Smack / May 23, 2010 / 6:10 am

Green Wave: The Magic are about to disappear

Rondo covers Dime #56

You didn’t even have to look at the score. If you happened to flip by last night’s Celtics/Magic game during the fourth quarter and saw Nate Robinson and Brandon Bass on the court at the same time, you knew somebody was getting smashed … In the one game where they absolutely had to show some fire, Orlando played like it was a mid-January, last-day-of-a-road-trip snoozer against a Lottery team. Magic Johnson put it best at halftime when the Celtics were already working on a 20-piecing: If Orlando was simply getting outplayed it’d be one thing, but they were getting out-hustled. Until further notice, the play where Rajon Rondo dove full-out to snag a loose ball from White Chocolate, then scrambled to his feet to shake J-Will and finish the layup will be the defining play of his career. Meanwhile, the most memorable “hustle play” on Orlando’s side was when Stan Van Gundy took a charge from Kevin GarnettBig Baby led all scorers with 17 off the bench, while Rondo put up 11 points, 12 assists and 4 steals. Baby even broke out the Thickey Shuffle, which is still only our second-favorite Celtics dance after the Antoine Walker shimmy. Nobody had a crazy stat line for Boston; this game was about their defense, which was a total team effort and a clinic in rotations and playing all 24 seconds of the shot clock … It was no surprise that Rashard Lewis (4 pts, 2-8 FG) was a non-factor, but Dwight Howard (7 pts, 7 rebs) was strangely silent as well. And it wasn’t one of those nights where the Celtics played Hack-a-Beast or had Dwight in foul trouble; he only shot four free throws all game and was just bottled up by Kendrick Perkins, Rasheed Wallace and Big Baby. This was the game where you wanted Vince Carter to take over, but his team-high 15 points (5-12 FG) wasn’t nearly enough … As Jeff Van Gundy likes to say, there’s no reason why any team should need extra motivation in the conference finals, but if nothing else, the Magic should be insulted after hearing the Boston crowd chant “Beat L.A.!” in the third quarter … The 2010 free agent class is about to get even more superstar-studded, as Dirk Nowitzki has reportedly decided to opt out of his deal. (The Mavs still have until the end of June to lock him into an extension.) Seeing as teams like to begin courting their top targets at 12:01 a.m. on July 1, what’s the plan if you’re the Heat or Knicks or one of these squads with a ton of money to burn? Between LeBron, D-Wade, Bosh, Amar’e, Joe Johnson, Rudy Gay and now Dirk, do you even have enough employees to hit those guys early? Is the Knicks’ third-string ball boy gonna draw the Rudy Gay assignment? … Tell us you’ve seen the London 2012 Olympic mascots. Best-case scenario, we’d say they look like a pair of friendly cyclops wearing oven mitts. Worst-case? Well, let’s just say it wouldn’t be a stretch if they worked double duty as the Trojan mascots … We’re out like Orlando …

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  • http://www.nba.com smoove chips


    1. Vc is a fluckin pussy.i see he brought his winning ways to disneyland.Mickey mouse got more swag than that punk.

    2. Rasheed wallace is playing like (I can’t believe I’m sayin this)a professional.

    3. I’m a laker fan but ray lews contract is enough to make anyone sick. Not nauseous,im talking projectile vomit sick.

    4. Why in God’s name is SVG not playing Brandon bass.dude’s got heart and its not like the offensive production woulda been any worse?!

    5. Talk about a one trick pony.other than shooting around howard,they can’t do shyt.these are decent players that can’t break anyone off the dribble.they just twitch like crackheads on the block around the 3 point line..and thats it.

    6. And someone needs to find QQ stat..he’s got too many reasons.

    7. Unless stan personally drops delonte over rondo’s moms house with a pack of magnums..this joint is over!

  • Phileus

    You know what’s crazy? Boston will probably be swept by LA in the finals, but if Boston DID beat LA, then Rajon Rondo would probably be the Finals MVP. WTF?

  • DC

    @ Phileus – What is crazy is that you think Boston will probably get swept by LA. What playoffs have you been watching?

    Did anyone else here Jeff Van Gundy’s comments about the Magic and Mr. Redik (sp?) earlier in the game. It sounded like he was saying that the Magic can’t win with only one white person on the court. His comments became inaudible (probably because of the crowd noise) but both Mark Jackson and Breen went silent for a few seconds before Mark came back and changed the subject.

  • realist

    @ smoove chips, #7 on your list is killing me… hilarious bro

  • Iano

    if dwight were to lose his athleticsm or have bad knees….hed be a 7/7 guy

    i talked about dwights legacy yesterday, this game really messed his up

  • YW

    so we just found out that neither LeBron nor Dwight has “it”, so who’s the true alpha dawg of the league? besides Kobe that is.

  • porkpiehat

    Who is Ray Lews?

  • http://Www.dimemag.com Smitty

    Delonte west is a savage!!!!!!!!!

  • jzsmoove

    forget KG getting the Celts pumped and in line. This is Doc River’s work. This is Jerry Sloan-type shit we’re talking about. Sloan is irreplaceable and Doc aint even close yet, but he is preaching discipline and hustle and his men believes in him. Another 20 plus years of doing this and Doc can come close to holding sloan’s jocks. Sad thing is Rivers has COY, Sloan dont. you just go WT…F.

  • deeds

    @ #2……Boston will get swept by the Lakers in the finals? are you kidding me?

    I’m not even a Boston fan, they might be my least favourite team in the league, but that is utter nonsense

  • Sporty-j

    lmaol @smoove chips. Boston has cost me a lot of money during these playoffs. I thought these guys were washed uped… DAM YOU BOSTON!!!

  • http://www.slamonline.com Royal

    I have been telling everyone this……you can’t rely on a superstar who is unfundamental.I love LeBron and Dwights game but they rely on their athleticism to much.But it’s not all their faults Dwight doesn’t get quality touches and LeBron has never had a good supporting cast.

  • That’s What’s Up

    is it me, or does QQ look like two crying eyes.

    QQ is gonna Qwy Qwy when the Magic are finally out

  • jackie moon

    1. Wince Carter was, once again, a disappointment. The bloke freed himself baseline on one sequence and instead of flushing down a nasty dunk over the bigs, opted to do a weak-ass reverse lay up that didn’t go in. Your team was looking for a rallying point and the greatest dunker of all time just does a lay-up?? Bonkers.

    2. i’ve always given dwight his props but damnit, he’s frustrating to watch on the offensive end. if he’s not making those running hooks, it’s a long night. someone better check if patrick ewing’s teaching Superman anything.

    3. I don’t care if rondo isn’t considered a top PG and gets hated on because of his broken J, but he just makes the Celts go. First time I jumped out of my seat watching someone dive on the floor and finish the play. Insane sequence.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    I’m interested in what the ratings have been like for the playoffs? They can’t be very good. There’s maybe been only one or two games that have gone down to the wire and in my opinion only one series (Lakers v. Thunder) that was any good to watch.

    These playoffs have been a disaster, well unless you’re the Celtics or Lakers, that is. I thought with all the competitiveness and close records in the regular season that the playoffs would be exciting. But I was wrong. Here’s to hoping Celtics v. Lakers rescues the 2010 playoffs and rescues the NBA.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    @ that’s what’s up post 12

    Ha ha ha! That’s hilarious and cold. I like it.

  • fallinup

    Wow… count that as two teams the Celts done left demoralized and discombobulated. Get out the brooms, Beantown … yer team is on fire.


    where have the playoffs gone? when was the last time BOTH conference finals were so one sided.
    Boston have been feasting on the hearts and souls of their opponents superstar players and LA are just too talented for anyone. Can’t we just skip the rest of the CF’s and have a 13 game LA-Boston series

    The Olympic mascots look like mutated sperms, kinda like if someone busted a nut into the ooze that made the teenage mutant ninja turtles. the logo looks like lisa simpson giving head too.

  • dz

    That was a serious ass-whuppin. Plain and simple.

  • http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/703154723/the-soulchorea-project?pos=1 Kermit The Washington

    The Lakers MUST execute with the same intensity as the Celts today. You don’t want to give the refs a chance to extend this series (and you know they’re gonna be trying HARD now)!

  • http://facebook.com/togstadlives Jeremiah Togstad

    This loss ultimately falls on Van Gundy. Shaq was right: SVG is a front runner – a master of panic. The team has no heart. They started pointing fingers. No real chemistry. SVG was so desperate for a spark, he actually put in Ryan Anderson for significant minutes. Who? Exactly.

    This makes no sense when there is a perfectly good Brandon Bass on the bench. Orlando forked out the cash to acquire Bass, and they just let him rot on the bench. It looked like he was the only Magic player with any effort tonight – and he was also the only Magic to finish in the plus (+8). Fans need to question SVG’s leadership after this massacre.

    It’s apparent that Van Gundy can get a team to the brink of championship, but he cannot get them over the final hump. Where’s Pat Riley when you need him?

  • Rondo’s Protoge

    How was Rondo’ play when he dove on the floor then stood up and finished not a travel?!?!?!!?

  • Soopa

    Man the Celtics are on fire. Yet no one scored over 17 points and that was Big Baby!

    Love watching P Double work the high post. He can get to that spot whenever he wants to and its deadly. Shades of his ’08 shoot out vs Lebron!

    Rondos dive on the floor symbolises everthing Boston is and everything the Cavs and Magic arent. My favorit play of the season no doubt. Id still take D-Will or CP3 over Rondo to run a team, but that might change before the Playoffs are done.

  • Soopa

    Oh and please notice the Celtic players when on they bench and when the games are over. They are so determined and not close to finshed doing damage in these playoffs.

  • D12Magic


    SVG: JUST GO AWAY. 3 games and he hasn’t made a single adjustment in the game plan while everyone has seen that this game plan isn’t working. Good coach just not good enough for a championship caliber team…

    Dwight Howard: Showed no heart whatsoever last night and unless he starts working on some kind of post game he will never win a chip… U can’t get by on talent forever. And you’re supposed to be the leader of this team, STOP SMILING AND BEING STUPID!! Lead by example.

    Rashard Lewis: I’m not sure he even stepped on the field in this series. Give the fuckin’ money back!!

    Vince Carter: Just to damn soft. All the talent in the world wasted by a pussified mindset.

    Jameer Nelson: Totally overmatched against Rondo. Didn’t see this one coming, needs help on D.

    Congrats Boston. Maybe my Magic learned something about being a championship TEAM in this series… Good luck versus LA.

    I’m out like SVG

  • Lee

    I expect the lakers series to get interesting tonight, just because you have Fisher on Nash

  • jm

    @ Smoove – I agree about playing Bass. I was yelling at the screen in the first quarter to take out useless Lewis and play Bass at the 4 spot. I don’t care how much money Lewis is making. They signed Bass to a nice deal to sit him the entire playoffs? Everyone inside is getting plastered by the Celts front line. SVG – seriously?? Play him in the 4th when already getting killed. He was the only one who played mad as hell. Tried to rip the rim down on his first dunk. It seems like such an obvious move.

    Carter plays like a p*ssy and Barnes is supposed to be the gritty defender (I know bad back)but is giving the team nada on offense and getting torched on defense. For that I would play Jameer, Redick, Pietrus, Bass or even Gortat with Howard. I would only leave in Howard because he is a beast on defense. Offensively he has not evolved at all. Stop trying to shake all over the place and go baseline when you just get trapped under the rim. Just one move and go up. You are a 7 footer that jumps out the gym. They will not block your shot!!

    Go pick and roll all day with Jameer or Redick because they are the only ones trying to get some offense going. All the Duke haters can say what they want about JJ but he plays improved on defense, makes good decisions with the ball and makes plays.

    JJ should sign elsewhere this summer and hopefully not get matched. The Magic are not going anywhere more than conference finals for many years to come with this lineup and he could be better utilized with players that can create.

    Rondo is not only there most important player right now he has turned into their best player. But Damn, do I hate that squad. Especially Glenn Davis. What an idiot. I don’t like to wish harm on anyone but I wouldn’t have been sad if he tore his ACL on that stupid and 1 dance.

    At least that lineup will look to make things happen and play hard.

  • s.bucketz

    call me crazy but i was under the impression you cant DIVE on the floor….and get back up and start dribbling…cooda sworn thas a travel

    also never mind the fact that he almost took out J-wills 50 year old legs doin all that

  • air99

    “Were out like Orlando” LMAO

  • Alvin

    whoever asked the question who is the real alpha dog other than kobe in this league…..look no further than D-Wade, who Chicago should have on their radar a lot more than they do with lebron. would LeBron for a whole multitude of reasons. Melo, i hope no one forgot the silent bullet he put in Cleveland, right in between James’ eye in one of the 2010 seasons better games.Dont think for a second that Denver’s first round loss this postseason is a sign of things to come…they welcome back next season a healthy George Karl on the sidelines Kevin Durant seems poised to take he and his team to the new levels next year…..

  • Arno

    WTF is this league ? 82 games and you don’t know who the really good teams are ? Is the regular season more than friendly pre season games ?
    As they say, plyoff BB is another game…

  • Jazz man

    Is It Me Or Does Dwight Need A PG Like Nash Or Kidd To Get Him The Proper Touches…He Would Work Better In A High Low Pick In Roll Instead Of The Traditional Go To The Block Post Up…He Just Doesn’t Have That Kind Of Offense…

  • ENEW

    Pride, Intensity, Coaching and Execution.

    The Celtics have all of that working and more right now.

    Do you hear the crowd there? This isn’t no disney world crowd with noise makers and people just happy to have a team and watch “Superman”, many of these Celtics fans have been following this team like a family member for decades and it gets past down generation to generation, the setting they create is magical at the Garden.

    It doesn’t matter who gets the buckets, who gets interviewed after the game, all that matters is the WINNING. It took a lot of work and headaches to get this team to this point but Doc Rivers and his staff did it and it is obvious the players are ALL IN. You saw it in their eyes last night, you see it every possession, you saw it in Rondo’s spectacular dive, rise and finish display that will be talked about for decades.

    Banner 18 is upon the basketball world, the 5 remaining wins will not be easy, but this team has the look, they look simply unbreakable right now.

  • heavy d

    I am beginning to suspect that playing the Hawks took it’s toll on the Magic. By that I mean they learned some bad habits like not even showing up for game 3.

  • common sense

    man i think it’s safe to say after hearing todays further revelations that bron wasn’t all there for the last 3 games. seriously. brons a monster. he single handedly won game 3 and singlehandedly got that team the #1 seed. seriously. if mums was fuxing with more than one team member and everyone was aware but me id be like ‘fux this team’. even if it was just delonte and everyone knew, ‘fux that’.

    @18, LMNOP.. toooo funny seriously. those mascots probably cost millions. gotta love British public sector spending. i call it ‘legalised bureaucracy corruption’, ya dig!!

    and seriously. amare. seriously. wtf. you better play good tonight. i prey to god that him and JJ dont get no max deals. weak as bums.

    i think the real epidemic in the NBA is lack of fundamentals and lack of mental toughness. this whole situation is being made worse by the media promoting these ‘bums’ as superstars when they are just athletic freaks. this is killing the game and the aspect of team play. these mentally weak cats are cuddled from cradle to grave and don’t know what adversity is so they shit themselves the very first time they experience it.

    i have really gained an appreciation for kobe this post-season. i didn’t really understand how good he was but that guy has mastered every move there is to master and knows exactly when to use these moves. he is like a really good street fighter player that can kick ass even with shitty characters like zangiff and dhalsim. fundamentally sound in all aspects of the game and the guy doesn’t let anything affect his mentality. serious G.

    seriously. such weak pussies play basketball. i respect players like reddick. works hard like a mofo. fux wince. seriously. pussy. and amare. fux u. nash deserves better, so does hill.

  • http://www.nba.com smoove chips

    @ porkpie
    I meant sweet lew.this fluck has a signature shoe.

    @ lmnop.i was pissed yesterday.kinda felt bad about what I sed this morning….then I saw post 18.im good now.lol.u sir are ruthless.

    @ jm. Dwight got exposed worse than lindsay lohan at an after hours spot.i only learnt to initiate and finish plays left handed after this one cat completely shut me down.all I had was a quick first step,hops and a spin move.D12 has a minor variation of the same thing.gasol and hakeem mixtapes is all he shouls watch all summer.can you imagine how disgusted kobe would b to get isod all series.

    so is p dub back to being clutch now ?.i know I’m fixing to hear some shyt now

  • dk


    Whoever runs your team is a complete douche… Way to sign all those free agents that did absolutely nothing. YOU MAY HAVE WANTED TO KEEP HEDO, fucking idiots..–

  • QQ

    Fuck everyone. This will NOT be a sweep, and this is not over yet. That’s all i have to say.

  • http://Dime Celt4life

    Come on QQ last year I wasn’t cussing everybody out you gotta take the good with the bad!

    VGD will play Bass on the last game of the year and he will make a small difference how ever this is a wrapp!


  • D A

    Read the comments on that bbc article!!! lol

  • http://sportschump.net Chris Humpherys

    In the words of Lee Corso, not so fast, my friend.