyboard in the middle of a conversation. You made fun of law school in only a manner that a law student is capable of sir, good show I say. Good day to you.

    Dr. Jumper

  • Otto

    Thank you kind sir. And if the legal employment market gets tough for us, we can always hit up Quest for that secured job.