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Tyreke Evans is the NBA’s (only) Rookie of the Year

Tyreke Evans (photo. Nicky Woo)

One of the great pains in the ass about working for Dime is that too many people are convinced we all think with the same brain.

We’ve got a whole team of talented and opinionated writers around here, so it’s annoying when I get e-mails and comments berating (or even praising) me for something that was written in someone else’s column. Usually I let it slide, though.

But then my man Aron Phillips got on this kick that Brandon Jennings should be NBA Rookie of the Year. Yesterday he amended it slightly, throwing in Tyreke Evans for a Co-R.O.Y. proposal. Since I’m already getting readers attacking me for the idea, so I had to make my views clear: As my Grandpa Jackson used to say, Aron is as wrong as two left feet.

“But while we wait for the official declaration to come from the League,” Aron wrote, “we thought this was as good a time as any to bring up the fact that we still feel Brandon Jennings is this year’s ROY, or should at least share the award with Evans.”

Nah man, I can’t co-sign that “we.” Tyreke Evans should be the one and only Rookie of the Year in 2010. No need for a dual press conference; no need to send that trophy anywhere but Sacramento.

I don’t need to argue too hard to show why Tyreke (20.1 ppg, 5.3 rpg, 5.8 apg) should be the solitary winner. You already know he was only the fourth rookie — alongside Oscar, Mike and LeBron — to average at least 20 points, five boards and five dimes. You know he went to Sacramento and gorilla-pimped “The Franchise” status from Kevin Martin so swiftly that K-Mart was traded in the middle of the season. You know Tyreke made game-winners against Brandon Jennings, led a historic 35-point comeback against Derrick Rose, put up one triple-double and two other stat lines that were one rebound or one assist shy of a triple-double. You know he gave everybody from D-Will to Kobe to Chauncey major-league buckets. He was the best player in the ’09 Draft and had the best season of any rookie.

What has to be argued here is why Jennings — as much as I’ve been in his corner since he was a sophomore in high school — doesn’t deserve a share of the trophy.

The popular pro-Jennings argument consists of three parts:
1. His team made the playoffs.
2. Tyreke’s team didn’t.
3. Jennings scored 55 in one game.

Maybe this wasn’t clear in November, but by now we all know that any stats compiled in a game involving the ’09-10 Golden State Warriors comes with a free asterisk (which is why Stephen Curry deserves to finish no higher than 3rd in R.O.Y. voting.) I watched that Warriors/Bucks game when Jennings went off: He was shooting wide open jumpers for three quarters. Not to disrespect on the man’s accomplishment, but Jacque Vaughn would have dropped about 38 that night. Ray Allen would have scored 107.

Brandon Jennings

Playoffs? (Playoffs? Don’t talk about playoffs!) Yes, Jennings is the starting point guard on an NBA playoff team that just might pull a first-round upset, and point guards should be judged on wins and losses. And yes, Tyreke was the PG of a Kings team that won less games (25) than he won in one year at Memphis (33).

But there was a lot more to Milwaukee’s turnaround than just Jennings. Between John Salmons, Andrew Bogut and Luc Richard Mbah a Moute are better than any wing scorer, big man or defender Tyreke has on his team. Carlos Delfino would be a full-time starter in Sacramento rather than a part-time starter in Milwaukee. Not to mention the contributions of Ersan Ilyasova, Kurt Thomas, Luke Ridnour and Jerry Stackhouse, plus Coach of the Year runner-up Scott Skiles. Hell, Charlie Bell is better than any perimeter defender the Kings have, and he can barely get off the bench for the Bucks. In other words Milwaukee GM John Hammond didn’t win Executive of the Year solely because he gambled a Top-10 pick on Jennings. Hammond made the moves that have made Milwaukee CLEARLY a better team top-to-bottom than Sacramento.

And let’s not forget the solid month (at least) in the middle of the season when Jennings hit the rookie wall hard and nearly disappeared from a R.O.Y. race that was his to lose after the 55-point game. While I can’t even front on Young Money’s playoff performance so far, I also can’t forget that he shot 37.1% from the field in the regular season. Meanwhile, Tyreke was consistent throughout the year and shot 45% from the field with defenses geared mostly to stop him every night.

I love Brandon Jennings’ game, and I like him as a person. He’s a ‘hood success story and a solid guy that I’d want my little nephews to look up to. He’s already a star in the NBA, and on track to becoming a superstar. He’ll rack up All-Star appearances, endorsements and maybe even an assist title in the years to come.

But he shouldn’t be Rookie of the Year, Co-Rookie of the Year, or Tri-Rookie of the Year in 2010. You want to reward Jennings for a stellar opening season in the League? That playoff bonus check is reward enough.

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  • The Journeyman

    BOOOO Austin

    Facts are facts…

    Jennings is as much of hot commodity as Evans is.

    PLUS … Did Sacramento’s mascot do the backflip dunk from a ladder? No?

    Jennings was the one IN the mascot suit and he alone should win b/c of that

    Thank you

  • control

    How many “superstars” are in the NBA at any one time? I think Jennings is going to be a solid point guard, maybe even an All Star, but a “superstar”? Nah.

    There really needs to be a clear definition of what you guys consider a “superstar” to be.

    Reke is an amazing player, team win/loss shouldn’t be taken into account for an individual award like ROY. If Reke didn’t go to the Kings, they might have been competing with the Nets for the worst record in history…

    Did Jennings set a record for being the blocked the most times in one season? Like 10-15% of his missed shots are due to being blocked…

  • http://dime eyes

    Just a little correction. Evans made the game winning layup against the Bucks & on Bogut. Before that they were going tick for tack. Jennings made all the go ahead plays up until that point. What happen in the 2nd game they matched up in. KILLED by Jennings with the W. Let me guess Tyreke was injured or they would have won. This conversation is similar to the one of Melo & James in slightly different manner. Lebron had to win R.O.Y. Evans doesn’t. He only was considered because Blake Griffin was hurt.

    This argument is like arguing over Chips A hoy or Fudge Stripe cookies. They’re both GOOD & each have their fans & detractors. From a statiscal point alone they’re is no contest. From an overall player & impact on the game. I’d have to side with Jennings. The role he played in turning the franchise people outside of the N.B.A. hoopla. Also those who didn’t have league pass have no idea about the season he had. He was constantly killed because of his FG %. Never praised for his effectivness w/o scoring the ball. You don’t need gaudy stats to be effective. When Evans & Curry aren’t scoring their useless.

    If you could see either Evans or Curry as starting points on Playoff or winning teams. I’m anxiously waiting.

    Again I think the players in the league who aren’t biased would pick Jennings as the R.O.Y. The L itself & its suits wanted to go with Curry but can’t. So Evans is a safe pick. Had Jennings been politically correct from the outset he’d be good. Once he said he loved Allen Iverson it got worse for him. People were really comparing the two. How. Evans is closer to Iverson than anybody. Media has to side with Stern & the L because that’s their job. The fix was in that night at the Rookie vs Soph game. You know who they were going to side with.

    Co R.O.Y. Ty Evans & Brandon Jennings that should be the no brainer. If Life were fair & made sense. I know from most fans on this site they only watch the games that come on ESPN,TNT,ABC or NBA TV. Highlights don’t tell you the whole story.

    Austin you’re not wrong or right same for Aron. You have an opinion & there’s no need to discredit those that oppose your pick or vote. I also want to remind people. Coming into camp Ridnour was the starting guard. Evans was drafted to rescue a stale franchise. Curry was picked to curse the Knicks. Flynn was screwed from jump. 1st with Rubio then with Phil Jackson 2 trying to implement the square/lose offense. I mean the triangle. Monta was foul for his comments in the pre-season about Steph. How do you through your teamate under the bus like that. That was some Kobe stuff. Shaq did too.

  • KL

    As far as I remember, ROY was never based on the teams performance. Why now?

  • http://www.ragingspaniard.com Xavier

    Its pretty unprofessional to throw the term “we” around when it clearly isn’t the case. It makes the rest of the Dime crew look pretty bad and Aron should know better.

  • http://www.sactownroyalty.com Willis

    pssh @ eyes

    Get that nonsense out, the first game between Reke and Young Buck was not close. Jennings had more dimes, the scoring wasn’t there, and he does not rebound.

    Second game actually was close, but (like you said) Reke got his jaw knocked off and it still took some lucky shit from Salmons and Ersan to drop to pull that game out.

    Fact is, Kings might have won 6 games without Evans this year. They were 2 – 12 without him, and one of those wins was against the trash Clippers towards the end of the year.

    I’m glad Evans got the award. Winning as a rookie shouldn’t count in the ROY vote, because most rookies and up playing for bad teams. Bjennings ended up playing for an injured team that was healthy for the most part this season.

    1) Tyreke Evans
    2) Stephen Curry
    3) Ty Lawson/Darren Collison
    4) Brandon Jennings

    I used to have Brandon Jennings at 3, but all this stupidity had ruined my objectivity so I slid him down another spot.

  • http://myspace.com/40sand9s loc

    Argument is well pointed out here,

    I still say Jennings, but 20-5-5 is hard to argue with.

    I think a lot of people pull for Jennings because he is the new dude to hate on. Twitterin, joe buddens hanging, hip-hop dude.

  • Craig

    Hey Dime. Am I crazy or didn’t you guys do a story/photo shoot on Evans back in his HS days, and you guys put up a vid on the site, and we’re pumping it as “We got the next big thing, and we’ll post it on the site later”. That was back in the day for you guys. But you guys called this shit.
    That video make Evans look like the ish

  • isotope

    Tyreke will win it. But when it’s all said and done, BJ will be the better player. Mark my words.

  • quest???

    LOL there is beef brewing between Aron and Austin

  • MiR

    @ eyes

    Are u suggesting that the Bucks making the playoffs was mainly to do with Jennings? If so, then I have to ask if you’ve watched much of the Bucks games this season. The main reasons the Bucks are in the postseason this year have to do with 2 names: ANDREW BOGUT and JOHN SALMONS. As soon as they picked up Salmons the team was on a tear and Bogut was killing it all season til his nasty injury. The reason the Bucks are beating up on the Hawks right now has to do with Jennings, but playoff performance doesn’t count in R.O.Y. voting. Reke was more consistent all season. And Honestly, I do believe that Reke could be the starting point guard on a playoff team. Jennings got put into a situation where as Austin said the team was very well assembled. The Kings? Not so much! If Reke dropped in the draft then he WOULD be the starting point guard on a playoff team ie. the Bucks. But that’s the unfortunate reality for getting picked higher I guess. Anyway, no disrespect “eyes” I hear ur points and what ur saying but I just had to add my 2 cents.

  • MiR

    P.S. Don’t get me wrong, I love Jennings though. He’s killing them Hawks right now!

  • D

    Whoever said Reke is only being considered because Blake Griffin is injured is straight foolish. Griffin hasn’t played an NBA game and no one even knows what the dude is or isn’t capable of, so you might want to slow down on wild assertions.

    Reke should win, hands down. 20-5-5 is nothing to sneeze at. Oscar, Lebron, Jordan – those names speak for themselves. Reke got his spot in stat history and he should be awarded ROY, alone.

  • knocked

    Tyreke is that young kid on the team you just killed by 20+ points, and then you ask him why you smiling!? “CUZ I GOT 20 POINTS!!”

    Seriously, whoever wrote this, needs to stop sucking tyrekes dick. His team is made up of horrible-to-mediocre players JUST LIKE THE bucks. And guess what? The kings still wouldn’t make the playoffs in the Eastern conference. That’s when you know that tyreke wasn’t ‘leading’ his team anywhere. -

  • J

    Blah, blah, blah! Yeah, whatever, this whole Tyreke for/is ROY stuff has been talked about to death. Next topic please!

  • http://www.facebook.com/dworlds David Brandon

    talk to ‘em, austin…

    this really isnt even much of a debate. just b/c jennings had some good games, doesnt take away that he equally had some bad ones. i’ve watched the kings all year. tyreke maybe had 4 bad games. 4. i’ll even give you 5 just cause. aside from that, consistent ALLLLL year. its the same for the mvp. if someone had a great few months, but cooled off dramatically for a bit, that kinda slows the chances of them winning that award. same deal here. ppl always say how consistent lebron is and thats why he’ll win it back to back. well same for tyreke. he’s been doin work all season. not to take anything away from brandon either. he’s just had a much better team to work w/. what big man on the kings averaged a double double?? who else could the kings go to for crunch time buckets? garcia? greene? kenny thomas? lol at least the bucks have the good thomas! reke deserves it and the numbers show it even if the TEAM record doesnt. this is a individual award anyway. let my man shine.

  • Sb

    Stop hatin on Tyreke. You can all have your opinions but at the end of the day “rekehavoc” is your 2010 ROY. For most, you didn’t have the oppurtunity to watch him play and that’s to bad. Reke flat out dominated the competition this year with the exception of only a few games. I remeber guys like Brandon Roy, Kobe, Billups, D-Will all endorsing Reke as the best player in the draft and Shaq even was quoted saying Reke is a top ten player in the league right now! The fans can hate but Reke has the leagues respect

  • isotope

    Which would you rather have? Rookie of the year award? or a winning team and going to the playoffs your rookie year? I’d choose the latter, thank you. BJ is doing something Tyreke might have to wait a few years to do. Let him have the award.

  • Celts Fan

    Can’t argue that Reke deserves the award, but I’d still rather have Jennings on my team. If you’re looking to win games and not just fill a stat-sheet, then you take Jennings, but Reke did have a better year, so he’s ROY.

  • Celts Fan

    @AB – Reke isn’t a PG or they wouldn’t have had to trade KMart. Reke’s a 2 that just dominates the ball. BIG difference

  • Warriorsworld

    20-5-5 is cute. But Stephen Curry put up 20-6-5 with 2 stls the final 60 games of the season, and better shooting %’s across the board than Evans. Steph was the best rookie for over 70% of the season. Curry got robbed.

  • youngmoney

    Brandon Jennings is the second coming of Allen Iverson. AI brought the street game and street cred to the NBA. Jennings is about revitalize it.

    The influence of Young Money will be felt both on and off court. Between going straight to Europe, rocking the “Gumby,” and everything in between, Jennings has become the mold breaker, and will continue to do so. Fans will love him in the NBA, but the hood will respect him as one of their own.

    Plus, he straight outta compton!

  • Sb

    Ok…. Youngmoney, Reke doesn’t have the street cred? Your trippin. As to the stat stuffer comment, you would probably take BJ over LeBron, Kidd, and Kobe so we call you a HOMER

  • Big T

    Sacremento is going to be a big pile of shit for the next decade… just give Reke the damn trophy out of pity.

  • BJ Fan

    Here is the reality of the situation. The rookie talent this year was outstanding! And there can only be one rookie of the year. It is unfortunate that BJ was absolutely robbed of it! I had a feeling this was going to happen for many reasons that many of you fail to consider. BJ did something that has never been done before. He changed part of the NBA league forever. The history books have no choice but to be re-written. BJ went against the norm from the beginning by going to a European professional league right out of high school. He signed a major endorsement deal with an athletic appareal company. He was still drafted in the top ten and even changed the order in how athletes were presented. The fact of the matter is that he said “NO” to ‘business as usual’. And it is working although many would rather see him fail. BJ has done his own thing the entire way. I believe people resent him for his success. And to make matters worst, he came in the league lighting it up! It is unfair to say that anyone could have scored 55 points with all the open shots he took. Why hasn’t it been done then? Give credit where credit is do. I rather you flat out say that you don’t like him as an athlete and therefore do not support him, then to down play his accomplishments, which NO ONE can ever take away. And yes, something should be said about the fact that he helped bring his team to the playoffs. Often times teams have all the talent in the world, yet they fail to find the right way to use it. The Bucks were not even considered for a playoff spot and/or even thought of in this light until after the season got off to a great start with this great rookie. Many people have a hard time being happy for another man’s blessings. Tyreke and Stephen are stand-out athletes. But in my opinion, they did not deserve the award over BJ. So of course, it would only make sense that BJ was not named the rookie of the year because it would continue to make his story too great! It’s all good though. He is still playing in a game TONIGHT that none of the other rookies have yet to experience. Moving right along….

  • Bizz

    @18, I’ll take the Rookie of the year award. I only have 1 season to win that. Especially when your argument revolves around the Bucks in the playoffs, who will not win a ring, therefore, I have year 2-whenever I retire to get into the playoffs, thank you.

  • JT

    Tyreke Evans + (Cousins, Turner or Favors)… the Kings will have a scary good young team in 1-2 years. I can see them along with the Thunder & Blazers (if they can stay healthy) be the new west coast contenders for the next decade.

  • Smills91

    The REASON the Bucks are in the playoffs is because they play in the leastern confernce that consists of 3 maybe 4 real teams. The rest of the conference is a joke. Had the Bucks played in the WC they would have been the 9th seed TOPS and that’s questionable. So giving props to Jennings who saw his minutes stolen by the vet Luke Ridnour during much of the crunch time games shows exactly what Jennings was, a ROOKIE. Tyreke improved his team’s winning percentage by 10% while the team got younger and less experienced from last year. Oh yeah and the fact that his rookie season rivals that of three of the GOATS in NBA history.

    Just shut up Buck fans and warrior fans for that matter. You both got great rookie PG’s, but they’re not remotely close to the ROY candidacy of Tyreke Evans.

  • Brown

    I can’t help but think how different it would be if Evans was picked #3 by OKC instead of James Harden, who I think is a better complimentary player on that team, but still.

    If I’m building a team, I’d take Evans over Jennings 100 times out of 100. I look at the comparison a lot like D-Wade vs. CP3. I love CP3’s game, but ain’t no way I’d take him over Wade. Evans is a lot like Wade in that he dominates the ball from the 2 spot and can score in so many different ways.

    Jennings is a good (possibly great) player on a good team. Evans is a great player on a terrible team, who will get a high draft pick and build for the future. Kevin Durant was a great player on a horrible team in OKC his rookie year, but he still won the award.

    Evans deserves it simply because he’s a better player.

  • Sacto_J

    @ Eyes – Useless outside of scoring!? How do you justify that statement when he AVERAGED 5 rebs and 5 assts per game? And nights when he actually didn’t score well, his rebs and assts were around 8 or 9 or better.
    @ Knocked – FoS…He’s one of the most humble dudes I’ve ever met, he didn’t care when a Casspi rebound denied him a triple double, he doesn’t always look to score first, for that matter. He just happened to be the best option on a bad team.
    @ Celts – Not a true point guard!? Didn’t realize that was part of the criteria.
    @ Big T – You must be from L.A….Suck it…
    @ Willis – well put sir.
    My opinion – Jennings is a jackass with little respect. He didn’t win because he WASN’T the best rookie ALL year long. In fact, he kinda sucked through much of the middle of the season. He’s a good talent who will develop into a solid PG, but he didn’t have a better season than Tyreke. Curry came a HELL of a lot closer to beating Tyreke down the stretch than BJ, but again – the award is for the season, not just 3 – 4 months. Screw Jennings, good job Tyreke, here’s to Nor Cal having the best 2 rooks in the L….

  • Jaylee

    Good to hear Austin. For a second I thought I stumbled upon an ESPN message board or something.

  • GS-Dubs

    If you’re going to penalize Curry with an * due to the Warrior’s uptempo style, then you should consider some other *’s as well… such as Curry being the 3rd scoring option on the team behind black holes Maggette and Ellis… both 20+ ppg scorers. Curry takes less shots than Tyreke so how can his stats be considered inflated? Evans is a beast, but has no outside shot and doesn’t have the floor vision and feel to be a great PG. If there was ANYONE else useful on the King’s team, Evan’s stats would be comparable to Curry’s… or lower. Evans does get assists, but they usually are of the “my lane to the hoop got blocked so I better dish” variety, as opposed to being a true playmaker.

    Watch a few games with Curry, especially without Monta swallowing the ball, and you’ll see a true floor general in making… he makes hit teammates better. Tyreke does not. Jennings is a distant third.

  • Mike

    Umm…Did someone say Curry should get the award because he played good for 70% of the season? Really, that is your argument. WOW. Why not just give the award to Wayne Ellington he had 1 really awesome game all season. Playing good ball for a few games does not make you great, playing well consistently all season makes you great. Everyone is on Curry’s jock because he shot like 48%. Thats nice. I don’t have the stats in front of me but Tyreke shot around 45% and he was being double and triple teamed all year. Not to mention Reke can pretty much take anyone in the league 1 on 1. I would love to see Curry or Jennings try to take Kobe and Lebron to the hole the way Reke did. Not gonna happen.

  • http://www.getbuckets.anywhere.com Chicagorilla

    So the Kings don’t play uptempo? doesn’t Tyreke have the ball 95% of the time? Every play starts with him even though he ISN’T THE PG (Beno U is). Reke is a very good player, but Curry is better. So is Jennings for that matter. Give me Steph over Reke and my team win while your team is pissed off that Reke is taking all the shots.

    Why is it that Rookie of the Year is about numbers
    yet a similar award like Most Valuable Player is about team wins (Nash over Kobe…anyone of Jordan)?

  • http://none jayrich510


  • Warriorsworld
  • hoopsguru

    guess Young Money going up 3-2 on the favored Hawks still isnt enough for some people. yes evans had a strong stat year….on a bad team, but jennings and the bucks are beating the hawks and without bogut

  • SlimSchmity

    Did anyone ever consider that tyreke DIDNT have ANY talent around him making it that much easier to average 20-5-5?? Everyone says “Jennings had way more talent around him and that is why is team is in the playoffs”. So which one is it??? You tyreke lovers need to wake up and look at reality. Jennings is BY FAR the ROY. He just lit up Atlanta AGAIN tonight to upset the Hawks at home. Tyreke lovers….U R WRONG.

  • SlimSchmity

    Also Tyreke is a ball hog who just padded his stats-nothing more. He had absolutely no effect on his team except for maybe 3-4 wins they wouldn’t have had without him. C’mon guys, he had nice stats but even I could’ve on that team. Yeah-REALLY!

  • wormwood

    Good job Austin! Finally a writer for Dime Magazine with a little commonsense.Though, I personally think Curry had a better season then Jennings. Brandon has had some really great games but I think he had quite a few bad ones during the regular season. Looking good in the playoffs though!
    In my opinion.
    1. Evans
    2. Curry
    3. Jennings
    Oh did anyone see Brandon Jennings on draft night? He shows up late to the ceremony missing his name being selected. Then walks on stage after another player was announced, ruining some poor guys moment while taking pictures with the Commissioner. I think hes a jackass.

    P.S. Dime should look into firing Aron.

  • Jay

    And I quote-

    “Had Jennings been politically correct from the outset he’d be good. Once he said he loved Allen Iverson it got worse for him. People were really comparing the two. How. Evans is closer to Iverson than anybody. Media has to side with Stern & the L because that’s their job. The fix was in that night at the Rookie vs Soph game. You know who they were going to side with.” – eyes

    LOL. Seriously?

  • Dave

    your arguments that are pro Tyreke inflate Brandon Jennings even more. He started out gunning but then sacrificed his game a little to mesh with Bogut, Salmons, et cetera. And to say that Milwaukee’s talent is superior to Sacremento is absurd. Bogut is the only player on Milwaukee that other teams would even want on their roster besides Jennings. Skiles is probably the reason why Jennings did not have “20.5.5” season. Skiles is teaching Jennings how to be a point guard where Evans unfortunately got to play lots of one on five. For Evans to get to next, he needs a coach that can really tap his potential and the two bigs Thompson and Hawes. And then add Carl Landry to the mix and if Jennings were running that squad, he’d be the second coming of John Stockton! And I don’t think the AI comparisons are fair. I see Jennings more like Tim Hardaway with the killer crossover before Tim Bug got the knee injury and had to put a sock in his mouth.

    I’m just saying…

  • gordon

    this is just a ghetto magazine that will of course favor the ghetto or “hood” superstars AKA Jennings. he clearly does not deserve the award. he had 2 good months and then he was just pretty good. he didnt have a stand otu game once after the 55 point game. Yea Jennings is a great player but hes no better then Curry or Evans. His 55 point game was unreal and i wont downgrade that. But he hit the rookie wall about 2 weeks after that and he should b completely out of the conversation. completely inconsistent. he hasnt done anything since. yes he is on a playoff team but that plays NO factor in the rookie of the year voting. remember that Jennings was drafted 11th overall so his team had the best chance of making it to the playoffs compared to Currys 7th overall injury struck warriors and evans 3rd overall kings. unlike the mvp the rookie of the year is a complete individual award. with that being said, if u look at the overall stats reke and curry are at the top in the first tier, while Jennings is in his own 2nd tier. then i would place lawson and other honorable mentions. jennings started off the first two months pretty well but that was about it. curry wasnt very effective in the first 2 months but only improved from there (still better numbers then jennings overall tho). And tyreke has just been a consistent force all season. curry is challenging evans for this award all because of his second half of the season in which he was the clear cut rookie of the year. he is my favorite player next to kobe bryant in this league strictly because of his playing style and what he represents. hes a true basketball player and you have to love him. he finished the season very strong so you could argue for curry and i would love more than anything to watch the league hand him the award. the safe pick would b evans though, sadly. thought curry at the end of the day will b a better player then both of them. he has everything you need

  • Scott

    How much ball did u play? How long have you been around them gyms, playing against the best and how much game do u really know? Judging from this reading, you and them white ESPN college grad analysts do know shit about the game, yall are really mathematicians (spelled right?). I know this game, i’ve played in several competitions in highschool ball, aau, and various men’s league when i was a young highschool kid. But fuck me, If yall really know bball, and you really WATCH the games with clear understanding, you’ll know that Tyreke is a good player. He’s like Joe Johnson. But Brandon Jennings is the best PLAYER in the whole f’n league. Plenty of help? Gotta understand this: The Bucks really REALLY SUCK. Theyre system is very unique. As you saw in the beggining of the season, BJ was given the green light, and he show his stuff. But Skiles knew that wasn’t going to hold up and help him and them grow. The rest of the bucks players ain’t anywhere near elite, only Michael Redd is and we know the deal with that. John Salmons = Loul Deng. John Salmons got the slowest reflexes for a 3 black man in the league, if u actually watch him with the kings, the bulls, and the bucks, youll see that he is liable to get stiffed anytime. He’s a decent player, but ain’t no way he is the true leader. Bogut, i remember the bust labels as early as last season, how he become so good this season? Is he taking on entire teams down low, and facilitating? No, he’s catching dimes from Jennings and finishing, getting low post iso oppurtunities, and grabbing boards to give to Jennings to run. Delfino has been a great addition to many teams over the years as a reserve. Hes f’n starting now. That african guy starting right now is one of the dumbest players today. You look at this team, you watch em play, then you realize the only one with elite status and star status is Brandon Jennings, and that Iliasova(spelled right?) has potential to be a star in this league also (even though he’s slow as fuck). Now, being the best player in the league, Brandon is willing to adapt and lay back and facilitate in order for him to grow, so hes only going to get better. Skiles, realizing the limited overall talent he has, has made Brandon the main facilitator, and created an unselfish system so that the ball is constantly moving around. He knows they don’t have the best talent (apart from jennings) so he tries to put each player where theyre strength is (apart from jennings, who can adapt to anything). Over in Sac, you’ll see that Tyreke has been given the greenest of the green light, and that’s fine too. but gotta understand this: almost everyone in the league is a good shooter. Tyreke can be hot in one game, but what happens when he’s cold? everyone has games when they are cold, but what can be done about it? you see how this approach worked out for the kings this year, i don’t see them on TV now. but ending this long writing shit, Nah, can’t put you down for your rookie of the year pick. If i do, i gotta put most of the entire league down (although some of yall out there do recgonize). For MVP voting, Brandon Jennings should get it, but i know the numbers are in your face so you’d all rather look at that. It’s aight though, cause one day, while his numbers are amazing still, they will be in your f’n face one day and you ain’t gonna have much choice. Peace

  • http://dime eyes

    @40 For the hundreth time. Jennings was held back from the green room by his agent & team. To spare him the embarrasment of not being picked in the lottery. When his name was called. He had to rush down from a nearby hotel(Watching the draft on TV) just to make it on stage. One less reason to hate him. Hate yourself not him. It will save you.

    @43..Damn who did you vote for in this election & why? Describe ghetto & hood. Also where do you live & think a majority of these players come from? Stephen Curry was very fortunate to have a dad that played in the league. Also he grew up in a Mom & Dad household while being financially stable. That’s like a Willy Wonka golden Ticket.

    If you feel that way you shouldn’t be on this site as it doesn’t cater to you. Where you red when you wrote this? LOL.

    Every year the experts,scouts,coaches,fans,voters will be wrong. Opinions aren’t facts & they’re all human. Some thoughts & decisions hold more favor and power over others. The powers that be picked Evans. Something better picked Jennings. Some people are seeing his true value. When he’s on he’s scary. All of this w/o Bogut shows something. Salmons,Ilaysova,Ridnour,Skiles,Hammond
    Luc all benefit just as much having Jennings as he does. The Voters this year in my opinion got it wrong. They didn’t get the whole picture. Stats can prove anything. I can statiscally prove my opinions are better than most scouts,experts & coaches. Would that make me right & them wrong?

    Brandon Jennings again I say is a fresh breath of air to the N.B.A. in a great & much needed way. He has a lot of A.I. good qualities. Toughness,Passion,HEART,Skills
    Flair for the Dramatic,Relates to kids & fans from everywhere,Misunderstood,Plays for a very demanding & old school coach. Could go off for 50 anytime. Ask Stephen Curry. I forget it doesn’t count like Kobe’s 81. All of Lebron’s points do though. LOL. Curry got 55. Evans got 30 something put on him as well.

    Awards are just one person’s view. I still don’t think people know just how good Scottie Pippen,Toni Kukoc,
    Drazen Petrovic,Joe Dumars,Isiah Thomas,Bernard King,D.Wade,Super D12. People don’t know the true level of skill & how good they really are. The masses & league say one thing. Everyone doesn’t have to agree.

    Stern should be raving about how good this rookie class was for the league. Haven’t heard much. He had already singled out Blake Griffin & Curry as his favorites. That isn’t fair. Oh Well.

    PLAYOFFS ARE WHERE STARS ARE BORN. I REALLY HOPE BOTH REKE & CURRY HELP THEIR TEAMS GET THEIR SOON. I still can’t get over the Knicks not taking this kid or GSW not going for the hometown kid. Bad Bad choice.

  • Jaylee

    You’re argument failed right when you said BJ was the best player in the nba. ROFL!!!

    Jennings is the most overrated rookie in the nba. Last night he was hot for the first quarter. Then he couldn’t make a bucket to save his life. He got blocked like 4 times. Infact the last quarter , when he was missing all these layups, the Bucks would have lost if it wasn’t for that Illiasoyva rebounding all his bricks to give the bucks a second chance to score.LOLOL…take off your blinders homie!

  • JAY

    LMAO @ #10
    If that’s the case, I have Austin’s back.

    Tyreke Evans’ should be the sole winner. Jennings had as many “lows” during the season as he had “highs”. Evans’ was consistent from game 1.
    Team success shouldn’t have any bearing on this award. If that were the case Sabonis should have won it the year Damon Stoudamire won. So if you take winning out of the picture, the only thing working in Jennings’ favor is his 55 point game.

  • Kris

    Okay i have read some dumb things on here…

    “Jennings sacraficed his numbers to better his team” – since when is shooting 33% after mid december till the end of the season “sacraficing numbers” He was still taking the shots he was just missing them.

    “Curry averaged 20/5/6 for 70% of the season”- umm hello Tyreke Averaged 20/5/6 ALL season.

    “Tyreke is a ball hog”- There are 22 players in the league with the same or a higher usage rate then Tyreke. When he has no decent team mates around him? Rose and Brooks both take more shots than Reke and brooks average less points and assists (rose is pretty even), yet there not ballhogs and Evans is? Jennings took 1 less shot and averaged less assists than Evans yet Evans is a ball hog?

    “Jennings took hi team to the playoffs”- not hard in the eastern Conf. especially when you have the LEAGUES softest strenght of schedule, yes thats right Bucks had the easiest schedule in the L.

    Now a couple reasons Y Reke is better and won the ROY

    Kings won 17 games last season with an easier SoS than this year. They also played with out their best 4 players from that 17 win season almost this whole season (Martin Traded this year, Salmons and Miller mid way last year and Garcia missed 60+ games. So the 17 win team got much worse besides the addidtion of Evans and they still won 8 more games.

    Tyreke faced doubles more than all other rookies combined, and Tyreke was guarded by Kobe- Artest, Lebron, Battier-Ariza, Wallace, Thabo, Wade, Iggy ect ect he always had bigger and better defenders checking him not a PG like Curry and BJ, and we all know 90% of PG’s hardly play good defense. Just as a barometer in those games i mentioned Evans defenders above this is who Curry and BJ had on them, Fisher, Mo, Brooks, Westbrook,Felton, Arroyo, Holliday, the list goes on and on.

    So tell me who had much better defenders on him? TYREKE

    Who had whole defenses TRY and stop him and failed? TYREKE

    Stop hating, any non biased individual would no Tyreke is better, and deserved ROY.