NBA / May 17, 2010 / 6:30 pm

Boston’s Tom Thibodeau Is An NBA Head Coach

After watching the Celtics manhandle the Magic for the first three quarters of yesterday’s game, and watching their defense contain LeBron James and his supporting cast last week, one has to wonder why the mastermind behind the Celtics’ defense, Tom Thibodeau, is still on Doc Rivers‘ bench. This man deserves to be a head coach, and after the way the Celtics have performed in these playoffs, this is the time when Thibodeau will finally get the opportunity to be the head man.

This man has turned the Celtics team defense into an incredible display of both efficiency and unity. It is a beautiful thing to watch the rotation of the Celtics on defense as they mechanically shut down the other team’s best weapons on offense, and the man who gets all the credit for it (deservingly) is Thibodeau.

Yet despite his reputation as a defensive genius, and Rivers’ continued praise of his ability to be a head coach, Thibodeau still remains second in command behind Rivers in Boston – which is shocking considering some of the people that have gotten jobs in recent years. Vinny Del Negro had no coaching experience before getting hired by the Bulls, and his tenure consisted of constant questioning of his ability to coach. Sam Vincent was an NBA assistant for one year before Michael Jordan thought it would be innovative to name him head coach of the Bobcats. That turned out poorly. So with all the openings this off-season and teams looking for coaching experience, they should look no further than Thibodeau.

While some say he has never been a head coach, he’s been an assistant for 19 years and his teams have always been well-prepared and excellent defensively, so experience should not be an issue. If Thibodeau doesn’t get hired after this Celtic run, then there is something wrong with NBA general managers these days.

What do you think? Would you hire Thibodeau?

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  • http://facebook.com/togstadlives Jeremiah Togstad

    It’s because he’s black!

  • ab_40

    doc is gonna leave this summer so it’s his job next season. He’ll need one hell of a motivator next to him though doc is a very good inspirator

  • Sam I Am

    I would so hire him….however one would think if it’s a scenario like how Mike Brown turned out, all defense no offense creativity.

    Wasn’t Mike Brown on the Spurs bench?

    If I’m wrong then I’m sorry

  • http://dimemag.com Pakman

    Possibly, he’s a legitimate candidate though

  • Keshav

    If a team hires Thibodeau, they’ll realize he’s just just like Mike Brown. Great defensively, part of winning organizations, but can’t make in-game adjustments or coach offense.

  • fallinup

    The Bulls couldn’t do worse than what they’ve had. But I’m surprised no one has bit on Thibodeau yet… his name has always been in the mix but he must not push as hard to get jobs as other coaches. I’d take a chance on him.

  • Bizz

    There’s no proof that Thibodeau can’t make offensive adjustments, and he’s definitely got wayyyyy more experience than any head coach that got fired recently, plus he has a ring and half the league vouching for him. I selfishly hope he stays in Boston for our Celts or takes over if Doc steps down, but he easily deserves a head coaching gig if he wanted one.

  • egypt

    What does he know about offense? I don’t understand giving someone who has 19 years of experience in doing 1 thing, this case defense, a head coaching position that involves much more than that person’s single area of expertise…

    dude has been a defensive assistant for 19 years… what makes you think he knows anything about the other side of the court as well as anything related to in-game specifics??

  • fallinup

    You’d think after 19 years of playing against, and planning against, and figuring out every offensive scheme imaginable… that knowing how an offense works can’t be that difficult. But that’s just me I guess.

  • fallinup

    don’t know how playing against got in there… but I guess he could have played against them in practice with the team. haha

  • Joe’s Momma

    I agree 100%

    This guy was the mastermind of the good Houstom Rockets defense prior to the Adleman era also, and that team did not have a defensive stalwort like KG, and no Shane Battier doesn’t count.

    Jeff Van Gundy also stated he initially wanted him on his staff due to he is a good offensive coach.

    I hate how there are guys with 0 experience in any aspect other than playing and get these coveted head coaching postitions.

    This guy deserves a shot at the head table, and the first team who does it will be pleasantly surprised how improved their team will be in 1 years span.

    He probably wont cost much more than a coach with 0 experience.

    I think too many teams are looking for that guy who came from no where, A LA the Steelers coach, or Avery Johnson back in his day. But those are few and far in between.

  • the cynic

    Thibodeau has been one of the best x and o guys in the league for a couple of year now. He has also shown an ability to develop young players. The only question mark on this guy is his ability to motivate and communicate with his players as the head cheese

  • Celts Fan

    He shoulda gotten snapped up after the past 2 seasons. Hopefully he’s coaching us next year if (when) Doc steps down.

  • http://www.designbydesmond.com My Favorite Superhero

    Watching the Lakers/Suns and someone call Dr. Scholls for Grant Hill, because he’s going to need some support for his ankles!

  • control

    Is this guy responsible for most of the Celtics players being complete douchebags? Or is that ALL KG?

  • sh!tfaced

    Think Danny Ainge had a hand on this douchebag thing…

  • jace

    yes id def hire him for the sixers.

    i think theyre the most desperate team anyway. all the experienced coaches look down at the sixers and save it as their last resort… soo it looks like sixers only real chance for a coach that wants to be there, is a new inexperienced coach.

    enter tom thibodeau or patrick ewing. but tom fits better. lets face it about the sixers… not a lot of basketball IQ in there. lots of athleticism… and not that their defense is great… but its prolly the only thing that they actually get right… sometimes.

    if thibodeau can solidify their defense while teaching them a non-confusing offense (unlike the princeton offense).. theyd be on track to get somewhere.

  • skip

    same reason Kevin O’Neil doesn’t have an nba head coaching gig.. defense is not entertaining to the masses.

  • http://hornetshype.com ticktock6

    The word is that he’s at the top of the Hornets shortlist. But I’m not sure how the playoffs will impact whether/when he can be hired, now that the Celtics have gone deep.

  • Dlight

    WHy should Patrick Ewing get a job his Protege’ has not grown, developed a low post game outside of beasting. Ewing made avg centers look good because he had no agile feet! Mark Jackson talks a good game, but can he gain players trust? Even Kenny the Jet has grown into being able to transfer his thoughts to the audience.