NBA / May 3, 2010 / 6:00 pm

Breaking News: Rasheed Wallace needs to play better

Right now I’m watching Game 2 of the ’04 NBA Finals on ESPN Classic, and it’s been weird seeing Rasheed Wallace with some muscle definition.

After playing poorly and being comically out of shape since he came to Boston as a coveted free agent, ‘Sheed snuck under the radar almost all season before coming under fire recently from media and fans. Now you can add Boston coach Doc Rivers to the list.

“[Wallace] has to play better, bottom line,” Rivers was quoted by ESPNBoston going into tonight’s Game 2 against Cleveland. “He has to play better defense. The offense will come, but he has to be a better defender. And we can’t wait for him. He has to be a better defender for us.”

‘Sheed played 13 minutes in Saturday’s Game 1 loss, putting up two points and two rebounds. He’s been bad all season, but his biggest apologists always maintained the veteran would flip the switch and turn it on for the playoffs. So far, though, he’s been as bad as any player on the C’s. Funny how ‘Sheed was on every contender’s wish list last summer, but if the Celtics could trade Rasheed straight-up for the supposedly washed-up Ben Wallace right now, please believe they’d do it in a split-second.

According to Rivers, Shelden Williams might be on the verge of snatching Wallace’s spot in the rotation.

“[Williams] enters the discussion every day,” Rivers said in the ESPN article. “He’s definitely in the discussion, there’s no doubt about that.”

As always, nobody is doubting Rasheed’s talent. I’ve been trying to convince people ‘Sheed is overrated for a while, but at the same time, a couple weeks ago I put him on my list of the NBA’s 10 most skilled big men. He’s good, but everybody is tired of having to stick the When he wants to be caveat onto his resume.

And since he’s not injured, there’s no reason for ‘Sheed to be this bad. Missing shots is one thing, but even Wallace’s coach can see it’s an issue of effort. And for somebody who is supposed to be all about winning, it’s inexcusable to not give a full effort when a championship is on the line.

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  • Bizz

    LMAO @ the fact this is BREAKING NEWS…this is something that was news from the moment he showed up to camp out of shape. No NBA player should need 82 GAMES to break out of a fat suit and/or slump and play proper basketball.

  • steven

    I’ve always been a ‘Sheed fan, but he needs to chill on the weed & munchies and get in shape. He looks so lazy out there- glad I’m not a Celtics fan.

  • LakeShow84

    Damn and i thought this would be the biggest offseason acquisition lol

    Thanks for the bringing the baggage Sheed..

    Looks like Bostons habit of signing any NAME player to a contract back fired..

    But you cant get em all right..

    Shelden Williams bout to take his minutes?? i smell retirement..

  • Steve A

    Sheed has been done for a few years now. Anyone with a basketball IQ over 5 can see that. It was a bad signing, but because he is still a name people convince themselves he can still do something. See Jones Jr, Roy.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    If you have the talent to do something, but you can’t do it consistently…doesn’t that border on the definition of “luck”?

  • Jordi

    I guess he answered…