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10 Almost-Franchise NBA Players

O.J. Mayo, Dime #52

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been writing a lot about players who are, or could be, considered “The Future” or “The Franchise” of their respective teams — from Andrew Bynum in L.A. to Rodney Stuckey in Detroit to George Hill in San Antonio.

Whether it’s a Lottery pick with high expectations (e.g. Bynum) or a little-known draftee who surprisingly shines on a big stage (e.g. Hill), a skilled 7-footer or a defensive-minded point guard, their backgrounds and profiles are diverse, but just about every NBA team has one or two young candidates who fit the bill. While some are thrust into a position to carry their squads right away — think Tyreke Evans, Derrick Rose and Kevin Durant — others are still waiting in the wings to be handed the keys to the Beamer. And in those cases, usually it’s because the star-in-training is lacking in one or two crucial areas of his game.

Here are 10 almost-franchise players looking to break through the glass ceiling:

1. Andrew Bynum (22 years old, Center, L.A. Lakers)
Expected Time of Takeover: Whenever Kobe retires.
Biggest Obstacle: Staying healthy. Bynum has missed significant portions of the last three seasons due to knee and Achilles injuries. He was almost a non-factor in L.A.’s postseason run to the title in ’09, and is already playing hurt in this year’s playoffs.

2. Rajon Rondo (24, PG, Celtics)
Expected Time of Takeover: Rondo is already the most consistent and arguably the best player on the Celtics, but Paul Pierce is still the face of the franchise. And given The Truth’s old-man game, he’s got at least a few years left.
Biggest Obstacle: His jumper. From mid-range or beyond the arc, Rondo’s broken J is about as glaring a hole as any legit NBA All-Star has in his game today. If he gets that thing somewhat together, he’s a top-three PG in the League without question. After LeBron, Rondo is the next odds-on favorite to someday average a triple-double for an entire season.

3. Rodney Stuckey (24, PG, Pistons)
Expected Time of Takeover: Going into Year Four, this is “deuce or get off the pot” time for Stuck if he’s going to earn his spot as Detroit’s franchise. He might have to steal it outright from Rip Hamilton.
Biggest Obstacle: Playmaking ability. Stuckey is really a combo guard, so ideally he’d pattern his game after Brandon Roy and D-Wade and be a beast that way. But even Roy and Wade are better passers/playmakers than Stuckey, and they’re not even playing the point. His outside jumper also needs work.

4. Roy Hibbert (23, C, Pacers)
Expected Time of Takeover: It looks like Indiana will give Hibbert every possible opportunity to live up to his potential, but it probably won’t happen as long as Jim O’Brien is the coach. Get somebody in there who will slow down the running game and put an emphasis on feeding the post, and Hibbert could shine.
Biggest Obstacle: Foul trouble. Hibbert can score in the post and could be a great inside compliment to Danny Granger outside — kind of a poor man’s T-Mac and Yao — but he needs to stay on the court long enough to be effective.

Blake Griffin, Dime #51

5. Blake Griffin (21, PF, Clippers)
Expected Time of Takeover: Assuming the Clips don’t pull a shocker and sign LeBron, Wade or Chris Bosh this summer, and all due respect to Baron Davis, but this is Blake’s team whenever he wants it.
Biggest Obstacle: Not sure yet. I don’t think Griffin’s knee will be a long-term problem, so it’s not like he’s “injury-prone” yet. But we still haven’t seen him play an official NBA game that counts.

6. O.J. Mayo (22, SG, Grizzlies)
Expected Time of Takeover: If Rudy Gay leaves in free agency, O.J. is The Man next season.
Biggest Obstacle: Time and experience. Because he isn’t the most explosive athlete and he’s short for a two-guard (6-4), O.J. will have to develop a Kobe-like set of skills and footwork to be as good as he can be. That’s not going to happen over one summer.

7. Michael Beasley (21, PF, Heat)
Expected Time of Takeover: Still a good two or three years away. Even if Miami loses D-Wade this offseason, they have enough money and appeal to sign another superstar. And depending on who that is, Beasley might not be around to get a crack at being Miami’s franchise guy.
Biggest Obstacle: Whatever is going on between his ears. Nobody can deny Beasley is wildly talented, and even when he was generally terrible in this year’s playoffs, he showed flashes of dominance. But he might have a bad case of JaMarcus Russell‘s Disease.

8. Andray Blatche (23, PF, Wizards)
Expected Time of Takeover: Already held the top dog position for the latter part of this season following the trade deadline, but that was probably just temporary until Gilbert Arenas comes back.
Biggest Obstacle: Maturity. Again, he has the skills, but it takes more than that to be a franchise superstar. Who would feel comfortable with Blatche as the locker room leader of a team? Might be destined to be a big-numbers, bad-team guy.

9. Andrea Bargnani (25, C/PF, Raptors)
Expected Time of Takeover: If Chris Bosh leaves, Bargnani gets the gig.
Biggest Obstacle: Defense and rebounding. Bargs is often called the junior version of Dirk Nowitzki, but even Dirk will grab you 9-10 boards a night.

10. LaMarcus Aldridge (24, PF, Trail Blazers)
Expected Time of Takeover: He should already be 1B to Brandon Roy’s 1A, but isn’t quite there yet.
Biggest Obstacle: Rebounding. If Amar’e Stoudemire wasn’t already the NBA’s token “Why don’t you get more rebounds?!?” poster child, LaMarcus would get a lot more criticism. At 6-11 with superb athleticism, there’s no way he should be pulling down 6.0 boards per game in a playoff series, but that’s what happened this year against Phoenix. (Amar’e had 5.5 rpg.) Aldridge has almost everything you want offensively, but if he took the same attitude toward rebounding and defense as somebody like KG, he’d be a certified problem for the rest of the League.

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  • G

    Roy Hibbert at 4?! Over Griffin? Where does that even come from?

    Aside from that, it really seems like its going to be a sturggle in any given year for Bynum to stay healthy. Someone that injury prone has a pretty low chance of ever truly fulfilling their potential, so I’d hesitate to put that much faith in him.

  • ctkennedy

    none of them players r close and what r u basin this on
    the list should include
    Derrick Rose
    Brook Lopez
    Rudy Gay
    Tyreke Evans(scares me too much iverson in his game)
    Chris Bosh
    Danny Granger
    i know all these players already got a name but they r young and they arent franchise players yet they could be one day …there is only about 5-7 in the whole league

  • jackie moon

    aldridge can’t get boards coz he’s a jump shooting 7 footer. plus it doesn’t help when marcus camby is there to crash boards.

  • Rizwan

    @ ctkennedy

    Why the hell would Derrick Rose, Brook Lopez, Tyreke Evans be in that list?! They are already the franchise players.

    The list is based upon the fact that the team wants the players to be the franchise but they are not there yet, either short term or in some cases will never be.

    @ jackie moon

    Camby has only been there for half a season if that, so thats no excuse. LMA is HIGHLY overrated. I just dont see anything in him that Luis Scola doesnt have, plus he crashes the boards.

    But then again I am a Suns fan and I know all about players that dont crash the board as they should!!

  • ctkennedy

    @rizwan rose isnt a franchise player yet he cant beat howard lebron or pierce squad in a best of 7 series then he aint no franchise player
    franchise player dont just go to the playoffs they give u a chance to go to the conference finals at the worst period
    lopez and evans need to win 40games first
    best player on your own team dont make u a franchise player u got to be one of the best in the league u impact the game every possesion none of them three do that yet

  • D3W

    as a Miami Heat fan, I really don’t think it is possible for Beasley ever to become a franchise player. If he ever makes an All-Star game I will be very surprised. The guy has issues off the court that seem to affect his game on the court and until he gets that resolved, he will always be an up and down player. I think Miami should ship him off while he still has some value.

  • http://www.SoulChorea.com Kermit The Washington

    I was watching an ESPN special last night about the dude that coached Hank Gathers…and they were playing footage of when he died on the court…all I could think about was Rodney Stuckey. I’m real scared for him.

  • JAY

    @jackie moon
    your excuse only works for offensive rebs. On the defensive end he should be cleaning up. The same could be said for Bargnani. Those two guys just don’t have the heart and desire to go after loose balls. Barkley was 6’5″ and averaged almost twice as many boards because he wanted it more. Simple as that.

  • karizmatic

    I agree with most of this, Beasley will never be a number one guy, at his peak he should be a number two guy but he probably won’t live up to that, if he’s lucky he could be a dominant 6th man on a championship team like Lamar Odom.

    Aldridge needs to play in the post more if he’s ever going to be truly dominant, in the series against Phoenix he played like he was allergic to it, but that might have something to do with the fact that Stoudamire was back there. He’ll never carry a franchise though, he’ll always be a number 2 guy even in his prime.

  • http://www.SoulChorea.com Kermit The Washington

    I also keep thinking about how Blake Griffin was flying around dunking on everybody this pre-season, and all the while he had a season-ending knee injury! That’s crazy; he’s gonna be a BEAST.

  • Rizwan


    OK, I’ll give you Tyreke, but how CAN you say Derrick Rose is not a franchise player!!!!! A franchise player is defined as:

    ‘an athlete who is not simply the best player on their team, but a player that the team can build their “franchise” (team) around for the foreseeable future’

    You must not watch a lot of basketball if you think Derrick Rose is not a player that fits the above definition!

    How the hell do you expect him to defeat Orlando and Cleveland with his current team?!

  • JAY

    Rose isn’t a franchise player?? #1 overall pick, best player on the team (offensively and defensively), 21yrs old, All-Star…. sorry bud, he’s the franchise. So is Tyreke Evans.

    And I disagree with your definition of a franchise player. He doesn’t necessarily have to be one of the best in the league. The only criteria they need to fill is the franchise WILL BE or IS built around him… hence the name “franchise player”.

  • ctkennedy

    @rizwan and jay name yall franchise players in the league

  • Charles Kirk

    As a Grizzlies fan I think that the issue with OJ is that he is starting to seem like a big PG in the mold of Gary Payton. I know people look at his stats and may not see that but, Grizzlies fans and the team itself are starting to see that OJ isn’t really a true SG. OJ is going down the path of becoming a PG and everyone who watches the team on a regular basis can see that they are trying to ease him into the role of leading the team. OJ isn’t that far away from being a franchise player.

  • Soopa

    This isnt a top10 list lol, its just a list of 10 almost-franchise-guys…

    And Rose is the real deal. Ive been harsh with him, but i admit he is for real.

    Hibbert, Stuckey, Bargnani, Beasley, Aldrigde and Blatche will never been more relevant then they are right now.

    Mayo, Griffen, Rondo and Bynum have true potential.

  • ctkennedy

    @soopa thats what im sayin this is a almost franchise list there aint ten franchise players in the league period half the dudes on the list aint even the best player on their on team

  • mules

    I’m with ct…not every franchise in the league has a franchise player…most teams don’t.

    Taking contracts and pending free-agency out of the equation, if the Bulls were offered Wade for Rose straight up they at least consider pulling the trigger. On the flip side, is there any way Miami considers that trade? I’d say the same thing about Joe Johnson, Bosh, Brandon Roy, Pierce and a bunch of other superstar-type players. Being the best player on your franchise does not necessarily mean you’re a “franchise player”.

    Lebron, Wade, Kobe, Durant, and Dwight are the leagues unquestioned “franchise players” (I might have thrown Melo and Dirk in there too had they shown a little more over the past couple weeks).

  • Rizwan

    I agree that not every team has a franchise player in the league but you cant deny the players that are franchise players.

    My franchise players I(and I am counting players in the later stages of their career because they were and still are their franchise):

    Derrick Rose
    Steve Nash
    Tim Duncan
    Dirk (a few question marks)
    Deron Williams

    Tier below (not quite convinced)

    Brandon Roy
    Chris Bosh

  • Rizwan

    I say question marks near Dirk because I’m not quite convinced he can win a chip as the lead on a team. The others have and can I think. Just an opinion!!!

  • Charles Kirk

    As much as I like Bosh I’m not convinced on him either. He is a talented player but I think that he lacks the leadership of a franchise player.
    Brandon Roy has the leadership but, I don’t think that he could be the #1 option on a championship team.

  • Celts Fan

    @Rizwan – you’re really more convinced about Derrick Rose than Brandon Roy?!?! SMFH. I like Rose a lot, but he’s yet to prove what Roy’s proven. “The entire room is now dumber for having (read) that. I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul.”

  • Celts Fan

    @Charles Kirk – I think Roy can more than Rose, and honestly, no one can take a team to a title on their own (even Kobe didn’t do ish w/out Shaq til they got Pau.) Everyone needs a 2nd option. I think Roy can be the best player on a title team, he just needs a really good #2 (sorry, but until LaMarcus stops jacking up 20 footers and shooting his team out of games, which I saw a lot more than you’d like this year, I still think they need a #2. He seems more like an elite #3 to me…)

  • Celts Fan

    As much as I liked Beasley before the draft (I actually said Chi should take him #1 since they desperately needed a post scorer and had Kirk/Luol/BG on the wing at the time. I’m an idiot.) I think he’s useless as a pro. Beasley will never become anything resembling a franchise player. I know opinions on Bill Simmons aren’t necessarily great here, but I think he hit it PERFECTLY about why Beasley’s career will be hugely disappointing:

    Hate to throw the “bust” word around after two years, so let’s flip this around. You’re watching the playoffs right now. Pretty competitive, right? Other than scoring, you need to rebound, defend and play hard to advance. Beasley can’t do any of those three things. Play an undersized power forward against him (like Glen Davis in Game 2) and he gets eaten up. Stick a small forward on him (like Paul Pierce) and he can’t post that guy up. Stick a traditional power forward on him (like Kevin Garnett) and he can’t beat that guy off the dribble or prevent the guy from scoring on the low post. So what’s left? I don’t see any conceivable scenario in which this guy has a meaningful NBA career. Could he put up stats on a bad team? Of course. Anything else, I’m not seeing it. All of Pat Riley’s fidgeting during the 2008 draft now makes perfect sense.

  • mules

    So if Pheonix offered Amare for Duncan straight-up you don’t think San Antonio would pull the trigger? If we’re talking current “franchise players” we have to talk current production…not past glory. There’s a difference between being the “face of the franchise” and being a “franchise player”.

    I would’ve put CP3 on my list earlier this season, but New Orleans is probably open to moving CP3 for the right price after what Collison has shown.

  • Soopa


    I truly believe that SA would turn down that offer instantly. Duncan is so much more they his stats. I dont think we’ll ever see TD in anything but black/white.

  • Rafa23

    Lebron will NEVER average a triple double. he didnt get significantly better in rebounding since his 2nd!! season. you guys said he will be close by the time he is 25. well…

    and rondo? lmao!! he is great and all, but he will never average more than 6 rpg.

  • dr

    The is a decent list. OJ Mayo, Rajon Rondo, Blake Grffin are going to be bona fide superstars in the league.

    not to sure about the alridge, beasleys, stuckeys of the league.

  • johnsacrimoni

    A franchise player is any player that his franchise deems worthy of building around. Doesn’t matter if that player is elite or not. Some franchises deem a player worthy when in reality they’re not. Doesn’t matter where they rank in the league’s hierarchy or whether they’re actually capable of leading their team to a ‘chip. Current franchise players, when it says none it means that franchise hasn’t decided on handing the keys to one specific guy:
    TOR-Bosh (currently)
    ATL-JJ (currently)

  • johnsacrimoni

    The Boston situation kind of reminds me of the mid-late ’80s when Philly still had Doc and Moses (Pierce and KG) and an up-and-coming Barkley (Rondo). As soon as Doc and Moses retired and were traded, respectively, the franchise was handed over to Barkley.

  • Rizwzan

    @Celts Fan

    What has Brandon Roy proven? He’s injury prone and he hasnt got any further than Derrick Rose in the playoffs with a FAR better team around him.

    Derrick Rose is younger, is not as fragile as Roy and he has proved himself in the playoffs. When Brandon Roy was expected to take Portland past Houston last season he couldnt. Chicago have never been expected to beat the sides they have faced but gave them a challenge.


    Two reasons why I didnt have Amare in there. And bear in mind that I am a Suns fan!

    1) Steve Nash is the franchise at Phoenix. I cant have Amare in there too.

    2) Amare, up until after the all star break wasnt the franchise player. If we beat the Spurs and he plays a big part in it, then undoubtedly he is the franchise player but up until then he is not.

    Also, I never said it had to current players only. That list that Dime put up was but I was asked to name my franchise players and I chose to add players that were franchise players and are still doing it when it counts.
    If talking current, then I wouldnt of put in Tim Duncan, but no one else is taking that mantle off him yet.

  • K Dizzle

    I gotta agree with what johnsacrimoni posted. Just cuz some blogger doesn’t think a player is a franchise player doesn’t mean he’s not. Maybe I didn’t read the posts correctly, but did someone actually post that Derrick Rose ain’t a franchise player? Every team except the Knicks have a franchise player and the only reason I say that is because if TMac was healthy, then he would be the franchise. The only other reason is like john said: The franchise hasn’t decided on a franchise face yet.
    The difference between good teams and bad teams is the number of franchise players on a squad.
    DWade is a franchise player. Chris Bosh is a franchise player. Derrick Rose is a franchise player. Those teams are average tho. Whereas teams like the Lakers, Spurs, Suns, Celtics, Magic have multiple franchise guys, whether in their prime or just leavin their prime.
    Pau Gasol was a franchise player. We got him on a team with another franchise guy and the team takes off. It’ll be the same situation this season with Bosh. If he goes to Miami or Chicago, look out.

  • Celts Fan

    @Rizwan – if Chicago was in the West, they would not have even made the Playoffs and Rose’s squad last year was pretty talented – BG, Deng, Brad Miller (before he started really decomposing,) Noah, John Salmons, Kirk. Maybe Roy’s supporting squad’s a bit better, but it wasn’t thaaaaat much better.

    Roy’s also proven to be one of the more clutch guys in the league who’s capable of being the #1 on a Playoff team out west, a multiple time all star (again, out west, that’s really tough,) and kept a Portland team together this year and got ‘em to the Playoffs when they were missing huge chunks of their lineup all season. He’s also versatile as hell (can play the 1-3 and defend all 3 positions.) I don’t know what more you could want.

    Rose is d@mn good, but he’s not as good as Roy.

  • Rizwan

    @ Celts Fan

    Dont get me wrong, I like Brandon Roy but I would take Derrick Rose over him. I think 30 GMs would agree with me! Roy is a good player but I dont think you could win with him as the lead. I think when Rose develops his J, he’s going to be unstoppable. And I believe you could win with him as the lead.

    Granted the West is tougher, but last season the Blazers ought to have beaten Houston but they didnt. Again I say I like him and everything you mentioned is why but I still dont think he is durable to win. Great 2nd option say with a Dwight Howard. Think of it this way, would you take Manu Ginobili over Chris Paul?

    And Luol Deng wasnt even in the team last season, and Brad Miller was decomposing as you put it about 5 years ago. I think Shaq had something to do with that. Joakim Noah only really took the step up this year. And you’re not defeating the Celtics if you’re 1st option is John Salmons.

  • mules

    @ Rizwan
    I wasn’t saying Amare is a franchise player, I was just pointing out that Duncan ain’t one any more. Nash should’ve been on my list though.

  • Celts Fan

    @Rizwan – I’ll agree w/ you only when you tell me when the last championship team had a PG as their best player. That’d be the Bad Boys btw. I think you’re selling BRoy really, really short. Rose is nice, but he doesn’t play much D (yet) and his jumper’s still developing (though coming along really well.) I’ll take a guy that can play and defend 3 positions, has a damn good jumper, has been the #1 on teams that started over-achieving the second he got there and, after Melo and Kobe, is right up there w/ the most clutch players in the league.

    Don’t get me wrong, DRose is nice, but I’ll take a versatile guy that’s a better defender with a ready-made J and is clutch…

  • Rizwan

    @ Celts Fan

    We’ll agree to disagree I guess!!

    I hope you guys beat the Cavs!

  • Celts Fan

    @Rizwan – the Manu vs. CP3 comparison is bad too. If you really wanna go there, it’s basically Joe Johnson vs. Baron Davis (with GSW, not the one that’s slowly rotting in front of a disinterested Clippers crowd) and yes, I’d take Joe over in-his-prime Baron.

    If/when (it’s probably a when, though he’s not as good of a distributor as CP3) Rose gets to CP3’s level, we can discuss this then, but he’s not there yet.

  • Rizwan

    @ celts fan

    Maybe I didnt make myself clear, I didnt mean D Rose as comparable to CP3 as a player but as in the situation. Manu is very comparable to Roy as a player. A couple of seasons ago, Manu was performing, I’d to the level of Roy and was as important, I think to the team as Roy is to his. CP3 was in his 2nd season, and was already his franchise, like Rose. Banged up Manu at 29, 30 or a young upstart PG (difficult to replace position) who is gonna be big. Who’d you take if you had to make a choice?

    The two differences between that hypothetical situation and the one we’re debating is Manu is older and Rose isnt at CP3’s level, in terms of playmaking. But like I said, I didnt mean Rose is the same player as CP3 in terms of ability but the situation if that happened.

    I know I’d take CP3 then and Derrick Rose now.

    And we talk bad examples, you gotta look at yours. Mine was comparing the situation, yours is doing neither ability or situation. Baron was in his prime and not an young. I was comparing young PGs!

    You really missed my point.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/RobNJNF Rob

    WAIT a second I din’t see JOSH SMITH?

  • K Dizzle

    Last team to win a chip with a point guard as their best player? Detroit. Mr. Big Shot

  • Kobe Bryant

    Definition of a Franchise NBA Player: A player who can transform a team and its players and routinely alter games by the sheer mix of their talent, will and whatever that abstract thing is that lets teammates know, “We’re in good hands.”

    There are only 7 of these players in the NBA:
    LeBron James
    Dwyane Wade
    Kobe Bryant
    Kevin Durant
    Chris Paul
    Dwight Howard
    Deron Williams

    Dirk Nowitzki: he was dreadful in the four straight losses in the ’06 Finals and submarined the next year, his MVP year, while his 67-win Mavs were getting bounched in the first round. Those two postseason series define Dirk right now. Hall of Famer? Yes. Franchise Guy? No.
    Tim Duncan: Age
    Kevin Garnett: Age
    Carmelo Anthony: First-round playoff exit to the Jazz. Chauncey Billups said he spent a lot of time teaching/mentoring ‘Melo last season. Until ‘Melo takes on that kind of role, I can’t call him a Franchise Guy. I hope he’s moving in that direction.

    So here’s my point? What is Roy Hibbert doing on that list? Heck, why are any of these players even on this list? This list should not be called “10 almost franchise nba players”. It should be called “10 nba players most likely to become a star”.


  • Badger

    @Kobe — So … why should I take your “definition” of a franchise player any more serious than anyone else’s definition? You took a pure opinion and presented it like it’s a fact.

  • old guy

    @Kobe Bryant

    what has lebron done that dirk hasnt?

    lebron got swept in the finals, atleast dirk got 2 wins haha

  • http://www.getbuckets.anywhere.com Chicagorilla

    @Celts Fan

    Last team to win a chip with the PG being the best player

    Pistons in 2004 and the Spurs in 2007

    Tony Parker was Finals MVP
    Chauncey Billups was Finals MVP

    you’re an idiot

  • Rizwan

    @ Chicagorilla


    If he doesnt see Derrick Rose as a franchise player, he has no business watching basketball again

  • ctkennedy

    billiups and parker werent the best player all season that got them there…they were the best player in the series thats why they won mvp…the last one was isiah thomas
    @kobe im with u there is only 5to7 of them in the league
    i dont really know if u can win with williams or paul as your number one

  • rkirby

    @ctkennedy kindly STFU. your argument about how rose isnt a franchise player because he couldnt lead the bulls past the favortes to win the chip this year was probbly the worst i’ve ever heard. EVER.

  • rkirby

    @ctkennedy kindly STFU. your argument about how rose isnt a franchise player because he couldnt lead the bulls past the favortes to win the chip this year was probably the worst i’ve ever heard. EVER.

  • ctkennedy

    @rkirby my argument isnt about beatin the cavs its is a franchise player …no point guard in the league is a franchise player the only one that was close in the last 20yrs is jason kidd ..chris paul and deron williams r borderline…dont say the bulls dont got talent cuz if u put wade on there without rose they would be true conference finals threats period

  • Celts Fan

    @Rizwan – never said Rose isn’t a franchise player. The argument was Rose vs. Roy. I clearly said, multiple times, that they’re both damn good, just that I’d prefer Roy.

    @Chicagorilla – Duncan was the best player on that team, then Manu, THEN Tony Parker. TP had an amazing series, doesn’t make him the best player on that team though, just that he had the best series. You guys are right on Detroit, but that was really more a team effort. There was no clear-cut superstar carrying a bunch of role players. It was 5 damn good guys playing together, with Chauncey being the best, but not by much.

    CTKennedy’s right on that part.

  • jsmarthy

    B-Roy is a franchise player Being to abuse artest and battier in the plaYOFFS with no help proves that he has true Franchise player talent. By the way is D-rose really a point guard or a small shooting guard. His best attribute is scoring not setting other people up