NBA, Video / May 7, 2010 / 5:00 pm

Clip Of The Day: Amir Johnson Is Andre 3000

Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you. A couple weeks ago, I told you that Amir Johnson was hitting the web with a vengeance. First he dropped the behind the scenes video to his photo shoot, and now AmirTV has come back with “Amir 3000 Roses.” After constantly being told that he looks like Andre 3000, he let’s you be the judge. Priceless.

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  • Rizwan

    That was terrible. Granted he looks like him, but he is an AWFUL dancer and he shouldnt have interspersed bits of the original video into his impression. What does that do? The whole point was to make it his own, right.

    Maybe I’m being too critical but I’m getting tired of all these Steve Nash wannabes.

    But one saving grace, at least this was better than that TERRIBLE TERRIBLE Chris Paul one!

  • Rizwan

    And I just saw the bit where he didnt know the lyrics!!! COME ON, amateur!

  • Rizwan

    All kinds of embarrassing. Impression fail!

  • kudos

    Who’s amir johnson?

  • dagwaller

    Haha I thought it was pretty good. Maybe a bit too long considering there wasn’t anything original, but the beginning (First of all, that’s racist!) made up for it.

  • JAY

    Come on Rizwan. He was having fun.

  • deeds

    First off, Rizwan get that sand out of your vagina!

    Secondly, I thought it was funny. Amir was most of Raptor fans favourite player on the team this year already (one of the few who overachieved instead of underachieving) and this is just another reason to like him. Loved the racist joke at the start.

  • sh!tFACED

    Would to see a Ricky Davis 3000. Buckets looks more like Andre than Amir anyway.

  • sh!tFACED

    ***would like…. DOH!

  • Rizwan

    @ deeds

    First off, STFU!!

    Secondly, you’re an idiot for finding that funny

  • Otto


    Did they custom fit your bra one size too small? Is this why you’re always so agitated? Shoot, take it easy buddy.

  • Rizwan

    Hi I like the feel of man skin