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Glenn Robinson III, Big Dog 2.0

Glenn Robinson at Purdue

A couple nights ago, I was browsing the Big Ten Network OnDemand and settled on a Purdue/Indiana game from 1993. Bobby Knight, Gene Keady when he still kinda had hair, the immortal Damon Bailey, Alan Henderson, Cuonzo Martin … and Glenn Robinson.

If you don’t remember Robinson, a.k.a. “Big Dog” in his prime, he was a BEAST. He dropped 30.3 points and 10.1 rebounds per game as a junior at Purdue, swept all the national Player of the Year awards, and was picked No. 1 overall in that year’s NBA Draft. His push for a $100 million rookie contract from the Bucks (he ended up getting like $65M if I recall) actually set the wheels in motion for the current NBA rookie salary cap.

Robinson is viewed as kind of a bust by some critics, but he had a good career in the pros. He has a ring (San Antonio in ’05), he was part of Milwaukee’s “Big Three” with Sam Cassell and Ray Allen on some really good teams around ’99-01, and he made two All-Star Games. I always watch Carmelo Anthony and think he could have a Robinson-like career — but if that happened, ‘Melo would also be considered a guy who didn’t live up to his potential. Not that Robinson has nothing to be ashamed about. In 11 pro seasons, Big Dog averaged 20.7 points and 6.1 boards. The problem is that he probably peaked in college and never met those expectations in the League.

Now, like other ’90s-era stars Shawn Kemp, Glen Rice and Michael Jordan, Glenn Robinson has a son who is trying to carve out his own basketball niche. In today’s Indianapolis Star, writer Kyle Neppenriep penned a feature on Glenn Robinson III. Here’s an excerpt:

In Northwest Indiana, these are big shoes to fill. They don’t get much bigger. Before Glenn Robinson led the nation in scoring as a junior at Purdue and was the No. 1 overall pick by Milwaukee in the 1994 NBA draft, he was a legend at Gary Roosevelt High School, where he won a state title and was named Indianapolis Star Indiana Mr. Basketball in 1991.

Growing up in the same part of the state as his dad, Glenn Robinson III has been watched closely for years. The Lake Central player will be one of the attractions this weekend at the three-day, 219-team Adidas May Classic in Bloomington. Robinson, who will be a junior in the fall, plays with the 16-and-under SYF Players, who begin play Saturday morning.

Robinson recently received his first scholarship offer, from Valparaiso. He also played in an open gym with some of the Valparaiso players and held his own.

“I was nervous,” he said. “But after a couple minutes, I thought I did OK.”

Other coaches, including Purdue’s Matt Painter and Illinois’ Bruce Weber, have been in to evaluate Robinson at open gym. Also involved in his recruitment are Butler, Evansville, Indiana, Marquette, Missouri State, Ohio State, Western Michigan and Xavier.

At 6-5, the younger version of Big Dog averaged 16 points and six boards as a sophomore last season. His dad lives in Atlanta, and works with Glenn III during the summer on his game.

“He wasn’t a guard, so he mostly helps me with my inside game,” Glenn III said. “I think I’m probably a better ballhandler than he is. He couldn’t dribble that well. But he’s about 6-7 and his inside game is better than mine.”

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  • isotope

    on a totally different note:


    Dime readers called it. 22 year old posing as 16 year old chaged with sexual assault.

  • Al

    He put great numbers at Purdue,but I couldn’t believe the fact that some people didn’t see more potential in Jason Kidd and Grant Hill .

  • Gunner J. Matthews

    I always thought Gene Keady was certifiably crazy. I used to think that whenever a player screwed up on the court, that player would get the death stare later on.

    I like to think of Robinson as having a Chris Webber type of NBA career (minus the ring)

  • Heckler

    what?…a Chris Webber like career? NO WAY!!

    Chris Webber (almost single handedly) RESURRECTED TWO FRANCHISES!

    Glenn Robinson could never have done that.

    he had a decent run and got his shine. i would have like to seem him get more boards in the league, but thats just me.

    i think his rookie contract demand was like $100mil for 15yrs or something like that. but back then, the f*cking milwaukee bucks entire franchise wasnt even worth $100mil!!!

  • KnicksFan84

    Big Dog was no bust, that dude did fine in the pros. Is his career any different than Larry Johnson’s….

  • E$

    when Ray Allen & Big Dog Robinson were playing for the BUCKS, My bro & I would go back n’ fourth about who was better. I think I was the only Glenn Robinson fan in Tx

  • Hemo03

    How is he a bust? I don’t think he ever got enough respect. Its unfortunate that he was stuck on a bad team in milwaukee and yeah he had flaws in his game im not sayin hes first ballot hall of fame but he was a good player underrated imo

  • http://www.getbuckets.anywhere.com Chicagorilla

    Funny, I just ran into Donny Boyce and Lindsy Hunter at an AAU tourney with their sons, and them boys can play. The pressure of being a former star ball player or NBA draftee’s son (or daughter, Antonio Davis’s daughter is going to be a monster on the college level and WNBA) has not stopped these children from being really good.

  • Gunner J. Matthews

    @ Heckler:

    Im talking about how he put up numbers and being on good teams

  • Pat

    He got drafted that high because of the way he bullied players in college. Kind of the same way Carmelo plays. Kinda ugly but effective.

  • QQ

    ^^^ Couldn’t have said it better Pat. That’s exactly what melo does. melo is a one dimensional player. when the stroke gets going, it’s butter. I will give him that. But he’s not a leader in the locker room or on the court. Top 15 player in the NBA… Not top 10. IMO

  • Brickshooting J

    Not a bust, but dude was overhyped and just didn’t play defense.

  • Bobbo

    An NBA ring and an Olympic Gold Medal, in 1996 in Atlanta.

    That’s a decent career.

  • DH

    “Now, like other ’90s-era stars Shawn Kemp, Glen Rice and Michael Jordan, Glenn Robinson has a son who is trying to carve out his own basketball niche.”

    Hell, Kemp is trying to run his own basketball league with all the kids he’s got runnin’ around. And somewhere Jordan’s betting on which Kemp is better. I’m sure Rice is still gettin’ buckets in his sleep.

  • http://sevendeu2u.wordpress.com/ Seven Duece

    over 20ppg game career scorer = NO BUST. unfortunately, he did little else besides score, so his impact was pretty limited to that area. and since the league started cloning Scottie Pippen’s game around that time, 1 dimensional players didn’t much love. he was Dominique Wilkins as a jump shooter.