Smack / May 15, 2010 / 12:01 am

All LeBron, All The Time

The NBA is off until Sunday, when the Celtics and Magic tip-off the Eastern Conference Finals (Lakers vs. Suns begins Monday). In the meantime, be prepared for 24/7 LeBron James coverage. With everybody weighing in yesterday to either breakdown what went wrong for the Cavs or speculate where LeBron will end up this summer, it was LBJ overload on Friday. Realistically, it’s going to come down to three teams: Cleveland, Chicago or New York. They’re going to throw everything they have at LeBron, but what happens for the two franchises that miss out on him? One of our guys pitched a Dwyane Wade-to-Cleveland scenario that just might work … But forget free agency; If you were in LeBron’s shoes, what would you be doing right now? What are you gonna do this weekend? Until the playoffs resume, your face is gonna be all over every media outlet and you’re going to hear A LOT of criticism about your game. Do you coop up in the house and bury yourself in a 72-hour Netflix marathon? Do you throw yourself completely into whatever your kids are doing? Do you take the family and hop a plane to some remote island in the Caribbean where they don’t have electricity? … (Here’s where the LeBron haters say, “You get in the gym and work on your game!” But we think the guy is allowed a little vacation for a few days, don’t you?) … Even Barack Obama had his say — albeit through a spokesperson. “He doesn’t want to tamper,” presidential senior adviser David Axelrod told reporters. “But as a Chicago fan, the President thinks LeBron would look great in a Bulls uniform.” And did you catch Cavs owner Dan Gilbert‘s press conference when he was asked about New York mayor Michael Bloomberg‘s statement that he wanted LeBron on the Knicks? Gilbert got all flustered and snapped off a childish “I would think Mayor Bloomberg has bigger things to worry about” retort … You know who is loving all this attention being heaped on LeBron? Antawn Jamison and Mo Williams. Since LBJ is catching all the blame for the Cavs loss, Jamison is sneaking under the radar for playing horribly, and Mo is getting a pass for his game falling apart in the second half of Game 6. Might wanna throw Shaq on that list of lucky non-scapegoats, too … And isn’t it crazy how NOBODY is talking about the fact that Shaq is also about to be a free agent? Not too long ago he was still a dominant force that would have had teams clamoring over him … Several sources were reporting that Cleveland would fire Mike Brown immediately, but last time we checked he’s still got his job. Not so much for Mike Woodson, though, as the Hawks let him go after six seasons and three playoff appearances. Woodson should land on his feet somewhere. If not on TV, or as head coach of a squad like the Clippers, he might be a good fit as George Karl‘s first assistant in Denver … Addressing their coaching situation is one thing the Nuggets need to do this offseason. Another involves them taking a crack at Chris Bosh or Amar’e Stoudemire. Could that really happen? Kenyon Martin does have a monster expiring contract waiting to be traded … It’s gone from bad to much, much worse for exposed high school hoops impostor Guerdwich Montimere. If you missed the story earlier this week, the 22-year-old Montimere, a sophomore guard at Permian H.S. (Odessa, Texas), was caught pretending to be a 16-year-old named Jerry Joseph. At first Montimere was arrested on charges of presenting false ID and tampering with government documents. Now prosecutors have slapped sexual assault charges on him. Star ballplayer in a small town where sports mean everything and generally considered “mature for his age” — you knew Montimere had to be getting a lot of play from the young ladies. And apparently he was dumb enough to sample. You can’t really pull the “She said she was 18!” card when you just borrowed fourth-period Biology notes from the girl … We’re out like Montimere’s scholarship …

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  • Josh Tha roc

    Lebron who?????

  • Josh Tha roc

    Is that an elmos world refernce in the title? If so I like it.

  • Pat

    LBJ to the Clips. Incredible starting 5 of Davis, Gordon, LBJ, Griffin and Kaman.

    Beyond the starters, the Clips have a lottery pick and an improving Deandre Jordan. If they retain Gooden and Outlaw and pick up a “back-up” SG in Michael Redd, they will have a chance to win it all.

    Now all they have to do is hire a good coach and make sure that Sterling doesn’t do or say anything stupid.

  • KnicksFan84

    DWL at the 22 year old. IDIOT. SMH, that was the LAST thing he needed to do was bang out some 16 year old girl. Yep, he’s going to jail like LT.

  • QQ

    First off, fuck lebust. But if I were him, I’d probably go to chicago.

  • realist

    lol @ #2 i know exactly what youre talking about! when they do that little bit with the tv show that says “all _(insert topic of the day)__, all the time!” haha my little brother used to watch that all the time

    funny how no one’s going to care about the rest of the season with lebron a free agent… and a shame, because it’s shaping up to be a decent conference finals, especially in the east…

  • http://www.myspace.com/40sand9s Loc

    Its a damn shame that Lebron has lost, and will continue to overshadow these playoffs.

    He’ll go wherever he goes, but lets move on for a bit.

    Also, I haven’t seen shit about Nash’s eye, is it ok? can he see?

    PHX vs. LA. can’t start quick enough!!!!

  • fallinup

    You gotta admit. With the chips fallen and Bron’s future now in full on speculation mode. It’s not a dull story line.

    I’m really interested to see what Chitown does. They have a lot of bargaining pieces.


    that montimierre dude is sooooo freakin dumb…and nasty…posin as a lil kid?? CMON SON

  • sh!tfaced

    Dude took that Never Been Kissed movie a little too far. Must have been the “Josie-Grossie” of his school when he was actually in high school.

  • Bruce

    See Jerry Joseph back to Haiti!

  • vince

    Did Dime ignore this story:




    Twitter Ty Lawson:

    Yooo is that true about lebrons mom and delonte west?
    Please tell me she ain’t smash the homie

    Son delonte west might the most savage ass n@**a on this earth… Lol

  • Rafa23
  • Rafa23

    ah, vince, u got me on that one man…

  • sh!tfaced

    GILF?! That really is one sick bipolar puppy.
    We are all witnesses…

  • sh!tfaced

    This really is the damn weekend. Dudes banging cougars… Dudes banging jailbait…

  • vince

    HAHAHAHA. all this time i knew my boy delonte will always be a celtic at heart. hoooo-raah!! ubuntu!!!

  • Arno

    I don’t get this banging story : it should have increased chemistry, the Cav’s becoming a family business.

  • sh!tfaced

    Too bad the chemistry was with the GILF and not LeStepSon himself…

  • geoluhread


    O.O Jason Kidd feat. Money B “What The Kidd Didd”

  • That’s What’s Up

    Dear Lebron,

    I love your mom
    Yeah it’s the truth
    We once got busy in a telephone booth.

    Don’t be so sad
    I’ll let you call me dad

    Delonte “Wild WIld” West

  • air99

    Lebron = too much media hype

    C’mon man, can we have a day off talking about some overrated/arrogant player named Lebron. Just for once!

  • Heckler

    why would lebron want to go to chicago?
    they dont even have a coach. he beefs with joakim noah. derrick rose’s game may fall off with lebron on the team; and rose is the hometown boy. luol deng would lose his position and NEVER see the court again. also, lebron would probably have to play the PF spot most of the year.

    why would lebron go to the knicks?
    they suck. the coach sucks. the city sucks. the fans think they know it all. the media reports it all. and on the court, they need to sign like 11 players to make a full roster.

    why would he stay with cleveland?
    their frontline still sucks. has sucked for yrs. mo williams does a disappearing act every playoffs. mike brown cant coach an offense. danny ferry cant get a real FA to sign there. and they will never get a lottery pick again if lebron stays. meaning, what happened the last 2yrs will continue for the next 4yrs

  • common sense

    @ #23.. true, but really what else is there to talk about. nba longing the playoffs out is leading to this frenzy of mindless ‘lebronism’.

    heres to hoping the conference finals are competitive (even though i suspect the Suns might get swept) and heres to hoping that the nba sorts out the pathetic state of affairs it finds itself in.

    how many poor teams are there, coached by poor head coaches and run by stupid GM’s. sort this out stern!!

  • Bird

    Is there any team out there who can afford both D Wade and Lebron cause if I was Lebron I am giving D Wade a call right after that game 6. What are the chances of both players ending up on the same team? I would want to see that honestly.

  • TriLL_WiLL

    What’s this — I read that Lebron’s mom was gettin the pipe from Delonte West????? (source: terezowens.com)

  • Skeeter McGee

    @ Bird:

    I was going to ask the very same question. I wouldn’t mind seeing a team trying to sign LeBron and Chris Bosh, if possible, either.

    It’s sad though when the impending free agency market overshadows the whole playoffs. I guess that says something about how star-driven the league is, or just how boring the playoffs have been (sweeps and blowouts, etc.).

  • QQ

    No this is this where the Lebron haters say ‘You should have learned by now Bron. Fuck the nickname, f*ck the strut, f*ck the dancing, fuck the excess. Time to be humble. Time to be hungry. Time to prove us wrong’.

    Damn, isn’t Dime going to change their tone a little bit? Yall still have that f*cking arrogant attitude that all we do is hate on Bron, and that arrogant way of acting like yall protecting Lebron. Isn’t it time to change a little bit, and say ‘Ok he fucked up’? Dammit.

    If you don’t remember yall said this before game 6:

    ‘Either way, LeBron HAS TO play a good game. F*ck the elbow, f*ck the crowd, f*ck the pressure (so says Stephen Jackson), f*ck the coaching, f*ck the refs. There won’t be any leeway or excuses for LeBron if he doesn’t come through with a W’.

    Then yall open up your next Smack (when the Cavs were eliminated ‘Nitpick all you want on LeBron James’ game last night’, in a tone where it’s like ‘Say whatever you want, but Lebron still delivered’ Dammit Dime. NO HE DIDN’T. YOUR BOY DIDN’T F*CKING DELIVER.FOR THE SECOND STRAIGHT YEAR.

    Why yall still acting all arrogant? Like we did your boy wrong?

    This is fucking sickening. Seriously.

  • daddy dollars

    What about Shaq to Denver for the mid level? Does that make too much sense to work. Denver would be good, real good.

  • tp

    cosign QQ, at least dime isnt as bad as henry abbott over at true hoop, gross.

    leave lebron alone!!!!

  • That’s What’s up

    @ post 29

    If you think Shaq gets winded now…

  • LakeShow84

    @ DIME

    Yes please read QQ’s post @ # 28.. Cuz i cosign that shit..

    You guys damn near sound like beat writers stationed in Cleveland.. I dont mind the write up but please switch up the TONE..

    And damn if West did bang dudes mom.. I cant believe that though.. what are the odds?? Sounds like another excuse to me.. A very unclassy excuse at that..

  • LakeShow84

    And Lebrons best option is the Clippers if they can afford him.. Young up and coming with pieces all over..

    PLUS no one knows how good Griffin will be.. Dude could set the bball world on fire next year..

  • LakeShow84

    @ Thats Whats Up

    Shaq would pass out as soon as the plane hit the runway.. and injure his big toe in the process..

    Whatever happened to Shaq/Arenas/TheRipper??

  • Arno

    LBJ is too expensive for cost conscious Sterling

  • abcdefg

    I’m sorry – but his season is done and the playoffs are still on.

    Can we have some fucking coverage on the two series that are underway other then always having to read news about this fake MVP? LeFake went home to ice the elbow (which was the reason they lost according to Danny Ferry)

    LeBron is done this year people, let’s hear news about something else for god sake.

  • ctkennedy

    if im cleveland i would just work out a sign and trade and get it over with…cuz i dont see how much better a team u can put around lebron for his skill set

  • Bizz

    How has Dime narrowed it to 3 cities, being Chicago, Cleveland and the Knicks, and NO mention whatsover of Miami, New Jersey and to a far lesser extent the Clippers? And that’s just the possibilities of a team signing him outright. No mention whatsoever of any possible sign & trades, or LeBron taking less to play for a winner? (pay cut to ride Kobe or Dwight’s coat-tails)

    If anything, I think the friendship with Wade, the cap room, the ability to start fresh with Wade (Jordan/Pippen, or a Kobe/Shaq, Hakeem/Clyde) to make a championship tandem, with Riley as a hall of fame coach (their Phil Jackson) and plenty of cap room to start fresh as the best scenerio for LeBron, or a move to the Nets if NJ gets the #1 pick, they’d have Wall, Lopez, T-Will, Harris or a player of equal value in a trade, the Russian Boss, Jay-Z, and a coach of LeBron’s choosing despite Calipari’s “I’m staying @ Kentucky” maybe the $ offered by Nets ownership changes his mind, or they grab Avery Johnson… Those 2 scenerios present the best options for LeBron. I very much doubt LeBron sees Chicago as a good situation with the issues that Bulls management has, fighting all the time, as well as the beef with Noah. I think NYC is a far better fit for LeBron than Chi-Town, especially seeing as how although the Bulls have Rose, the Knicks have cap room for LeBron and another superstar of Rose’s talent, and a coach that LeBron likes and is familiar with.

  • wifey

    @ QQ
    straight up

  • karizmatic

    yeah I knew the sexual assault charges were coming as soon I heard he was 22 still in high school…obviously he was messing around with some of the young girls. Too bad.

    It’s interesting, I didn’t even realize Shaq was a free agent until earlier today, it’s not like anyone cares though.

  • Blue

    I agree man. I want someone on the Dime staff to tell me why Miami isn’t a team that could land Lebron.

  • Alpha Goat

    New Jersey is no doubt the best set up for Lebron to win a title. They have an allstar caliber pg in Harris and an allstar caliber center with Lopez and cap to sign 2 max level players and a top 5 1st round draft pick!

    With the Bulls I’m not sure how well Lebron and Rose would play together since they both need the ball to play their best and outside of Noah theres not another consistent player on that roster.

    Really lebron’s best chance of winning a title is with Wade BUT IN JERSEY NOT MIAMI.The Heat have nothing past Wade, Jermaine O’Neal should retire,Beasley does nothing with consistency,rebound, defend, offense, nothing,he’ll prob be over in Greece somewhere in about another 2yrs.

    And the rest of the Heat roster done either played their best basketball yrs ago or with youth on their side will be joining Beasely in Europe.

  • Tim

    Why would Lebron go to Chicago, isn’t that just a lateral in conference move from Cleveland. I suppose its a much bigger market though…Lebron wants to be the best apparently, so why would you want to live in Jordan’s shadow the rest of your career…He’ll never live up to Chicago’s expectations.

  • mang

    It’s a long shot, but the answer to the Spurs prayers would be Ray Allen. I know they probably can’t afford to pay him enough, but could you imagine? Ah, to dream.

  • boomshakalaka

    Well said QQ. That was a good read.

  • QQ

    Holla at all the cats that gave a shoutout.

    The question now, will Dime read it and listen?

    20 dollars says ‘Of course they won’t, fool’.


  • T.O.M.

    First of all what ignorant person writes on the blog f lebron. Is it that serious for you to have people look at you worse as a person America’s morals r gone. Lebron will be fine and the elbow, you haters carry a team for sevn years with no help. I don’t wanna see none of you haters hop back on next year.

  • T.O.M.

    QQ cut it out choked my A** this team was not great playoffs is about match ups cavs did not have no one outside lebron seventh year in a row damn man what game you watching. Jamison looked washed up and mo played like Whitney sing in the second half terrible.

  • QQ

    @ 49:

    The moment you use the ‘his team isn’t good enough’ excuse, it is automatically negated. It’s part of the Lebron James Treaty no.0 (zero, because of the number of chips he has). It’s essentially says that all haters will shut up once he proves that he IS the best player in the world and not just an overhyped asshole. On the other hand, if he can’t win a chip this year, no excuses can ever be used.

  • QQ

    Fuck yea i’m right! Gimmie some goddamn props dime! BIG ME up or something, cause the way yall cock ride on Lebron is ridiculous. Read my shit! Look how many cosigns i got on that shit. Wow I did one thing right (like your boy lebron) so i guess i deserve the praise and hype of that arrogent fuck lebron. I should have your jobs!

    Who feels me?

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  • boomshakalaka

    QQ should’ve stopped at post 29

  • QQ

    Man fuck yall!

    QQ bout to get some BRAIN!!


    Dime, please holla atcha boy!

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