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Giveaway: LRG “We Are The Champions” Playoff Pack

Inspired by the NBA playoffs, LRG & Dr. Jay’s have come together to bring a piece of the the action to your crib with the “We Are The Champions” Playoff Pack. The pack comes with mini basketball, string backpack and t-shirt in four iconic colorways. If you want to get your hands on one of these, check out the details and more pics below.

This week, we’ll be giving away two of these packs (with the winner choosing the color of their choice) and all you have to do is answer the following question:

What’s your favorite championship team of all-time?

Over the next week, we’ll look at the best answers and choose two winners. But even if you lose, you can find all four of the “We Are The Champions” Playoff Packs exclusively at Dr. Jay’s for $55. Have at it!

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  • c’s

    bill russell got 11 rings i like bostons chances in this years playoffs so im wit the celtics

  • sweetv0mit

    The 95-96 72-10 Chicago Bulls. This is one of the best teams ever assembled of all time (that won a championship). It wasn’t a team just full of superstars but also with a great complimentary supporting cast. The Bulls won a lot of championships in the 90s but this stood out the most coz of the dominance of the team the ENTIRE season. Ending with a combined record of 87-13. Thats dominance.

  • Redd

    For me it has to be the 2000 Lakers followed closely by last years win. 2000 was the first year it all came together, we got Phil Jackson and all the “Showtime” era Lakers on the coaching staff, opened up the Staples Center, and the Kobe-Shaq beef hadn’t really started yet…. It was just our time. We went 7 games with Portland and won off the Kobe to Shaq oop… The whole season was just magical for me… Finished it off by smacking Reggie Miller in the mouth in the Finals…

  • SWAT

    My fav championship team is my hometown Houston rockets and their back to back chips. The return of the phi slamma jamma, the dream doin’ work against the Admiral, the Elie Kiss of death, being a 6th seed and winning it all, becoming one of the only teams to ever overcome a 2-0 and 3-1 deficit in a seven game series, olajuwon winning the MVP, 2 finals MVP and Defensive player of the year, beating four different 50 wins teams in the post season but above all of those has to be the Rudy Tomjanoivch speech tht still gets played come the NBA finals…”NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE HEART OF A CHAMPION” Any one of those moments is what fans love about sports, we rise and fall with our team. My team, in a 2 yr span

  • SWAT

    did it all…

    lol didnt mean to hit submit. im at work so trying to do this in between calls.

  • Khalvin

    @sweetv0mit way to take my team

    I will echo everything that was said in post 1. with one key difference. That team, The most dominant Regular season team ever, had a few key things that make it special to me.

    1. They had a Canadian! (yes I am Canadian) Bill Wennington :) Always important to be represented by a Canuck on the best championship team ever.

    2. They Lost to the Raptors
    Sun, Mar 24, 1996 @ Toronto Raptors L 108 109 I was at that game! In the nose bleed section of the skydome, screaming with disbelief (I was a bulls fan) when Jordan jacked up that last ditch shot and it didn’t drop. That was the day I became a Raptor fan and believed that anything is possible.

    3. They beat George Karl. Something about him I just didn’t like, still don’t (wish him a speedy recovery though), With GP and Kemp doing big things in the west I was happy to see them beat by Da Bulls.

    All in all the 95-96 Bulls made me the Die Hard Raptor fan I am today, and continue to allow me to gloat amongst my peers about George Karl never becoming/living up to the status of a great coach since being spanked by Phil Jackson.


  • http://www.opposingviews.com/i/thunder-blowout-kobe-bryant-and-lakers-should-be-embarrassed LFan

    Lemme break down the last few championship runs for all the kids out there before I get to my pick:

    The two Rockets titles: Meaningless. They should have a * by them, no questions asked. A couple of parades that Dream snuck into when Jordan was out paying off his gambling debt by sucking at baseball. When Don Corleone was layed up in the hospital during GFI, nobody was surprised when Sonny got whacked either. Those rings would’ve never happened on Jordan’s watch. F the Rockets.

    The Spurs 99 chip: Meaningless. GTFO with winning a title in a shortened season. That’s like riding the short bus to school. Yeah you got to the destination, but not the way the normal folks do it. The Spurs have 3 titles as far as I’m concerned. F the Spurs too.

    The Miami Heat: Meaningless. The Heat went and got two key free agents before getting this chip: Shaq, and the NBA refs. It’s amazing that Wade didn’t slip and fall on the red carpet he had going to the basket against the Mavs. Bunch of old crusty shimmying now bankrupt rejects coming together to win one bootleg title. Congrats. Big whoop. Rightful Finals MVP that year: the NBA officiating. F the Heat too.

    The Detroit Pistons: You know what, I respect a grown man squad. No ill will towards the Pistons for their lucky win while the Lakers had some issues. Props to Ben Wallace’s afro.

    The Chicago Jordans: Here’s why they don’t win: Cuz Jordan never had to face Shaq in his prime in LA. F all the know-nonthing clowns that will come in here and give me all this nonesense about Jordan being the GOAT when nobody is arguing that. What I’m saying is, when Shaq was at his peak, he was UNSTOPPABLE. The greatest crime in NBA history is that we never got to see the Jordan Bulls and Shaq Lakers square off.

    Which leads us to the best championship team of all time:

    A tie between the 00 Lakers, the 01 Lakers, and the 02 Lakers. Shaq was an absolute beast. An UNSTOPPABLE force. Kobe was coming into his own, and was giving Pip a run for his money as the best second option of all time. The supporting cast be it Glen Rice, or D.Fish, or Rick Fox, or Big Shot Bob, or D. George, ALWAYS stepped up when they were needed. They were a clutch talented squad, and fans everywhere should consider themselves blessed for having the opportunity to witness the greatest championship squad ever in action.

  • http://www.opposingviews.com/i/thunder-blowout-kobe-bryant-and-lakers-should-be-embarrassed LFan

    Oh yeah, and F Boston cuz they just suck.

  • Khalvin

    *My mistake Jordan’s shot dropped.. just after the clock so it didn’t count.


    Just click to ending.. As a bulls fan sitting in the skydome wearing one of the few Bulls shirts it was heartbreaking to hear that place erupt..

    Beating the greatest and my favorite championship team ever! That is what makes me to this day still hope and believe the Raptors can do anything, umm despite the many many facts that prove otherwise *sigh*

  • http://sherockskxlu.com McAllister

    1987 Lakers no questions about it.

    1. short shorts basketball

    2. lakers and celtics…best rivarly ever

    3. game 4…magic’s baby sky hook

    4. the 1987 championship Lakers anti-drug rap song…Kurt Rambis rapping….come on.

    pick me, and yes i want the purple and gold:)

  • http://Twitter.com/jstatic J. Velez

    Chigago Bulls in mid-90’s…… This team was THE Dynasty waaaay B4 Lakers became the current dynasty….. Jordan & Pippen dominated and took this team to many championships, this was when basketball WAS basketball…..

  • datdood

    My favorite championship team has to be the 2004 pistons. They went into the series as huge underdogs against a goaliath lakers squad. Remember, the Lakers went out and signed gary payton and karl malone to bolster their roster and make their team a collection of future hall of famers. The pistons on the other hand had no superstars, just a collection of hard working players that all knew their role and went out and handled their business. Everyone, from the media to all the people i went to school with thought the Lakers were going to take it for sure, but the Pistons came out and busted their asses. They just played hard, grinded it out, and took home the hardware. It was inspiring to me to see a team of guys who hadn’t proved anything go up against a squad of legandary status and not be phased. They just did what they knew they could do; play basketball well. I also like that team becasue after winning they were known for playing as a cohesive team unit… something that is lost in the NBA much of the time. Thank Joe Dumars for that great season.

  • http://facebook.com/kwenton.walker kwenton walker

    I’m a die hard Lakers fan. My fav team had to be the 1st championship of the 3 peat for shaq and kobe. First season phill is there all the pieces of the puzzle were placed. The epic game 7 west finals with the trail blazers,the finals versus the pacers..it was magical…I was so happy I ried. I couldn’t believe it was finally here for me. My dad is a lakers fan so he would tell me all the old stories of the lakeshow championship days..i was too young to even realize what was going on. That 99-00 season will be the season I will always remember ad long as I live.

  • Jamil

    2004-05 San Antonio “Banderas” SPURS

    For 1 VERY LEGIT reason and that is back then and even still people love discrediting the Spurs and the Finals back then because the SPURS, TD, TP9, Bruce, Manu, & G POP are “BORING”

    All I heard before the Finals in 04′ was how the ratings are the lowest the NBA will ever have and how much everyone and their MAMA misses Mike Jeffery Jordan and the league will never be the same.

    Well I’m choosing the SPURS for the fact that I LOVED the series and I’m not even a die hard Spurs fan… I love my Lake Show but I’m also a basketball purist and anyone that truly loves the game and plays it cannot deny the battle between the Spurs and Pistons was EPIC.
    The help side D, the passing, the precision and craftyness of Manu, the TP9 tear drops, the effortless 3’s from Chauncey, the tireless legs of RIP, the modern day RODMAN – Big BEN….

    No doubt the most UNDERATED NBA FINALS ….. possibly EVER!

    LRG 4 LYFE !!!! =)

  • cheire

    the bulls winning six championship in the 1990’s

  • cheire

    when the bulls won six championships in the 1990’s

  • D A

    My favorite championship team was the 2003 Spurs… because I remember Kevin Willis strapping on his 28 elbow pads, knee pads and other paraphernalia that kept his body from disintegrating as he checked in for all of 41 seconds of burn in the final minute of the game!

  • Ryan

    Celtics. Bird vs Magic. Best basketball rivalry in history.

  • Anwar

    Gotta go with the 2006 Miami heat champions. It further proves that talk is cheap (Lebron) and the best in the NBA have the rings… :)

  • http://blog.dedrickwelch.com Dedrick

    The ’94 and ’95 Houston Rockets!

  • Alex “Robocop” Murphy

    My favorite team is the 1979 Seattle Supersonics- coached by HOF Lenny Wilkens. You gotta give it up to them. This is their one and only championship. Out of the 6 professional teams in Seattle, they are one of only 2 that has brought home a title. Now the Supersonic franchise is gone, but it shouldn’t be forgotten. Like most teams in the NBA that have moved they have kept the team name in tact out of respect for the game and its history. (i.e. Clippers, Lakers, Hornets, Grizzlies, Nets, Jazz, etc). Most people in this generation remember the Sonics for Kemp and Payton in the 90’s but the team in 1979 is not like any other one hit wonder (i.e. Miami Heat 2006). They were in the championship game the year before but lost out to Wes Unseld’s Washington Bullets.
    In 1979, the Supersonics defeated the Phoenix Suns in a tough seven game conference final series to set up a rematch with the Washington Bullets in the finals. This time, the Bullets lost to the SuperSonics in five games to give Seattle its first, and so far only, NBA title. The championship team roster included the powerful backcourt tandem of Gus Williams and Finals MVP Dennis Johnson, second year All-Star center Jack Sikma, forwards John Johnson and Lonnie Shelton, and key reserves Fred Brown and Paul Silas.
    Dennis Johnson (RIP) is one of my all time favorite players. Tenacious defender on the wing who could lock people up. When he moved on to the Celtics, Larry Bird even called him the best teammate he has ever played with.

  • say what

    94-95 rockets.

    not because of their finals run, but because hakeem took david robinson to the cleaners so bad he ended up ballin like a white man.

  • Udoka Anugwo

    1996 Bulls! (95-96)

    The Chicago Bulls set an NBA record by winning 72 games, breaking the 1971-72 Lakers’ record of 69 wins in a season. The Bulls went on to beat the Seattle Supersonics in the 1996 NBA Finals. The championship was even more special because it was the NBA’s 50th season of the National Basketball Association. The team was phenominal with Pippen, Rodman, Kukoc and Kerr .. among others. They only lost 3 games during their whole playoff stretch. Their defense and offense were as strong as ever. They literally dominated the entire league!

  • Eric

    UCLA 1963-1964 squad led by the wizard of westwood and Goodrich

  • Stew Whitney

    Hands down, it is the Haunting of the Utah Jazz in 1998!

    First we have Chicago meeting a past rival in the Indiana Pacers in the Eastern Finals. Reggie vs Michael or Miller vs Jordan. Always and epic battle between the two, this one did not fail to entertain. Game 4 with Reggie hitting one of the most memorable 3’s to burn the Bulls and even the series at 2-2. Game 6 with Travis Best keeping the hope alive just for one more game and forcing a game 7, a fans ultimate prize. But no matter what the Pacers threw at the Bulls, Chicago was still the best of the best and went back to business and captured game 7, to head back to the finals.

    In the finals, meeting the Jazz, but this time the Bulls were going in the supposed ‘underdogs’ via not having home court advantage. None the less they fought and battled with their foes from Utah. Underdog or not, Chicago built a comfortable 3-1 series lead. Bulls lost the next on a missed shot by Jordan to potentially win it. 3-2 series now. Game 6 brought all the drama you could ask for in a NBA finals game. Pippen hurt his back, so the Bulls would have to fight through that loss. Back and forth the game went until the legend took over. In the last minute Jordan reeked havoc scoring a layup, stripping the ball from Malone and then crossing up Bryon Russell and nailing the game-winning shot. It has haunted the Jazz ever since, who are now finally starting to recover with Boozer and Williams. As for Chicago, the win would complete the Bulls’ second three-peat of the 1990s. How much more could you ever ask for. Only one word to describe this, and that’s EPIC!

  • hong

    My favorite team is Chicago Bulls

  • President_Nixon

    My favorite championship team of all-time is the 2008-2009 Los Angeles Lakers squad from last year. I understand this team is far from the best championship teams of all-time and although I am a Lakers fan I would certainly put them close to the bottom of the best championship teams of all-time, but as a die-hard Lakers & Kobe fan this championship was sweet being it was the 1st since 2002 & it came after a bitter lose to the Celtics the previous year. Plus it was Kobe’s 1st without Shaq & Pau’s 1st. Annnndddd this championship team had DJ Mbenga & Adam Morrison. Need I say more???

  • cheire

    I enter twice by accident on the first try my computer shut down and I did not know it went though

  • spswange

    Not even a question… the ’96 BULLS! the 2nd 3reapt. come on! who else is ever going to do that? NO ONE!!!

  • spswange


    Ooops! Typo

  • http://www.nba.com heino skovgaard

    when boston won 2 years ago-they got ray allen and garnett to build a contender before the big 3 retired but won in 1 year-and showed they had hopes for the future in rondo and perkins-they had the best turn around season of any nba winner and had a hard fight along the way.i remember seeing them go down by over 20 points and still win a finals game -

  • SWAT

    @ LFAN…ur mother’s an astronaut.

  • john

    hands down it will have to be when the lakers 3peat.

  • bobby stew

    My favorite championship team of All-Time was the Detroit Pistons of 2004. That was the true definition of a TEAM. That team had no regular season or All Star MVP’s. None of those players will go into the Hall Of Fame and none of those guys recieve heavy media attention yet they beat a Lakers roster that included 4 Hall of Famers (Kobe, Shaq, GP, and the Mailman) who had a Hall of Fame coach(Phil Jackson). The Pistons were a total suprise that year. Those Pistons are proof that a true team is greater than the sum of all if its parts. Here’s to RIP, Big-shot, Big Ben, Tayshaun, Sheed, and even Darko! You guys were a true team and a true champion.

  • LFan


    See that’s where you and I differ, I took of your mom like people should take care of all their pets. She stayed too busy bringing me money every day to ever be an astronaut.

  • SWAT

    Lol. “You’re too stupid too know ur being insulted”
    miss me with ur wack ass scoring. Wht u really here for-wit yo’ roachin ass? Ol’ I wanna win free shit…please pick me teacher I got my hand raised lookin ass.

  • Roy Medina

    Hands down, it has to be the 07-08 Celtics. The previous year they finished with the 2nd worst record in the lead. That’s a big turnaround in just one year. Yeah they got KG and Ray Allen but everyone still questioned how would they fit in together & can they make this work. I remember every game of the Celtics on TV someone would question them. And it got to the point of being annoying as heck. But as the faced adversity over their first year, they surely delivered. Making the Finals and don’t forget BLOWING OUT the Lakers by 39 points that last game of the championship. They have 2 finals records: 1) Most steals w/17 & 2) Largest margin of victory in clinching finals game and 2nd in finals history. It has to be this Team.

  • http://www.twitter.com/defetto Pedro

    Lakers, this year.

  • Adam

    My favorite championship team of all time is the Chicago Bulls of 1995-1996. Michael Jordan fresh off coming back from his stint in baseball didn’t do nothin to the team, as they won 72 games! ill say that again—S-E-V-E-N-T-Y-T-W-O WINS!! the best team ever to play the game

  • Holladay

    I got to go with the 06 Spurs!! They beat the Cavs so bad I think the NBA had the footage burned, and would blackball any writer that would bring it up. Nobody ever wants to even discuss Tony Parker for the league best PG. That series he shot over 55% from the field while scoring over 25 a game. And he exposed Boobie Gibson and Larry Hughes that series. I don’t think either one of them been the same since that year.

  • JayChau

    1994-1995 Houston Rockets. 6th seeded entering the playoffs, defeats Utah, Phoenix, SanAntone, and eventually beating Orlando Magic for the championship. Throughout the sets of series, the Rockers were the first team to come back from a 3-1 deficit, and win the series (against Suns). Hakeem Olajuwon, one of the greatest centers of all-time, Finals MVP. Favourite championship team. Ever.

  • nbaman

    Since the question is “What’s your favorite championship team of all-time?” I am going to go with the greatest team in any sport of all-time. This team was lead by his airness and they won in 1992, but this team is not from Chi-town. My favorite championship team is the Olympic Champion “Dream Team”. How can you not love this squad? Everything that made the NBA relevant again was on this team. You have the all time greats like Magic, Ewing, Robinson, Barkley, and Bird who were just flat out dominate and way better than everyone else. Then there were duos that went from the league to the Olympics in Pippen and Jordan and Stockton and Malone. Chris Mullin who could just jay in fools faces all day. Then the college legend, Christian Laettner, who must have just felt out of place the whole time. Another great part about this team is that they were coached by a legend in Chuck Daly. Everyone just chucked their egos aside and showed the world why basketball is America’s game. The dream team is the greatest team of all time and my favorite. I just wished I could have watched all their practices.

  • http://www.facebook.com/QuinekaWestbrook-Pembrook quineka pembrook

    My favorite championship team of all-time Is The L.A. Lakers. They Are The Best In The West. And They Cant Be Stopped. I Love The Lakers, been A Fan Since I Was 14 And Now Im 36 And Its Still Going Strong!