Smack / Apr 15, 2010 / 4:41 am

The Last Day Before the Drama

Jason Kidd, Dime #40

Seeing as the Spurs actually had something to play for in last night’s regular-season finale at Dallas, it would seem odd that they’d give Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili the evening off. Here’s how we see it: Even as they’ve struggled to find consistency, San Antonio still believes they have this playoff thing down to a science. They’re more concerned with staying healthy than they are worried about who they’ll play in the first round, especially when the options are perennial victims Phoenix and Dallas … Caron Butler scored 20 to lead the Mavs, while Jason Kidd sparked a 16-2 run to end the first quarter that was the decisive sequence. Think J-Kidd was taking this game lightly? One time he went horizontal, Rodman-style, to save a loose ball. And speaking of beasts on the glass, DeJuan Blair posted 27 points and 23 boards in the loss … The Bulls only had to beat Charlotte to get into the playoffs, so between their black unis and Larry Brown‘s all-black suit, it was like symbolizing the Raptors’ funeral. LB played all of his guys — in fact, Tyson Chandler suffered what looked like a shoulder injury in the second quarter — but they never seemed to give the full effort of a team that cared about the outcome. Chicago won pretty easy … After Derrick Rose (27 pts) lulled D.J. Augustin to sleep (or just made him dizzy) with a string of crossovers and hit a pull-up jumper on him, Stacey King yelled, “Stop it! Don’t just play with him like that! That was like a cat with a mouse; all of a sudden he just got tired and slapped him with the ball.” … When the camera spotted Charles Oakley sitting next to Michael Jordan, King said, “Oh, that’s Charles Oakley! I thought that was Danny Glover!” … Meanwhile, the Raptors won their ultimately meaningless game against the Knicks. Andrea Bargnani and DeMar DeRozan led the way with 24 points, while Hedo Turkoglu wrapped up his forgettable season with 5 points and 5 fouls … Phoenix may have won a free pass into the second round, cruising past the Jazz — Steve Nash didn’t even have to play the fourth quarter — to lock up the 3rd seed in the West and a first-round matchup with banged-up Portland. Brandon Roy is out of the picture unless he buys some Willis Reed pills on the black market, and the last thing the depth-starved Blazers need is a team that will try to run them into the ground … All the Heat had to do was beat the Nets at home to secure the 5th seed in the East, but with D-Wade, J.O. and Udonis Haslem out of the lineup, that wouldn’t be as easy as it appeared on paper. It took two overtimes and some crunch-time buckets by Mario Chalmers — to about one-ninth of the reaction he got for “The Shot” at Kansas — but Miami got the job done … As if his own-goal on Tuesday night wasn’t bad enough, Rasheed Wallace hit another low in last night’s loss to Milwaukee, when the homer Boston announcers couldn’t even avoid bashing him. After Carlos Delfino drove past Brian Scalabrine for a bucket in Rasheed’s vicinity, the color commentator filling in for Tommy Heinsohn said, “I hate to say it, but (Scal) can’t send him toward Rasheed. He’s either going to reach-in or play matador defense.” … Other stat lines from Wednesday: Kevin Durant put the final stamp on his scoring title by dropping 31 points (12-18 FG) on the Grizzlies; David West had 35 points and 10 rebounds to lead the Hornets past Houston; Jameer Nelson scored 21 in Orlando’s win over Philly; Tayshaun Prince‘s 21 points helped Detroit edge Minnesota; Andray Blatche had 26 points and 4 steals as Washington beat Indiana; Jeff Teague posted 24 points and 15 assists as the JV Hawks beat the JV Cavs; Steve Blake had a triple-double (23 pts, 10 rebs, 11 asts) as the Clippers beat the Lakers, while Pau Gasol had 18 points and 17 boards in the loss; and Stephen Curry fired his last Rookie of the Year salvo by dumping 42 points, 9 boards and 8 dimes on the Blazers in a G-State win … We’re out like the meaningless games …

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  • Sambuu

    can’t believe Jazz choked like that… from Roy-less Blazers to playing in Denver…

  • Showtime

    ‘Pau Gasol had 18 points and 17 boards as the Lakers beat the Clippers, while Steve Blake had a triple-double (23 pts, 10 rebs, 11 asts) in the loss;’

    C’mon guys … that’s EMBARESSING. It’s not that hard to read a box score

  • jonny taise

    basketball is fun!!!!

  • dat dood

    curry for roy!!!

  • snook

    its more embarrassing to misspell embarrassing

  • FedEx

    No mention of the Warriors having to put George, who fouled out already, back into the game as they were left with only 5 players? That was crazy.

  • Rizwan

    @ Showtime


  • lucky

    Sheed will always be a bum, he never puts in an honest effort day in and day out. Way to plunk down a three year contract on this bozo, danny.

  • davros

    nice one Snook, made me chuckle

  • That’s What’s Up

    EMBARESSING: (pronounced imba-ress-ing)
    when a front-running Lakers fan attempts to call out a National Publication for a late night grammatical error

  • the cynic

    Finally, the playoffs

    Lakers in 5
    Nuggets in 7
    Suns in 6
    Spurs in 7

    Cavs in 3
    Celtics in 6
    Hawks in 5
    Magic in 6

  • Atom

    George was let back in the game but the Warriors had to take a technical. Craziness – never heard of anything like that happening before.

    SO many injuries for the Warriors. Trainers must be drinking with Nellie. Hopefully Cohan will sell the dubs to ANYONE who isnt him.

  • Luigi

    Lakers in 6
    -Team OKC will win their home games… scare the crap outta the Lakers…Durant breaks out as a full fledged superstar

    Nuggets in 5
    -Carmelo takes over the series….the Jazz can’t stop Melo. Deron can sure win some games but Billups is Mr.Big Shot

    Suns in 5 (if Roy plays..then Suns in 7)
    -Not saying that if B-Roy plays that itl be a Blazers win…but it would be more competitive. i dont think the Blazers have a chance defending nash and amare…Andre Miller will need to have the series of his life for them to win

    Mavs in 7
    -Intense as it gets. to be honest. it could be either team. but i think the Mavs will prevail because of HC Advantage

    Cavs in 5
    -Normally Bulls/Cavs matchups have produced close games. but the King wont let a scare to happen to the Cavs

    Heat in 7
    -yes i think D-Wade will take over and Bostons old legs will collapse soon. Ray Allen/PP/KG/Rondo can only do so much. can they stop Wade?

    Hawks in 6
    -Jennings and Salmons and the Bucks make it exciting because they have swagger and make games competitive and exciting. but overall. the Hawks have too much firepower for the Bucks

    Magic in 5
    -D12.VC. and the rest…playing with a chip on their shoulder. nd plus the bobcats cant matchupp

  • Borgs

    The numerical part, anyway, right Showtime?

  • rangerjohn

    @ #11

    cavs in 3? im gonna disagree on that one.

  • That’s What’s Up

    What’s crazier?

    A) They let Devean George back in the Game
    B) Devean George is still in the league

  • SJ

    Jeff Teague can beast it if he gets the minutes. Wait til the NBA sees his little bro.

  • QQ

    Finally, the playoffs are here.

    Love how we match up with the Bobcats.

    Raymond Felton – quick guard but Meer can stay with him

    S-Jack – Big guard that can post; good to have defense specialists Pietrus and Barnes for ballers like Jackson

    Crash – Matchup nightmare. Again, Pietrus and Barnes will take care of him, with Lewis occasionally covering him

    Diaw – Great passer for a PF, but Lew’s speed and height is an advantage

    Chandler – Garbage points, offensive rebounds. Too bad Dwight’s gonna be boxing him out, sorry Ty.

    Magic in 5.

    @ 13: Can’t really see the Nugs beating the Jazz. They have the chance to be the no.2 squad yet ended up with the no 4 seed. Maybe Melo can’t really be that mature leader we all want him to be. He’s an out of this world scorer, but dips when it comes to maturity. And Sloan-coached team is as mature and stoic as it gets. Fuck the excess, play basketball by the fundamentals, beat your opponent, go home, prepare for the next game. That’s the EXACT OPPOSITE of what the Nuggets’ personality is, (except Billups).

    Jazz in 6.

  • My Favorite Superhero

    Bring on the Playoffs!!!!


    nobody wants to see toronto play anymore anyways

  • johnsacrimoni

    Lakers over Thunder in 6
    Jazz over Nuggets in 7
    Suns over Blazers in 5
    Mavs over Spurs in 7
    Cavs over Bulls in 4
    Celtics over Heat in 7
    Hawks over Bucks in 6
    Magic over ‘Cats in 4

    Lakers over Jazz in 6
    Mavs over Suns in 6
    Cavs over Celtics in 5
    Magic over Hawks in 5

    Mavs over Lakers in 7
    Cavs over Magic in 6

    Cavs over Mavs in 6

  • ShowKase

    Orlando vs Denver in the “David Stern’s Worst Nightmare, because there’s no Kobe or LeBron, NBA Finals”!

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    Back in early March when we were talking about Bosh leaving Toronto and some Toronto fan posted some trash about Bosh not going to Chicago because they weren’t any better than the Raptors. At the time, Chicago was on a skid and Toronto had the 7 seed.

    Clearly, the Bulls are better than the Raptors. Here’s to the possibility of Bosh in a Bulls uniform next season.

  • blkrob25

    maybe its just me…but i dont think OKC vs. LAL goes more than 5 games. OKC’s bigs have no answer for Gasol/Bynum. Durant does most of his scoring in the second half…i think Artest/Odom will be able to slow him. OKC only wins if/when westbrook destroys fisher…

    *no i’m not a Lakers homer.

  • blkrob25

    *** in the first half (durants scoring)

  • Ian

    lakers in 7
    utah in 6
    spurs in 6
    suns in 5

  • Skeeter McGee

    I’ll bet my life savings the Cavs don’t win the series in 3 games haha…

    I know I’m gonna get heat for this but I’d vote Steph Curry for ROY because his recent production has been off the wall while Tyreke has been consistently solid. It’s a win-win either way, or at least that’s just what I think…

  • RonNation

    jazz got molested by the refs last night

    that is all

  • LakeShow84


    Spurs/Mavs is the series im glued on..

    Hawks/Bucks in the East will be sick too..

    Thunder might scare us and push it to 6 but thats about it..

  • LakeShow84

    i might have to rescind my Jennings ROY vote.. dude been lookin bad lately.. like BAD.. last night was ANOTHER dud while THE New BayBoy Curry been KILLIN ‘em..

    Somebody get that kid a straight jacket..

    The scary part?? hes a worker bee..

  • RC

    I’d say OKC in 7. Suns in 5. Celtics in 6

  • LakeShow84


    ahhhhhhhh i forgot what its like for everyone to WISH we lose every round..

  • http://facebook.com/Mr.Brogden Mr. Brogden

    I think the Cavs gonna be too much for them.
    Cavs in 5.
    With Noah and Andy possibly banging down low…it’s like the NBA Intern’l version of FACE/OFF. Noah probably should let the hair go in this one. Let the MANE REIGN!!!

    Just the kind of match up to give Orlando fits.
    I just don’t see the Cats winning much away from home.
    SJack and Vince might get involved in some kinda tit for tat that should be VERY fun to watch.
    Magic in 5. Maybe 6.

    Hawks in 6. Maybe 7.
    Is this the series where we might see Teague more than Bibby?? If Young Money is getting loose…maybe.

    Celtics in 5.
    Heat REALLY don’t match up well with the Celtics and that’s sad…because if Wade had a slightly better cast around him, they can beat ‘em. Easily.

    I’m pulling for the upset but I just don’t see it.
    LA in 5.

    I’m really looking forward to a Ginobli Triple Double.
    I see him abusing the Mavs in this series. Besides, any team with Deshawn anywhere near the team is bound to lose.
    Spurs in 7.

    Portland might mess around and beat Stat and Nash. They know Frye’s game pretty well. They can defend that. They can run too…it’s a matter of whose style will win out. Portland’s half court. Roy, Dre, and Camby pretty much conducting an orchestra…or Nash, Stat and JRich conducting an uptempo symphony.
    Suns in 6.

    Can’t call this one. The Nuggets have been so f****n’ awful since George left. Millsap’s been so f****n’ awesome when he gets Booz type minutes. Honestly, I just can’t call this one. My gut says Nuggets. My brain says Jazz. I guess…
    Jazz in 7.
    no wait.
    Nuggets in 7.
    no wait.

    hahahaha…let’s get it started!

  • http://dime eyes

    Would take the playoffs as a rookie any day over a stats & popularity contest. Also remember Jennings made it thorough the whole year starting for a almost 50 win team. He did something right. I’ve heard the credit go from Skiles,Bogut,Salmons,Ridnour. Was Jennnings FG % the reason they didn’t compete for a higher seed. Also when you have a legitimate back up guard on coaches pet backing you up. It doesn’t help. I also don’t understand being excused for losing & not rewarded for winning. Seems strange. Because they were in the West they’re better. Playing to win & running a team as a rookie isn’t as easy as he made it look. Also funny how all of sudden Bogut became this go to (All Star center) Maybe just a coincedence.

    All three have legitimate reasons to win. From just statiscal stats alone. You’d have to go with Evans. Also If Don Nelson played Curry from the beginning doesn’t count. If Jennings played for the Grizzlies or Knicks. My vote personally is to Jennings & its because I’ve watched more of his games. Curry seems a little more seasoned is game IQ not PG ability. Evans has the Lebron factor in size & had the team handed over to him. The Kings are Evan’s team. The Warriors will belong to Curry next year as they look to trade MOnta. The Bucks we’ll wait & see. Skiles isn’t a easy coach to play for. Especially being a former Pg himself. It’s like playing for your father.

    Again I ask when is Jerry Sloan greatness not good enough. Is it him. The players. Why can’t he win a ring aside from Michael Jordan. He was here before & after. I think he underachieved with that team.

    The Lakers lost their fear factor & when is Bynum not going to get hurt. If Kobe gets in foul trouble how will the Lakers sustain a high level of play. If the Lakers lose do people think Phil will really come back. if not how will Kobe fair with another coach. What plans do the Lakers have for the off season. Are they content with this team.

  • QQ


    IF the fakers make it to the finals, D-12 will demolish them. Revenge is a (ko)biotch.

    Let’s Go Magic! Eff everyone else!

  • Mink

    In the highlights of boston bucks game, Rondo first highlight, Worst travel ever in NBA, i count 6 of 7 steps

  • Claw

    Tyreke is a no brainer for ROY, 20-5-5, only big O, Jordan, and Lebron have done it.

    Steph Curry is nice but it is GS, Anthony Tolliver and Reggie Williams were putting up big numbers, Anthony Morrow was getting me 20 a night during fantasy basketball playoffs.

    Artest can’t check Durant, and Westbrook will leave Fish in his dust while Kobe will be trying to prove something against Durant and forget team ball. OK won’t win in LA, but they will push them at home and might take both of those. LA in 6.

  • http://facebook.com/Mr.Brogden Mr. Brogden

    “Artest can’t check Durant”

    @ CLAW – but he can outmuscle him, definitely can contain him so he doesn’t explode for 50 gabillion points.

    Westbrook might leave Fish but he’s still running into Eiffel Towers abound. Which means he’ll have to shoot the rock. And that’s not his strength. At all. Fish can shoot.

    We’ll see…

  • Dave

    anyone out there have an actual normal sized pair they’d like to lend Boozer, his remain MIA?

  • K Dizzle

    @ Claw – Artest gonna be on Green, they gonna put Odom’s length on KD cuz u can’t body a 6’11 dude pullin up from 30 feet casually.

    @ Spliff
    “Clearly, the Bulls are better than the Raptors. Here’s to the possibility of Bosh in a Bulls uniform next season.”
    Clearly? Cuz they got into the playoffs by a game?
    Cuz Cleveland played Lebron against the Raps and sat him against the bulls? Cuz Bosh missed a gimme layup vs Golden State that woulda given em the 8th spot?
    Just so it’s clear, even after adding 9 new players(people conveniently forget that), Raptors were the 2nd hottest team in the l after Dec 4 goin 23-8….before Bosh got hurt. There’s a reason they had the tie breaker.
    Wins of 99-89, *110-78* in the Chi and lost 104-88 without Bosh recently. Clearly, when both teams are healthy, the Raptors are the better team.

    Personally, I don’t understand why you wanna barely get into the playoffs just to get smacked by the Cavs(even though Raps played em tough all season) when you could just get a solid lottery pick in a deep draft cuz your franchise player might be leavin…

  • sh!tfaced

    LMFAO! CAVS IN 3?! They need 4 but yeah, by game 4 Chicago will prolly be out of it anyway…

    Forget Bulls vs Cavs series. I’d rather see Del Negro vs Paxson. Who R U Picking? Joakim can be the ref…

  • sh!tfaced

    Love that Heat vs Celtics match up.
    Sheed vs Supercool Beas
    -Crazy talented stoners. Big men who prefer to shoot outside and smoke weed)

    KG vs Jermaine
    -Washed up high school to pro players who once ruled the game. Too much mileage on their knees.

    Perkins vs Haslem
    -Old school Pat Riley types. One big, loud & emotional, the other undersized, cool & rarely complains. Winners. Hard-nosed, tough & intimidating in their own way.

    Rondo vs Arroyo
    Talented playmakers, both are quick & flashy who dribble too much and can’t shoot for shit.

    Wade vs Pierce
    -Finals MVP vs finals MVP.

    Ray vs Cook
    -Great athletes who’ve been reduced to mere 3 point specialists.

    Quentin vs Shelden
    -Disappointments who have (or used to) relationships with women more talented & famous than they are.

    Alston vs Scalabrine
    -Couple of ex-Nets who are native New York legends (or was the other one Michael Rapaport…?)

    Overall, two fucked up middle of the pack teams with rich backgrounds and a poor man’s chance to win it all this year.

  • MC

    The Mavs are the Spurs’ “perennial victims”? Um, the Mavs have won 8 out of the past 10 meetings and two of the last 3 postseason series in the last 5 years!

  • LakeShow84


    Jaycatts i swear.. im surprised you got the caps right lol

    @ QQ

    You mean like last year :)

    Sorry had to bruh.. had too.. but we will see.. Would be coo if Bynum could actually show up this time around..

  • LakeShow84

    MC is Mark Cuban..

    Got to be.. lol

  • baron

    MANUUUU GINOBILIIII, redemption time

  • Cam

    #41-“Clearly, when both teams are healthy, the Raptors are the better team.”

    Please. Noah missed 18 games and played injured for another dozen or so. Deng missed 12 games and still isn’t healthy. Rose missed 4 games and left in the 1st quarter of 2 others. Hinrich missed 8 games and left early in 2 others.

    The Raptors were 35-35 with Bosh, an average team.

  • johnsacrimoni

    The reason the Jazz team built around Malone and Stockton underachieved is simple: Malone always choked in the playoffs. Overrated if you ask me. Deron Williams, he doesn’t choke. I’m just worried about Boozer and AK’s health.