Smack / May 29, 2010 / 6:07 am

Green Giants

Paul Pierce, Dime #5

Between Ron Artest in L.A. and Nate Robinson in Boston, apparently there’s something to be said for having a slightly off-kilter firecracker on your roster if you’re trying to win an NBA championship. Just ask the guys who won rings with Dennis Rodman and Stephen Jackson … Checking into last night’s Celtics/Magic Game 6 after Rajon Rondo crashed to the floor and hurt his back late in the first quarter, Nate turned a game that was still competitive into a blowout. Nate dropped a three, dimed Kevin Garnett for an old-man dunk, then hit another three to put Boston up 15. A couple minutes later he stole a bad Vince Carter pass and drew a flagrant foul — one of those classic bad calls where the offensive player’s landing was worse than the actual foul — made the free throws, stuck another jumper, hit a baseline fadeaway over White Chocolate, and added another free throw. By the time Nate (13 pts) was done, it was a full-fledged 20-piecing and the C’s were on their way to the NBA Finals … The defining Nate Robinson play didn’t even result in a bucket. In the second quarter Nate got into the lane and with all of his 5-foot-8, was dead serious trying to dunk on Dwight Howard‘s dome. He didn’t think twice about it. Dwight (28 pts, 12 rebs) was forced to foul and the Boston crowd was loving it … Or maybe the Celtics’ token crazy guy is Garnett. Did you see him bashing Dwight’s forearm like he was having a UFC nightmare? That earned KG a seat on the bench three minutes into the game and probably some strong prescription pills at halftime … The second half belonged to Paul Pierce. Anytime Orlando even thought of a comeback, Pierce (31 pts, 13 rebs, 5 asts) would hit another pull-up, a three, or get himself to the line. He’s going into the Finals on a roll, and you don’t have to remind Lakers fans what happened the last time The Truth was on the big stage … How bad was it for the Magic? The Celtics went through a five-minute stretch of the fourth quarter where they didn’t score, and Orlando still couldn’t get the margin under 17 … Terrible e-mail from one of our boys: “Touching tribute by Nate Rob to his idol Gary Coleman. RIP, Arnold.” … Say what you want about Vince Carter (17 pts) this series, but he made a great “Sad Faces Montage” face in the fourth quarter. Next season Orlando is paying Vince $17 million, Rashard Lewis is getting $20 million, and Dwight is getting $16 million. In other words, they have no cap space and will probably lose J.J. Redick in free agency. So if you’re running Orlando, are you confident rolling out basically the same exact team (minus J.J.) next year? What changes would you want to make in the offseason? … Line of the night from Pierce: “I never really think negative about losing, or being up 3-0 and something tragic happening. This is not hockey. It’s basketball.” … WWE’s Friday Night Smackdown was taped in Cleveland. When the wrestler named MVP (cocky athlete gimmick) came out for his match, he stood in front of the announcer table, got some powder and threw it in the air like LeBron. Cute. But you know if MVP wasn’t one of the good guys, they would have had him do the LeBron routine, then bust out a Knicks #23 jersey … We’re out like The Centaur …

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  • Jerry

    Opposite of Last

  • yoda

    orlando needs to find a way to ship lewis. even vince doesn’t look like a chocker compared to him.
    i hope lakers will get this one in phoenix

  • That’s What’s Up

    only 5 to 9 games left in the NBA season. I hope I get to watch 9 more games.

    Anybody hear anything about a UFC fight tonight? there’s just nothing on the internet about it.

    They need to call Doc Rivers “Gulf Coast” or “The Big Greasy” because he is oily at all times.

    I used to stick up for Vince, I don’t think I can anymore; he’s just like The Tin Man

    @ Jerry, post 1 – what’s the opposite of ‘you’re a douche’?

  • http://www.nba.com smoove chips

    Vince is such a waste of talent.period.and rashard is pretty much being paid franchise player money for MLE talent.how ticked must magic fans be over this showing.

    The centaur did his thing.if the magic had showed up for even one of the first 3 games..maan!

    Much as dwight has been dishing it out truth he’s been receiving it in spades.as a big guy it doesn’t seem like much but trust me the shyt adds up.

    I wanna close out phoenix today.this thing is too close.artest and bynum need to STFU and ball.seriously.

  • M-Intellect

    This article below is a perfect illustration of why the Lakers are the best franchise to watch on and off the court.

    Artest is hood crazy.

    Jackson is funny like Frazier.


  • common sense

    alright. even if i had just sniffed 7 line of coke, smoked the biggest blunt and ingested like 4 roofies, there is no way on earth i would have offered rashard lewis $100mill. seriously. whoever gave him this contract needs to stand in front of the Hague and face some sort of charges. he needs to set a precedent and somehow give some of this dosh back.

    the magic fans should start a petition to make this happen to keep JJ in town. hes got more moxie than howard, lewis and carter combined.

  • funkyjuice

    This is what happens when you don’t pick up the Michael Jordan of Turkey.

  • KL

    How does KG not get suspended for hitting Dwight twice at full strength with his forearm? I’ll give KG credit for one thing. He actually manned up and picked on some his own size for once.

  • http://www.nba.com smoove chips

    we need jj in la.
    they can have farmar,sasha and the carcass of adam morrisson.imma throw in one of Odoms snickers (just to be fair).

  • kobeeeeee

    Really. Sometimes I do not understand basketball management of Orlando. I said really said loud “nnnnoooo” when they signed Lewis for this ridiculous 100 mill contract. He has progressed and is just a spot up shooter – not a relly good one. Maybe the stupidiest contract in the NBA.

  • http://bt.davka.info/ Sparkyjay23

    Dwight must have been pinching KG HARD lol

    Intelligent foul tho – there’s no way they could start counting swinging arms as flagrant fouls this late in the series.

    Kyrptonate forsure that was just a crazy 2Q Nate and Wince were the 2 best players on the court f’ing crazy

  • http://dime eyes

    The Magic were a better team last year. Skip & Turkolou were missed. Rondo is the playoffs MVP thus far. Let’s take it easy wth the Reddick movement. When egos dictates how much Brandon Bass & Nate Rob play there’s a problem.

    Off kilter & crazy is associated with different. Who’s to decide. Both guys are great human beings & good fathers. They’re teamates love them & vouch for them. Opinions from media & the majority is just that.

    If Lebron had Paul Pierce offensive skill set he might be the best player in the league. I pray Rondo gets a jumpshot over the summer. The Finals should be very interesting. The 2 actual best teams in the league not going by #’s made it.

  • jzsmoove

    Vince has fallen off so far down its not even funny. he drives and dished a few too many times too much more than he should have. He doesnt take control anymore.

    ok now, BEAT LA!!

  • sh!tfaced

    eyes @ 11
    Can’t argue with that. Orlando was a better team last year. Rashard’s the one who missed Hedo the most.

  • That’s What’s Up

    eyes @11
    I had no idea both Finals team had already been decided.
    Isn’t there a Game 6 tonight?

  • jackie moon

    wince also had his vintage soft moment in the fourth. celts on the fastbreak with a big lead then he ends up limping and wincing after. vintage VC!

  • jackie moon

    as for the magic next year, they have more to gain by letting Dwight have a real offensive game next year.

    and that low-point release free throw has got to stop.

  • Chaos

    Fidt of All, lets no bring Skip into the discussion from last year because if Jameer was healthy last year and played the way he did this year, the Magic would have had a much closer series. We need to start talkin about Nelson as a top PG soon because he and Dwight mesh extremely well. Rashard Lewis is a waste. The size and skill he possesses and he has low as Bball IQ. Heneed o stop hooting threes and go to the rck. I can no longer defend Vince because this playoffs he played soft. One thing to take a backseat to nelon and howard but you gotta show up as well. SVG is dumb for not playing bass more to counter act the C’s bigs. he is what you need. same for doc and Nate. He did what they got Nate for and they need to unleash him on LA second unit when te finals start. 2 explosive PGs on the same team. sounds like a plan to en.

  • sh!tfaced

    LMAO! If only WWE Smackdown’s MVP was really a bad guy.

    Not only would MVP come out sporting a Knicks jersey, he’ll also be booked to face Hornswoggle in a singles match, get his ass kicked and LOSE to the leprechaun via pinfall.

  • LoBezn0

    Orlando’s got to play Bass some more, or trade Gortat and Bass for younger pieces in the backcourt.

  • E$
  • RapTOr

    As a longtime raptors fan it brings me great joy to finally know that the world sees Vince as he truly is, and how he always has been (excluding his first 3 years in the league)… an over-rated, ineffective, one dimensional, over paid, soft basketball player who only has any merit (which is debatable) because of the natural athleticism he once had. Jumping ability never lasts forever, and when it starts to fade, it starts to become clear who the REAL basketball players are (ie Pierce, Kidd, Nash, etc).

  • haslem

    Nickname idea:

    As I told you before, I have played for four different teams in 10 years in the NBA and I have never experienced anything like this. I bet nobody can prove these “party machine” rumors.

    Hedos new nickname? “the party machine”

    let me know what you guys think

  • sh!tfaced

    Gotta say it, if only Wince had heart & cojones like Jameer and/or the bball IQ of Redick. Damn.

    Right now, “Wildcards” like Ron and Nate are beginning look like the league’s latest version of Robert Horry. Orlando needs to sign somebody like Ricky Davis or Starbury next season.

    Another nick suggestion: Hedo “The Hangover” Turkoglu


    Off kilter. crazy. different. wildcard. whatever. The Orlando Magic got more than enough wackos because they have QQ


  • Holladay

    Rashard needs to hit the gym with Dwight and Bass this summer. Dude is softer than cotton. He’s a legit 6’10 an I think the only time I seen him in the paint was during free throws and warmups. He was camping at the 3point line.

  • Bizz

    F*** the Earth. Go Celtics! LMAO!

  • penske1

    How does KG get away with assaulting Dwight TWICE…only receiving a personal foul (on the second offense)? Just because it’s his arm it isn’t considered intentionally trying to injure him? Great sportsmanship there.

  • LakeShow84

    LMAo @ Bizz

    That still makes me laugh too..

    Congrats to the Celtics.. ITS ON LIKE DONKEY KONG!


    lol and the award for biggest stinker goes too VINCE CARTER.. Dude is a waste of basketball talent.. Saywhatchu want about Lewis but dude was the same player he was last year when they made it to the Finals, given hes overpaid, he was overpaid last year..

    This was all about Vince not cementing himself as one of the leagues premier talents.. He looked like shit when they really needed him early in that game.. For such a “clutch” player..

    Hes a choker..

    Oh well..

    But MAJOR PROPS to Nate the Great comin in and takin over for that stretch.. regular bigups going to Doc Rivers for giving him the confidence for said game..

    @ Sh!tfaced

    Hey man i think i should win the shirt.. read Charlie Rosens last article on the Suns.. he specifically says “Little Stevie Wonder” lol.. fairs fair.. i got media backin me now lol

  • Mateus

    trade vince carter for turkoglu, raptorss fans would love to have him back!

  • M-Intellect

    Imagine – If Vince and Rashard were off their books they could sign TWO Max Level players, like Lebron and D-Wade to play with Dwight. LOL

    To make it worse, they could’ve voided Rashard’s contract after his suspension. LOL

  • cdiz

    If LA progresses PP aint putting up 25 a game because of one person. Ron Artest

  • sh!tfaced

    @ LakeShow84

    Yeah noticed that when I read Rosen yesterday. If that’s the case, at least this time a winning entry will actually be used as a true nickname. LOL

    Might as well call Nash the One-Eyed Stevie Wonder.

    A Lakers fan winning a Nashty t-shirt – some sort of an irony there, no matter what happens in this Lakers-Suns series…

  • sh!tfaced

    Dammit. Made a pathetic last ditch try and googled “Stone Cold Steve Nash” and maybe have something to counter that Rosen but all I got was a crapload of Stone Cold vs Kevin Nash. LMFAO! Shit…

  • M Intellect

    Is it me or does Reggie Miller on NBC, Lisp, Skinny, Camp and looks like he got AIDS, talking about lengths and looks in Kobe’s eyes just seems wrong.

  • LakeShow84

    Daaaaammmnnnnn thats old school on the Kevin Nash vs. StoneCold tip..

    Man Kevin Nash used to be Diesel right?? Thats ooollllddd school lol