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Boston draws first blood in Orlando; Carmelo’s best day ever

Ray Allen (photo. Jordan Brand)

Best-case scenario for the Orlando Magic: This isn’t going to be fo’, fo’, fo’ and fo’ on their way to a championship. Worst-case: They’ve run into a veteran squad of proven winners that are peaking at the right time and have months’ worth of chips on their shoulders … Ray Allen led the way for Boston in yesterday’s Eastern Conference Finals Game 1 win, scoring 25 points (8-16 FG) as the Celtics jumped out to an early lead on the road and were up double-digits in the first half before stretching the lead to 20 late in the third quarter. Going into the fourth it was a 16-point lead before White Chocolate and Air France hit back-to-back triples to spark an Orlando rally. During a crucial five-minute stretch the Celtics went scoreless, while the Magic got to within three points before Paul Pierce (22 pts, 9 rebs, 5 asts) finally hit some free throws with 12 seconds left to put Boston up five. Vince Carter hit one free throw and missed the second on purpose, and Jameer Nelson tipped in the miss to make it a two-point game with nine seconds left … Now this was where Orlando needed anybody but Ray Allen to catch the inbound pass, but they still couldn’t keep it out of his hands. And you know what Ray does when it’s time to knock down game-icing free throws … A lot of what went wrong for the Magic could be chalked up to rust from not having played a game since May 10 — and not having played a tough game since sometime in April. They shot 5-for-22 beyond the arc, committed 18 turnovers, and got off to a slow start, falling behind 7-1 in the first quarter before they even began to wake up. Vince (23 pts) was aggressive and took the ball to the rack consistently, as did Jameer (20 pts, 9 rebs), but they both missed some shots at the rim they usually make. Rashard Lewis got enough open looks, but he bricked all six of his tries beyond the arc … Dwight Howard was getting mugged all night, but it wasn’t dirty — just physical postseason basketball. Playing on a sore knee, Kendrick Perkins did a fantastic job defensively on Dwight (13 pts, 12 rebs, 5 blks), with help from Rasheed Wallace, KG and Big Baby. Dwight and ‘Sheed were hit with double techs after the roughhousing started to boil over in the third quarter, but it never got out of hand … Dwight could have used some help from Carlos Boozer, who was in the crowd. When Chris Bosh was showing up for L.A.’s playoff games it started the rumor mill that he was liking the idea of playing with Kobe, but don’t start picturing Booz in an Orlando uniform. He has an offseason home in Florida, but they don’t have enough money for him. Now Boozer in Miami? That could definitely happen … If the Suns and Lakers are rusty going into tonight’s Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals (9 p.m. EST, TNT), at least they’re working on a level playing field. Kobe and Andrew Bynum have had a week to let their various aches and pains heal, while Steve Nash has had time to let that matzah ball on his face settle down. The Suns have to come out strong and not seem like an underdog right away. If they go down big in the first quarter, the series could be done right there … Of course if the Lakers need extra motivation, they can just PLAY THIS and vow to not become the subject of another awful song … The most random NBA offseason public appearance of the month goes to Carmelo Anthony, who was one of the judges for last night’s Miss USA pageant. Sharing the table with Donald Trump‘s wife, Oscar Nunez from “The Office,” celebrity chef Paula Deen and, um, flamboyant figure skater Johnny Weir, ‘Melo had the “I hope my boys don’t see this” smile when they introduced him. But we can think of worse things to do in Las Vegas than getting a front-row view of 51 hot women in bikinis … We’re out like 16-0 …

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  • Sam I Am

    Wow can we say Boston vs PHX in the NBA FINALS

  • Sam I Am

    I strongly see Boston taking this in 6 games

    The next game will go to Orlando 90-83

  • Mr. TKO

    ^^^^How about we just not and say that we did^^^^^

    It’s like I’ve been telling people, Boston may have started out very roughly this season, but they have been rounding into form the past few months and now they’re starting to show that championship spirit. What nobody understands is that none of the other finalist have really had a challenge these playoffs except for a couple of games for the lakers against KD. Boston has had nothing but challenges and that can build a team up if they make it through.

    Orlando and the Lakers haven’t had to really come together and move it up to a championship level yet, (Lakers took it to a playoff level with the first 2 rounds not championship) Boston might come out and upset some Brackets

    my first comment was for Sam I Am but by the time I finish writing this book, I might be #15 lol

  • QQ

    Easy cock suckers, easy. Don’t jump on the Boston bandwagon yet. My boys will bounce back. GUARANTEED! One game, long series. Those classless bastards in the green jerseys will soon fall apart. The refs can’t hold their whistles all series. And our shooters won’t miss like we did today very often. Magic in 6. Yea cock suckers. You heard it hear first!

    PS. Dime I’m surprised you didn’t mention Lebron. SMH. Fuck Yall and fuck that classless fuck Lebron too!

  • UncheckedAggression

    QQ- thanks for doing your best to make sure no one respects you. Otherwise I might be bothered by your nonsense posts.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    I still hope Orlando wins the series but sorry to say I have no faith in a team that features Dwight as their “superstar”. Yeah he’s one hell of a rebounder and defender but he has absolutely no offense.

    I thought it was funny when they were talking about how close Patrick Ewing and Dwight are and showed clips of them warming up before the game. It’s funny because those two couldn’t be more different. Ewing was one of the great offensive centers the game has seen and Dwight… Well, Dwights a center.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    By the way caught Just Wright on bootleg. Horrible flick. Although, Dwight wasn’t completly terrible. Too bad he can’t act as if he has some offensive game.

  • QQ

    Time to be serious now. And yeah, I don’t fucking care bout cats who’ll say ‘Internetz: Serious Business’. Laugh all you want, but this site is my hood. Been here since day f*cking one. Posted about 3 years ago, but been here since day f*cking one. I love this site. I won’t let some fucking bastard irritate me enough that i’ll eventually leave this site. That’s why I’m asking Dime, to fix their fucking mode system.

    Holla at a brother yo.

    This site is my hood.


  • Let’s Go Hawks

    This league is all about matchups.

    Orlando was perfect to dismantle my Hawks because Dwight protects the rim so well.

    Boston is perfect to beat the Magic because Perkins can single cover Howard for 25-30 minutes and Sheed can for 10-15.

    Atlanta is has enough ball handlers to break Boston down.

    Overall, I gotta shake my head. We could’ve beat Boston but not Orlando.

    That said, Boston in 6. Perkins on Howard and Rondo on Nelson are gonna be the Keys.

  • surfnaked

    yup all about matchups

  • alf (from melmak)

    Boston continues to roll. Not really surprising. I hate the series though as it features two classy teams. Cannot find either or even a player on both teams to hate. The closest I could hate or throw tomatoes at would be Jameer Nelson.

    While Carmelo Anthony was a judge at the Miss USA pageant, I bet his girlfriend (Or is he already married?) was seating just a few feet away from him just to make sure he stays in line.

    By the way, Bill Simmons just wrote that if LeBron James cares about winning, he should move to Chicago because of the pieces they have there. Simmons also said that he can win title/s if he has a great coach. My argument — Utah has the much better pieces as compared to Chicago. And they have a hall of fame coach.

    Top 100 reasons why Dime should hire me to be one of its regular writers:

    91. On writing basketball articles I think the same way as Bono when he once said that writing songs is easy as walking the dog but writing great songs is an entirely different story.

  • Soopa

    Perkins didnt make the all-defensive team tsk tsk…. Him being able to guard Howard 1on1 is the reason Boston can contest 3s the way they did! This is so crucial.

    And Dwight is mentally 4-5 years away from “getting” it. He really came through as immature to me.

    See how he get lured into trouble by Sheed? How he overreacts when missing free throws? How he makes atleast 2 bonehead fouls pr. game?

    Not taking anything away from him, he blocked 5 shots and altered atleast 10 more and was the reason Orlando wasnt down more in the first half. But he has a long way to

  • kobeeeee

    Really. I have been feeling that all the time: Somehow the Magic are a very supsect team. A superstar that has no offence. I have never seen a superstar (Howard) who has such a supsect offence. That guy has no fundamentals except dunks. This is a reason enough for arguing that Olrando will fail here. Howards moves are not in a flow. He seems he has no feel for the game except power. What a pity. He seems to be a nice person but somehow lacks – not the winning mentality – but the winning skill set. I watched the game yesterday and every offensive move he started got me saying “oh no”.

  • Bill

    Celtics are going to win this series for one because well let’s face it, they’re only team in the L built to defend the magic with three solid guys who can guard Dwight one on one and two David stern will make it happen.

    Business boys, Lakers v Celtics draws way more money than magic v lakers.

    Phx has no chance sorry.

  • sh!tfaced

    LMFAO! Wonder who else’s Mom is Delonte bangin’? Dwight’s or Rashard’s coz they both played like shit…

    Would Alf be willing to bang someone’s Mom to get the job…?

  • drew

    lebron and dwight are both good examples of athletes with a (relative) lack of fundamentals. lebron lacks a post game and a mid range shot, dwight lacks a post game and can’t shoot fts.

  • sh!tfaced

    Orlando’s juggernaut run now really reminds one of Cleveland’s in 2009. Swept through the 1st 2 rounds, never really challenged, and loses game 1 in the ECF…

  • porkpiehat

    Boston certainly looks good, but today’s game was an indicator of two teams not knowing what to expect from the other. It was Boston vs. stiffs for three quarters, and then Orlando vs. stiffs for 8 1/2 minutes. The only meaningful part was the end, when we saw…

    Ray Allen continuing to get good looks when Boston needed him to.

    Dwight Howard foolishly trying to take Perkins one on one in the post during crucial possessions.

    Jameer Nelson making huge plays with and without the ball on offense(although still unable to slow Rondo on the other end – Boston needs to exploit this advantage whenever Howard is off the floor!)

    JJ Redick coming up big, although not quite big enough. Had he hit that step back three, it would’ve been a two point game with a few minutes left.

    Rasheed Wallace making me look like an asshole for calling him out for mailing it in all season long. He’s still one the the toughest, smartest and most capapble gamers in the game today.

    And Rashard Lewis not making any difference. He either needs less weed or more steroids. Orlando needs him to make Boston pay for packing the lane and being too physical under the basket.

    Also, what’s with all the swearing from QQ and his doppelganger? If someone is falsely posting with his name, they are doing a good impersonation of the real thing. What’s the difference?

  • common sense

    @ #porkpiehat.. cosign comment..

    was thinking the exact same thing bout QQ and his impersonator. all that cussing is pointless and interrupts a readers flow. when i read his comments i feel like i’m being brought down to his level of intellect.

    @soopa, dwight does appear immature and mentally unable to grasp the concept of offense. he just doesn’t seem to ‘GET IT’. he’s had enough time for people to start questioning whether he ever will.


    HAHAHAHAHA. QQ or faQQe they’re both downright profane and both call it ‘magic in 6′. bipolar like delonte?!

  • Fish

    Was quite irked watching Boston’s defence last night. They may not have played dirty on Dwight, but some of those “veteran” plays were tough to watch. Between big baby faking body hits, Sheed putting in extra push/pulls on each play and everyone in green just generally trying to goad Dwight into slapping someone.

    Find it hard to root for a team that are unwilling to play people straight up.

  • Coop

    QQ, you need to get out more, old chap.


    Magic will win the series, they played a terrible first 3 quarters and still only lost by 4. looked like a serious case of rust to me and this old celtics team will probably start running out of gas as it progresses.
    PHX will beat the lakers if they win tonight, their offense was a thing of beauty against a good defensive San Antonio team and if they strike first and force kobe into takeover mode early, its theirs.

  • M Intellect

    LOL @ Dime is my hood! QQ – You seem like a cool cat but that is kinda over-zealous.

    Magic shoulda traded for Caron Butler instead of Vince.

    Also – If you think Robin Lopez or Amare Stou’amire is stopping the three headed beast that is Andrew Gasodom or if ANYONE on the Suns is stopping Kobe on what is gonna basically be like Kobe really going Black Mamba in Kill Bill and avenging those heart-breaking loses, you are crazy. What’s gonna stop him? A Grant Hill/Jason Richardson tandem? LOL

    If the Suns are gonna win; A. Derek Fisher NOT Kobe is gonna have to be D’ing Steve Nash and B. He’s gonna have to have 50 a game.

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    this Real QQ bizness is hilarious…I almost guarantee its that cat “Str8Baller” from back in the day…only person I can think of that would have that little amount of life to play internet mind games…either that or “YoungFed”…(and if someone starts mimicking me it’ll prove me right)…

    right now in my life, as a bartender in a sports bar and a Cavalier fan, I am sick of fucking talking about what Lebron’s gonna do next…

  • fallinup

    That’s 4 now. What a time to start a winning streak.

    Kudos to Boston. That’s all I can say.

  • Clownfish

    @ sans

    LeBron is going to re-up with the Cavs and basically make us all look like speculating fools.

  • http://facebook.com/Mr.Brogden Mr. Brogden

    Near the end of the 3rd, I get this text:

    [[::- The bol rondo look like a young azz thug bol -::]]

    I look up at the tv screen and Jameer’s gettin’ hacked.
    Close up on Rondo – Headband, Scrowl, Nose Flare, The “THIS IS BULLSH*T” look plastered on his face. Then I think about Brad Miller and the way he got victimized a couple times. I think about Ray Allen, such a dirty mentor. KG. Ditto. Sheed. Ditto. And I thought about vain players who “act” injured and/or throw up gang signs but happened to be Captains of storied franchises.

    I text back:

    [[::- YUP -::]]

    Then after thinking about it some more. I text back:

    [[::- Plays like one too. All grit, grime, and dirt -::]]

    This series looks like it’s gonna be FUN. And that my friends, in the wake of King Elbow-Gate, is WHAT’S UP!!

    But anyway, I was telling my man that the only reason the Cavs were playing corny because sumptin was going within the team. Somebody was fighting or got cussed out or got chumped or got played out or was f***in’ somebody’s girl…

    …well guess what?!? Delonte was bonin’ Bron Bron’s Mom.
    That’s the word on the street. Here’s what the streets is saying. Lebron found out ’round the time his elbow was first bothering him. He took off a Chicago game. Delonte was a late addition to be suited up. There was an altercation pre-game in the locker room —

    Lebron : “AY Yo, REDz! What’s good? My mom’s called me cryin and sniffling and sh*t. She said you humped and dumped her, hit n split, banged her then hanged her, f**d her n chucked her. What’s UP with THAT?!?

    Delonte : “Like that Bron-Bron? I had that long time ago.
    Butt-naked on the balcony at the Dolla-no.”

  • QQ

    Holla at your boy!

    Man, Beantown be on FIREE !
    Ray Ray doin his thing and….
    Grab your glock coz its tupac….
    Call the cops coz its tupac….

    I’m out like Fitty Cent..
    “this is how we do” (referring to the beatdown the C’s but on the Magic)

  • wadestayin305

    i concur with mr. brogden, just heard on the radio in the 305 the rumor about delonte and bron’s mom, they said he found out before game 4 and that delontes minutes dipped from there on out. sounds plausible given the lack of care lebron exhibited. itd be interesting for someone to look back at the tapes and see their interaction with each other from that point on .

  • Roman

    Magic, that they where invincible playing those cup cake team, now they come up against Boston. They punked the shit out of D. Howard. Boston in 5

  • The Journeyman

    lol @ 31

    you wrong man

    yeah QQ is wack but not to those extremes

  • D.I. Dollar

    “Rashard Lewis not making any difference. He either needs less weed or more steroids. Orlando needs him to make Boston pay for packing the lane and being too physical under the basket.”


    HaHaHa!!! So true. If Dwights being held in check, Rashard HAS to be involved. If he’s cold it means big trouble for Orlando. I’m hoping it’s rust and the series gets better but this series could be “bad real bad Michael Jackson” for the Magic.

    @ all y’all
    You better check yourself if you want to step foot in MY hood. Southside Smack Posters recognize!

  • D.I. Dollar

    Damn, Delonte trying to get that Lebron money by any means neccesary.

  • control

    Magic better the fuck not let me down. I will absolutely hate myself if the Lakers and Celts both make it to the finals…then I’d have to cheer for the fucking Lakers and that would just make me feel dirty. Hopefully the Suns can step up and take care of business.

    Fucking Magic, quit fucking around, seriously.

    West banging LeMom is pretty funny…she ain’t all THAT bad…

  • QQ


    If you don’t know, this is the real QQ here. It pisses me off that after years of loyal support and spirited conversation I still have to deal with this garbage. Is this how you repay your loyal fanbase Dime?

    Look at posts 4, 8, 19, and 31 – fake fake fake fake. Jeez and you guys wonder why I get frustrated.

    “THIS IS MY HOOD” – ROFLMFAO. How fucking gay does that sound? does that sound like something I would actually say? Don’t get me wrong, these boards are like a home in a metaphoric sense to me, but no no way would I make it seem as though i’m an e-thug version on KG. Cmon, lets keep it civilized.

    Whoever that tactless and classless faker is, there’s only one group that can stop him – Dime. That MOTHERFUCKER IS RUINING MY TIME HERE GODDAMMITT!

    And to all you criticizing me – please as I asked last year, please read the message and think about the words your reading….think if those words would actually come out of my mouth. For the loyal Dime fans here, please recognize. I’ve been a valuable contributor to these boards, and i’d appreciate a little leeway when this ASSHOLE impostor comes on and tries to ruin my good name and opinions. See thru it. Don’t let your eyes fool you. There is only one true QQ – and he is I!

    Holla at me Dime

  • http://facebook.com/togstadlives Jeremiah Togstad

    I find it funny that everyone has a theory on where Lebron should go. I just read one guy on here say Lebron should go to Utah. GMAFBB (Give Me A Fuckin Break, Bro)! As if living in the Cleve for 20+ years wasn’t bad enough, now you want the guy to go to the Salt Lake City and be surrounded by thousands of annoying white people? Pass.

    Everyone has an opinion on the Lebron situation. One guy thinks he should go to Utah, some think NY or Chi-town. Shit, I heard people talking about LBJ going to China. WTF? Since everyone’s an expert on this shit, I will be too: Lebron needs to go to Orlando and win 9 chips with Dwight. Case closed. It will never happen, but just think of the possibilities of The King and Superman together.

  • http://facebook.com/togstadlives Jeremiah Togstad

    And by the way, the “real” QQ is annoying as fuck while the “impostor” QQ is hilarious. Hopefully Dime will get rid of the “real” QQ because dude stays whining about shit.

  • QQ


    Dude do you have no life? That’s the impostor btw. Fuck you man.

  • QQ

    LO – Fucking L @ 38, 39, 42, and 43. This faker has like 10 posts out there. They’re posting and reposting to make it look like I’m posting. I mean shit, I open a tab, go to youjizz.com, rub one out, and FUCK…The bastard posts 8 posts. This has gone too far.

  • QQ

    Hey Jeremiah – Why don’t you choke on your boyfriend’s girthy meatshaft!

    If someone was posting with your name you wouldn’t think it was all that funny.

  • QQ

    Ni**a please. QQ gettin brain as we speak!

  • QQ

    @46 – Um no. The real QQ gettin BUTT right now. LOL. If you were me, you’d know that! That’s right, i’m laying on the bed having my lady ride me reverse cowgirl while typing on my laptop byyyyytcheesssssss! Get it!

    Magic in 6! Ya heard it here first! The real QQ get ass in a classy way!

    Go Magic! Burn the Impostor!

  • QQ

    Um, Ok “Austin”. Great idea faker. Trying to fake on Austin now. Dude get a life and leave these boards for those who care. Please troll elsewhere.

  • http://facebook.com/togstadlives Jeremiah Togstad

    LMAO @ “I mean shit, I open a tab, go to youjizz.com, rub one out, and FUCK…The bastard posts 8 posts. This has gone too far.”

    I mean, I’m sorry “real” QQ, but with hilarious comments like that, I have to root for the funnier of the two QQ’s.

  • QQ

    You know what everyone, FUCK YOU!

    I will stay loyal to Dime because i love this magazine, but to those who ruin these boards, FUCK YOU!

    Ultimately I will have the last laugh when Dwight breaks outta his shell and unleashes the wrath of his will. Metaphorically, it will be like him ravaging 2 women with his thick and muscular penis. Imagine the two women’s names are Boston and LA. Yea, those pussies gettin fucked hard, by a rightous stick. and yea creampies bitches (that means Finals MVP)!!!!!

  • LakeShow84



    Anyhoo.. Anyone wanna bet on tonights shallackin??? Im thinking we take it by 15..

    @ FISH #23

    It was borderline dirty wasnt it?? When the Celtics want, IF the refs let, them fools get away with some shit.. But still dont take away the fact they weathered everything Orlando had to throw at them.. Orlando better take the next 2-3 games.. Otherwise they dont look strong enough mentally to go down and still pull it out..

    And Shard really needs to show up and drop dub.. He needs to hit them contested 3’s he was hittin in last years playoffs.. 0-6 and 3-10 aint gonna get it done..

  • LakeShow84

    LakeShow gettin brain as we speak!!!

  • LakeShow84

    OK that was me i just really wanted to say that lol

  • http://facebook.com/togstadlives Jeremiah Togstad

    Jesus dude, I had to LOL at this: “Ultimately I will have the last laugh when Dwight breaks outta his shell and unleashes the wrath of his will. Metaphorically, it will be like him ravaging 2 women with his thick and muscular penis. Imagine the two women’s names are Boston and LA. Yea, those pussies gettin fucked hard, by a rightous stick. and yea creampies bitches (that means Finals MVP)!!!!!”

  • LakeShow84

    And someone please confirm that Delonte is indeed having relations with LBJ’s mom..

    I guess you can take the ripper out hood but you cant take hook out the ripper ya dig..

    LBJ’s moms must be straight outta Observe And Report,

    “You know when Lebron was in highschool i used to f#$k all his friends”

  • control


    How exactly do you want confirmation on LeMom and Dwest? You think they had fools sitting bedside watching and/or handing out cups of gatoraid? Fucking a bitch ain’t like working out, you don’t need partner to spot ya…it’s usually done on the downlow…not downlow enough in this case though.

    It will be very very ironic if West ends up being the reason LeBron sucked the last few games, and ends up leaving Cleveland. West will NEED those guns he was rolling with, and more, if he wants to go to a Coney Island anywhere in Cleveland.

  • QQ

    Lakeshow is a moron. Nothing but senseless posts.

    Please excuse my faker. yes this is the real QQ.

    Fuck Bron and the Bron apologists. And fuck his momma. Delonte for President. LO – Fucking L. I’m laughing at cleveland, noah style.

  • LakeShow84

    @ Control

    I want pics foo!! lol

  • control


    Pix: http://www.worldstaruncut.com/uncut/21691

    Not 100% what you are looking for, but should take the edge off of ya while you wait ;)

  • LakeShow84

    @ Control

    Im at work my man and you direct me to a porn site!? WTF lol

  • control


    If you can watch porn at work, get a new job. Sometimes I come to work JUST to watch porn…:P

  • control

    can watch=can’t watch