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Tyreke Evans & Brandon Jennings Should Be Named Co-NBA Rookie Of The Year

Tyreke Evans (photo. Nicky Woo)

Just because our site was down, doesn’t mean that we were out of the basketball world. This morning, Kings blog Sactown Royalty announced that Tyreke Evans will be named the NBA’s 2009-10 Rookie of the Year, with the announcement expected Thursday or Friday. But while we wait for the official declaration to come from the League, we thought this was as good a time as any to bring up the fact that we still feel Brandon Jennings is this year’s ROY, or should at least share the award with Evans.

A couple weeks ago you may have not been convinced, but what more do you need? While Tyreke’s season has been done since April 13, Jennings finished with 23 points, six assists, four rebounds and a W last night in Milwaukee over the Hawks. Need I say more.

Sure, Evans became the first rookie since LeBron to average 20-5-5, but his team won 25 games this season; Milwaukee is at 48 and counting. Sure, there’s a difference between the Eastern and Western Conference, but this is the NBA. If anything, I’d say that Tyreke has a much better supporting cast in Sacramento than Brandon does in Milwaukee.

Brandon Jennings (photo. Nicky Woo)

For all the Kings fans out there, this argument is in no way meant to discredit what Evans accomplished this season. His numbers were nice. But for people to not acknowledge what Jennings did for a Bucks team that lost 48 games last year, would be outrageous.

So this is what I propose. There hasn’t been a Co-Rookie of the Year since the 1999-2000 season with Elton Brand and Steve Francis, and there probably hasn’t been a race this close since LeBron/‘Melo in 2003-04. What does the NBA lose by this? Nothing. They get two small market franchises showcasing two of the League’s brightest stars, and you tell everyone that you value winning just as much as you value stats. (And if you don’t believe that, ask Zach Randolph.) Let’s hope they get it right.

What do you think? Should Evans win Rookie of the Year? Should Jennings? Should they share the award?

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    if jennings and evens do become co-roys, steph curry will get the biggest rookie snob/insult since big dog robinson.
    even if they got it right with co-roys grant hill and jason kidd.

  • blkrob25

    Bogut + Skiles > Kings. Jennings balled. But Milwaukee roster is better.

  • crossphaded

    Neither. Steph Curry deserves it and should be 2nd to Tyreke, at the least.
    BJ had a good first half of the season and is comin thru in the playoffs but his inconsistency and crappy FG% should merit him no better than 3rd in the voting.

  • Bizz

    If there is no Bogut breakout or the trade for Salmons, where would Jennings “lead” Milwaukee to in terms of a record, much less a playoff birth? Evans in a landsline, Curry @ #2, Jennings @ #3. Evans was putting up #’s since 5 games into the season and was consistent throughout the entire year.


    jenning’s teammate ilyasova made sure evans didn’t easily and gave him that concussion hehehe

  • karizmatic

    When I read the headline it looked good until I realized that Steph Curry has had at least as good a season as Jennings and if Jennings deserves co mvp so does Curry. I think the NBA is better off just giving the award to Reke on the basis he went 20-5-5 and leave it at that, yeah his team sucked, but it’s not easy to put up those stats, his name will forever be linked to guys like Big O, give him the mvp snub Jennings and Curry on that basis, and let’s see what the rest of their careers look like.

  • Jaymatic

    Tyreke is deserving of the award Hands Down. He is the real deal, once he gets his mid range game down it is OVER. Potentially a top 5 player in this league! Doubt it? Wait and see.

  • KoolaidkiD

    Fanboys of Players are writing articles for Dime Magazine now? WTH?

    Reke was BY FAR the best rookie ALL YEAR LONG. How about giving Bogut & Salmons more credit. If not for those two alone, the Bucks wouldn’t even be in the Playoffs. Jennings had nothing to do with it. Luke Ridnour had a better 2nd half of the year than Jennings did. Why do you think Coach Skiles played Ridnour late in the 4th over Jennings for 90% of those games.

    I bet even Scott Skiles voted for Tyreke Evans for ROY. Why do you think he never made mention publicly that he thinks BJ deserved it?

    The correct player won this award. Get over it already.

  • AreYouNuts

    The bias in this article could not be more transparent. I have to agree with the last poster. Reke was BY FAR the best rookie in the NBA this season. He was there start to finish . Why would Reke be punished for starting faster than Curry? And even at Jennings’ high points this season (the start), Evans still was named back-to-back Rookie of the Month. It’s not close. This should be unanimous.

  • http://ragingspaniard.com Xavier

    So your trump card is his playoffs performance? Come on, no rookie that shoots under 40 percent should ever win ROY.

    Tyreke, then Curry as a close second.

  • melvin

    Everybody know Stephs #’s are inflated…. When the Warriors were healthy at the beginning of the season we all know Steph wasn’t doing his thing an putting up huge #’s… Jennings an Reeke deserve to be named co-roy.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Lucas Shapiro

    Both did great things, they should have gotten a joint award.
    It’s hard to play the Jennings on the Kings and Reke’ on the Bucks card since we really don’t know what “could have been”


    Stephen Curry > Brandon Jennings

  • http://www.theassociationnation.com The Oracle

    No way Curry takes a backseat to Jennings – I’d argue the Bucks would be even better with Steph!

  • http://dime eyes

    Interesting enough the GM got exec of the year. Skiles could have easily gotten coach of the year. Bogut could have gotten most improved. While none of that at all has anything to do with Jennings. Seems strange. Even Luke Ridnour became valuable all of sudden.

    I heard someone say it in a post. Ridnour played more than Jennings in the 4th 90%. Although not true it isn’t easy playing Skiles way. He thrived while starting the whole season and being the catalyst of this winning season. The mainstay all season. The identity,toughness & new look Bucks. If you credit Bogut & Salmons for the Bucks being successful & Jennings being considered. Then we should place some blame on the Kings losing & trading away Kev Martin on Reke. Same with Curry with them being ready to trade Monta. That’s the 1st step in a backward direction. Teams need talent to win. Not individual stars to push sales of seats. Winning is the most important thing & stat in basketball. It isn’t always pretty.

    You sacrifice all individual stats to win. That is the right way to play. Todays only scoring is glorified. Another thing Curry wouldn’t have played that much with Skiles due to lack in defense. Reke wouldn’t have helped the Bucks as much because he’s still trying to learn the Point guard game. He’s N.B.A. ready from a size & skillset in scoring standpoint. He has to learn how to translate that into winning.

    Teams don’t win by accident. Most of the people raving about Reke is only because that was the sway from Media. How did Jennings do in the Rookie game. Overall he had a better game than both Reke & Curry. Though I thought Blair & Evans should have got MVP honors. I even felt this year should be the exception where we have a 3 way tie. They were all great for the game & their respective teams. They all have bright & productive futures ahead of them. I think a lot of people misunderstand Brandon & think he’s a loud mouth & isn’t deserving of any praise. Just look out the road he took & how he had the most doubters up until. Actually starting for the Bucks & taking them to playoffs.

    Curry & Evans have all the gaudy stats where it counts LAST. I’ll take the W’s & PG leadership anyday. Who’s the PG for the Kings(BEno Udrih) I was suprised to see Curry handle playing the one. Was he totally comfortable no. How many games were they blown out where he just stuffed the shit. HOw many games did Jennings sit because of a missed defensive assigment or off night. Yet he still managed 16 & 6 ast. If he shot well it wouldn’t even be an arguemt. They would have won at least 6 to 7 more games & his #’s would have been much better. Skiles could care less if Jennings won anyway. That’s all the KIngs & Warriors could hope for. The whole year they were trying to showcase their new KING. While GSW was bobbing for wins for Nelson.

    The Knicks & GSW should have took Jennings. Hometown kid would have had the Oracle bumping. Lil Kenny Anderson with a jumper & coach who’ll realize one day. It’s okay to smile & let go a little.

  • Tyreke

    While I respect your right to blog, it must be noted.. you are wrong!!! Evans has a far crappier supporting cast. Sacramento has the youngest team in the league as far as experience in the league is concerned (not age) and the only reason the Bucks are in the playoffs, is because of John Salmons.. Jennings started hot…and went way…way….way……way…….. down. Tyreke has been solid ALL YEAR. 20-5-5 comes from consistency.. Jennings is consistently above average… Tyreke was consistently, above the above average… nuff said.

  • JoeCozi

    This writer is a moron!!! Bogut is an all star salmons is a very good player and bj is the 3rd best player on his team…reke has been the beat player on his team all season…u should lose ur bball credentials saying the kings have a better roster then Milwaukee u stupido!!

  • Robert

    Steph Curry had a lot of turmoil to deal with early in the season with Jackson’s drama, plus Ellis saying from the start that he can’t play with Curry. Add in about 8 season-ending injuries to W’s players and Curry seems like a clear favorite to AT LEAST finish second.

    Brandon Jennings…dude’s shooting like 40% or lower from the field, and he’s a shooter! Not even sure he’d start on most NBA squads.

    Tyreke…he’s the real deal. A half dozen clutch game-winning plays, consistent season on a dreadful team and an unstoppable drive to the cup. Gotta go with Evans here.

  • Horatio

    I think Jennings loses points for looking and acting like a complete douchebag.

  • SPJ

    Yeah, this guy obviously knows nothing about basketball. Brandon Jennings shooting under 40% from the field and thinks he should be Co-Rookie of the year?! Get real. Bogut and Salmons should be given most of the credit for making this team go. Even Delfino is stepping up now. Every single on of Curry’s stats is either top 1 or 2 when compared to other rookie’s in the year. Only 1 player in the whole league (Kevin Durant) had a better Player Rating than Stephen Curry after the All Star break. If Curry didn’t have to spend the first half of the season playing a limited role he would have scored 22 points a game easy. Also, it doesn’t help when you’re playing with the biggest ball hog in the league and egotistical maniac Monta Ellis. Curry should be ROY or Co-ROY with Evans. Jennings shouldn’t even be in the discussion.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Mr.Brogden Mr. Brogden

    The theme here is consistency. He had an outstanding rookie season start to finish.

    Floor general who had a solid season and leads a playoff team.

    Explosive talent, secondary weapon on a run and gun team.


    I think Tyreke should simply because his rookie performance was outstanding from start to finish.
    I’m sure BJ having some disciplinary problems won’t be overlooked.

  • Tyreke

    If we can agree on just one thing in the last few comments.. it’s that Aron Phillips is clearly not fit to write basketball blogs.
    Terrible article. I think Im gonna go read the red, blue, green, and yellow scribbles my 3 year old just laid down on the hallway wall… That would at least make more sense.

  • JAY

    More evidence DIME writers are horrible. I’ve caught them deleting posts from people who correctly stated they’ve ripped articles from other sites. They write silly articles like this. Half the sh*t they put up here are Top 10 lists. Half the magazine is shoe ads. I had to cancel my subscription because I thought it was a Footlocker magazine.

  • Jaylee

    At first I thought you were just playing around when you wrote that article on April 1st. But now, I just think you’re a complete moron.Tyreke deserves this award because he is/was the best rookie of the season. You can make an argument of Co-rookie of the year with Evans and Curry, perhaps, but with Jennings? You gotta be kidding me!

    You site his teams success, yet fail to mention how much better Bogut got — not to mention he was finally healthy for most of the season — and how much they improved when they traded for John Salmons. Jennings wasn’t even the best PG on his team, seeing how Ridnour would often play more mins then Jennings because he would usually shoot his team out of the game. He has the worst fg percentage in the league! You talk about his recent stat in the last Bucks win, oh really…those are what Tyreke Averages every fricken game! I know you Dime guys have an East coast bias, but damn…y’all haters!

  • Edoggy

    I understand why Reke supporters hate when columnists mention anything about Jennings being the best rookie. Their team was horrible so all they have left is to wish upon a star that they Reke will someday become a true superstar and lead Sacramento to the playoffs.Same can be said about Curry (GSW) fans. Can’t blame em for that, so hey toss them a bone. Hey, I know the feeling. Bucks fans can rest easy knowing that all Jennings has done this year is do a great job running the show for a playoff team, which he will be doing again tomorrow!Can’t wait to watch!!

  • http://www.sactownroyalty.com Willis

    @ JAY

    Man, same story here. Shoe ads and crappy articles. I’m about done altogether.

  • ian

    you clearly have no idea what you’re talking about. anybody who knows anything and has seen curry, evans, and jennings play knows that stephen is clearly the best. and those that don’t know… will.

    what an awful article

  • Caravaggio

    Tyreke leads everyone in the INTIRE NBA at shot atempts at the rim, he is tied with Lebron with conversions at the rim. Tyreke had to create on his own, and he did this all season long without mercy. He is an artist!

    I think the writer of this article never watched Tyreke Evans play, I also think he can score a job on AM radio, another environment that thrives on ignorance.

  • ay yo.

    Didn’t read all this, but didn’t Jason Kidd win ROY and he shot under 40%?

    The PG is the hardest position to play in the NBA, and Jennings flat out “led” his team, with heavy pressure… to the playoffs. Anyone can put up stats not worrying about getting subbed out, or even winning. GS & SAC were blown out more times than I can remember. Also, stop talking about switching roles.. bc Reke was the reason why his team stinked. He couldn’t co-exist with one of the game’s best scorers (Kevin Martin). Don’t act like the Kings weren’t/aren’t talented. I can’t wait to see what kind of destruction he does with the Kings.

    But, ROY is all about stats, not efficiency, not all that other stuff. So Reke should get the award, but I would like to see the format change.. bc of Jennings.

  • Mark

    I guess that meltdown with Dirk’s MVP still lingers, seeing as how people still talk about how any MVP award should also take into consideration playoff performances.

  • H3

    How can you put Jennings ahead of Curry?
    Sure the Bucks made it to the playoffs, but look at the cast Curry had to play with night in and night out.
    Constantly bothered by injuries, Warriors suit up 7-8 players most of the season.
    Yet, you rank Jennings should be co-ROY?
    Come on, Jennings hit the rookie wall harder during months of March and April.
    And look at the Bucks w/o Bogut…

    Curry on the other hand has 1 triple double this season, not bad for a rookie, huh?
    And during Ellis absence, he fill the scoring load yet still rack up assists. Not to forget Curry closed the season w/ a career high of his own…

  • Benched

    What have you been smoking Aron?

    And I quote ..”Jennings finished with 23 points, six assists, four rebounds and a W last night in Milwaukee over the Hawks. Need I say more.” So your argument is Jennings is ROY because he had 1 good game? When the NBA releases the voting totals I bet Jennings doesn’t receive even 20% of the vote. Why? Because J isn’t nearly as good as you make him out to be.

    1. He shot 36% F.G. all year, which is terrible.(Tyreke and Curry shot 46%.)
    2. Milwaukee did indeed improve dramatically from last year. But they improved mainly due to the break out year Bogut has had, along with Salmons in the lineup.
    3. The Bucks wouldn’t even be in the playoffs if they weren’t in the WEAK Eastern Conference.
    4. With your logic, the rookie from Cleveland should be Rookie of the year because the Cavaliers have the best record in the nba.
    5. CO-ROY would only happen if 2 players ended up with the same vote total. And the votes are done by Radio/TV Hosts that cover the NBA like ESPN etc.

    If ANYONE shares CO-Rookie of the year along with Evans it would be Curry, not your beloved Brandon Jennings.

  • iamdaillest24

    This is why you go to college! Jennings went to Italy, only played 20 games thats it. 20 games where he only played like 10 minutes. Get outta here son,and not its not because he suck its because of how Europe do things. He didn’t get the benefit of playing a full college year like curry and evans.
    Yes that it his fault, if he went to PG Country (Arizona)he would unequivocally be ROY. He is the most unrefined aka raw out of the three, and when he is on quite frankly he is the most fun to watch.

  • http://www.sactownroyalty.com Willis

    @ ac yo. Sac actually wasn’t blown out that much. They were in most of the games that they lost. Also, the Kings traded Kevin Martin cuz the dude asked out. 27, in his prime, and playing for a young, talented squad. Also, the Kings were 2 -12 without Tyreke, so he isn’t the reason they suck. They suck because a rookie was their best player. By far.

  • high release

    You play the game to win. There’s lot of freaks with buggy eyes jumpin outta their chairs like skip bayless on here. There’s a lot of good rookies this year. I’m happy to be winning with Young Buck.

  • Coyote

    Why even have a Rookie of the Year award, if everyone is going to get so emotional. A teams winning percentage has never had nor should ever have anything to do with ROY. Besides the fact that there are too many factors that go into a winning%, there is the obvious, which is that the best rookie probably plays for a lousy team. The Draft is designed that way on purpose. As for Curry, there is no doubt he started putting up freakish stats in the second half of the season, but Evans is ROY because he did it from day 1 to the end. His 20, 5, and 5 are actually 5.3rpg, and 5.8apg. If he’s not ROY then why bother with the award. You guys want to make it political. Sorry Melo but James deserved the award. It’s not a snub on Melo. It’s just bad timing. Co awards are stupid because they are political. Especially at the same position. Maybe if you had a future Hall of Fame caliber guard and a future Hall of fame caliber forward or Center, you could make an argument. Like Kidd and Hill but just give it to the best Rookie.

  • slimey

    Can’t get passed Evans numbers however the teams did wake up after Jennings 55 pointer and it did become a curse.

    Arguably working Bogut’s high pick and roll helped massively.

    But there is no denying Jennings playmaker ability. And what he has done with the team.

  • http://hornetshype.com ticktock6

    “As for Curry, there is no doubt he started putting up freakish stats in the second half of the season, but Evans is ROY because he did it from day 1 to the end.”

    In the end, this is what does it for me too. The Hornets had 2 great rookies, who would probably be in consideration with some of these guys if they’d gotten minutes before January. But guess what. They didn’t. Evans had the best season. The team success argument is B.S. because almost every high lottery pick goes to a terrible team– that’s why the team HAD the high lottery pick. What are these kids supposed to do, work miracles?

    And for the person who said no one would ever watch all three in person and say Curry isn’t the best, I call B.S. too. In the games I saw this year, Evans was by far the guy who stuck out most. I don’t think he’s a point guard, but he was definitely visible, never “disappeared” in games, and was explosive every time I saw him.

  • ball or die

    Jennings got his team to the playoffs Evens didnt so they should be co- rookies of the year
    Curry was nice but not as good as B. Jennings or Evens

  • Daed

    Ok check it out, let’s do this. Let’s switch them around on teams hypothetically.

    1. Tyreke on the Bucks – The probably do roughly what they did this year. I don’t see them doing better with Tyreke than what they did with Jennings, and Tyreke probably would have had worse stats because Skiles would have road him hard. I am guessing he would have been about 16, 4, 4. Still good for a rookie, but roughly the equivalent of Brandon.

    2. Brandon on the Kinds – Brandon would have average more points, I could see him easily going 20, 6, 2. Unlike the Bucks who had many weapons and Skiles who will sit your ass and a lower tempo system Westphal is higher tempo, and would have allowed Jennings to crank just like he let Tyreke crank. Their record would have been about the same also.

    In effect what I am saying is that all you cats who say LOOK AT REKES STATS have to also say, look at what the coach allowed him to do, and look at the team results of doing that.

    To me, there is very little difference between the two in the race this year. I know it is based upon the regular season, but look at what BJ did to the Hawks last night. Also there was an analysis of BJ’s PER on ESPN in the playoffs and he was roughly equal to all the all star PGs still in the playoffs.

    So I can see the argument either way. I also like Steph. It was just a class of great rookie PGs this year. Probably the best ever when all said and done.

    1a. Tyreke
    1b. Brandon
    1C. Steph
    2. Collison
    3. Blair

  • chris

    Lmfao at KoolaidkiD and Daed. if jennings had nothin to do with the team makin it to they playoffs and winning games y is it that they win the majority of their games when jennings scores high. tyreke has the lowest average in scoring, rebounds, and assits out of all the players that average 20/5/5. he didnt even score over 20 in his last few games he points dropped by point 8.

    if u say any rookie averaging 36% shouldnt be ROY neither should a guy that missed more than 5 games in his first season for the dumbest reasons. the only reason he even scored so much is because the coach just lets him basically do watever. in every game he plays to boost his sats.

    cant mention evans 20/5/5 without mentionin jennings bein the only rookie in the playoffs to score 34 in his debut since kareem abdul-jabbar and derrick rose. one was last years roy and the other is still #1 on the all time scoring list. if evans actually sacraficed his stats so the kings could win games he’d be exactly where jennings was. brandon pulled himself out of his shooting slump and his stats in the playoffs are the same as his season would’ve been had he not tried to put his team on his back and take them to the playoffs.

  • http://yahoo Sacto

    WTF. If tyreke was on the Bucks he would have averaged 20 5 and 7. Tyreke had the opponents best perimeter defender guarding him all year. Jennings and Curry didnt. I would compare the potential of Tyreke to Wade. Curry to Nash and jennings… Honestly Jennings fg and defense… Ughhh This writer wants to have readers so he comes up with this. Tyreke first. Curry Second… Jennings… Third…