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Talk Ain’t Cheap in the NBA

With the NBA playoffs heating up, emotions are at an all-time high right now. Some players and coaches have been coming at game officials sideways, and David Stern is not having that. Stern is tired of the outlandish remarks criticizing NBA officials, and he’s prepared to give out a couple suspensions and fines if need be. In the past few weeks, it seems like the League has been handing out fines as often as LeBron gets asked about his plans this summer.

Last Thursday, Celtics forward Rasheed Wallace was fined $35,000 dollars for commenting on the officiating of Game 1. In the game, ‘Sheed was charged with two fouls within two minutes, and following the game, he expressed that he felt the referees were trying to bait him into getting a tech. A week prior to that, Lakers head coach Phil Jackson was hit with a $35,000 fine of his own after inferring that Kevin Durant was given special treatment from NBA refs, allowing him to get to the line more than other players. But Wallace and Jackson aren’t the only ones in the Fine Club, as Magic head coach Stan Van Gundy and forward Matt Barnes were docked $35,000 a piece after publically commenting on officiating, and Erick Dampier was fined $35,000 for publicly criticizing officials on Monday.

If you ask me, the Commissioner needs to chill with the fines. Sure, players and coaches can get reckless with the comments sometimes, but this is the playoffs. Just as playoff basketball is refereed different than the regular season, there should be some leeway in the frustration as well. I know that Stern just doesn’t want the sound bites on SportsCenter and Inside the NBA to be killing the zebras, but $35K is a lot. Why should these players and coaches have to pay for speaking their mind? Where do we draw the line?

What do you think? Has Stern been quick to fine players and coaches for commenting on the refs? How much is too much to talk about?

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  • Gnasche

    I don’t mind the fines because they all go to charity. They should have a promo with a little girls saying, “Dick Bavetta, you’re my hero. Thanks to that bullshit foul you called on ‘Sheed, I now have a warm place to sleep at night. The NBA cares.”

  • The Journeyman

    Where were you guys??

    I hate these stupid fines and the insane amounts.

    The refs should watch the video replays if there is a huge uproar about the initial call.

    I mean they do it for 3 pointers, half time shots, out of bounds calls. So why not just call a foul accurately using technology.

    Plus imagine if a player is crying that he didn’t foul someone and the video justifies it…

    you shut him up mad quick!


  • http://www.SoulChorea.com David Stern


    You have been fined by the NBA; you will receive a $35,000 invoice in the mail within a few days. We do not tolerate any criticism of anything we do or do not do. Any comments that appear below will draw fines in the same amount. Thank you.

  • http://www.facebook.com/loganlight loganlight

    Fines are a-ok with me. These guys are all trying to manipulate the refs into doing calling the game their way. You don’t think Kevin Garnett’s comments on Durant had the league looking at that game tape? Even if the calls were right and just, the L HAS to look. It has to spend the time reviewing the footage.

    I understand that not every call is right – goodness, you think Kobe doesn’t know that it’s a cheap foul to swing his shooting motion through a defenders arm? Of course he does, but he knows the refs will call it. It’s all about trying to get any advantage possible.

    With regards to replay… every game would be 4 hours long!! They already run longer in the playoffs with advertisement time, but with a stoppage every time a player complains? Yikes. Lakers games would NEVER end (yep, that was some HATE on Kobe).

    DIME – welcome back. You had dude real worried about his computer. I thought I had a virus or something… I was ready to toss it out the window. Thanks for coming back. THANKS PAT!


  • sh!tfaced

    Hah! Thought I said something and got banned or suspended myself. Like DIME became trigger-happy ala David Stern ‘fining/suspending’ us for comments. LOL

    Isn’t the NBA losing like $400 mil this year? Cutting their losses where ever they can, maybe? If you’re losing that much money, doesn’t one become a charitable foundation in itself…?

  • Ace

    OH thank God.

    Welcome back DIME. Had me going through withdrawals there. Thanks Pat. Needs to get a big bonus check NOW, if he hasn’t already :)

  • xuover

    These fines seem fishy. May be a negotiation tactic for the upcoming collective bargaining agreement. Piss the players off with hefty/escalating fines for comments now so that the owners can throw in “reduced fines” as a bargaining chip during negotiations.


    only mark cuban thinks talk is cheap in the nba

  • SWAT

    did yall even see the comments stern said whn asked about the fines…he was being straight up and said if everyone is complaining about the refs it makes the nba look fishy, especially after the last ref scandal. and eveyone knows if u bitch about it the refs the next game will be easy with the whistle. stern isnt having it and the players should just roll with it and stop shooting so many damn 3’s and drive to the basket

  • TIP

    hmmm…is it a co-incidence that right after an article about Larry Sanders, a draft prospect, there is an article by Brandee Sanders?

  • high release

    Why do I feel dirty and greasy after seeing Stern talk?

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nxtSGgtR3Hs bingo uk

    Interesting article i totally agree with the other comments. Keep us posting