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Sorry Toronto Fans, Chris Bosh is as Good as Gone

For the past few weeks, we’ve been going back and forth with our good friends over at RaptorsRepublic, the premier site for all things Toronto Raptors, about whether or not Chris Bosh will bounce to another team via free agency this summer. After some solid debate, we thought that we would put it online, with both sides making their arguments public for our readers.

Below is Dime’s take. Check it out and then follow the links to Raptors Republic for their side …

After staying up for the Raptors/Lakers game a little while back, one thing became very clear to me: Chris Bosh is leaving Toronto. Not because he doesn’t like the city (which he does) or because he’ll never win a ring there (which he won’t), but because Chris Bosh needs the limelight. That’s something that he’ll never quite get above the border.

If you watched the game that night, Bosh was in his element. With 18,997 fans in attendance (almost 1,200 more than the Raptors average at home), CB4 put on a show. Not that his 22 points on 7-of-18 shooting, seven rebounds and four assists were that impressive, but it’s the 26-foot three-pointer that he nailed with nine seconds left to tie the game that must have made Chris think, “This is where I was meant to be…”

Don’t get me wrong, despite the trade rumors that had Bosh being sent to the Lakers for Andrew Bynum, I’m not necessarily talking about actually playing at the Staples Center. But for a guy with as much star potential as Bosh – an Olympic gold medal winner, 5-time NBA All-Star, social networking king, etc. – playing on one of the game’s largest stages only makes sense.

So before Raptors fans start to charter flights from Toronto Pearson International to New York City to burn down the Dime office, hear me out. It doesn’t matter that you guys can offer the seven-year vet more money than any other suitor, because there are two things that you can’t offer him: a title and fame.

All of this would be different if the Raptors were a legit title contender. That’s why I always go back and forth about whether or not LeBron is actually going to leave Cleveland, because he’s been on the brink the past three seasons. Bosh? He’s never made it out of the first round.

As for the fame, from a marketing standpoint, markets such as New York City, Los Angeles and even Chicago and Houston to a lesser extent are where the money is. In terms of population, here’s how it breaks down: NYC has 8,363,710 people, LA has 3,833,995 people, Chicago has 2,853,114 people and Houston has 2,242,193 people. Yes, I know Toronto has a population of about 2.5 million people, but there is a difference. It’s called the Madison Avenue/Rodeo Drive factor.

If Bosh played for the Knicks, because there’s so much more media in New York or Los Angeles, he has that much more of a chance to become a superstar. (Think of how everything A-Rod or Kobe does becomes national news.) As Dime’s Austin Burton once pointed out, “Why do you think Eddy Curry is a national joke while Sean May isn’t so much; because Curry plays for NY. Why was the Marbury drama so big nationally while nobody ever talked about Jamaal Tinsley? Because Steph played for NY.”

Even Tracy McGrady (someone all Raptors fans have a love/hate relationship with) can see Bosh leaving the Toronto for any number of “different reasons.”

“He’s been here for quite some time now,” McGrady told Frank Isola of the NY Daily News a few weeks ago. “He personally has been successful. The team really hasn’t done that much. Maybe he wants to start off fresh with another franchise. Or maybe he’s doing it for tax reasons.

“I’m not speaking (for) Chris Bosh. I’m just saying, the individual that wants to move on … there are different reasons why a guy wouldn’t want to play (in Toronto).”

Sure Toronto isn’t technically overseas, but TSN is not ESPN. That’s a fact. When Wayne Gretzky was traded from the Edmonton Oilers to the Los Angeles Kings, despite hockey being the national sport in Canada, he went from being a great player to The Great One. And that’s something that Bosh knows he’s capable of. And that’s why this will be his last season in Toronto.


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  • insane

    you must be insane…raptors fans are going to blow up your office

  • Charles

    You’re right Bosh isn’t going to resign and I’m a Raptortruther. But you can’t tell me the players around Bosh aren’t better over the past 3 years then LBJ. But that being said, we don’t have the assets to win a chip so we need to reshuffle the deck again. He also HATES Turkeyflu (along with all other raptors fans). I just pray we package him with a bad contract or two for some young assets.
    Also, the reason we’ve never been out of the first round is b/c is a #2 bananna at best and he can’t win a chip on his own. He would be crazy not to sign with Wade, LBJ or KD (don’t count out the Thunder and playing with Michael F*$K Jordan to quote KG).

  • Prof. TX

    Houston will take him, probably for Scola and some extra parts. That new lineup would get some wins: Brooks, Martin, Battier/Ariza, Bosh, and Yao.

  • Dougan

    For a player so in need of fame Bosh sure seems to make a lot of US headlines. I remember another Raptor that craved fame making the covers of mags like ESPN or SI while still playing up north.

    Maybe he stays, maybe not…but yet I’m yet to hear a single good reason for him leaving other than the same tired “it’s Canada” line.

    Not all egos need the limelight to be fulfilled. KD seems happy in OKC, explain that.

    Bosh has no better chance to win anywhere else than he does in Toronto unless Kobe or LBJ take less to play alongside him. Doubtful.

    No idea what he does but please only speak if you have something real to say…stop the Bosh floff. Nothing to say…let’s write about how much people must want out of Canada. Silly Americans…congrats on your healthcare maybe now you can improve the education programs!

  • control

    As a lifelong Raps fan, I am pretty sure Bosh is gone. I’m also sure that I don’t really mind that much. He is a great player, but he’s not a max contract type of player. There are so many players making max money who ain’t max players, and they usually end up hurting their team more than helping it in the long run.

    Toronto needs a TOUGH leader, someone like a Brandon Roy, or Kobe, or whoever. Chris Bosh is tough for the first 40 minutes, then he starts slipping. Not boxing out, jacking fadeaways (after spending the entire game beasting down dunks), and passing the ball off when he should be taking control. It’s just so frustrating to watch.

    I hope BC pulls a good sign and trade, or just lets him walk…

  • Scott

    Well, the arguement about KD not leaving the Thunder being the same situation is null and void. Have you checked the Thunder’s roster? OR their record IN THE WEST.

    Bosh is gone. The big question is how does BC rid himself of Hedo, and can he do that via Bosh leaving in some crazy sign and trade?

    They truly have to develop DeMar. His development is king. Bargs shifts to PF, and becomes a Dirk type player. Now you have the SF and the C spot to plug. Don’t forget about finding a real starting PG. Calderon is nice and all, but I’d rather get him out, let Jack backup a kid like Darren Collison.

    I think BC is starting to learn that his Euro experiment went haywire. He could only do so much last off-season. Hedo was a last ditch attempt to prove Euro’s could, as a team win. Now that that hasn’t gone accordingly. If he brings in bigger talent with the same grinding mentality as Jack, Amir Johnson, Antoine Wright (who’s attitude is awesome, too bad his play hasn’t been). Then BC could be on his way to finally getting the right mindset to, for once in his career, build a real title contender.

    Bosh is gone, the real question is will BC stay to finish building a real team. He’s capable, he just needs to use his ‘powers’ for good, instead of experiments, lol.

  • Dougan

    Bosh to OKC to play with KD

    I’d respect that story
    TSN not being ESPN is circa 2001

    I hold dime to a higher standard than retread stories

  • Bandolero

    LMAO!!! @ eddy curry = National Joke… Im from NY and homie sure is a joke… just like the one who brought him to NY. Come to NY Bosh… NY 2010 Startin Line up
    pg – T. Douglas
    sg – Smooth aka J. Johnson
    sf – Gallo
    pf – Bosh
    C – Stats

  • NC

    Sure he’ll sign elsewhere … but this isn’t a compelling argument at all.

  • Scott

    lol, at the TSN ESPN comment. TSN is basically a hockey network. TheScore is the Canadian sports station that does the best bball coverage. Don’t you know about Kobe’s best friend Cabbie?? lol

  • TIP

    “With 18,997 fans in attendance (almost 1,200 more than the Raptors average at home)”

    hmmm…let’s see, maybe cuz Staples Center is 1 or 2,000 seats more than the Air Canada Center? Maybe not…

  • TIP

    So Bosh is leaving Toronto because he wants American fame.I see…

  • Shady

    His best bet would be to come to Chicago. There is a solid young nucleus (Rose, Noah, Deng, Gibson). We will have tons of cap space next year. And Chicago really jumps behinds its superstars (if they actually perform as expected *Cutler has one more season before he is hated*)

  • dmitry of jersey

    sorry buddy i see STAT coming my way to jersey… so long as Thorn and new owner make an effort, I dont see him saying no. esp if we get John Wall

  • K Dizzle


    In other news, Lebron James plays basketball…

  • BIll

    He should suck it up.

    Kg did for ten seasons in Minnesota.
    Repeat MINNESOTA.

    Be grateful for being in the NBA and finish what you started.

  • @sofakingcool

    I am a die hard Raps fan, I bleed Raptor red (aka blood). I live in the city and know what Bosh means to the folks here.
    I think he is gone too.
    The Raps can salvage the situation though.
    I am going to take the liberty of making a few assumptions: First LeBron goes to NYC, 2nd the Nets win the no. 1 overall pick, Bosh takes less than max to play in NYC with ‘Bron. Finally, the Raps miss the playoffs there fore retaining their lotto pick this year.

    If the Raps can swing a deal where Bosh and David Lee trade places, the raps could end up with a trade exemption. If they could package that exemption with this years pick and future picks (2012 1st, a second rounder or two) to NJ for Devin Harris (not needed with Wall incoming and taking his salary off the books so they can still get a chance at Melo next year while attracting FA’s this year). They would then have to look at ways of shedding Jose’s deal, but it would be a good start. They won’t be winning championships, but with Il Mago, Lee, Harris, and DeRozan, it would be a competitive team.

  • TIP

    Just read Raptors Republic’s argument…if i can call it that.

    This whole thing just seems like one big marketing ploy by both sites.

  • Mikey B

    Bosh packed his bags and punched his ticket during the all star break.

    We got Hedo’d. Unless we get an insane deal for Bosh. It will be 4-5 years before Toronto can recover from the horrible decisions of BCo.

    BCo ruined this franchise and is probably going to follow Bosh out the door.

    BCo’s bad moves
    Andrea’s Extension
    Jose’s Contract
    Jay Triano

    Unless we win another lottery the future is horrible for this franchise.

  • http://twitter.com/TomGyorko TomGfromCanada

    both sides are wrong. unless he says he’s leaving or staying, no one knows.

  • Hollywud15

    we dont need to win the lottery, we need to be smart. Tyreke was the 4th pick and hes a bonafide franchise player, it can be done… we just have to do something about Hedo’nt… buy him out or something

  • MattO

    umm…Gretzky was The Great One looooooooong before he hit LA..he was already past his prime and his production dropped off once he got to LA, check the stats. I’m just sayin’….

  • mules

    @#16…KG wasted away in Minn for 10 seasons and now he’s going to finish his career with 1 title. With the talent and athleticism he had in his prime he should have at least been in contention for 4 or 5 more. I kinda hate the players he’s become (the attitude mostly) but it is kind of sad to see his abilities fading and think about what could have been if he’d been given a better team in his prime. Bosh is in his prime now and will be for the next 4 or 5 years…he should get out while he can.

  • Brown

    Neither argument seems very compelling to me. At least Dime tried though.

    RR just states “Chris Bosh is the Toronto Raptors, everything that can be done to keep him here will be.” Yeah, nice argument. Maybe put some thought and effort into it next time.

    Bosh doesn’t get the notoriety among the basketball fan base partly because he plays in Canada, but also because the Raptors are a shitty team and have been for years. There are a lot more basketball fans in the US than there are in Canada, both in amount and percentage. I highly doubt many Amercian basketball fans would cheer for a Canadian team or their players, regardless of how good they are. A lot of Canadian hockey fans just cheer for the Canadian teams. It’s rare to find Canadian fans of US-based NHL teams that have only been around for a decade or so (i.e. Tampa Bay, Florida, Dallas, Anaheim, Nashville, Columbus, etc., some of which have even won Stanley Cups). So why would an American follow a Canadian-based NBA team that sucks and only had a few good seasons when VC was at the top of his game?

    With that being said, I think Bosh ultimately leaves because of the failed attempts by the organization to acquire additional talent that can help the Raps compete. The Raptors are just as bad, if not worse, than they were before Bryan Colangelo took over. Now they have bad players AND bad contracts. Bosh wants to win a title, or at least be in the running for one, and it’s clear to a lot of people that the Raptors organization is completely incapable of making that happen, regardless of whether Bosh stays or not.

    KG wasted his prime years in Minnesota and was fortunate enough to get a ring when he did because we all know his window of opportunity has closed and his career will be over in the not-so-distant future. I hope Bosh is smart enough to not let the same thing happen to him, wasting away his best years in mediocrity for a franchise that can’t figure out a winning formula.

  • lebron

    fact is this is all just speculation . he will have to turn down money to leave toronto and make less wherever he ends up

  • http://www.facebook.com/Mr.Brogden Mr. Brogden

    @24 Nicely put, BROWN

    I’d like to add that he also has a company.

    I’m sure he’s looking to promote his other ventures in a larger market.

    Plus the spotlight of a big time media town wouldn’t hurt would it?

    Dude’s a legitimate BEAST and not enough know it.

    Now, Toronto – our complaints about the city and/or Bosh’s impending departure stem alot from stereotypes and ignorance. Even though millions of folk, stars and nonstars, say the city is absolutely lovely, some of us still flare our nose and flinch our cheek. Some of us still think: dude wants to play in America for a major contender.

    It’s just, we like America.
    And some of us can be off-putting when we express that sentiment. Don’t be offended.

    @4 Dougan – it’s not an ego thing all time. Sometimes it’s an ‘American’ thing. Hard to explain.

  • MBE18

    Bosh is a very good player….but he is a little overrated.

  • kevin

    I’m sorry, but this post is just embarrassing. Aron, you’re definitely the weak link in the Dime office right now. It’s time to start doing some actual work, man. You forget that no one knows you, and they don’t care about your opinion. So do what you do best and link us with stories while adding a little color. Sorry to be so harsh, but this read was a giant waste of my time, and it was littered with faulty logic. I don’t think the ROY article was by you, but this article and the ROY were utter crap. Please refrain from posting utter crap. Thank you.

  • Celts Fan

    Here’s why Bosh is a lock to leave and something I haven’t seen yet. Ain’t nothing wrong w/ Toronto (long as you can deal w/ some cold.) It’s a damn nice city, but in the end, it’s still a foreign country. The US is HOME and a better market for basketball. He just doesn’t get the American exposure (again, that matters to guys from the US) there that he could in Chicago or Houston AND the team sucks.

  • Celts Fan

    Canada just isn’t good enough to cut it to dudes from the US that, all things being even, would rather be at home. Sorry, I personally love going to Canada. Great people, really nice, clean cities, but it’s not home for these guys. Not everyone will deal well with that and most good free agents would only settle for Toronto because, again, you’re moving away from your home country for a team that sucks. Don’t hate here, cuz I really like Canada. That’s just what I’m thinking people are trying to say…

  • http://www.wearingfilm.com/picketfence/ Tim W.

    Bosh may very well be gone, but your argument makes very little sense.

    Firstly, being in Toronto doesn’t prevent anyone from national US exposure, as Vince Carter can attest to. He had his biggest exposure while playing for the Raptors.

    And a player like Bosh simply does not have a lot of star power. He’s a finesse PF in a game that is made for perimeter players. Even Raptor fans have complained how boring he is to watch.

    The Madison Avenue/Rodeo Drive theory only works if he actually goes to New York or Los Angeles. If that were the case Chicago (a mid-west city!!) and other smaller markets would be even less attractive than Toronto, where he CAN get national coverage, just not the same nation as you live in.

    And Eddy Curry is considered a joke because he was a top 5 pick who was traded for a lottery pick that became a better player than Curry and was given a massive contract that still is hurting the franchise. Sean May was a 13th pick who simply didn’t work out due to injuries. BIG difference.

    And Stephon Marbury was a former multiple All-Star who had the talent to become one of the best in the league, but had a VERY public conflict with his team, culminating in a bizarre episode on internet video (Live!!!!). TInsley was banished from the team after a couple of incidences, but kept himself out of the public eye, unlike Marbury, and is why he was able to eventually catch on with another team.

    I mean really, when your points make little sense, it makes your argument look incredibly weak and makes you, quite frankly, look like a very lazy writer.

  • Tom

    There’s a big difference between the Toronto city limits and the actual size of the city. We’re talking 5 million, not 2.5.

    The other thing that has to be considered is that every single Raptors game is broadcast nationally. No local TV. Vince was bigger in Toronto than he was in NJ for a reason. He had 33 million fans all to himself.

    I think Bosh may leave because the Raptors suck, and stupid moves like overpaying Turkoglu for five years are going to cripple our team down the road, but it’s not going to be for a bigger stage.

    NBA cities’ urban areas populations in millions, from wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_urban_areas_by_population)

    New York: 20.6
    LA: 14.8
    Chicago: 9.2
    Toronto: 5.9
    Dallas: 5.6
    Golden State: 5.6
    Miami: 5.4
    Philly: 5.3
    Houston: 4.9
    Boston: 4.8
    Atlanta: 4.6
    Washington: 4.5
    Phoenix: 4.0
    Detroit: 3.9
    Minnesota: 2.7
    Denver: 2.3

    BTW, Bosh has said he’s going to wait and see what happens before he makes a decision, but he also said he doesn’t really want to be second-fiddle. I don’t think he’ll go to New York, since I think he’s smart enough to realize that even if they sign two stars to max contracts, they’ll be fucked once the salary cap drops and aren’t able to add any more talent. I think he may go to a big market contender on a sign and trade, but he’s not going to go to one of these teams that has been clearing space. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him in Houston, but I also wouldn’t be surprised (and am hopeful, since he really is our only good player) that he’ll be in Toronto still next year.

  • http://myspace.com/40sand9s loc

    After this shameful second season, he is out.
    Look across at his teammates and resting his eyes, he is out.

    Its a shame, because so many other factors push him to stay, and i think he IS a max player.

    But losses and Hedo, that sucks man.

  • abcdefg

    Sometimes, I just don’t understand why they allow you to continue publishing articles.
    That’s all I will say.

  • joee

    miami??? warm close to tx big market and dwade. i think bosh makes more sense in miami than stat he spreads the floor more and leaves the lane open for dwade to slash

  • http://sbrother.wordpress.com brothersteve

    “Yes, I know Toronto has a population of about 2.5 million people”

    haha – another ignorant American.

    Saying Toronto has $2.5 million is like saying Cleveland has 0.5 million. Both true and both 100% completely wrong!

  • K Dizzle

    It’s safe to say that Hedo Turkoglu is single-handedly responsible for Bosh leavin TDot. Portland and Toronto were bidding for this guy and if he even has an average year, it makes a big difference in how bosh perceives his surroundings. Good point guard combo, good rookie prospect, steals of pickups in Sonny Weems(great season) and Antoine Wright. Amir Johnson showed something and Bargnani is one season away from a solid 20 and 8 player who’s still young and improvin. If Hedo plays as well as his worst stretch in Orlando last season, Bosh would really have to make a decision…

    One more thing, if u call yourself a Raptors fan and u think Colangelo is “messin up”, you need to stop posting and embarrassin yourself. For what he walked into and for what Rob Babcock got for Vince to what the team is now, the man is still a top 5 gm. He put the pieces in place and when the Raps were the 2nd hottest team in the l after the all-star break, there was no posts bitchin about Colangelo. Bosh gets hurt and the team goes on a slide(of course), now everybody talkin smack like they got Jerry West gm skills. Shame of all this is, Raps added 9 NEW PLAYERS this season. You think one year of gellin won’t improve the squad? You think Turkoglu comin in healthy and rested and knowin the system won’t help? Anyways…

  • Fertsy

    Does any1 actually believe the Raps are or will become a contender?
    My 2 cents… No they aren’t and won’t be for the next 4-5 years.

    So why would Bosh stay…

    The City… lived/stayed in Toronto (& outers) several times over the years… love the place. But really it’s another big city that has it’s good & bad.

    Media/Endorsement… One in the same and the money is in the US so no US Media no US Money… the average b’ball fan (not supporter) doesn’t hear squat about the Raptors.

    The Team… The Raps won’t be a top 4 team in the East for the foreseable future.
    The LeBrons, Magic will hold a top 4 spot followed by the Hawks, Bucks, rebuilding Celtics & Heat all in the next tier…
    throw in the Bobcats, Bulls, Nets/Cavs, Knick$ with the Raps and T-Dot really sits 7-11… in the EAST!
    Tell me why you would play the best years of your career on a team that won’t get out of the first round?

    Loyalty… please the NBA is a business… Loyalty is for the local blacktop or high school gym.

    Money… 30 mil isn’t as big factor folks are making it… remember that’s 30m over 6yrs…
    Pretty safe to say a top 10-15 player can make an extra 5mil a year on the side.

    Alpha Dog… Shaq/Kobe, Shaq/Wade, Duncan/TP/Manu, PP34/KG/Ray… yeah it’s good to be the man but the man needs a partner or two to succeed.
    Plus Kobe/Wade certainly didn’t affect Shaq’s Endorsements, they probably helped it through the winning makes everyone look better factor.

    and that’s what it comes down to… Winning

    Be a solo act with extra cash in your pocket for those early Summers in Mexico…

    or join forces with a superstar for shots at multiple rings… you decide…