Smack / May 30, 2010 / 6:27 am

“He Makes Incredible Normal”

Kobe Bryant (photo. Nike)

All the back-and-forth strategy, zone defenses, and random heroic role players didn’t seem to matter when it was all said and done. When the Lakers officially sent the Suns packing after yesterday’s Western Conference Finals Game 6 clincher, it really just boiled down to the fact that L.A. had Kobe Bryant and Phoenix didn’t … Kobe dropped 37 points (12-25 FG, 10-11 FT) in the road win, vanquishing one of his last remaining postseason haunts before moving on to tackle another in the Boston Celtics. Ron Artest was the star of the first quarter, putting up 12 points in the game’s first 12 minutes, and Kobe only made one shot in the second quarter as L.A. took a double-digit lead into halftime. But he took over in the second half, particularly during a key stretch in the fourth quarter after the Lakers almost blew a big lead … Phoenix was down 17 to start the fourth, but their bench sparked a rally. Goran Dragic, Leandro Barbosa, Jared Dudley, Channing Frye and Amar’e Stoudemire (27 pts, 13-15 FT) got the Suns to within a couple possessions with five minutes to go, but Kobe hit a couple of jumpers and got to the line for two free throws to keep L.A. ahead. Then with about 30 seconds left, L.A. was up five and Kobe had the rock 1-on-1 against Grant Hill. With Hill invading Kobe’s personal space like a registered sex offender, Kobe somehow got off a fadeaway right in front of Phoenix’s bench, after after the dagger fell through the net, Kobe smacked Alvin Gentry on the butt. That’s just cold … “Kobe’s so good,” Lamar Odom said afterward, “he makes incredible normal for us.” … At first it looked like Grant Hill was going to reach back into the 1998 machine and personally make sure his team wasn’t getting knocked off. In the game’s opening minutes Grant converted a four-point play, then shook Kobe along the baseline for a pretty floater. But those turned out to be his only made field goals of the game. Hill has a $3.3 million player-option on his contract for next season. If you’re in his shoes, do you stick with Phoenix for another run, or opt out and try to get on with another contender like Boston or L.A.? How about going back to Orlando? … Meanwhile, that’s 118 playoff games for Steve Nash (21 pts, 9 asts) with zero NBA Finals appearances; no player has racked up so much postseason experience without making it to the Finals. At 36 years old, how many good years do you think Nash has left? .. Artest (25 pts, 3 stls) played his best game of the playoffs. He took mostly good shots, his bad shots managed to go in, and was a beast on defense. One time Frye got a defensive rebound and before he could even make the outlet pass, Artest was on him like a rottweiler. Ron-Ron stripped Frye from behind and got himself a layup … The first time the Lakers and Suns play each other next season, should it be billed as the Western Conference Finals rematch, or Round 2 of Sasha Vujacic vs. Goran Dragic? Early in the fourth, Dragic dropped a step-back J on Vujacic, and as he started to get in his ear about it, Vujacic dropped Dragic with the most blatant dirty shot since, well, Kevin Garnett on Friday. At least KG didn’t try to hide his intent; Vujacic pretending like he just happened to put his arms up and accidentally elbow Dragic in the mouth was comical. Unless Nate Robinson and Shannon Brown suddenly decide to hate each other during the Finals, we might have just seen the last blood rivalry of the postseason … Did you see what happened at the end of the Angels/Mariners MLB game? Bottom of the 10th, it was tied up before Kendry Morales hit a walk-off grand slam for the Angels. But as Morales approached home plate while his teammates waiting to mob him, he landed funny and wrecked his ankle. It took a second for the rest of the team to realize something was wrong, and Morales eventually had to be carted off the field. Really, the only reason this wouldn’t be referred to as “pulling a Tony Allen” is because former NFL kicker Bill Gramatica did the same thing before Tony and looked like more of a doofus doing it … We’re out like Amar’e …

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  • Jerry

    Lakers gonna Lake

  • http://www.nba.com smoove chips

    slovenia is the land of actors.this is a national epidemic.it’s not just sasha.only difference is dragic is hella productive.
    props to the suns.that wasn’t a cake walk.still think nash has the right mindset of everyone.it’s the journey that counts.but still..
    Suns need to keep gentry.the knee-jerk reaction to fire or replace him would be absolutely stupid.

    Oh well,next up.p-dub and the wheelchair gang.LAL in 7

    BTW,kobe..u a bad mahhfakah.I’m done.

  • bing

    Sasha nearly blew that game with a STUPID, MOMENTUM CHANGING DICKHEAD OF A PLAY!
    Hope Kobe/Jackson ripped him a new asshole

  • kobeeeeee

    Those shots Kobe made were incedible. Enjoy this guy while it lasts. Somehow some palyers have it and some don’t. Yes. people from Slovenia are prone to more acting than average.

  • common sense

    lol @smoove, who’s thinking about replacing alvin??

    seriously congrats to LA and kobe, he trully was the difference. also, lol, the refs were trying so hard to give PHX the game it was a joke but the lakers still survived. and i’ma PHX supporter. you could see the lakers faces. they knew they had to hit every shot unless if it was a close game the refs would screw them. also, i hate to say it because i hate this guy with every bone in my body but fisher was a true warrior out there. but rondo and ‘nasty’ nate should fatality him, their not 36 and slow.

    another observation. throughout the series i thought Dragic did more damage than Nash. he broke down whoever was gaurding him way easier off the dribble simply because he is far quicker than the aging Nash. also the bench was far better than the starters for PHX in general during the WHOLE series. call me crazy but i do not think i have ever witnessed that before. the starters would come in and and dig a whole and the bench would have to run like crazy to dig them out, which they did, until the starters came back in and mostly failed. yesterday was a perfect example of this. gentry only brought the starters in because of seniority, why did they remove Dragic and leandro? the lakeshow could not handle their speed.

    nothing like a power forward that can’t rebound, amare ‘small forward’ stoudemire is as tiring to talk about as wince carter. both blessed with so much talent but also glaring weaknesses that ultimately cost whatever team they play for a championship.

  • common sense

    oh yeah, seriously, f%^k the Gasol ‘trade, steal’ whatever the F%$k you wanna call it. seriously. just F$%ked up the NBA. three years in a row. seriously. i am seriously becoming disillusioned with the NBA. f@#k you Stern.

  • http://www.nba.com smoove chips

    @ common sense
    agreed on the dragic point..irritating how he kept killing anyone in front of him with the SAME left to right crossover.Gasol dissapeared in the weirdest way.whouda thunk ron would come thru like that.awesome.

    about gentry.Hey,crazier things have happened in this league.absolutely nothing surprises me anymore.

    and that smile that gentry had is the same one you have after your ex-wife hits the lotto a day after your bitter divorce is finalized.good series tho.

  • sh!tfaced

    “Pulling a Sasha Vujacic” came damn close to becoming the newest addition in the sports vocabulary…

  • bakedbeing

    That and his guaranteed fourth quarter fouls five feet behind the 3 point line (and all the other reasons) are why Vujacic can get a full season out of his game shoes these days.

  • That’s What’s Up

    I could see the Suns being more dangerous with Dragic at the 1 and Nash at the 2. You’d have a really good outside shooter at the 2, and he can still create off the dribble. The only problem is matchups on D, which will always be a problem with Nash.

  • M Intellect

    Why is Sasha Vujacic in the league? Most boneheads, IE. Nate, Rasheed Wallace, etc… at least balance their craziness up with some talent. ‘The Machine’ went from contributor 3 years ago to nothing.

    Trade him and whoever else for someone that can create their own shot or run a team because Derek Fisher is just too slow and after Kobe, no one got anything if they need to score without a play. Need a Nate, Flip, Dragic or another sparkplug type player for instant O and Darren Collison at 1 and it’s a wrap for 2 more years.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    As much as i hate on Kobe from time to time, I know when i’ve witnessed some incredible $h!t. Some of those shots were insane. I know Grant Hill felt like a little white girl in a Denver hotel room.

    As for the Dragic > Nash
    You muthaf^kas are outta ya damn mind! Now way in hell. Sure Dragic was a good change of pace, and i’m sure PHX fans are scared because Nash is getting old, but don’t get crazy. Nash was the reason why PHX got that far. He makes EVERYONE around him better, including the coach and back up PG.

    lastly, If Dragic becomes this great player that you all are saying he is, does PHX go down as the greatest PG producing franchise ever? Include U of Arizona into the convo and it’s the best PG producing state!

    Sam Cassell
    Paul Westphal

    Jason Garner
    Will Bynum (for a year or two)
    Nic Wise
    Jared Bayless
    Kahlid Reeves
    Damon Stoudimire

  • Wildu

    Anyone see Kobe say “I’m gonna kill him” with a straight face in reference to Sasha Vujacic during the post-game interview. HILARIOUS.

  • sh!tfaced

    Dragic better Nash?!
    You gotta be shitting…
    Let’s not get carried away. Enjoy the weed, man. Don’t take that pot drunk feeling too seriously now.


    speaking of weed… what about Starbury? even you gotta admit he had some pretty decent years there. fair enough if you put an asterisk beside his name…

    btw… LMFAO @ “Grant Hill felt like a little white girl in a Denver hotel room.”

  • Gunner J. Matthews

    “Kobe is one of the GOATS”

    Nothing else needs to be added to that statement

  • Soopa

    I hate Kobe. But damn he is good. The most skilled player in the league when he is healthy.

    Did you guys hear what Kobe said in his post game interview? Asked by Sager what he was thinking when Sasha made that bonehead play: “I’ll kill him”. Then Sager asked what he’d say to Sasha and Kobe again answered: “I’ll kill him”.
    If Kobe hadnt cracked a half smile, id be very worried for The Machines well being lol


    Dragic is becoming a great change of pace backup PG, but he’s a long way from being a legit starter or leader, even if in a few games he outplays Nash statistically, Nash is still way to much better for people to even be thinking otherwise.
    i think the Suns played great ball, no one really let the team down, they were just beat by a better side.

  • foolio_iglesias

    Actually,I would’ve left Dragic in,he was playing very well with a chip on his shoulder and blood in his eye….

  • Rizwan

    @ Chicagorilla

    Great line!!

    I have officially become an honorary Celtics fan and I PRAY TO GOD that Kevin Garnett gives Sasha Vujacic an ass-kicking. When he pulled that crap, great as it was for the Suns, but I just felt like killing the guy! Who does he think he is? Dude, you’re a piece of shit who couldnt hold Dragic’s jockstrap on his best day, so shut the fuck up. I dont think I hat another player in the league with as much as passion as I do Vujacic. and another thing, stop calling him ‘the machine’, only fantastic players can give themselves nicknames!

    I hate Kobe BUT MAN IS HE GREAT!

    GO CELTICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rizwan

    And doesnt this just wanna make you slap him the face real hard over and over??


    Sasha Vujabitch

  • OneZero

    love it, Kobe is gaining respect from his haters, shows how great he is.

    didnt anyone think that Phil intentionally put Sasha to “annoy” Dragic? Dragic has been balling, and he took a gamble that almost backfire.

  • Rizwan

    I never hated Kobe like say people hate LeBron, I just hate him when he plays the Suns and torches us!

  • http://nba.com Randy

    Kobe’s trash! Don’t understand how people support this rapist/snitch and dare to compare him to Jordan. LeBron’s way better than Kobe in my opinion,Kobe’s never made not one of his teamates better,and he’s been in the league for like 14/15 joints.

  • FallODaLdr

    Kobe, Kobe, Kobe… The best he has ever played. Incredible.

    33.7ppg 7.2 Reb 8.3 Ast for the series.

    I don’t know why people still can’t give the man his props. Its always…

    Best player in the last two mins…
    Most clutch…
    Killer instinct…
    Most skilled….
    Best awareness…
    When healthy, he’s the best…

    How bout this….

    Kobe is the best player in the league. Period.

    Haters keep hating, cause its Kobe’s world and we just live in it.

    Oh, stupid play by Sasha, but shouldn’t Dragic have gotten a technical for running up to him and bumping him first? The refs reviewed the play and it should have been an automatic tech for instigating along with a Flagrant 1 for Sasha. DIME, whats wrong with you guys? The “dirtiest” play ever? That is some weak shit. A flop is a flop is a flop. Was there contact? Hell yea. Was it imbelished, hell yea. KG’s shit was way worse, that was some unreal stuff he was doing, and he was so blatant about it. Why wasn’t that a tech or flagrant? BTW, Raja Bell’s choke slam on Kobe was way dirty, but not even close to the dirtiest plays ever.

    I look forward to Paul Pierce’s auditions next week. Go Lakers!

  • common sense

    man, ain’t no one saying that Dragic is better than Nash. he’s clearly not. but the game is all about matchups and the speed backup lineup PHX put out clearly outplayed the starters THROUGHOUT the whole series. and Dragic broke the D of the lakers down much easier than Nash did THROUGHOUT the whole series. you gotta ride with the hot hand even during the clutch and Gentry did not. except for that all his decisions were perfect but he shoulda kept Dragic, Leandro and Jared on the floor and let Nash, Hill and Richardson chill.

  • Dapro

    Props to La for the close out. Looking forward to rematch from 08 but I’m seeing the same result. Boston in 6. You could make a case that Boston has become better since 08 but can you say the same for LA? I just don’t see LA’s bigs having the mental toughness to match up with the Celts.

    As for the Nash< Dragic debate, there is none. Both should have been on the court in crunch time with Richardson at the 3, Stat at 4 and Frye in the middle. Put a small line up out there and force them to match up. Hill is solid on d but it makes no sense if he's guarding Kobe. Put your best offensive squad on the court and go all out.

    Boston in 6 once again!!

  • LAballer

    props to the Suns man..didn’t think they had this much fight in them and seriously Gentry is one hell of a coach..i just like hearing the guy speak haha

    kobe is kobe..thats all..nothing new..

    it was funny when they were showing the “stars” in the suns stands and it was mostly B grade actors and a wnba player..then they show hilary swank and im thinking hey..damn..at least they have one major hollywood star rooting for them in the stands..cut to a few mins later and her and her husband are cheering on the lakers full force..haha..just a funny difference between the “famous” people in any arena compared to staples..

    this is why for the last like 5 years ive been saying sasha is more bad than good..he makes one good play for every 4 bad plays..thats his ratio..ive sat and counted it with friends..he’ll hit a shot or get a steal..and then he’ll get a couple turnovers..miss wide open threes or make DUMBASS plays like sparking a 4th quarter rally when the team is on its heels and losing badly..you stupid f@#ck..STOP

    seriously though that KG forearm smash TWICE was ridiculous..the ref tried to let it go the first time and this dumbass does it AGAIN..come on man..being intense is one thing (kobe)..being certifiably insane is just strange and kinda worries me..what if this guy’s wife cheats on him or something? i mean..”anything is posssssiblllleee” with kg..

    bring on the celtics..this is a dream man..revenge will be sweeeeeet!!

  • http://facebook.com/togstadlives Jeremiah Togstad

    “come on man..being intense is one thing (kobe)..being certifiably insane is just strange and kinda worries me”

    Truest words ever written about KG.

  • LakeShow84

    Revenge is a dish best served cold..

    Boston is a tough team.. they like to push you around and get your emotions going one way or the other.. We’ve been flustered by them before.. It made us what we are today, a mentally sound team.. Rondo will be the head of the snake in that series.. RonRon can/will neutralize PP.. KG will get his 1-2 good games.. Only person who worries me is RayRay..

    We take the Finals in 5.. Quote me

    Too familiar with them.. Know their tricks.. And its a team we admittedly hate.. There wont be a reason to be motivated..

    Wweeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwww Whens this shit start??????

    And there aint much to say about Kobe except all you haters need to recognize something.. Dudes a once in a lifetime player.. You’ll never see a player do what he does how he does it.. I damn near turnt my TV off after he hit Alvin Gentry on the a$$.. DESERVED swag comin out the ass..

    The level hes raised his game to considering the issues on his shooting hand is UNBELIEVABLE.. and for a superstar leading his team to the golden land its NEVER BEEN DONE.. What did Barkeley say?? his days of 30+ are over?? But that was logical thinking from Chuck..

    What Kobe is doing right now is illogical.. It doesnt make sense.. its damn near impossible..

    And all some of you can think about is some groupy broad in Denver who took it in the a$$ lol

    I guess hater ni$$as marry hater bitches and have hater kids right??

  • Lets Go Hawks

    @common sense the bench was better throughout the whole series? did you watch the first three games? the bench didn’t exist.

    Dragic is not as good as Nash. He is a change of pace guard. Maybe in 3 or 4 years after learning from Nash more.

    Kobe may have cracked a smile when he said he would kill sasha but it wasnt a joking smile. it was a “man, he is lucky I saved his ass” smile. Sasha was a dead man

  • hooper5013

    Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell are the NBA’s absolute elite, the rest of are just second fiddle. Enjoy it! Kobe Bryant is just good TV, and phenomenal basketball.

  • mang


    Lakers in 5? Hmm. I’ll say something equally ridiculous like Boston in 3 because they’ll win by so much that the Lakers will forfeit game 4. naw, just playing. I think this is going to be a great series. I think a fair share of techs will be called.

    Let me give you my opinion on why people “hate” Kobe

    1) False modesty – when he’s doing his post game interviews, you can tell what he’s saying isn’t what he’s thinking. Yet when he’s playing he has no problem showing how he feels.

    2) He’s a fair-weather friend – When times were bad in LA, he said “trade me”. When they got Gasol, life was good. He was caught on video saying Bynum was a bum and to trade his ass. Now, everything is good. You might not like Paul Pierce, but he went through way worse and stuck it out.

    Your counter to the haters is that Kobe is the greatest player in the NBA. That is true, but someone that hates Kobe because of his skills is an idiot, not a hater.

  • AUT


    Props to La for the close out. Looking forward to rematch from 08 but I’m seeing the same result. Boston in 6. You could make a case that Boston has become better since 08 but can you say the same for LA? I just don’t see LA’s bigs having the mental toughness to match up with the Celts.


    Seriously, you don’t think the ’10 Lakers are better than the ’08 Lakers? Are we watching the same basketball games?

    That team only played around 40 games together by the time they reached the Celtics. They got run over and came out better for it.

    No Radmonovic guarding Pierce, no Gasol trying to bang with Perkins, no Garnett shooting straight over the top of Odom, etc., etc.

    The matchups are actually somewhat even this time around with Bynum and Artest playing. It will most likely be a great series.

  • M Intellect

    PP wanted a trade too you fuckhead and Kobe was taped saying that as Kobe the person not Kobe the professional baller.

  • mang

    @M Intellect

    Is the swearing necessary? You’re right. Pierce did want a trade too. But he didn’t have Shaq with him either. Take a look at the garbage rosters for the Celtics. When Antoine Walker is your second best player that’s all you need to know. My point was that Kobe only had to put up with a few seasons of mediocrity. Pierce had to put up with nearly a decade.

    I don’t understand the second part. Are people not allowed to dislike someone for their off court persona? No one can deny that Kobe is the greatest player right now.

  • OneZero


    so kobe supposed to say on TV camera “yes I want to beat the crap out of Suns,Celtic, etc.”

    “I am the best player on the court, the real king of basketball, and nobody can stop me”

    the old Kobe would’ve said that, but it’s all in his mind, and he does it on the court MUCH better than he could say

    action speaks louder than words.

  • OneZero


    a few seasons of mediocrity? thats right, his team wasn’t that bad, pushed the suns in 06 and still made the playoffs for that 2 years, and who…I ask you who is responsible for that run?

    Kwame freakin brown? Smush Parker? Farmar? Sasha?

    its Bryant.

    even D-wade who basically has nobody (ironically Antoine Walker in the roster) made it to the playoff, excluding the year he got injured and tanked the lottery.

    Paul Pierce had Al Jefferson before he got the 2 Hofs, and I dare to say: Pierce will only be an average all-star without both of them, he is indeed clutch, but he needs those two.

    check last year’s playoff loss.

  • mang


    We need to shift this away from a Pierce vs. Kobe argument because i’m not a Boston fan. And once again, Kobe’s talent is being brought up, which was never questioned in the first place.

    Let’s see. Straight out of high school project in Jefferson (at the time) or All-Star center in his prime in Shaq? hmm. tough. Obviously without Jesus Shuttlesworth and KG, Boston would be worse. Then again, could the Lakers win a title without Gasol and Odom? call it both ways.

    and it’s not ironic, it’s coincidental

    p.s. yes I would like to see Kobe speak his mind, preferably brushing his shoulder off as he says it.

  • K Dizzle

    From NBA.com
    “Before the playoffs, Derek Fisher and Ron Artest looked like two old, slow players whose lack of explosiveness and streaky outside shots were bogging the Laker offense down. After the conference finals, they look like two crafty veterans whose defensive intensity, toughness, and savvy allowed the Lakers to get into the NBA Finals for the third consecutive year.”

    Like to take this moment before our third consecutive Finals to send a big F U to all the haters who were shittin on DFish during the regular season like it actually meant anything to our postseason goals. In every matchup (Westbrook, Williams, Nash now Rondo), it was “Fish is gonna get killed. He’s old. Lakers need a new point guard. Why is this dude still playin?”
    You found out yesterday. 7:17 mark of the 4th quarter when Phoenix was threatenin. Back to back js, then suckers A’mare into takin a charge. Then 97-92. Kobe to Fish. 1 dribble floater sandwiched between 2 Suns. Respect is due. There’s more to hoops than crossovers and no-look passes. Heads need to know that some players play bigger than their stats. What they gonna hate on after 5 rings?

    I don’t know what to even say about Kobe. I haven’t seen anybody hit jumper after jumper like that with defenders all over their shit. Seen Mike shoot over Ehlo, but for the most part, he lost his defender and got a clear look. Kobe pumpfakes with defenders in his shirt and STILL takes and makes. Let’s be real: For anybody else, that’s a bad shot. For Kobe, it’s routine….with a torn finger.

    Can’t wait for this rematch.
    Lakers allllllllll day….and retaliation is a must.

  • OneZero


    I was comparing the situation that Pierce in, after Shaq got traded. Kobe won the rings because he had Shaq, and Shaq won the rings because he had Kobe,period.

    Al Jefferson is a lot like Andrew Bynum at the time, straight out of highschool and so.

    and no, you cant compare Allen-KG and Gasol-Odom
    Odom is too inconsistent to let alone be in a single all-star, Pierce had 2 legitimate hofs to help him

    Kobe has learned not to speak too honestly in front of camera just like his earlier days (Kobe-Shaq feud..?!). But I guess its not working cause he still got hated when he is saying all the “right things”.

    Kobe off the court especially in his earlier days seems like an ass for anyone outside LA, but thankfully he backs it up with his on court LEGENDARY performances.

    he’s the anti-hero.

  • http://www.realcavsfans.com Powerslave

    He’s looking like Michael F***ing Jordan out there.

  • sh!tfaced

    Right now, Kobe is the best and coldest motherfucker out there, period. Mamba has mastered basketball on a level that only MJ and Bird are his real peers.

    Think the best thing that happened to him is he’s not trying to be like Mike anymore, learned to use the hate as fuel and doesn’t give a shit about what most say.

    Let’s not compare him to Pierce. PP may be clutch but he ain’t no Kobe Bryant. And this is coming from a bandwagon Celtic fan…

    Artest, Fisher, Pierce, KG, Allen and all the other vets.
    – If they’re making shots and winning they’re called “crafty veterans”. If they missing and losing they’re called “old and slow”. GTFOH. You’re basically gonna be seeing bullshit like this throughout the finals…

  • That’s What’s Up

    K Dizzle sounds like he dated Derek Fisher.
    He was probably Fisher’s K Dick Drizzle

  • rapTOr

    hahaha man! these posts are hilarious! hindsight never lies!

    where are all the LeBron lovers anyways?! its either they’re too embarrassed to speak up, or have been converted into Kobe lovers. Either way, they now know the truth. Kobe is the best player in the League…what still confuses me is why it took everyone so long to figure this out..

  • http://www.slamonline.com Royal

    Im a diehard Laker fan, but can everyone STOP jumping on Kobe’s dick because the last time people started appreciating him like this we got our asses whooped by the Celtics…. so can you haters please continue to hate because thats what fuels him to dominate like he has been recently

  • spock

    Kobe one cold madapaka!!!!
    He took away the heart of phx. Hats off to Nash and the suns….

    now LA’s in the finals, after this, Fisher can say he has faced the gaunlet. Rondo, Nash, Deron and Westbrook.

    What a workout. That’s the reason why he takes the whole season off.

  • Mike

    kinda off basketball, but wasn’t that Martin Grammatica that celebrated himself into an injury?

  • Mike

    Epic fail on my part, was the less girly one, not Martin. oops

  • Maxim

    @ Randy

    Just because you hate Kobe does not mean he is trash you delusional idiot. He is the greatest player in the game right now. Real kings have rings. By the way he does make his teammates better. Look at his stats in the playoffs this year. He is averaging 7/8 assists per game on top of scoring over 30 points per game.