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The Paul Pierce Rules

Paul Pierce, Dime #5

Two or three minutes into Heat/Celtics, you would’ve bet the college fund that Dwyane Wade was going to crank out a Jordan-esque performance. But by the time it was over, Paul Pierce was the one channeling The G.O.A.T. and turning Dorell Wright into the tatted version of Bryon Russell … The game’s ebb and flow was determined by the superstars. Wade came out like he was gonna hit a double-nickel easy: pretty turnarounds, follow dunks over the backs of 7-footers, carving into the lane for and-ones, and it looked like Miami was on their way to a solid win. Wade made his first five shots, but then he went 1-for-7 the rest of the first half, which allowed Boston to catch up. Miami led by one at halftime. In the third quarter, Pierce (32 pts) and Ray Allen (25 pts) started raining jumpers, and Boston was up eight going into the fourth. Superstar-in-training Michael Beasley actually sparked the next run; He had been doing nothing special until Jeff Van Gundy screamed at him with a coach’s frustration, “It’s time for him to deliver. This is what you do. DO IT!” As if Beasley had heard JVG, he immediately went on a tear where he couldn’t be stopped and his J was automatic … With one minute to go, it was tied when Mark Jackson said, “Here’s where coaching comes in: Get the ball to Wade and get out of the way.” But after the teams traded bricks, Wade’s left leg cramped up on Miami’s last possession and he had to sit out … So it’s Boston ball, still tied, and Pierce has it at the top of the key. If you’ve seen the Celtics play at all over the last decade or so, you know where Pierce wants to go and what he wants to do. One or two dribbles, then a pull-up jumper on the right elbow. Dorell Wright should have known this, but he didn’t just give Pierce the right side, he actually forced him right like it was the smart thing to do. Pull-up, buzzer, bucket, over. The Heat would have been better off letting Jerod Haase guard Pierce; at least he would’ve known what was coming … The bad part for Wright (15 pts) is that he ruined what had been a great game for him. Miami has been dying for somebody other than Wade (34 pts, 8 asts) to step up, and in addition to Beasley in Game 3, Wright hit some big shots and clutch free throws. Now all anyone will remember is his defensive lapse … How many possessions does Rajon Rondo save per game by tip-toeing the sideline like Cris Carter, or saving a loose ball and making the right pass? He’s like the PG version of Marcus Camby in that he wins his team multiple crucial possessions every night … Pound-for-pound, though, Spurs/Mavs was the best game of the playoffs so far. Dudes were killing each other in a battle that had a conference finals Game 7 atmosphere. During one stretch Dallas went on a 19-2 run, which San Antonio promptly answered with a 13-2 run; it was that kind of game …

The Big Three won it for San Antonio. Tim Duncan (25 pts) was the star of the first half, then Manu Ginobili (15 pts, 7 asts) took over a key stretch early in the fourth quarter, before Tony Parker (23 pts) owned the last couple of minutes. After Dirk Nowitzki gave Dallas the lead with three minutes left, Parker came back with a jumper from the right elbow, a jumper from the left corner, a pull-up J over J.J. Barea, and then TP got a layup plus-one with 18 seconds left that iced it … Barea deserves a nod, though. He was so good on both ends of the floor that Caron Butler never left the bench after halftime. But Dirk (35 pts) was a beast from start to finish, handing out jumpers like usual but also driving and creating buckets in the paint … Around the time one of Dirk’s drives resulted in Manu breaking his nose, Hubie Brown compared Dirk to Ichabod Crane. “It’s not smooth. He comes in with elbows going, knees up,” Hubie laughed. If you have no idea who Ichabod Crane is, don’t feel bad. He’s a character from a story that was written in 1820, a.k.a. the year Hubie coached his first basketball game … The Jazz didn’t get the memo that Friday’s games were all supposed to be good, and they apparently didn’t get the other memo that they’re supposed to be struggling without two starters in the lineup and while using an undrafted rookie to start in the backcourt … Utah’s front line dominated Denver. Carlos Boozer and Paul Millsap outscored Nene and Kenyon Martin 40-10, while Millsap outrebounded them by himself, 19-18. The Jazz were working on a 20-piecing early in the fourth quarter, although the Nuggets came back to at least make it respectable … Have you seen what the Pittsburgh Steelers are doing at the NFL Draft? On Thurday they brought out a sick kid from the Make-a-Wish Foundation to announce their first-round pick, then yesterday they got newly-crowned Hall of Famer Rod Woodson to announce the second-round pick. This wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that Pittsburgh’s star quarterback has been running around like Pepe Le Pew and the franchise needs some positive publicity, would it? … We’re out like Ichabod Crane …

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    If Dirk is Ichabod Crane, then Manu is the Headless Horseman. Check that, the soon to be Hairless Horseman.

    One more thing Dorell Wright didn’t know, the Heat actually had one more fucking foul to give and he just allowed Pierce to do his thing.

  • lucky

    That paul pierce. he’s stone cold

  • 3ple2ble (aka solomon)

    the very reason dorell wright will always be what he is right now – lack of hoop IQ… typical jumping jellybean with no idea whatsoever of what he’s gonna do, how he’s gonna do it, and when will he do it… whatta waste of talent…

  • http://www.myspace.com/carlifrancis5 quest???

    how can people not know who Ichabod crane is??? I’m not American and I know who he is…anyways man that spurs/mavs game was great. There were definitely some questionable calls (that hill flop, wtf!?!?! a midget ran you over?!?!). Barea played great though, the Mavs just ran out of gas. Can someone please find butler, marion, and kidd? Those three have played horrible.

  • http://www.myspace.com/carlifrancis5 quest???

    JJ “The Spurs Killer” Barea

  • http://deleted rkraicek

    If you don’t know who Jerod Haase is, don’t worry. He’s a player from a team in the mid-90’s, a.k.a. the years the Dime staff was skipping English class.


    Superstar in-training Michael Beasley……..Hahahaha!
    That made me laugh, so no racist comments for today!

  • common sense

    @ #3 3ple2ble (aka solomon), you do go in on wright but you are true… i blame the coaching not the player… i refuse to believe that they told right what Pierces intentions were and if they they did and he did not execute the defensive scheme then what a deusch.. why didnt the send someone… dont let the best player beat you… make him pass… oh well.. the heat are done and im so pissed now i hope d-wade goes to chitown and joins rose and noah…

    j.oneal… liar.. celtics will get stommped next round… heats offense stagnates way too much… such a bad scheme!!

  • http://bt.davka.info/ SparkyJay23

    You should ask yourself how many possessions go to waste because you got a player who can’t take a open shot?
    If Rondo ever learns to take a damn jumpshot (Jesus Shuttleworth can prob help with that) THEN you can give give him all the plaudits you want.

    And PP was fucking ice cold

  • http://hornetshype.com ticktock6

    “If you don’t know who Jerod Haase is, don’t worry. He’s a player from a team in the mid-90’s, a.k.a. the years the Dime staff was skipping English class.”

    Hahahahaha. Well played.

  • http://nba.com ninja cool

    So because Wright forced him right, he ended up being dead wrong. Eeeeyoowwwww!

  • ENEW

    Are you really ripping Rondo? Did he not make at least three jumpers last night? Are you blind to all the things he does that do not involve making a jump shot that most players in the league are either incapable of doing or not motivated to do? Pipe down.

    @common sense
    You should change your post name if you think the Celtics are going to get stomped by anyone. You think a veteran Celtics team that has been hearing sh#t all season is going to just fade into the night and let LeBron and Co cruise to the conference finals? Think again, that series when it happens to is going to be a basketball war.

  • DNice

    I hate P double

  • Spliff 2 My Lou


    Barea had a good game but what about your boy Arroyo? You jinxed him yesterday.


    I was laughing at that too. I like how Dime can’t admit when they’re wrong so they keep beating a dead horse. They might as well go all in and say Beasley is a franchise player. At least he has more in his arsenal that Danny Granger.

  • MC

    Manu Ginosebleed

  • http://www.facebook.com/Mr.Brogden Mr. Brogden

    Spurs/Mavs was better than Heat/Celts???
    Damn!!! I turned the tube off. Can’t really complain about the refs in this one. Thier input was minimal, had these dudes playing JAIL HOUSE ROCK. Bear hugging Rondo on layups (Beaz) to Ray Allen (who was outstanding) stabbing cats with his elbow after peelin’ off off a screen to constant mid-air Wade-bumping.

    Miami had a FURIOUS comeback like Hopkins had on Roy.
    Wade was slicing and dicing as usual. He was BOUND to cramp up. Udonis was gettin’ NICE looks off the pick n pop and just couldn’t drain them. Lucky Beaze did!
    He went all the way in in the 2nd half.

    I said, “Damn! This n**** goin’ hard like Lloyd Banks 1st verse in Beamer, Benz or Bentley!”

    Felt so sorry for the Heat. That one hurt.

    How could Dorell not know to DEFEND that elbow joint???
    ALL DAY. PAUL PIERCE’s FAVORITE SHOT ON THE FLOOR IS AT THE RIGHT ELBOW. Everyone in the whole wide world knows that!

    He did last year. I swear it’s DEJA VU…
    2009 Game 5, Round 1 Bos vs Chi, OT


    At the 2:28 mark. You’ve seen it before. We all have.

  • QQ

    Dime, if yall ever gonna hype Dorell Wright ever again, look back at this game. Dude is a fucking nobody with no other skills than jumping high and making faces after he dunks. Poster number 3 is right. Dude’s bball IQ aint in the pro level. He’s always that dumbass with hops. And people hate on Varejao saying he has no skills? At least Andy can make the right defensive play in a heartbeat.
    Fuck those fans only looking for a highlight, and yeah, fuck players like Dorell Wright.

  • QQ

    @ bruce: Noticed the Beaseley line too LOL.

    And you what’s up with Dime, is that they will never admit something even if it’s clear that they fucking dropped the ball on it. Unlike other journalists, it’s ‘I was wrong in saying that player X is gonna be good, but I have my reasons, like…’. With Dime, it’s ‘PLAYER X IS STILL GOOD, STILL A SUPERSTAR. WE’RE GONNA DEFEND HIM WHATEVER HAPPENS.’ Fo further proof, see ‘A Retard Defending T-Mac'; Burton, Austin.

    Five dollars say that Dime’s gonna defend that Dorell Wright still made the right decision defending Pierce and that Wright is a bonafide impact player.

  • LAballer

    that spurs/mavs game was reeeeediculous..definitely one of the best playoff games thus far..

    no idea why dirk doesnt go in more, it completely opens up his shooting game and makes him a terror to defend..

    loved that reverse layup by barrea..more than that i loved his reaction..true emotion..what its all about

    are the spurs the best lower seed ever? haha that 7th seed they got really means nothing it seems..

    manu’s nose is pretty damn easy to hit so i mean its a miracle it doesnt happen more often..dude has got a gonzo nose

    remember when every single analyst and almost every prediction had the heat as the only team that could possibly pull off an upset? clearly not the case..i think everyone, myself included, over looked the celts a bit too much..lets not give them too much credit though..they are playing 1 on 5 out there..so i mean that could have something to do with it..doubt they can pull off more than 2 wins against the cavs..

    QQ you have been saying some retarded shit recently..but did you even read dime today before posting?
    “Dorell Wright should have known this, but he didn’t just give Pierce the right side, he actually forced him right like it was the smart thing to do. Pull-up, buzzer, bucket, over.” – Today’s Dime..where there does it even indicate to you that they are defending wright or saying he made the right decision??

  • http://www.facebook.com/Mr.Brogden Mr. Brogden

    Rondo finishes with 17-8-5 and dudes find a way to trash him. Oh yeah, he’s the starter with highest +/- for Boston that game.

    Dorrell had a nice game. And last night, last night he was a bonafide impact player. Trash him too, right? Maybe he had a mental lapse, maybe he didn’t know what he was doing, maybe just maybe he just happens to be a young player and this young player happened to be guarding a superstar and the superstar got the better of him. I know it seems rare that it can happen, but it did.

    And Beasley had the highest +/- for the Heat. That’s gotta be saying something. You see how he scores AT WILL seemingly? And isn’t it still early on Beaz? Geesh. Calm down guys.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Mr.Brogden Mr. Brogden

    The Last Day Before The Drama I said:

    Celtics in 5.
    Heat REALLY don’t match up well with the Celtics and that’s sad…because if Wade had a slightly better cast around him, they can beat ‘em. Easily.

    —}} I had ‘em, LABaller. But last year I had the Cavs sweeping the Magic, and you see how that turned out. So don’t put too much stock into the predictions…anything can happen.

  • Bill

    Even if Wright defended Pierce properly, 8/10 Pierce would still get to the same spot and launch that elbow jumper. Superstars tend to go to where they want at the end of games.

    And no matter what Wright did, use the foul, force him left, have a help defender come, it’s a lose lose situation for him as long as the basket goes in cause face it, we’d all complain bout what he didn’t do in a different situation.

  • http://www.myspace.com/carlifrancis5 quest???

    @spliff arroyo is no longer puertorican lol…i dont know what is wrong with him…he barely shoots and looks super hesitant, almost like he is scared to play.

  • Gnasche

    If Miami and Chicago could merge, they’d have a damn good team.

  • sofa kingdom

    Spurs definitely don’t look like your typical 7 seed. What a difference a healthy Ginobili makes. You know the big 3 will get theirs. If hill is consistent and RJ can get them ANYTHING, they have an outside shot of taking the whole thing.

    Anyone else notice how Manu seems to play better when the game gets physical? Every time he gets bumped, hit, or fouled, he always comes right back and scores. I say he’s one of the toughest international players in the NBA.

    p.s. Manu’s nose looked like that magician trick where the lady gets into the box and gets divided into 3 pieces. It looked like someone moved one piece to the side and left the rest.

  • necromancer

    Great job of vivid, funny, flowing, cliche-free writing!Read it twice.

  • s.bucketz3

    no mention of how TERRIBLE that last shot by D wade was???And he “injured” himself on that last shot???I hope that injury ends his career

    Games tied so I should pull up for a contested 3….oohhh waaaaaaaaah waaaaaaah my weg is cwamping up waaaaaaaaah

  • Soul Jax

    Please note that the comments of s.bucketz3 do not necessarily reflect the views of the Celtics fans as we respect the efforts made by Mr. Wade in spite of his lackluster ensemble of roleplayers.

  • Big V

    Manu is definitely the “Hairless Horseman”.

  • QQ

    @ 19:

    Some bandwagon Laker shithead lecturing me? The only Laker fans here are LakeShow and K Dizzle. When did you even fucking show up?

  • JAY

    I don’t understand why Dorell Wright is getting blame for not fouling Pierce. It’s the coaching staff’s job to know the situation and team fouls. The coaches should have told him. It didn’t look like the coaches told anyone because his teammates were yelling at him to take a foul. Coach Spoelstra should have made a statement taking the blame bcuz is was.