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Stan Van Gundy: “LeBron will win the MVP every year until he retires”

To know Stan Van Gundy is to know that he likes to talk. And just like the best critics and motivators, SVG is not shy to let his opinion be known. Yesterday, after the Magic beat the Cavs (with LeBron sitting), he shared with the media his opinion on the MVP race this season and beyond: “You know how the vote’s going to go. LeBron will win the MVP every year until he retires.”

Whether this was his ploy to insert Dwight Howard‘s name into the MVP discussion or not, it is interesting to think about nonetheless. Howard right now is on pace to become the first player in NBA history to lead the league in field goal percentage, rebounding and blocks, and still averages a healthy 18.5 points per game as well. But should he be the MVP?

“[Defense] doesn’t translate into MVP voting,” said Van Gundy. “People look at it as it’s not as important … I don’t understand that.”

Whether or not that is true – which I personally find hard to believe – Van Gundy does bring up a good question: Will LeBron win the MVP every year until he retires? When you look at the all-time NBA greats, history is definitely against him.

Of his 15 NBA seasons, Michael Jordan only won the award five times. Larry Bird and Magic Johnson each got three. If you want to take it back, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar won six, Bill Russell won five and Wilt Chamberlain won four. If Kobe might finish his career with only one MVP nod, you really think LeBron is going to win for the next decade?

What do you think? Will LeBron win the MVP every year until he retires? If not, how many more will he get before he retires?

Source: Orlando Sentinel

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  • nola

    yes because everything in the nba rides on him now. he will win the mvp until a scandal erupts which it surely will soon

  • Chise

    You’ve gotta think that if the guy is gonna be averaging around 30-8-8 every year for a team that’ll probably win 60 games every season….

    I don’t even wanna say it, cuz I hate LeBron but the fact of the matter is, he’s still gonna put up an MVP worthy season every year for at least the rest of this decade.

    My guess: 7 MVPs

  • down since the begining

    first off kobe got robbed of at least 1 other mvp title. and secondly lebron has been handed the keys to the nba kingdom and he could play naked and everyone would still applaud him. so in other words fuck lebron

  • My Favorite Superhero

    Nah, LBJ is gonna win over the next few years, but I don’t see him getting one every season. There’s still too many cats balling and starting to ball right now….Wade, CP3, Howard, Manu, Reke Evans, etc. LBJ is gonna get his, but I honestly don’t think he’ll get THAT many

  • The Other Aj

    SVG is right. This is my players and coaches should have more weight in the MVP voting. Media and fans are good for allstar, etc. But end of the season awards should be left up to the professionals. Before things shake out the media has already made up in it’s mind who “they” want as the MVP, DPOY, etc.

    2 Examples

    #1 Nash’s 1st MVP, he won over Shaq when it was clear that Shaq had just as much of an impact in Miami as Nash did in Phoenix. Nash still would have had his 2nd MVP.

    #2 – In JKidd’s run in New Jersey he was doing the same stuff Nash was and is doing in Phoenix. Not MVP’s though. The media decided Duncan deserved Back to Back MVP’s.

  • Chise

    The main obstacle in the way of LeBron winning bookoo MVPs will be Kevin Durant.

  • abcdefg

    As much as it pains me to say this due to the fact he is an iggnorant faggot – he will.

    Id hate for it to happen because his personality as a whole is one of the worst in the nba.

  • S-SiN

    not evry year untill he retires, buit he’ll be up there with 5, 6 or maybe even seven statues.

  • S-SiN

    and while we’re at it Mike got robbed of one in 98 and Kobe in 06

  • sh!tfaced

    post 6 is right… LeBron will win MVP every year and right now it looks like the only one who can stop him will be Durant.

    Maybe Brandon Roy one day or D-Wade – if he finally gets some help.

    Kobe is just disinterested now, he’s too busy trying to win championships…

  • fallinup

    No. Not every year. In Jordan’s heyday, they tired of giving the MVP to him.

  • QQ

    I think you understand that SVG used this to swipe at bron (with the media hugging his nuts every way they can even though he doesnt deserve ALL of it, etc) and not a way to hype him?

  • Name (required)

    i don’t think its guaranteed….
    if he doesn’t win a ring this year the voters might think, “yeah, 30 8 & 8 with 60 wins but the guys won 2 mvps with no title, lets see him do something else before we give him another MVP” in the same way Dirk now would have to completely destroy the competition for consideration, previous postseason success would start to be taken into account if Lebron doesn’t start racking up the Chips.
    Then if he does start winning ring after ring the voters will still likely get bored in a few years and give it to the next legitimate contender, which is pretty much happened in the 98 when Malone won.
    also, if he switches team, and and he cant carry that team like he can the Cavs, guys like Durant or Wade would have a legit shot next year if their teams finish with better records.
    If he really wants MVPs till he retires tho, he should sign with the Knicks, then the league would probably sort it so he wins the trophy until he dies.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    Eh. He’s going to put up numbers and win every year, but over the last decade, it seems to me that the voters are growing more fickle – they shake it up. I think that you’ll see some Durants, Anthonys, Wades, Howards etc mixed in. Depending on whose team makes a jump in the standings.

    I love Dwight Howard (pause), but why should he win it this year over LeBron? He’s doing all the things that LeBron is doing, but he’s doing it on a team that won’t win as many games.

  • Tom

    I think LeBron, Dwight, and Chris Paul will pretty consistently put up the best numbers in the league over the next few years. Chris Paul won’t win it unless he finds a much better team and stays healthy. Dwight won’t win it unless he starts scoring a lot more (since people care way too much about scoring). Durant may steal one or more, because he’s a very good player, and a better scorer than any of those guys, but I don’t see him ever being as good an all-around player as those three.

    I don’t see Wade winning it because he’s getting kind of old now, and I think his career is going to start declining soon. I can’t see Melo winning unless he starts rebounding and playing much better D.

  • http://www.realcavsfans.com Powerslave

    Haha wow.
    SVG: “Guys! Stop complaining to the refs! Let’s be tough and win this game! BRB gotta b!tch to the media”

  • bsteezy3

    MJ was clearly the best player in the league for many years, but he didn’t always win the award; like #11 says they got tired of giving it to him. The NBA folks LOVE LeBron James so I believe he could win it every year–unless they get tired of him winning it. He’ll damn sure put up the numbers…

  • kowtz

    KObe wins one… Tied with Dirk, and Nash has two???? WTF!!!

  • kudos

    Lebron will be the first 3-time mvp with no (championship) rings. bet on it.

  • karizmatic

    Nah even if he should win MVP every year he wouldn’t, people would get tired of voting for him. That’s what happened with Jordan. It was like ok this is the MVP besides Jordan or who’s the second best player in the league award. But we still don’t know if LBJ will be that good. The other factor that will contribute to it is, whether or not LBJ begins to win several championships in a row. When someone begins to dominate the league like that, MVP becomes a sort of consolation prize. Like well we know you’re probably not going to win a ring this year but you were the second best player in the league so here’s the MVP. But LBJ has to get to that level, if he fails to win a lot of rings, he may actually win more MVPs.

  • Ian

    “first off kobe got robbed of at least 1 other mvp title”
    almost every season there are a couple of deservin players and fans of said player will always complain.

    ” In JKidd’s run in New Jersey he was doing the same stuff Nash was and is doing in Phoenix. Not MVP’s though. The media decided Duncan deserved Back to Back MVP’s.”
    so duncan didnt win it right?? please go check out the wins and numbers and get back to me.
    i dont give a shit about players that switch teams their game remains the same and somehow become the flavor of the month (kidd,nash,shaq miami). hell at least nash did earn one of those mvps and the other u can make a valid case for him because he did it out west. anything that won the east from 00-03 sucked.

    either that or he knows he cant win another one. how can u say kobe doesnt care about another mvp?

  • K Dizzle

    “[Defense] doesn’t translate into MVP voting,” said Van Gundy. “People look at it as it’s not as important … I don’t understand that.”

    “Whether or not that is true – which I personally find hard to believe ”

    @ Aron – Why is that so hard to believe?
    People shit on Nash and Nowitzki’s defense but they got some mvps. If you got 2 dudes on the 2 best teams record wise, with one averagin 30-8-8 and the other a defensive force, the offensive guy always get the mvp love. That’s why they should do it like football and do Offensive MVP and Defensive MVP. Anyways, if Shaq only got 1 mvp, then Lebron won’t be stackin em up like SVG thinks. Situations always change and free agency changes a lotta looks. Who woulda thought Steve Nash would be havin a year better than his mvp seasons this season with a less talented Suns team?

  • ERIC

    Kobe happily took the FINALS MVP last year and that the regular season MVPs dont matter.

  • ah

    yeah cause lebron is constantly having his dick rode on by the nba. fuck lebron

  • sh!tfaced

    Just saying, seems like Kobe is more determined chasing MJ’s 6 than winning more MVPs. Unlike before, he’s not a stats hog anymore (like LeBron is now). The man already has mastered the game like MJ and Bird has. Right now, it’s the bigger picture for him and all he wants is to win more chips.

  • Mo

    Gary Chouest FTW!

  • AZ

    NASH is overrated in the MVP voting….WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME A MVP HASN’T MADE IT TO THE FINALS IN HIS CAREER…shows ya stan is right about the defense vs offense part too

  • Ian

    i dont know man about the stat hog thing lebron does his thing within the flow of the game and kobe still has some of those oldschool kobe games. again maybe i have my fuck u kobe glasses on but kobe and not caring about another mvp seems a bit off to me.

  • Dre

    All the people hating on Lebron sounds real stupid… talking about hating someone you don’t even know… come on. Lebron will win a gang of MVPs and probaly a few championships as well.

  • JH

    SVG is making a subtle point…he doesn’t seriously think that LBJ will win it every year.

    Nice remark.

  • Sporty-j

    Theres not 1 weakness on that Cavs team and they can match up with any team in the league. I dont Care if the team is the Magic or the run and gun Suns. They adressed all there weaknesses with Shaq and Jamison from last year and it will be very Sad if Lebron cannot finally win a championship on the team he has this year which would show me that he just does not have what it takes Mentally lead a team to the championship. I dont think he should have won the MVP last year but hes the MEDIA darling of the NBA even though he has not won a ring. He wont win MVP next year if he doesnt win a title this year because the Media will start to see him as a fraud since they back him up so much and he doesnt make them look good once the post season start and they will turn there back on him and wonder does he has what it takes to truly will his team to the top. Remember every MVP champion would gladly trade that MVP trophy for a championship ring because thats all that matters at the end of the day…

  • barons beard

    D-Wade was robbed by the Lebron love-train last year

    It still riles me that J-Kidd didnt get 1 for taking a pretty average Nets squad to back-2-back finals, and that Shaq has less MVP trophies than Steve Nash

  • Sporty-j

    Stan Van Gundy was being sarcastic by the way because i think he is tired like everybody else that watches basketball and hate how they hype Lebron up as if hes better than every other superstar and they basicly give him the trophy before the season even starts and they act like hes bigger than the game. So of course it seem like they will give it to him until he retires because there has never been a player as hyped up as Lebron.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    Who are the best players of the last 10 years? Probably Shaq, TD and Kobe. It’s unfortunate for them, though, that their best years all came at the same time. Also, their best team success came during the first half of the decade – granted, each has won a chip in the second half, but it wasn’t like it was from 00-05.

    That having been said, looking back on the last 5 years, Dirk and Nash absolutely deserved their MVPs. Since Nash went to Phoenix, both the Suns and the Mavericks have been great teams and have won exactly as many titles as the Cavaliers have. Kobe deserves MVP for jacking on squads loaded with All-Stars? Shaq deserves MVP for carrying the Heat in the EAST with D Wade on his team? Please.

  • @BklynDre

    lebron will win 6-8 mvps before he retires because he is Illuminati

  • Ctp

    I think it’s funny how everyone talks about how the NBA hugs lebrons nuts, but no one seems to notice the Chris Paul nut hugging. Seriously!!!! I read countless posts mentioning CP3’s name..

    You dudes need someone to have a right guard commercial to notice their game?

    How about Deron Williams? Damn! His team actually wins, and you’re a fool if you’re building a team and you pick a PG other than Deron Williams. Poor D Will doesn’t have a fancy Nike deal, or a right guard commercial.

    Not saying that’s what it takes to get MVP, but it’s clear it’s what it takes for fans to notice.

  • sh!tfaced

    Ian… “either that or he knows he cant win another one”

    yeah, u might have got it with that one. he just seems a bit passive this year. maybe because he’s still a bit high from last year’s chip. but kobe’s a hungry competitive monster. we’ll see…