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Sorry Tyreke Evans, But Brandon Jennings Is The NBA Rookie Of The Year

Brandon Jennings (photo. Nicky Woo)

The NBA regular season is just about over, so expect a slew of articles from every media outlet under the sun about postseason awards. But of all the races, there is one that is an open and shut case: NBA Rookie Of The Year. That’s right folks, it’s time to pre-order your Brandon Jennings ROY t-shirts right now.

Before all the Tyreke Evans supporters rush to the comments section below, hear me out. The Kings (24-52) have six games left in their season, and the next time you’ll see Evans is in a suit sitting at the NBA Draft Lottery. The Bucks (41-33) on the other hand are headed to the playoffs. And they’re not just squeaking in either.

Over the past month, Jennings has been on a tear. Ranked first among Eastern Conference rookies in scoring (14.1 ppg) and second in assists (5.1 apg), he has his squad charging into the postseason. If you’re wondering about head-to-head, on March 19, he had a career-high/team rookie record eight three-pointers against the Kings in a career-high 45 minutes. Jennings finished with 35 points, five rebounds and eight assists in the 114–108 double-overtime win, while Evans finished with 15 points, four rebounds, four assists and eight turnovers.

Check out some other standout games:

March 6 vs. Cleveland: Registered 25 points, two rebounds and six assists in a 92-85 win over the Cavaliers.
March 12 vs. Utah: Scored 23 points, grabbed four rebounds and had six assists in a 95-87 victory over the Jazz.
March 28 vs. Memphis: Posted 29 points, seven rebounds, eight assists and a career-high four steals in a 108-103 overtime victory against the Grizzlies.

By handing Jennings the trophy, this is not meant to diminish Evans’ accomplishments one bit. Averaging 20.2 points, 5.2 rebounds and 5.8 assists per game is impressive, but his team will be watching games on T.V. past April 15th once again.

What do you think? Who should be the Rookie of the Year?

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  • anomalyboss

    right on. can’t argue with wins

  • control

    I’d say Jennings loses just because of the “gumby” look. Really can’t stand that look, not to mention he looks like a little kid out there.

    Those aren’t really strong arguments, I just like Reke a little more than Jennings, they are both going to be solid though.

  • http://facebook.com/Mr.Brogden Mr. Brogden

    Young Money’s still a TOP rook this year, no doubt.

    But he aint ROY.

    Reke Havoc puttin’ up 20-5-5…Curry been ripping them too…

    The Bucks resurgence got more to do a man name John than a man named Brandon.

  • rapTOr

    agreed. right now, Jennings has helped his team in the wins column, and the MILWAUKEE BUCKS are actually in 5th place in the east! THE MILWUAKEE F$%!’N BUCKS! book it.

    but lets not be closed minded here…Evans WILL be the better player in the future

  • http://facebook.com/Mr.Brogden Mr. Brogden

    more to do WITH —} INSERT ‘WITH’…MY BAD!

  • thenatural

    hey i’d love to see jennings get it too but you’ll notice they started winning when he stopped scoring all those points… during his two month reign which included his 55 point outburst (october and november) the bucks went 11-17. since then, he has arguably fallen off the roy radar but his bucks are 29-15… in fact, the bucks had their best month (january) where the were 10-4 with jennings averaging a season low 10 ppg. allen iverson anybody?

  • Mark

    What a bunch of crap to back up your claims. You bring up that he’s first in scoring among eastern conference rookies. Guess who’s ahead of him in the west? Evans. I would also put Stephen Curry over Jennings too. The award isn’t best eastern conference rookie of the year, it’s rookie of the year.
    The record stat is also completely stupid. I’m sure Jennings is the reason why the Bucks are good and if you switched the two players, the two records would switch too. (sarcasm by the way) You’re basically saying Jennings is better than Evans because the Bucks are better than the Kings.
    I also don’t understand the point of listing Jennings stand-out games. Evans has had them too, so what’s the point. What if I just listed Jennings terrible games?
    You basically choose what stuff that arbitarily helps Jennings and ignore everything else. The award isn’t for the best rookie in these specific circumstances (head-head, team record and eastern conference). It’s the best rookie of the year. 1. Evans 2. Curry 3. Jennings

  • JM

    Your right the race is over, it is TYREKE EVANS all the way.

    next season please!

  • Yog friend of Jurg

    Yo are much douche Mr. Aron.

    It is called rookie of YEAR. “YEAR” means entire season not just one month.

    If Gumpy Jennings is ROY I will lets this guy ^ up here eats my shits!

  • youuu

    1. reke
    2. curry
    3. jennings

  • Papa Smurf

    legit arguments can be made for both. hard for me to say one way or another without having seen either guy play much. stats are only a part of the story.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    While Evans has had the better overall season, Jennings has been more valuable to his team. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if they copped co-rookie of the year awards ala Jason Kidd and Grant Hill in the 94′-95′ season.

  • http://ragingspaniard.com Xavier

    This is laughable. Jennings cant shoot1 Look at his shooting percentages, theyre awful. The Bucks have to thank Bogut a whole lot more than Jennings and even then, if you had Tyreke playing for the Bucks? Holy shit, they would have 10 more wins.

    20-5-5 for a rookie is insane, amazing and hardly EVER seen … nevermind that Tyreke plays in the Western conference against better overall talent.

    Sorry Dime, you like Jennings because he scored 50, been hyping him for years and more media friendly, but he aint no ROY

  • Baby Huey

    I think Bogut and Salmons have more to do with the Bucks success this year than Jennings, gotta go with Tyreke

  • WOW

    This is ridiculous. I give Jennings his props for HELPING his team make the playoffs, He is no way the Reason they are making it. He has one of the worst FG %s i have seen in some time. This guy Has 1 of the best centers (Bogut) on his team, best defenders (Mbah a Moute), better coaches of the league (Skiles), and way better role players than Evans. Your pretty quick to point out some of his better games, Look at how many bad games he has had throughout the season, The game Tyreke had against the Bucks was one of his worst games of the season and in no way does it compare to some of Jennings stinkers. The arguement is ridiculous, look at Evans numbers over the last month and they blow Jenningss out the water.

  • Large

    If not Tyreke, Steph Curry.

    Personally, Steph Curry is my front runner.

  • pat

    april fools!

    nice one, aron.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    Other than both of these guys being rookies they are two completely different players. I still think Tyreke is better suited as a shooting guard who often handles the ball a majority of the time like Roy or Wade. He is not a pure point at all. Jennings is more a pure point. He’s more concerned with keeping the offense flowing.

  • life-p


    Go Duke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • http://www.foreignfamily.com N

    First and foremost, I AM from Sacramento. Kudos goes to Mark & Xavier for puttin’ it right IMO. Lemme get mine in now:

    I have NOTHING against Young Buck. He’s flashy, entertaining, and a lefty. But before you pass my boy Tyreke up, you gotta go to #2, Curry. Curry has been LIGHTING it up. Although he’s in the running, I still give it my native’s rookie (soon to be of the year). 20-5-5? Didn’t you guys put up an article JUST the other day saying that the only 3 rookies to have ever averaged 20-5-5 was Lebron, Magic, and Oscar? Playoffs?? PLAYOFFS?? The Kings won what, 17 games last year? With the addition of Tyreke, they’ve not only had more wins but still got a few more games to go. Mark also notes that you’re basically saying that Jennings should win because the Bucks are going to the playoffs and have more W’s; Bucks > Kings. But Jennings hasn’t even made his team better.. Tyreke has. The stat that “thenatural” pulled out says it best: he Bucks aren’t even that good with him.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    I can’t speak for other commentors but I don’t necessarily think Jennings is the MVP of his team but I do think he has been more valuable to his team this season than Evans has been to his.

    One could argue that Sacramento has just as talented of a team as Milwaukee yet they have 17 more wins. I know the Kings are in the West where you have to play better teams more often but they were 9-21 against Eastern conference opponents while the Bucks were 14-15 against the West.

  • ay yo.

    Talking about switching places. If Jennings & Reke switched… the Kings would of never had to trade Kev-Mart. At least they would co-exist, and the Kings would have more wins.

    Just like how you can’t win the MVP if your team sucks, it should be the same way with ROY.

  • http://none Stephen

    HAHAHAHAHA APRIL FOOOOOLLLS!!!!! Man this is the best April fools joke I have seen all day…Jennings for ROY, man thats a good one.

    But really you are going to say Jennings should get it cause his team is headed to the playoffs, coming out of the east AND he is a role player, not even the go to scorer on the team. Come on now, just cause his team is going to the playoffs and he has played a role in that. Nevermind swapping out Jennings for Reke on the two teams, if you were to swap out Bogut for Hawes (the teams starting centers) Kings would make the playoffs in the WEST and the Bucks would probably miss the playoffs in the East. It has to do more with his team than him….REKE 4 ROY!!!!!!!!

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    I’m with ay yo.

    Let’s sat Tyreke was on the Nets and he still put up the same numbers and they still only had 10 wins. Would all you think Tyreke should still be ROY?

    And for all you guys arguing in favor of Tyreke based on stats then how about soem mention for Darren Collison. Since he took over for Chris Paul he’s put up 20 pts and almost 10 assists.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    When your team finishes the season around 20 wins you are a role player too. Yup Tyreke is the Sacramento’s future franchise player but this season everybody on the Kings was a role player.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    By the way, today if your name is not Kobe, Lebron, Wade, or Dwight(?) you are a role player.

  • http://Twitter.com/JayPii_318 Jay-Pii H.

    That “playoff” record is in the eastern conf. The same conf. in which a team(Chicago) can go on a double digit losing streak and still be in the playoff hunt. 2nd thing, how much better would the Bucks be if Curry or Evans where in Milwaukee? Curry might be averaging a double double or close to it, and Tyreke with a solid and more experienced big man would be very scary, could even make then a 50 win team. Young Money is also not the defender that Reke is steals don’t make a player a stopper. Last but not least Tyreke has NEVER had a negative effect on his team. Even in his “bad” games he is playing solid defense, recording assists and pulling down rebounds. Jennings and Steph have their off nights every now and again and can’t say the same. I love Jennings, but ROY is not an easy choice this year. Noone can say emphatically who should win it this year, it’s not Rose vs. Beasley.
    P.S. since when does a playoff appearance make a rookie better that his peers? If this is the case we should go back and change some ROY awards, starting by taking Brons and giving it 2 Melo…

  • jace

    good arguments for both sides.

    tyreke evans stats are almost IDENTICAL to lebron james stats when he was a rookie but does not go to the playoffs. melo posts comparable stats and carmelos team went to the playoffs mainly because of him. yet lebron wins the ROY honors.

    yao ming posts similar stats to amare stoudemire.. but slightly better. amare gets to the playoffs mainly because of him. amare gets ROY honors.

    to be honest.. it doesn’t look like the ROY voters really care about which rookie takes their team to the playoffs. if its not a one pony race, it kinda seems like they toss a coin between the main players in the ROY race and thats who it goes to.

    i will absolutely not be surprised if tyreke wins it.
    i thought both carmelo and lebron deserved CO-ROY honors if anything. this seems to be the same thing. they both deserve it.

  • egypt

    I mean clearly dime is jus trying to instigate today….

    maybe this is an April Fool’s piece

    its a 2 man race and jennings isn’t even in the picture… its evans and curry….

    no shit the bucks are better than the kings… that doesn’t translate into jennings over tyreke…

    you should be fired…. lol

  • jawjack

    It’s Rookie of the YEAR, not the last five minutes. Curry has been more consistant over a longer period than Jennings, and Evans more so over both.

    No further comments are needed.

  • Al Day

    BJ = 37% from the field
    TE = 46% from the field

    Tyreke has probably been one of the most consistent players in the entire league this year, let alone rookie. He has averaged 20 points or more in every single month this season and never shot less then 43% (which was in an injury-plagued month). His assist numbers haven’t been less then 5 in any month, and have only increased as the season went on. His rebounding numbers have also never been below 5 in any month this season.

    While Jennings on the other hand… the complete opposite.

    It’s not fair to compare their teams because there is a reason that the Kings had the 4th overall pick and the Bucks had the 10th. The Bucks are obviously the better team, and with the addition of Salmons they have only gotten better.

  • Sb

    Bogut is the MVP on the bucks and Ridnour plays more minutes in the 4th quarter. If the bucks making the playoffs is the main argument for BJ being ROY, sorry ain’t happening!

  • jm

    This is possibly one of the more ridiculous posts I have read on here. @mark – summed it up perfectly. You are giving Jennings more props because of the team’s record. The Bucks as a team are better than the Kings. If Tyreke was on the Bucks would they not be a playoff team? Dude is averaging 20-5-5. Don’t even think that if Jennings was on the Kings they would be making a playoff push.

    I know Jennings had some nice games in March, but was struggling big time with some horrible performances in the 3 months prior. I am talking like 2 points here…3 points there, etc. Not a good look. Tyreke is hands down ROY – not even close and has more upside.

  • LakeShow84

    Once again people fascinated with #’s and arent paying attention to main fact.. WINNING.. sad that basketball is all about fantasy stats and even fantasy images..

    Snow said it best when he said Reke and Curry are basically free flowin out there.. there is NO pressure on them but to go out and show what they got.. Jennings is in a PRESSURE COOKER.. Every possession, every game counts for BJ right now (and its been like that since the break) where as Reke and Curry can go out and learn on the fly with no consequences of trying to go 1on3-4.. if they call off a play and go buck wild there coaches aint trippin too hard cuz their season is a wash..

    Jennings has to play smart and tone his game down.. i give him props because the rookie wall is basically mental exhaustion and dude aint let his team down yet.. there was no rookie expected to take his team to the playoff in this years draft except for Griffin..

    So if i told you Jennings was going to the Bucks and told you he would take them into the playoffs HIGHER than the 6th seed, i wouldve been branded Whitney Houston.. Smokin crack..

    @ Brogden

    You aint thinking about the big picture.. if BJ WASNT there and it was Bogut and Salmons with, GULP, Ridnour running point they wouldnt be sniffin shit..

    @ N & Xavier

    OJ Mayo avg those #’s as a rook.. dont mean much.. im more impressed with Curry..

  • Drew Kreibich

    Brandon Jennings is a true point guard on a good team. Evans will get the ROY for the same reason anyone gets the MVP award in any league. They put up the flashy stats and get all the glory. Jennings has become a vital leader of the Bucks and a solid pure point guard who can distribute the ball and oh did anyone mention shut down opposing point guards. Look what Jennings does to opposing point guards. He shut down Derron Williams, Steph Curry and Evans. Does this ever get mentioned? no! Just because Jennings scored 55 one game, AGAINST GSW!!! doesn’t mean he is going to score 55 every night, he is not that type of player. He is someone who looks to pass first. It’s as simple as that. BJ3 is the Eastern Conference Rookie of the Month in March and truly deserves to be talked about for ROY. If it goes to Evans or Jennings I’m fine, but Jennings should not be counted out of this race.

    Drew Kreibich
    Andrew Bogut’s Squad 6 Member

  • http://seatgeek.com SeatGeek

    @NBA_on_ESPN_RV and I were just discussing on Twitter how Jennings certainly wins the swag battle. Is that a key criteria? :)

  • Greg G

    Oscar Robertson, Michael Jordan, Lebron James and Tyreke Evans, What do they all have in common? 20-5-5 as a rookie. Agree with the others when they say you’re a douche.

  • the cynic

    i really like Jennings, and would rather have him as a point guard controlling the game compared to Tyreke. Jennings moves/passes the ball WAY better then Tyreke and plays a smoother game.

    With that said Tyreke is the unquestionable rookie of the year. Those numbers are unreal, he is a physical freak of nature. The kings shouldn’t even bother thinking about Tyreke being the future point guard because he has no clue how to run a team, but damn can he beast his way into the lane

  • SP

    Milwaukee turned themselves around when they picked up Salmons and Delfino got hot. Jennings hasn’t been that big in their success and he totally fell off after the first 3 weeks or so. Reke has brought it all year long. And Steph Curry is 2nd.

  • LakeShow84

    You know i just looked it up cuz of Greg G..

    Oj Mayo didnt avg that in the WHOLE year but there was a good stretch where he did avg those 20/5/5 #’s..

    Sooooooo does that still mean im right?? lol

  • J

    So Jennings is the ROY because he has better teammates? Brilliant.

  • dcass

    disagreed. while i agree that jennings meant more to his team (as he was the PG they needed to be a playoff team) the ROY goes to the rookie who played the best all season long, which in this case means tyreke evans. jennings may have been the most valuable rookie in terms of how he fit in with his team, but evans was clearly the most outstanding player over the course of the entire season. if we were debating the MVP award i would absolutely side with you, but the ROY is one that is supposed to go to the player who played the best, and statistically speaking, that was tyreke evans.

  • TIP

    ummm…DeRozan for ROY…check the stats!

    I’m just sayin’…

  • Franchise Baller

    how bout this……..co-rookies

  • TYrECE

    plug in evans or curry for brandon jennings and the bucks will still be the same or maybe better, john salmons and bogut is the reason why this team has been good, sure yung money has been lightening up, but thats because his 3 point shots are falling, and when its not falling, he gets benched for luke ridnour, so tyreke first then curry.

  • Dan

    Man thought you were serious til I realized April Fools man good one.

  • james p

    Remember the bucks was rated the worst team in the nba before the season began? jennings is part of the reason the bucks are in the position there in. Being a high scorer on a bad team like evans and not winning doesnt nothing for me. jenning is running the offense and kicking ass.

  • Dre

    Tyreke is a man… Jennings field goal percentage is terrible which means he shoots all the time and not that good. Tryeke has a well balanced and mature game. He never gets rattled and he scores and runs the offense the best he can with the players he has. There are several times when Jennings crews up so bad Skiles sits him for a quarter and a half on several occassions. Barring something tragic happening Tyreke Evans will be rookie of the year.

  • fLaVa

    Reke’s 20.5.5 as a rookie in the lines of LBJ, Jerry West and MJ…. BJ isnt taking Reke’s ROY… sorry.. NOT EVEN CLOSE…

    If being in the playoff mattered than Melo should of won ROY that year instead of LBJ cuz melo lead nugs to one of the biggest win loss turnaround in history but Melo still didnt win it despite the cavs not making the playoffs.

  • wang

    Did you believe that you would have gotten away with writing such an awful artcile?
    Tell me you didn’t.

    But hey, how about this for your next article, it’s perfect!

    “Sorry Dwyane Wade, but Adam Morrison is better then you.”
    Oh oh oh..! And in it, you can back up your title by saying the Lakers are better then the Heat!

  • http://www.ebsports.net Gunshot


    let get this straight
    a player isn’t as good….so he is drafted by a better team, and that is grounds for rookie of the year?

    I don’t think so

    if anything Curry is making a run, and is by far a better player and prospect than Jennings

    why not give it to the kid Dallas drafted?
    they are charging into the playoffs

    basically what I’m saying is this article is garbage,
    but it did get me to the dailydimebag
    so thats something

  • Dave

    Tyreke Evans does not get rookie of the year for the fact that he could not find shots for Kevin Martin.
    If Young Money had a shooter like K-Mart by his side to space the floor for him Bogut, we’d be talking Big 3 in Milwaukee!

    If Redd was healthy this year the Bucks could’ve pushed the Hawks out of the top four and Jennings would not have to shoot so damn much.

    Evans will be better when he if he gets to play shooting guard of has a Russel Westbrook PG transformation.

    Let’s not forget he plays for the Kings, too.

    And Curry would be ROY if Don Nelson wasn’t so damn crazy. Give the boy a green light!

  • the cynic

    everyone talking smack about Jennings game because of his shooting % are retarded. For all you number lovers Jennings is shooting 38% from 3pt range and 81% from the line; Tyreke is shooting 25% from 3pt range and 74% from the line. If anyone actually watched the games you would know that part of the reason Jennings shooting % is so low (besides have trouble finishing in the lane) is because he is one of the few guys on the Bucks who can take his man off the dribble so he ends up taking a lot of the shots when the clock is winding down. Obviously Tyreke get put in the same spots, but that’s his game drive the lane and finish

    Like I already said Tyreke is the ROY, but people acting like he so much better than Curry and Jennings are crazy. A legit case for Curry and Jennings being ROY can be made and should be made

  • abcdefg

    Brandon Jennings
    FTA = 249
    FTM = 202
    Tyreke Evans
    FTA = 437
    FTM = 327

    I think I’ll go with the player who has taken and made more free throws – seems to be a bit more aggressive you know? Along with that I’ll go with the player who is shooting a HIGHER % on 2P field goals with MORE attempts/made, and LESS games played.

  • weng santos

    Faulty argument.

    If that’s true, Melo should’ve been ROY over LeBron back in 04. They had almost the same numbers, and Melo’s team went from winning just 17 games or something the year before he arrived to making the playoffs in his rookie campaign.

    Then the next season, as if to prove the point, LeBron again goes home early, and Melo advances to his 2nd playoffs.

    Yeah, yeah, it’s LeBron, so of course the hype was on his side. But Melo was a winner; before he was an NBA rook he was the Most Outstanding Player of the Final Four for national champs Syracuse. It wasn’t like he was a nobody.

  • Smiley

    Wait…let me see if I got this right. Over the past month Jennings has been averaging 14.1pts and 5.1ast a game on .385 shooting (you forgot that part) and that is supposed to RECOMMEND him as ROY? Numbers like those might not even place him Top 5 in the Western Conference rookie race. That’s ridiculous. Since when did being rookie of the year center around being drafted onto a better team?

    Last month while Jennings was putting up 14.1pts 5.1ast Evans was putting up 19.4pts 6.9reb 7.5ast 1.6stl. And if you think the Kings would somehow be any etetr off with Jennings and his 14.1pts 5.1ast on 38% shooting, I want some of what you are smoking.

  • Bizz

    Try owning Brandon Jennings and Tyreke Evans in your fantasy league and see where your teams end up. I’m in 4 leagues, I own Evans in 3 of em. The 4th league, the guy I’m facing in the semis owns Evans. He finished #1 in our regular season. The other leagues, I’m 1st in a points league, and in the semis of a head-to-head for both playoffs. Everyone who owns Jennings in the 4 leagues I’m in all got eliminated, and I even traded Jennings to a team for Elton Brand and used Jennings’ choke jobs to screw him out of a bye week and then eliminated him last week. The other head to head, I dropped Jennings, someone scooped him quick, and he just got eliminated last week. The points league, I traded Jennings and Jefferson for Bosh, and I’m on pace to win.

    Bottom line is, Evans has this in the bag and it’s not even close. From start to finish, Evans has been a monster. Jennings at times the month of March was being benched for Luke Ridnour because of his poor play. That never happened to Evans. The stats don’t lie, and as for the wins argument, the Bucks play in the East, the conference of underachievers. The Heat, Bulls, Raptors all should be doing better than Milwaukee and look where they are.

  • lulz

    On the off chance this isn’t an April Fool’s gag…why mention one head to head game against the two and neglect the other one (where Evans hit the game winner in Milwaukee)? If Evans doesn’t get ROTY (which would be a shock/crime in itself), Curry is far more deserving than Jennings. Jennings is having a fairly good season. Curry’s having a real good one. Evans though – he’s having an historic season. Maybe since MVP is such a runaway this year, writers need to try and drum up some controversy to get some readers… Well, I guess it worked this time, Dime, but it’s this sort of idiocy that’ll keep me from coming back.

  • Jimmy

    It is funny really that Brandon Jennings is getting a lot of undeserved credit for “leading” his team to the playoffs despite his wildly inconsistent play throughout the season. This is a player who has had 7 single digit scoring outputs this past month alone, while Tyreke Evans has had 4 the whole season!

    I also find it quite comical that if the Bucks were in the Western Conference, they would be sitting at home come April 15th as well. But despite this fact, nobody can argue that the Bucks haven’t improved dramatically from last season. Unfortunately for Jennings, however, this has more to do with the emergence of Andrew Bogut as a dominate low post force as well as the always underrated John Salmons who they recently traded for.

    The R.O.Y. award should go to the rookie that is the best player and has had the best year. But if you really believe that it should go to the rookie who happened to land on the best team, ask yourself this question. How dangerous would the Bucks team be if they had drafted Evans over Jennings?

  • are you kidding me

    I wont lie I am a Sac fan but are you kidding me. I wanted Curry before the draft while I would be happy still be happy with Curry we got the best pick in the draft hands down. 20-5-5 it might even get to 20-5-6 his assist and rebounds have gone up lately. As a Sac fan I can say with out Evans we would be no where. Martin was out for most of the season. Evans stepped up and took over the team he is the team leader the game finisher. He is still learning the point, but had a better rookie year than any of the point top points in the league. His only knock is that he has no shot,mid game really. But he never need one he has always been able to get to the rim. And next year he will come back with a decent jumper I am sure. Evans and Martin could not co exist, It was hard for Martin because when he came back it was not his team and Martin wanted out. I loved Martin and was sad to see him go but the cleared him out to build this team around Evans. Can you say that about Jennings, that the team is centered around him. With out the John joining the Buck there would be no where. Anyways if company you keep is Jordan, Oscar, and James and you dont get ROY its got to be a April Fools joke, or East Coast bias.
    I would like to put Collison a head of Jennings because of what he did while Paul was out. But I would have to really look at the numbers. It would probably be Jennings next though cause a whole season is still valued a little more.

  • are you kidding me

    eh I cant fix mistakes, it late.

  • Coyote

    Idot! The Rookie of the Year is likely to be a lottery pick. Lottery picks go to lottery teams. Lottery teams suck. Evans isn’t rookie of the year because he plays for a team that won 17 games last season? To make the playoffs in the western conference is going to take 50 wins this year. So by this retards argument, in order for Tyreke to get ROY he would have had to turn a 17 win team into a 50 win team. When has a team’s record had anything to do with ROY. Never. Some people just don’t like Evans for some reason. How else can you explain arguing to give the ROY award to the guy not averaging 20+ 5+ and almost 6 assists. It’s been almost a decade since a rookie has put up Tyreke numbers and it will be at least that before it happens again. Giving the award to anyone other than Evans is petty and reeks of prejudice. A prejudice I can’t fathom. And I’m a Lakers fan. If jennings or anyone were averaging more assists than Evans, then maybe I could understand but Evans is averaging 5.8 assists and is climbing rapidly as he’s been putting up double digit assist games regularly of late and averaging over 7 since the 1rst of February. It’s not even close and pretending as though it is, is an embarrasment to the NBA and everyone associated with it. And it embarrasses sports writers more than they normally embarrass themselves. I mean, I know you guys are worse than weathermen but come on, really.

  • Coyote

    Bottom Line.

    Aron Phillips,

    You are a


    P.S. Tyreke is getting his 20+ ppg. on less than 16 FGA.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    No. Don’t know if anyone else has said this, but this isn’t the MVP. Wins don’t count. Frequently, the best rookie will go to the worst team in the League.

    Wouldn’t you rather have Andrew Bogut than Spencer Hawes? John Salmons over Beno Udrih? Thought so.

    Not to mention that the team has been playing their best ball since Salmons got there. No knock on Jennings, but he’s not exactly leading them singlehandedly the way that Evans is forced to.

  • Casey

    If it’s all about winning, give it to Daniel Green.

    Who is that you ask? The Rookie on the Cavaliers. They have the best record. So…

  • Casey

    P.S. Do any of you Bucks fans seriously think your team wouldn’t be better if they, by some miracle, could have drafted Tyreke?
    P.P.S. Ask your GM who he would rather have. Or…any GM in the league actually.

  • http://www.foreignfamily.com N


    What stats are you talking about? You seen Mayo do 20-5-5 his rookie season? I’m guessing you don’t look @ a lot of game logs & stats before you post what’s on your mind. Unless I’m mistaken for whatever “stat” you’re talking about. First you say it’s about WINNING, but then you’re more impressed with Curry. Don’t the Bucks got more wins than GS? Last time I checked, Tyreke’s got more W’s than Curry.


  • http://www.foreignfamily.com N

    Also, the arguments about “IF” the Kings drafted someone else blah blah that they wouldn’t have traded Kmart blah blah. That’s not true, you never know who will mix with who well enough to create good team chemistry. It’s irrelevant IMO because that’s too situational for this circumstance. Too many what if’s.


  • http://nykblog.com Joe

    so you’re going to name 3 games he’s played well in? How about just in the last 3 weeks:
    5 pts 1 asts 1 reb against the cavs wednesday night
    4 pts 2 asts 2 reb against the heat march 26
    2 pts 1 asts 0 reb against the hawks march 22
    9 pts 4 asts 3 reb against denever march 20

    Don’t blame Reke because he’s out west, with a young inexperienced under-talented team. Jennings has Bogut and a veteran in Salmons who’s shouldering the load. 20 5 and 5 is what it is- ROY

  • Rusty Nail

    LMAO @ the guy who said that Jennings shut down Evans. If Jennings 6’1″ 160 lb frame had to actually guard Tyreke at 6’6″ and 220….LMMFAO!!!! Salmons guarded Tyreke, not Jennings. I would have loved to see that. Oh, and no mention of Tyreke’s game winner IN Milwaukie.
    Jennings avg’d 14 points last month. Evans avg’d 20.

    I don’t understand why there is even an argument. Evans has been the best ROOKIE OF THE YEAR. Curry is better than Jennings has been. Evans has been a stud all season long. And to the point that Evans coach lets him learn on the fly, well, that would be good and dandy except Evans is the freaking LEADER of his team, as a ROOKIE. Evans is consistently putting up great #’s and Jennings had to accept the fact that he isn’t as good as he thinks. I’m sorry, but I don’t understand how shooting 10% LESS from the field, barely dishing out more assists per game, getting less rebounds, getting less steals per, getting less blocks per, and not being able to play as good defensively or create matchup nightmares at your position, all while playing THE BEST PG’S IN THE LEAGUE ON A NIGHTLY BASIS WHILE BEING DEFENDED BY SG’S AND SF’S MAKES JENNINGS BETTER THAN EVANS?!?!?!?!?!? YOU ARE A COMPLETE TOOL, SON!!!!!!

  • LakeShow84

    @ N

    Listen here dipstick..

    Since everyone is looking at the TALENT and raw #’s and basing their arguements on those factors i said im more impressed with Curry.. Get what im saying now??

    If you are talking about WINNING.. which call me crazy is THE MAIN GOAL IN ALL OF PROFESSIONAL SPORTS RIGHT CHILDREN??????? you have to side with young money.. and that team turned around when they drafted him.. Boguts been around.. The Bucks had basically the same team last year with a good Richard Jefferson and they were a lottery pick..

    LOOK AT THE MVP AWARD.. same criteria.. Best player on the best team.. it aint the players droppin the best stats on this years lottery team..

    And like i said for a stretch Mayo was droppin the same #’s as a rookie.. i give props to Reke tho cuz hes in some good company with the YEAR avg.. but really

    who gives a shit if your season ends mid-April??

  • bukey

    kmart was traded because he couldn’t handle not being the team’s best player. in fact, the team struggled when kmart was there. everyone acts like tyreke isn’t the rookie leader in PER. everyone acts like jennings is a better pg than reke..guess what ? jennings avg 5.9 ast and reke avg 5.8 ast. not to mention, his ast avg has gotten better as the year has gone on. fact: jennings is last in the league in fg%

  • bukey

    oh yea, the bucks have a 7 game improvement over last year. guess what? so do the kings. throw in tyreke’s 3 game winners and the fact that 20-5-5- has only been done 3 times..how is this a contest ?

  • LakeShow84

    @ Weng Santos

    Yeah Melo shouldve been ROY.. thats why a lot of people bring up the fact he got SCREWED..

    And ill say it again in harsher terms..

    If ANYONE thinks Lebron RIGHTFULLY won ROY over Melo then you should be on tool academy cuz you are a moron..

    You want the flash and pizzazz or you want to WIN?? Brandon Jennings is playing WINNING basketball right now and thats MUCH different from “time to let it fly” basketball.. People get on certain SUPERSTARS for that shit right?? oh but its good cuz “hes a rookie and those #’s are just insane”.. Please..

    My main reason for support of Jennings is dude aint really able to play his game yet hes still one of the LEADERS on that team and is the undisputed floor general.. gotta give props to any rookie who can change his style his rookie year under a strict head coach and STILL be one of the main factors in taking his team to the playoffs..

  • Rusty Nail

    Lakeshowm you are just hating on Evans because you are a Laker fan and he is on the Kings. If you have hate in your heart let it out. Man up. Jealous the Kings got Reke? Stupid hater.

  • JT

    The reason for the Bucks playing well starts from Andrew Bogut and throw in John Salmons. Salmons is one of the most underrated players in the league since his days with the Kings. For some reason he keeps getting traded even though he can ball. He can drop 20+ and D up the top perimeter guys in the game. Also the coach is doing a good job to get the team playing together.

    Jennings is a good player, but he has probably fallen to be the 4th best rookie now. He’s been consistently playing worse since his first 2 months of outburst.

    Jennings is shooting 37%!!!!!

    And if you really want to be fair, look at these stats.

    Brandon Jennings
    3/31 5 pts, 1 reb, 1 ast
    3/26 4 pts, 2 reb, 2 ast
    3/24 12 pts, 1 reb, 3 ast
    3/22 2 pts, 0 reb, 1 ast
    3/20 9 pts, 3 reb, 4 ast

    I can go on and list a lot more games like this for him. But if you really follow the Bucks, Luke Ridnour has been actually playing more mins then Jennings in a lot of games because Jennings has been too inconsistant. I don’t think a player like this is ROY. Jennings is a good player for a rookie, but comparing to the season long domination that Evans has shown or the consistant improvement that Curry and Collison is showing, Jennings is not there just be because he happens to be on a team thats going to the playoffs in the east.

  • Nick

    Tyreke Evans shoots so much, his teammates even tell him to stop being a ballhog. Plus he seems like a huge asshole. 20-5-5 may seem ridiculous, but the Kings blow, and he takes 20 shots a game. It’s hard not to imagine that number becoming more and more inflated as the years go on… 25, 30, 35. He’s a ballhog; Jennings beats him in assists as a PG, and his team is far and away better. Curry, while spectacular, is not the ROY. Just isn’t.

  • Rusty Nail

    “oh yea, the bucks have a 7 game improvement over last year. guess what? so do the kings. throw in tyreke’s 3 game winners and the fact that 20-5-5- has only been done 3 times..how is this a contest ?”

    BEAUTIFUL!!!! Great post, A+++

  • Rusty Nail

    HAVE YOU WATCHED TYREKE PLAY A GAME??? Nick, don’t be a dick. Tyreke’s teammates love him, he is a hella humble cat who shies away from fame, and Jennings is an arrogant cocky @sshole and you say Tyreke seems like the asshole? Seriously? You know absolutely JACK SHIT about basketball or Tyreke Evans. Dude is one of the most humble guys to come in the league in YEARS. And he shoots too much? He takes 16 shots a game and makes 46% of them. What about Jennings? Jennings takes 15 shots a game and makes 37% of them. Jennings avg’s more assists? I guess you could say that 5.9 is more than 5.8, true. The ignorance being displayed by you fools is historic, just like Tyreke’s rookie season.

    Both their teams have a 7 game improvement yet Tyreke is putting up crazy #’s and you guys still say Jennings is the ROY? FUCKING IDIOTS ALL OF YOU!!!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

  • Kayla-Sactowns Finiest

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME! REKE ROY! Nothing else needs to be said. One, the east coast is WEAK! So what if he’s in the playoffs! Is he good? You bet! Is he amazing? You bet. Is he better than Tyreke? NOOOO! Brandon’s only stand out to the most minimal NBA fan is “Oh isn’t he that guy who had a 55 point game” an astounding stat for anyone, especially a rookie. But you ask about Tyreke and he’s that “grown-ass man” who owns every person in the NBA! Who was the Rookie Game All Star? Tyreke…who is every NVA Vet and retired player talking about? Tyreke! No one can stop him! Brandon had an extra 10 minutes to put his stats for the game in Sacramento last month. Tyreke had to sit out both OTs because of the concussion he suffered with 26.3 left in the fourth, so you can’t even compare that game. You fail to mention how Tyreke OWNED Brandon in Milwaukee! Evans (25-7-3) Plus a game winning buzzer beater; Jennings (15-6-9). So he had more assists and 1 less board, but you cannot compare the two. Brandon is a great rookie and sure he might be the best rookie in the eastern conference, but its an all inclusive title ROY…Tyreke has sat on top of the rookie list all but 4 weeks of the whole season…Brandon Jennings has been up and down and all around the list all season. Don’t take away Tyreke HISTORIC 20-5-5 season and clear ROY honors because you can’t get off the fact that Brandon is on a playoff team in the weaker east coast. Show some respect for the clearly better and more consistent player, Tyreke Evans!

  • Sean

    Wow, this is a terrible article. You proved nothing. Jennings did good against the kings, but that game went into double overtime, and Evans had to leave the game in the fourth because Illyasova knocked Evans down and gave him a concussion. You failed to reference the other time the Kings played by the Bucks when Evans hit a game winning shot, and Evans finished with 24, 7 and 3. You also referenced Jennings games against the Jazz, but check out Evans games against the Jazz. In his first game against them he had 32, 7, and 3. In another game against them he had 24, 7 and 8. Evans is a threat to get a triple double every game. The Bucks would be much better with Evans. You were right about the ROY being an open and shut case but only because there is no way Evans loses.

  • http://www.twitter.com/all_worlds David Brandon

    the regulars in here know i’m a big kings fan, so i’m not even gonna get into that. all in all, ‘reke gets it. brandons nice, but steph’s outplayed hinm too. darren collison’s been great too. so has marcus thornton. but from the start of the season til now, he’s been the biggest contributor to a teams success, regardless of the record. i’m not saying the records not important, cause its a BIG part of everything, but if you took a player away from that team, whats left. ROY’s in the same light as MVP to an extent. if tyreke wasnt here in sac, we’d be about as bad as the nets and thats real.

  • weezy f

    your an idiot aron the reason the bucks in the playoffs is cuz the east is weak and john salmons not because of jennings

  • bukey

    @nick…shut up fool

  • Michael

    By your foolish logic Danny Green from the Cavs should be rookie of the year. Sure he’s only averaging a couple points a game, and he’s not even the best rookie in his conference, but hey, his team has the best record in the NBA, so surely he deserves to be the rookie of the year.

  • SacKingsFan

    Brandon Jennings is by far the better rookie. Tyreke doesn’t win, he’s a ball hog…even his teammates are getting tired of him. Tyreke should stick to what he does best…being the driver in drive-by shootings.

  • Rusty Nail

    sackingsfan, section101 is that you?

  • bukey

    @sackingsfan…kill yourself

  • Coyote

    Not to mention both the Bucks and the Kings have won seven more games than last year. So you can’t even argue that Jennings has had a bigger impact on his team. And as everybody has already mentioned without the Salmons trade the Bucks would have likely had the same exact record as they had last season. I’m surprised they havn’t deleted this article as respondents 9 to 1 think it’s stupidest article tey have ever read. It’s the kind of thing you’d expect from a Young Buck Fan Club Blog President.

  • JOHN

    you forgot to mention that in the game against the kings tyreke got elbowed in the face by the buck player and had to leave if not for that play the kings would have won.

  • legit

    This article is an insult to not just Tyreke Evans, but an insult to Oscar Robertson, Michael Jordan, and Lebron James who all averaged 20/5/5 their rookie season and have won ROY.

  • SupaKicka

    1. buckey you are a douche bag.
    2. Jennings has made the biggest impact to his team I don’t even care what you say. Neither Evans or Curry has impacted their team as much as Brandon has. I have respect for them, but gotta give it to Jennings. Some of the dagger shots he has hit mixed with the leadership he brings makes him stand above the other two. Intangibles mean more than points, and Jennings easily beats the other two in that.

  • SupaKicka

    1. bukey you are a douche bag.
    2. Jennings has made the biggest impact to his team I don’t even care what you say. Neither Evans or Curry has impacted their team as much as Brandon has. I have respect for them, but gotta give it to Jennings. Some of the dagger shots he has hit mixed with the leadership he brings makes him stand above the other two. Intangibles mean more than points, and Jennings easily beats the other two in that.


    Tyreke Evans is a little girl. He was out for a few weeks with a cut? What a woman.

  • YungBuckisaGOD

    Hilarious. You guys are saying BJ3 shouldn’t be rookie of the year because his team made a trade that worked out? That’s retarded. The kings made a trade and got Carl Landry does that mean Tyreke isn’t as good anymore?

  • http://www.foreignfamily.com N


    First of all, you calling me a dipstick wasn’t nice.

    I get what you’re saying about Curry.

    But your argument for winning and correlating it with ROY still irks me:

    Yes, D. Rose was an amazing rookie and took his teams to the playoffs and he eventually won the ROY award (perhaps due to WINNING?) But how about the ROYs before him in their rookie seasons? KD & his Sonics had about 20 W’s. The Blazers had a win total in the low 30’s, and CP3 also had about 20. Even Okafor won and Charlotte had 18 wins. No playoffs (correct me if I’m wrong), and they still won ROY. So hopefully this squashes the Jennings & his “winning” argument/point.

    N aka dipstick

  • http://www.facebook.com/Mr.Brogden Mr. Brogden

    @95 – BJisAwesome

    “Hilarious. You guys are saying BJ3 shouldn’t be rookie of the year because his team made a trade that worked out?”

    ^^–}} No. We’re not saying that. We’re saying he shouldn’t be ROY because he wasn’t the top rookie this year. Bucks squad got a nice inside outside game now. Dynamic backcourt. Bogut’s been consistent. And he’s quite underrated. So what does that mean? That means Brandon, a talent in his own right, is surrounded by better players and/or coached by a better coach than Tyreke and Curry.

    Sactown has a puncher’s chance EVERY GAME because of Reke alone!
    …rejuvenated a franchise, packed the arena on multiple nights, and has the Sactown faithful that their team is moving in the right direction. That can all be credited to Reke.

    Curry is Don’s favorite player. And if you watch the Warriors play, you’ll notice 3 things immediately:
    1-they run up n down
    2-the Ellis fellow is obviously the leader
    3-this kid Curry is PURE FUN to watch play the game of basketball. To see him get better every game in all facets is amazing. But what do I know?

    Thornton and Collison don’t have a large enough body of work to get it.

    Brandon had an excellent year. To say he’s the 3rd best rookie this year is NOT the same as saying he’s sh***y! What sense does that make?!?

    “The kings made a trade and got Carl Landry does that mean Tyreke isn’t as good anymore?”

    ^^–}} Does it? I’m going to assume you’re intelligent enough to know the answer. That’s retarded.

  • snarf

    Any NBA team has a “puncher’s chance” every game. And obviously Reke’s presence hasn’t helped all that much, seeing has how they have the great record of 24-53.

  • reke69

    i heard they caught reke doing some bad things in the locker room. thats why brandon should get it.


  • K Dizzle

    I just wanna be #100

    This reminds me of when Melo took the Nuggets to the playoffs as a rook…but Lebron got the ROY….Similar

  • jzsmoove

    Tyreke. Period.

    Aron got nothing better to do than stir the shitbowl. shitdisturber.

  • JT

    LOL @ K Dizzle… HAHAHAHA

    You are comparing a guy that shoots below 37% in BJ to Melo? HAHAHAHA

  • JT

    Brandon Jennings has 20 single digit scoring games this season. Thats more than 1/4 of the games thats he played and started in.

    If BJ wins ROY, he’s got to be the player with the most under 10 points game ever to win ROY.

  • http://Dime Dave

    Tyreke Evans is the ROY period. The stats prove it, but more than than he is quiet, humble, a great teammate, and you can see already the talent he has. The future is Tyreke Evans as one of the best in the NBA. You don’t see Curry and Jennings guarding him either–it is Battier, Bryant, Roy, etc. It is more than shooting and Tyreke again makes his case.

  • LMAO

    Rant/Wow…I can’t believe you even brought up Jennings being a key part of leading this surging Bucks team. If your going to give credit give it where it’s due, SMH. Salmons and Bogut have been playing out of their minds, Delfino and Stack have been contributing off the bench. But, now that Bogut is out for the season and playoffs. We will see if Mr.Jennings can step up to plate and keep this team hot without their best big man./Rant

    Put that in your pipe and smoke it. :-P

  • Jared

    What about Stephen Curry? He has fit into the nba seamlessly and has proven to be able to score at will or get anyone at anytime involved in the game. He is the definition of a complete point guard, and hey give the poor kid somethin its bad enough he got to play with Golden State

  • michael

    Wow this is a BIASED article. You mention the Bucks vs Kings game where the bucks won in 2-OT. it sounds good right? 2 rookies square off against each other, fighting till double overtime for the win right? BUT, if you watched the game, the kings were up by like 9 points with 2 minutes left in the 4th quarter. THEN TYREKE GETS ELBOWED IN THE FACE and was forced to leave the game due to lacerations and possible broken jaw (he missed 5 or more games after that). THEN, with tyreke out, the bucks had to FIGHT to win it in 2OT vs the kings. if tyreke was still in it was a done deal. So… i dont know how you left out that IMPORTANT part of the game unless youre being biased against tyreke.

  • DS

    Curry should be ROY. What he has accomplished whith an ever changing roster of D-leaguers is amazing.

    Evans 2nd

    Jennings 3rd.

  • rainball

    You guys are retarded. Jennings is ROY.

  • http://www.facebook.com/psyber.kayos Psyber Kayos

    Shoulda been Jennings.