NBA, Video / May 28, 2010 / 9:30 am

Craig Sager Shouts Out Queensbridge

It was put perfectly in Smack: In the post-game interview Ron-Ron did his usual hilarious stream-of-consciousness thing, and before signing off, Artest told Craig Sager, “Say Queensbridge.” Sager awkwardly did it. Next game-winner, Ron is gonna tell Sager to grab his d*** if he loves hip-hop.

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  • hooper5013

    Ron Ron and Sager have some classic post game interactions rivaled only by Steve Nash and Sager meetings…Gotta love Artest man, he is so incredibly unselfish. People won’t ever forget about The Detroit game, but dudes great for the L in my opinion and he is crafty intelligent ball player one of my favorites. Top 10 perimeter defender ever in my book. And a helluva player on all around. He deserved to make that big bucket

  • http://diaryofatiredblackman.wordpress.com/ Cal

    Sager was terrified for his life. Artest makes ppl uncomfortable lol.